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Insula de Absentis Spiritus by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 4 : Albus Acts Like a Loon
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So sorry it took so long to update this! Computer virus, followed by computer crash, house-sitting one week and family reunion the next all combined with a muse on vacation. Anyway, onto the story. lovely chapter image by .asperity!

Lily Potter -- Georgie Henley
James Potter II -- Skandar Keynes
Albus Potter -- Logan Lerman

Rose Weasley -- Emma Stone
Hugo Weasley -- Will Poulter

Fred Weasley -- Roshon Fegan
Roxanne Weasley -- Katerina Graham

Molly Weasley -- Karen Gillan
Lucy Weasley -- Ellen Page

Victoire Weasley -- Amanda Seyfried
Dominique Weasley -- Saoirse Ronan
Louis Weasley -- William Moseley

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 3- Albus Acts Like a Loon


The eldest Potter’s eyes shot open at his younger brothers panicked yell. He had never heard his brother yell like that in his life. Sure, he was still irritated about getting his wand taken away, but all that was dwarfed by the concern he felt rising at his younger brother’s yell. He heard Hugo and Louis moving on the other bunk in the room and within moments someone had turned on the light. James winced momentarily at the sudden brightness before leaning over the side of the bed and looking down at his younger brother below him. The kid looked okay, though his expression was confused as he looked around at the room’s occupants.

“What the hell was that about Al?” Hugo asked from where he was now sitting up on the top bunk of the other bed. Louis was standing, leaning against it as they both watched Albus with furrowed brows.

“Al?” James inquired softly and the younger boy looked up at him, his expression still confused. Silence reigned in the room as the two boys stared at each other. “Well? What happened?”

Albus remained silent and continued looking around at them all with a confused expression. James felt his concern slipping away as Albus remained silent and the irritation returning, though now it was for a different reason. Both Potter boys liked their sleep. “Well? Are you going to say anything?”

One minute. Two minutes. Nothing. Albus just continued to sit there, not saying a word. James rolled his eyes and lay back down on the bed with an irritated sigh. “Whatever,” he mumbled. “Lou, lights.”

He heard his half Veela cousin moving and the lights went back out a few seconds later. James closed his eyes and heard the bunk beneath him shift as Albus lay back down. What the heck had that been all about? Albus had never yelled like that before and then he sat there looking around like a lost puppy. He had woken them all up to just sit there and look confused? What was he playing at? James rolled over onto his side. Whatever he was up to, James would find out. Tomorrow. Right now he wanted to go back to sleep.


James wore a furrowed brow.

Lily gaped.

Rose gaped.

Victoire gaped.

Molly gaped.

Dominique gaped.

Roxanne exchanged a glance with Fred, both of them with their eyebrows high on their foreheads.

Hugo looked like a fish out of water.

Louis had an eyebrow raised.

All of them watched Albus in the living room area where he was examining the television remote. They had woken up that morning and noticed right away that something was going on. Albus had first discovered his wand and thought that it was a back scratcher until James took it away and put it on the dresser. He had then discovered the toilet and flushed it ten times in a row, seeming fascinated by the water swirling around before it disappeared. And then when they had all gone into the main living area to eat the breakfast that Victoire had ordered for them that morning, he had found the television remote had had been obsessing over it for the past twenty minutes. All the while he never said a word.

“Um, did we miss something?” Lily asked, looking over at her eldest brother for a moment before focusing back on Albus. “He’s acting like…”

“ A loon,” Hugo finished. Rose rolled her eyes and smacked the back of his head. “Ow!”

“I’m just as clueless in this as you are,” James responded, not taking his eyes off his brother who jumped back as the television turned on and cowered behind the couch. “He woke us up in the middle of the night, yelling my name and didn’t say anything. Now he’s acting like…this.”

“A loon,” Hugo repeated. Rose smacked the back of his head again. “Ow! Would you stop doing that?!”

“I will when you stop acting like an idiot,” she countered, glaring at his for a moment before looking back towards Albus cowering behind the couch.

“Someone should stay with him,” Molly commented as they all continued to watch Albus. He was no longer looking fearful of the television and was now rather curious about it, though he remained behind the couch. “Make sure he doesn’t do sometime stupid.”

“And maybe he’ll snap out of,” Dominique paused, gesturing to Albus, “whatever this is.”

“I’ll stay,” Lily said, causing heads to turn and look at her.

Victoire nodded after a moment. “All right. Call if anything happens.”

“I will,” Lily responded as the group, minus her and Albus, began making their way to the door. James lingered a second and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Try talking to him,” he told her, looking over at Albus as he moved forward and closely inspected the picture on the television. “Something’s up.”

Lily nodded and James removed his hand and followed the others out the door. After the door was closed for a few seconds, Lily sighed and headed over to sit down on the couch. Albus paid her no mind as she plopped down and sat there watching him. After she sat there a few moments with Albus giving no indication to knowing she was there, she sat forward and rested her elbows on her knees. “Al?”

He started and turned to look at her. His face was blank for a moment before it settled into a slight frown, an expression Lily recognized that Albus sometimes wore when he was trying to remember something. But why was he wearing that expression when he looked at her? And sure Albus pulled a prank now and again, often teaming up with Fred and James, but Lily had a feeling that this wasn’t a prank. It was something in her gut and she was inclined to believe it, just like she believed that vendor the day before was up to no good. “What happened last night?”

Nothing. No response. He just continued to stare at her, as if he was trying to remember something. As if he was trying to remember her. If only he would just start talking, maybe they would be able to figure out what the hell was going on with him. After ten minutes of just sitting there with him staring at her, she rose from the couch and headed over to the kitchenette. She was hungry and maybe he was too. He hadn’t eaten anything since the night before so maybe some food would get him to talk. Lily set about getting something to eat, grabbing a chocolate muffin for Albus and toasting a bagel for herself. As the toaster dinged to let her know the bagel was done, she heard the sound of the balcony door opening.

Albus was walked outside, looking around as if listening to something. Lily frowned and set the toasted bagel on the plate she had pulled out before walked slowly towards the door. Albus was leaning against the rail of the balcony, looking up at the sky. He then clasped his hands to his ears and fell to his knees, yelling, “NO! I CAN’T HELP YOU! LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“ALBUS!” Lily yelled as she ran through the living area and out onto the balcony, dropping down beside her brother. He still had his ears covered and was yelling for someone to leave him along. “Al, come on,” she said as she wrapped her arms around his waist and worked to get him standing again. She struggled for five minutes to get him inside, Albus yelling all the while and she was panting when she dropped him down onto the couch. She ran over and closed the door before running back to where Albus lay on the couch, slowly uncovering his ears, his eyes darting all around the room. She knelt down beside the couch and put her hand on his forehead. He didn’t feel warm. “Albus?”

His green eyes, so like their fathers locked on hers and her own, locked on hers and slowly but surely he began to calm down. Lily felt herself calming as well, especially when she spotted something in his eyes; recognition. “Lily.”

She nodded and gave him a small smile. “Yes. You’re all right Albus. Everything’s going to be okay,” she assured him, trying to reassure him and herself. Seeing her older brother acting like this was…frightening. What was wrong with him? She swallowed and ran a hand through his black hair and he relaxed more at the touch.”You’ll be all right.”

“Lily,” he murmured, his eyes closing as she continued to run her fingers through his hair, an action their mother did every time one of them wasn’t feeling well. Lily continued this action and slowly but surely Albus fell asleep. Once he was breathing evened out and Lily was sure that her brother was asleep, she pushed herself up from where she had been kneeling beside the couch and walked into the bedroom she shared, heading for the nightstand where she knew her cell phone was. Their father had insisted on them several years ago and now all her cousins had them as well.

She grabbed hers and scrolled through the contact list before pressing call when she came to her eldest brother’s phone number. He answered after two rings. “Lily?”

“You guys need to come back,” she told him, walking back into the living room while she held the phone to her ear. She looked over at where Albus lay asleep on the couch. “Something strange just happened.”


“I’ll explain when you get here,” she cut him off. “Just get here as soon as you can.”


“What are we going to do?” Lily asked as she had James stood out on the balcony, looking back at where Albus was still asleep on the couch in the living room of the suite the girls shared. Everyone else was still out enjoying the day, well as much as they could while they continued to worry about Albus. But James had convinced them to come back later, give him and Lily some more time along with Albus.

James looked back from where he had been leaning on the railing, looking out at the horizon to where Albus lay on the couch. He looked back towards the horizon and sighed, dropping his head. “I don’t know.”

Lily leaned against the railing beside him, looking over at him. “Should we call mum and dad?”

James glanced back into the suite again, worrying his lip. This was only their second stop. If they called home now, the trip would probably be over for them before it ever truly started. But part of him really wanted his parents there to help deal with whatever was happening to his younger brother. “We’ll give it a day,” he said after a few moments. “If he’s not better by tomorrow night, we’ll call home.”

Lily nodded after a moment. “Okay.”

They remained there for a few moments before James pushed back from the railing. When Lily turned around, he through an arm around her shoulders. “Come on, Lils. Let’s see about getting some lunch.”


James jumped awake at the sound of the bunk beneath him shifting. Usually he was a heavy sleeper and slight sounds wouldn’t wake him up, but apparently his worry for his younger brother had changed that tonight. He opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling as he heard Albus move around the room for a few minutes before the door opened and closed behind him a few seconds later. Where was he going? Wherever it was, he wasn’t going alone. James quickly leapt down to the floor and thankfully didn’t wake Hugo or Louis. Hugo was a pretty light sleeper while Louis slept even deeper than him and Albus did. A Muggle bomb could probably be dropped nearby and the guy would still be asleep.

Not even bothering to change his clothes, James ran out of the room and into the living area of the suite the boys shared just in time to see the door close behind his brother. James started to run after him but stopped when he past the door to the girls room. Lily. Lily would want to know what was going on too. Backtracking a few steps, James went to the door and pushed it open, running into the girl’s suite and down the hall into the bedroom that he knew his sister was in. He quietly opened the door and swiftly crossed the room to the bunk that he knew his sister slept in. He poked her and she moaned in her sleep. He grabbed her shoulder and shook her. “Lily,” he whispered.

Her eyes flickered open and peered at him in the darkness. “James? What-“

“Albus just left,” he said, cutting her off. That woke her up

She pushed off his hand and made to get up. “Well, what are you waiting for. Let’s catch up with him.”

The two siblings ran out of the room in their pajamas and were out the door of the girl’s suite within moments. The hallway outside the rooms were empty, no sign of their brother. James started down the hallway that would take them to the lobby of the hotel.

“Hopefully he’s just leaving the lobby,” James commented as they ran. Within moments they were at the top of the stairs and sure enough, just walking out the front door of the hotel was a pajama clad Albus. The woman manning the counter for the night eyed them wearily as they ran down the stairs and out the door after their brother.

They followed him at a distance through the dark, quiet streets of Elsegårde Strand, trying not to alert their brother to their presence. Not that he was paying all that much attention to anything behind him. He just kept walking forward, turning here and there every now and then.

“Where is he going?” Lily asked quietly, glancing over at her eldest brother beside her.

James frowned for a moment as he looked around the area that they were currently passing through. “I think he’s heading for the harbor.”

Lily frowned. Why would Albus be heading there? Then again, why was he out, walking about a small town in Denmark well past midnight, in his pajamas? What in Merlin’s name was going on with him?

Sure enough, a few minutes later they were passing through the cobblestone streets and running past the dark shops down by the harbor, Albus heading for the docks. All that could be heard was the water lapping against the boats and waves crashing against the shore in the distance. He headed down a nearly empty dock, Lily and James following him at a distance. Albus reached the end of the dock and stopped. Lily and James went and hid behind a large crate next to one of the few boats in this row and peeked over it, watching Albus as he stood there staring out towards Monk Island. Things were silent for a few minutes, only the sounds of night and the ocean around them reaching their ears.

“I can’t do anything!” Albus yelled out at the ocean.

The siblings hiding behind the crate felt a chill go down their spines as they began to hear something else, something that was no natural. Voices. Ethereal voices in the distance. Some in a foreign language and some they could understand.


“Help us.”

“We are captured.”

Voices. Screaming, begging for help.

“I can’t help you!” Albus yelled, responding to the voices. “Let me be in peace!”

The voices continued to scream, calling for him to help them. But why him? Why Albus? Had Albus heard them earlier? Had that been why he had freaked out in the hotel room? But why could Lily hear them now when she hadn’t heard anything earlier? Her thought process was interrupted when a swirling blue light enveloped Albus. Lily gasped. Albus turned around to face them and the light disappeared.

“Please tell me you have your wand,” James said as Albus approached them. Lily shook her head. It was still back on the dresser in the hotel room.

They unconsciously backed up a few steps as Albus came to a stop before them. Something in her gut began screaming that this wasn’t her brother. The person standing before them wasn’t Albus. “Who are you? ‘Cause you are not our brother.”

James glanced over at her with an expression that said ‘what did you just say?’ before looking back towards Albus, who sighed. “My name is Aron Stover. I died in 1863 and somehow ended up in the body of your brother, and I can’t leave it.”

Two jaws dropped open.

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