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Mischief Managed by Phoenix_Rayne
Chapter 1 : One
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 Chapter One           


“Mum, do I have to?” Lily complained at the thought of spending time with her sister, Petunia. She had decided to give up on her not five minutes previously.


“At least try, dear. "


“Fine.” She marched up the stairs to the “dragon’s” room.


Knocking on the door, she called, “Petunia? Are you ready to go? I saw a really pretty blue dress that would match your hair and eyes perfectly. It’s on sale, too.” She added, almost as an afterthought.


Petunia was blonde, with deep blue eyes, and one would think this would make her pretty, but truly she resembled a horse. Well maybe if she would smile more… Lily thought to herself.


Lily was short, unlike her sister, and had flaming red hair and bright green eyes; liquid pools of emerald that one could lose themselves in completely. She was thin, but not bony, like her sister was, and was 5’4” and about 110 lbs.


Suddenly, the door opened, revealing a disgruntled Petunia.


“Are we going?” she snapped.


“Sure, sure.” Lily smiled.


The girls departed via car to the dress shop. Lily drove, though she was a witch, because Petunia didn’t like to, and Lily did.


Once at the dress shop, Lily bought a lovely green dress for the Christmas Ball, they always got them early because of the sales.


Petunia looked at the blue dress.

“You found this?”


“Yes.” Replied Lily.


“It’s beautiful.”


“It made me think of you.”


Petunia’s face lit up as she gave Lily a real smile, just like their childhood. Then, realizing this, Petunia let her smile drop. “Well thanks.”


“You’re welcome.”


Lily’s dress scooped down in the back, a little higher than half way, and was a corset top, princess cut, and A-line skirt to the floor, which flared, but only slightly. There was beading on the top, and the bottom, and the beading on the skirt resembled orchids. She also bought gold flats, matching the flecks in her eyes.


Petunia’s dress had wide straps, the top scooped lightly, and it was a Greek style. It had a thin silver belt that wasn’t visible at the waist, because the fabric layered there, and the skirt hung loosely, but naturally, to the floor. She chose silver flats and jewelry.


Lily’s POV


You’re probably wondering why we’re getting Christmas dresses in July. No, we do not celebrate Christmas then, it’s actually for the sales, and we save them for Christmas. Why? You ask? Because, out neighbors, the Potters, as in Potter- ugh- have this Christmas Ball every year, and invited us. Which is why now, in July, We are buying dresses. Everything is on sale now.


I was infuriated when I discovered our neighbors to the right. (The left if you stand facing the house, the right if you are leaving it.) We moved here when I was 16, last summer. Every day of that summer, Potter left an orchid on my windowsill. How he knew my favorite flowers were orchids, I have no clue. Though I suspect Rayne is working against me. Rayne Mason is my best friend. We’ve been best friends since she punched a 5th year prefect, Lucius Malfoy in the nose when he called me a Mudblood the first day on the train. She broke his nose, and she and Black received a week’s detention, but lost no house points because they weren’t sorted yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is trying to get me and Potter together though, she is a Marauder, after all. I expect she’ll be at their house soon, seeing as they are also all best friends. She was ecstatic when I moved here, going on and on about how if she and Remus got tired of James and Sirius being stupid (She said this in the utmost affectionate way, as you can imagine) all she would have to do is drag Remus next door, where she could see me.


Anyway, Potter left an orchid on my windowsill everyday. He even left a note one day saying, “Orchids are my favorite flower because they are yours.”  The nerve of that boy! It drove me crazy! (Or as my dear Rayne would oh-so-kindly interject here,”ER!”)


You’re probably wondering why we live in a magical neighborhood as a mostly non-magical family. My parents thought it would be better for me after the, er, incident. My former best friend, Severus Snape, called me a Mudblood. When my parents found out, they were infuriated, and Dad had just gotten a promotion closer to where we live now, which was also closer to Tuni’s school.


“Lily! Keep your eyes on the road!” I heard Petunia’s screech.


“Right! Sorry!” Yet somehow, the car stayed on the same straight path, where it was supposed to be, never swerving, and this enraged my sister like nothing other, it only poured Firewhiskey on her flame of doom.  She went off on a rant at my sigh of relief. So much for our afternoon. I pulled into the driveway, Petunia still fuming. I swear to Merlin, there was steam coming out of her ears as she clutched her dress. Neither dresses needed any alterations.


“YOU KNOW YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE IT OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL!” She shrieked as I slammed my door.


Potter, Black, and Lupin were all watching with amusement and interest from a window on the second floor. This set my temper off.




Petunia wouldn’t hear it.






SHUT UP, LILY!” she roared. Then, suddenly, deathly quiet, “We were having such a nice afternoon, why’d you have to ruin it?”


I turned my head to the right so as to hide my face from Potter as tears pricked my eyes. Petunia was turned around at the door, facing me; I was facing the house.


She uttered one word that knocked my resolve not to let her get to me to utter rubble. “Freak.” She hissed, and then slammed the door.


The slam echoed through my ears.


“Bitch.” I muttered, before turning to my audience and screaming, “WHAT?!”


“Are you okay?” Potter asked, seeming to be genuinely concerned.


“No.” I whispered, though I knew he had heard me, and I quickly went inside as my tears formed. I wasn’t quick enough, though; I know he saw at least one tear slip through my eyelashes and fall down my left cheek.





I live at 15 Grimauld Place.  My mother is Chelsea Lowin, Mason when she married my dad, Nott when she sold her soul to the devil- I mean- my stepfather, Seth.


My Dad died when I was fourteen. It was right before Hogwarts was to start. He was an Auror, fighting the war, and so he was murdered. They found his body, or at least parts of it, all over the living room. I didn’t see it. My mother found him.


From the beginning, my parents had it rough. Dad was a Gryffindor, the bravest of the brave, Mum, a Slytherin. An odd pairing, I know, but Mum was the good things in a Slytherin. She was cunning, and wanted to be the best she could. She was smart and kind, like Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, with the loyalty of a Gryffindor, but she was never brave. That’s where Dad came in, for as much as she was all of that, Dad was brave alone. They fell in love at 15; that was probably the only brave thing she did.


Dad’s death changed her though. She still is all of those things, but she has to hide them because of Seth. Now, she’s quiet, she keeps her head down, she doesn’t smile and laugh anymore, she doesn’t shoot witty remarks at us anymore, she doesn’t shoot witty remarks at us, or make us clean our rooms, she lets the house elves cook. She doesn’t tell us goodnight; that she loves us, or tickle us anymore. She’s folded inside herself.


Of course, I know she loves us, she just can’t show it. She’s broken.


I have two siblings: A nine-year-old brother, and a two-year-old sister. Will and Grace.


I’ve raised them. Grace sleeps in my room normally. She has since she was born. Seth wanted her out of the way. She even calls me “mummy” though never around Seth.


I’ve taught Will to act stuck up, to say mildly mean things about muggles, and to act like a snooty pureblood. He hate’s doing this. He wants to stand up to Seth, but I won’t let him. That’s my job. Will is the kindest person you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t raise his voice, or show anger, he loves all animals, plants, and other living creatures, and he hates having to act the way he does. I keep telling him to keep it up though; I can’t let Seth hurt him. And so he does, he does it for me. This saves him from the beatings.


Yeah you heard me right.


Seth has a horsewhip especially for me. He punches, slaps, kicks, breaks bones, whips… If I can stand, he’s not through. I knew it was too late to adopt my brother’s faux attitude. I’d already been sorted into Gryffindor, already been chosen for the Quidditch team, already adopted my attitude and made my opinions clear. I’m loyal to my best friend, Lily Evans. I could never insult her, or betray her trust. So, I get beaten. Sometimes, if he feels lazy, he’ll use the Cruciatis Curse, but usually, he doesn’t use his wand, because I can wandlessly block his magic, disarm him, and knock him out, and he’s usually drunk, which is even easier.


He beats me in the basement. Thank goodness my siblings can’t see it. They do, however, see the aftereffect.


When I was fifteen, Seth called a friend of his, Rabastan Lestrange.

He said it was time they “broke” me, so to say, crushed my spirits, made me like Mum. Thing is though, I’ve got too much of Dad in me, and I’ve never been one to lie down and take a beating, especially one I don’t deserve.


Anyway, they dragged me down there, by my hair, and what did I see? A bed. With chains.


I knew what they were planning.


Seth made an excuse to go out. Probably for some slag.


He left me there with Lestrange, chained to this bed that was to be my doom. I had a shackle on my ankle.


I started crying. Then screaming. Beating on him, but it didn’t faze him.


Right before he was going to, well, do it, Sirius burst into the room. He was beyond furious. He threw the guy across the room, and beat the daylights out of him. He convinced him to tell Seth that he “completed the task” and told him that if he ever came back, well, you get it.


Sirius unchained me and gave me his shirt. Then, he carried me up to my room.


My mother was shocked. It seemed to snap her into reality. Then my hero left, dragging Lestrange out with him.


When Seth got home, my mother snapped. She screamed, pounded him with her fists, and raged. He pulled back his left fist and knocked her across the room, striking her left cheek with the back of his fist. She had been screaming that I could’ve gotten pregnant. He answered with four words.


That was the point.


You probably wonder why I haven’t left. Sirius did last summer. I’ve tried; he comes to get me. The last time I tried, he told me that if I tried again, he’d start beating my siblings. I stopped trying.


I have a special deal with Dumbledore. Over holidays, the kids live with me at Hogwarts, or wherever I’m staying, but we always say it’s Hogwarts.


My Mum was pregnant with Grace when Dad died. She never had a job, other than being our mother, and with no income, we were desperate. My Dad left us funds, but they’re unreachable until each of us turns seventeen, respectively, of course. My birthday is August 29th; today is July 14th. I was born two months after Sirius. Our families actually got along. Well, our mothers did. They were roommates in school, so they used to have tea while Sirius and I played. Until we reached Hogwarts. My parents were proud of us, and sent us congratulatory notes. His parents sent him a Howler.


I plan to get custody of my siblings as soon as possible. Mum has never been strong, she can’t even cast anything more than simple charms, and even that drains her energy now. She’ll die soon. Horrible thought, right? Terribly morbid. It’s true though. He’ll beat her to death.

Last summer, when Sirius left, Regulus tried to move in on me. Seth welcomed him. I didn’t. He tried to kiss me; I let my fist kiss his jaw. Complete with the satisfying snap. This angered Seth so much, that he called another friend of his; Fenrir Greyback. He dumped me there on a full moon. That’s where the bite mark on my left hip came from. Good thing I’m an animagus. Well, a metamagus, actually, I can turn into anything I want. They’re really rare, there hasn’t been one in over a thousand years, and in older times, people thought it to be a curse, so they would forbid them to marry lest they breed. Which is why we’re so rare. Being a metamagus, I have antibodies that destroy the venom, even in human form, whereas most animagi only have the antibodies in their animal form. When I was attacked, all I could turn into was a Phoenix and a white wolf, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, the antibody is what permits us to run around with Remus every full moon.


“PHOENIX RAYNE!” I jumped when I heard my first name. I go by Rayne at school because when Sirius and I were four, he declared that I didn’t look like someone named, “Phoenix” so he called me Rayne. I called him Siri. Admittedly though, my marauder’s name is Nyxie.


You may be wondering why I have such an odd name. Well I’ll tell you. When my mum was eight months pregnant with me, she was bitten by a poisonous snake. Weird, I know. Anyway, they knew they could save her, but she was going to lose the baby. My mum was praying that her baby would be saved, praying for anything. A phoenix swooped in, and cried on the wound, saving her, and more importantly, me. Cliché, I know, but I never questioned my parents. Anyway, she named me Phoenix Rayne because of that story. The Phoenix tears saved me.


I heard footsteps start to clomp up the stairs and quickly stashed my sister with my brother, across the hall, giving them directions to hide and stay quiet, and not to come out. I would come for them later.


I sat on my bed, doing potions work, when Seth barged in. His clothes were disheveled, and his eyes bloodshot. He’d been drinking.


“What’re you doing?” he slurred.


“Just some potions homework. Slughorn gave me some more advanced work to do.” That was partially true; Slughorn had given me instructions for more advanced work. Advanced healing potions.


“Your dinner is downstairs, with Daisy.” I told him.


Daisy is one of our house elves, my favorite. He looked at me, waiting for more. I didn’t apologize, that only makes him angry.


“Chicken salad, linguini and parmesan, corn, and whatever else you choose.” I told him.




Tyler is my stepbrother. Rather nasty. All he does is bully the first years and younger kids and ruin peoples' lives. He's in a group with Severus Snape and some other Slytherins. They're all in line to be Death Eaters, who are this guy named Voldemort's followers. Nut jobs all of them, if you ask me- or any other decent human being for that matter.


“He’s out with Tina Parkinson.”


Seth nodded.


“You all packed?”


“Yes. I finished this afternoon after I cleaned.” I said.


We have house elves, but I still have chores. He thinks I’ll feel like the house elves. He thinks I’ll feel like scum, but I don’t mind.


“Have you found a place for your brother and sister?”


Seth is using the house as head quarters this year. He thinks I don’t know.


“Yes, sir.”


“Good. Don’t bother telling me where, but are they pureblood?”


I nodded, hiding my disgust.


Will and Grace are living in the Potter mansion this school year.

James offered, and I gratefully accepted. Seth hasn’t beaten me for two weeks. It’s because he doesn’t want anyone to know, though they do anyway, but I’m leaving tonight, and he stops when it’s time to leave.



He looked content with himself. I heard him go downstairs.


“Time to go.” I said to Will and Grace.


Daisy is my house elf, and she appeared, levitating three trunks.


“Thanks.” I smiled at her. She teared up. Then she disapparated with a pop! and was back a minute later. I handed her Grace, and she held Will’s hand. Grace is small, so it didn’t bother her.

I told Mum I was leaving, and she just nodded absentmindedly. This was the last time I’d be here.


I went downstairs. I had to tell Seth I was leaving. When Daisy wasn’t down there, I stood on the front doorstep.

"Where do you think you're going?!" I head Seth's voice boom.

"You just told me I could go." I stated firmly.

"Oh no you don't! You're not going anywhere!"


“What the hell?!” I screamed at him.

"Get back inside, you little whore!  You're no better than your mother! Broken and crippled! Your pathetic excuse for a father RUINED her! You're trash! Just like them!"

"NO!" I screamed defiantly.

He looked like he was going to pop a vessel, and then his fist collided with my nose and cheek. I could feel my eye blackening. For a moment, I thought he was going to grab at me and drag me inside. I wasn’t going to let that happen, so I took off running down the street. Though he didn’t follow, probably because he was drunk and knew he had no chance of catching up. James’s Quidditch Nazi practices were paying off. I was crying, and ran right into something hard. I was about to punch that person, but my nose caught the smell. I could never forget that smell. The smell of freshly cut grass, rain in the air, and the musky smell of a man’s sweat, not overpowering and not unpleasant.


“Sirius.” I breathed against his chest. I looked up at him, blood trickling steadily from my nose. I didn’t care. He’d seen me worse. Like that one night, or the time Macnair knocked me from my broom and I fell a hundred until Sirius and James caught me.


“I told Daisy that I would come get you.” he said into my hair.


Sirius and I are best friends. Nothing more, though we do act as each others’ dates if we’re too lazy to get off our arses and find a suitable date. We bicker like an old married couple, though we would never use that comparison anywhere but in our minds.


“Ready? Mrs. Potter can fix your nose, but I know a quick spell to stop the bleeding.”


I nodded my consent and understanding, and he muttered the spell. I felt the blood stop.


Then, with a loud crack, my arms still wrapped around his torso, we disappeared. Each of us vowing silently to never come back to this place.


Standing in front of the Potter Manor, I saw, to my right, a girl, with fiery red hair, taking a swim at 10 P.M.


We entered the house.


A/N: What do you think? Pretty great, huh? Maybe not. I’d love to know what you think! There’s more humor in the next chapter, and it’s not as dark. Thanks!


       Nyxie ;)

By the way, does anyone know how to add pictures to the story? I have some pictures showing Lily and Tuni's dresses, but I'm not sure what to do. Thanks! :)

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