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Harry Potter and the New Lord by rhysus2008
Chapter 10 : The Blood-Stained Wand
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Chapter Ten
The Blood-Stained Wand

The last two weeks had gone by so fast, that Draco Malfoy hadn’t even noticed that he had been in possession of the Blood-Stained Wand for fourteen days. It truly was a magnificent wand. Draco found he could cast non-verbal spells without even making an effort to concentrate on the spell he wanted. The wand cast every spell almost perfectly, and Draco had not once been unhappy with what it was capable of. What he was unhappy with though, was the fact that he could not find the second tomb that he needed to. The tomb that held the Tattered Parchment, that held the spells he needed to cast ancient magic.

He didn’t know why he was finding the riddles in the research he had taken so hard to understand. Either they actually were harder, or he was distracted by something. It dawned on him that maybe it was the death of Gregory Goyle that had caused him to lose concentration. He thought, however, that he would be able to continue working at full potential after two weeks but as he read the same riddles over and over again, he could not make any more sense of them than when he read them the very first time.

What he had gathered, was that there were three things he needed to do to reach the second tomb. That was all he could make sense of though. He would have asked Zabini or Parkinson for help, but neither of them seemed to be in the emotional state, as they were still mourning the loss of their friend. Draco sighed, rubbed his eyes, and read through the same riddle again that was giving him so much trouble, hoping this time he could make more sense of it.
‘Three tasks you must complete, if you wish to find the tattered sheet, to find the tomb containing, find three things that are pertaining.’ He read to himself. This part seemed pretty straight forward. He had to find three items that were somehow linked to the tomb. He continued to read.

‘The first of what you need to find, you get by searching from behind, although you may not first understand, it will become clear if you look at the sand.’ Draco read. This part did not make sense to him. He’d even gone out of their tent several times and looked around the sand, but he couldn’t figure out the riddle.

‘To find the first, search near a place you would quench your thirst. After the first item has been discovered, the second item will be rummaged.’ Draco read this part over and over again. He understood that to find the first item would also be to find the second, but he did not understand where he would find the first. Search near a place you would quench your thirst. An ocean? A river? A tap? He was in the middle of an Egyptian desert, none of the aforementioned things were found here.

‘The third and final is most important, an extract from the paper, you may enter the tomb without it, but you will be trapped sooner or later.’ This part also confused Draco. He guessed the extract from the paper would be a part of the parchment, and he somehow needed it to find the rest of the parchment and get out of the tomb safely. The riddle made no mention of where to find the third item however and so Draco was confused.

From what Draco could gather, he needed to find some source of water, and search something from behind. There he would find two items. He would then need to find a third item, a piece of the parchment, but he had no idea where it would possible be. Draco’s train of thought was interrupted by Parkinson.

‘Any luck on those riddles?’ She asked. Draco shook his head.

‘Nothing I don’t already know. I think we’ll have to go searching for some source of water tomorrow. That seems the only way we’re going to make any progress.’ Draco answered.

‘Right.’ Parkinson said.

‘Are you OK?’ Draco asked, ‘I know you took Goyle’s death pretty hard.’

‘I’m better.’ Parkinson replied, ‘But I still miss him dearly.’

‘As do we all, Pansy, as do we all.’ Draco said. He stood up and walked outside of the tent. He looked over the hills and hills of sand that lay before him. Where would he possibly find water around here? All of the water he had drunk had been conjured.

Draco knew they had a tough road ahead of them. He couldn’t be sure how long they would take looking for water and if they did find it, how long it would take to even find what he was looking for but he knew that he had to succeed. He had a plan of action and he planned on sticking to it. If Harry Potter or any other witch or wizard wasn’t going to stop Draco Malfoy achieving what he wanted so badly, neither was a riddle from a squib. Draco entered the tent again and turned to Zabini and Parkinson.

‘Get some rest. We’ll have a long day tomorrow.’ He said, and sat on his own bed.
‘I’m starting to think this was a stupid idea.’ Zabini said, and Draco looked at him.

‘What do you mean?’ Draco asked.

‘We’ve been out here for ages, and what do we have to show for it? A couple of research papers and a dead friend.’ Zabini replied.

‘And this wand.’ Draco reminded him, brandishing the long, brown stick, ‘Or did you forget it can provide the most powerful magic around?’

‘Not until you find that parchment, it can’t.’ Zabini snapped back.

‘We will find that parchment. I don’t care if it takes us days, weeks, months or even years... but we will find it. I expected more encouragement from you.’

The two stared at each other and Zabini was the one who looked away. ‘My apologies... I’m just a little upset.’

Draco nodded and turned to face the tent wall, and Zabini got into his own bed.

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