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Valentines Day by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 1 : Valentines Day
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Valentine’s Day; what a pathetic day to call a holiday. A bunch of love-sick teenagers on a rampage, just what I need being head girl. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate already.

The one good thing about Valentine’s Day this year is that it falls on a Hogsmeade weekend. This means all of the students including him are out of my hair for the day, and I am free to walk the corridors of Hogwarts to the library in peace. Or so I thought...

“Hey Lily!” A light brown haired, pale boy called out

“Oh hi there Remus” I replied kindly as he approached.

“Aren’t you going to Hogsmeade?” He asked puzzled, I expect he thought I’d go with Alice, but she’s off on a date with Frank.

“I’m not in the mood; Valentine’s Day isn’t really my thing. Besides I haven’t got a date and Alice has gone with Frank” I explained.

“Oh I see, off to the library for the day then?”

“Ha ha you know me too well” I laughed.

“Too true, see you later!” He called and headed off on his way. No doubt to meet the rest of the ‘marauders’.

Of all of the elusive marauders Remus Lupin is definitely the most mature and down to earth, and he’s also a good friend of mine.

I continue on my way to the library when suddenly out of the blue I feel it. I already know it's him; I don't even have to turn around. I feel him take my potions book from the side pocket of my bag.

"Potter! Please... not today, I'm having a bad enough day as it is" I snapped miserably not looking up.

“How’d you know it was me Evans?” He asks, pulling his invisibility cloak over his head and coming into view.

“Who else stalks me?!” I scream temper rising

“I don’t stalk you.... I... follow”

“Same thing!”

“Not going to Hogsmeade with your pal Snivellus?”

“Stop calling him that! And no I am not! You know Snape and I have not been on speaking terms since....” I began to hiss but he cut me off.

“He called you a mudblood and you’re still defending him!”

“He used to be my friend! Now would you just bloody sod off already! I hate Valentine’s Day enough as it is without you making it worse! And give me back my potions book!” I yelled. I felt tears begin to swell in my eyes. No! I will not cry! I will not cry in front of bloody James Potter!

He took off in the opposite direction with my book in hand. Usually I’d run after him, curse him and take away points but today I just don't have the strength. 'I'll just get it back later' I think to myself and walk on in my trance, trying desperately not to cry.

He reappears seconds later with a white rose in one hand and my potions book in the other.

“White roses traditionally symbolise new beginnings, look it up if you don’t believe me. Happy Valentine's day Lily" he whispers handing over the flower and my book before running off. I don't even get a chance to say thank you.

I carry the flower around all day, making sure it doesn't get squashed by anyone or anything as students return from Hogsmeade.

All the other girl's flowers are dying in the heat, even with water. But my white rose lives on.

I put it in a small glass of water when I return to the girls’ dorm and it’s still thriving.

And every time I see it.... I can't help but smile.

Maybe... Just maybe I’ll let you start over... James.

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