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A Baby Wizard and his Cousin Harry by Miss_Moral
Chapter 1 : Baby Wizard in the Dursley Family?
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A Dursley Baby Wizard

A Baby Wizard and His Cousin Harry- A Wizard in the
Dursley Family?

The second Harry
Potter stepped into Dursley home on Number Four, Privet Drive, for his sixth
year holiday, he knew things had changed while he was away. Apparently, his
Aunt Petunia had had another baby boy while he was at Hogwarts. Harryˇ¦s
first thought was that the baby was going to end up as fat and piggish as
Dudley. However, this was not to be the case.

Duncan. NO!" Aunt Petunia screeched as Harry and his uncle stepped into
the kitchen.

"Doing it
again?" grunted Uncle Vernon. 

A stressed out
Aunt Petunia sobbed as she picked up the pieces of a shattered glass from the
ground. "Nothing... nothing.... I'll clean up the mess."

Harry examined
the situation closely. He remembered doing similar things when he was little.
Maybe... maybe... no, impossible!

three-month-old Duncan Dursley gurgled good naturally when Harry stepped
closer to his cradle. Duncan gave Harry a toothless grin and attempted to grab
his hands. He was chubby, but not fat; his hairless head glowed like a light
bulb. Harry found himself looking at his newfound baby cousin fondly, much to
his surprise. He had never thought that he would ever find a Dursley charming.

"Mom! Dad!
Harry is doing something to Baby Duncan!" shouted Dudley. "Maybe all
these weird things happened because Harry put a spell on him. Maybe Duncan
is... like Harry!"

Petunia and
Vernon stopped dead in their tracks upon hearing the second part of Dudley's
speech. They had been going to "rescue" their baby just before
Dudley made his last statement. The two adults looked at each other fearfully.
Maybe Dudley was right.

nothing wrong with turning out like me," Harry retorted. He felt
insulted. "At least turning out to be a wizard is better than turning out
to be a pig."

"I... I...
think we should inspect Duncan for a few days," trembled Petunia. Having
a wizard for a son was definitely not a pleasant thing for her to contemplate,
but giving away her own son wasn't acceptable to Petunia either.
"Maybe... maybe Dudley is wrong...."

Vernon grunted
again. He, too, didn't want a wizard for a son. The change that Dudley was
correct, however 

"But Duncan
seems to like Harry a lot," said Dudley. "Just look at them!"

Sure enough,
Duncan and Harry were playing. Duncan paid a lot more attention to Harry than
his own family.

Suddenly, Vernon
exploded. "That's it! That scrawny thing is going to the orphanage first
thing tomorrow morning." Aunt Petunia opened her mouth to argue. However,
Uncle Vernon stopped her. "No 'but', Petunia. You know as well as I do.
This funny business had been going on for more than a month now. I don't want
to discover my house burnt down when I came back from the office. That's bound
to happen when he's old enough to speak.

ˇ§This is all
your fault," Vernon glared at Harry. "If we weren't related to you,
how could we have had a funny baby like you?"

momentarily looked as if she was going to argue, then agreed with Vernon.

Dudley, happier
than anyone else to get rid of his baby brother, was jumping up and down,
causing the house to shake. "No more funny thing in the family," he

Harry scooped up
his baby cousin. He was determined to keep this special baby from a horrid
fate. "You are not sending him to the orphanage, unless I say so. He is
your son. How can you send him away? He's a human being just like you. He
deserves a chance!"

Uncle Vernon
sneered at Harry. "Really? You can have the boy then. I don't want him.
And, if you are not going to take him to the school of yours when your holiday
ended, we'll send him off anyway. I am not about to work my bloody hands off,
trying to provide for a baby I don't want."

Harry turned and
silently walked to his room with Duncan in his arms. As much as Harry would
like to bring the baby to school with him (anywhere's better than the
orphanage or the Dursley household), he had never heard of students bringing
babies to school.

Harry set
Duncan, who was fascinated by Hedwig, on his bed. "Be a good boy and go
to sleep," Harry told him. "I have a few letters to write."

Harry took out a
few pieces of parchment and began to write. His letter was, of course,
directed to Dumbledore.

Professor Dumbledore,

As you
probably already know, my aunt gave birth to a baby with magical ability
earlier this year. Today, he had started to show his ability and was rejected
by his family. I'm wondering if I may take him to Hogwarts with me? I know
this is probably against school regulations, but I want to keep my cousin from
the orphanage. I don't want my baby cousin to turn out like Voldemort. Thank

Harry J. Potter"

Harry sent the
letter off with Hedwig. He crossed his fingers and prayed that Dumbledore
would agree to let him take Duncan to school.

Turning back to
his bed again, Harry noticed that his baby cousin had already fallen asleep.
Not wanting to squash the baby flat, Harry rested his head on the table.

swirled through Harryˇ¦s mind. Harry had no previous experience in taking
care of a baby. How should he know what to do?

Harry blocked
the question out of his head for now and drifted to sleep.

*  * 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

When Harry woke
up the next morning, he was surprised to find Hedwig already back from her
errand, a letter tied to her leg. Harry opened the letter immediately.

Mr. Potter,

Indeed I am
aware of the fact that your aunt had given birth to a child with magical
abilities. I was rather anxious, too, to know how they would take it. Since
you asked, a special permission has been granted to you to keep your cousin in
Hogwarts. However, you must understand that the baby is your personal
responsibility. No staff member will help you in taking care of the child. A
special room has been arranged for you and your cousin, in order to avoid
disturbing your current roommates. Also, I'd like to remind you to keep up
with your schoolwork. Should you fall behind, other arrangements will have to
be made.
Good luck with your cousin!


Harry put down
the letter and smiled. "Hey, Duncan, you're going to Hogwarts with me!
Aren't you excited?ˇ¨ Harry asked as he picked up a rather sleepy Duncan.
ˇ§Hogwarts is so much better than this hole."

Harry knew that
it would be a hard year, with N.E.W.T. exams and a baby to take care of. It
was a good thing that he wasn't a prefect or Head Boy, as he was sure that he
would never pull the year off with those responsibilities. However, Harry was
happy that he had saved his cousin from orphanage. As he laughed and played
with his cousin, he was able to forget about the Prophecy and the return of

Harry announced
Dumbledore's permission at breakfast that day. Uncle Vernon only grunted and
Dudley didn't make any comment at all. Unless Harry was mistaken, though, he
thought he saw Aunt Petunia sighed in relief.

As it turned
out, Harry was right about Aunt Petunia. As soon as breakfast ended, he ran
back to his room with Duncan. He was about to write to his best friend,
Hermione Granger, for some tips in looking after baby, as he had no experience
in the field. Being the know-it-all she was, Hermione would certainly have
some advice.  And if she didnˇ¦t
know, she would definitely look things up for him in childcare books.

Just as Harry
picked up his quill, Aunt Petunia sneaked into his room and nearly frightened
Harry out of his wits.

Aunt Petunia did
a very strange thing. She thanked Harry and hugged him tightly. Aunt
Petunia's bony hug at that moment could easily have rivaled and beaten Mrs.
Weasley's bear hugs. "Thank you so much, Harry!"

Surprised, Harry
disentangled himself from Aunt Petunia's grip. "Wh... what for?"
gasped Harry, willing more air to flow in his lungs. Aunt Petunia had never,
in his life, hugged him before.

"Thank you
for what you did for Duncan," Aunt Petunia wiped a tear from her eyes.
She was crying! "I know that we have treated you very badly
before. I can't believe that you could forget the past and take my son under
your wing. Duncan's funny acts began long before Vernon found out. I tried my
best to conceal the fact from him as I knew what Vernon would do if he knew
little Duncan could do magic. Though I have despised magic since the day Lily
received her letter, I don't have the heart to cast out my own son for being
what he is. As a mother..." Aunt Petunia sniffed loudly. "As a
mother, I'd rather having you taking Duncan to that school rather than having
Vernon taking him to the orphanage. I can at least see him again if he's with
you. Thank you so much!"

Harry was more
than embarrassed. He had never suspected that his aunt would react like this.
He had thought that his aunt wanted to get rid of Duncan as much as his uncle.
"Um... it's quite all right, Aunt Petunia. You see... Duncan and I get on
pretty well."

good... that's good..." wept Harry's aunt. "Tell you what, before
your school begins, I'll take care of Duncan while Vernon's gone for work.
Thank you!" Aunt Petunia gave Harry a kiss on the cheek as she left his
room with her son in her arms. "I'll bathe him and feed him while I can.
I hope you don't mind."

said a bewildered Harry. "Not at all...."

thought Harry. Aunt Petunia behaved almost like a normal human! Harry
was glad that he didn't have to write to Hermione after all. Despite being
willing to ask her for advice, he needed some more time to adjust to having
Duncan.ˇ@ He also needed to figure out
just how he was going to tell Ron and Hermione that he was bringing a baby
with him to Hogwarts.


A/N: Thank you for reading the first
chapter. I hope you liked it and will continue to follow it. This is
originally written and posted in the PK H/Hr challenge threads under "New
Arrival" about half a year ago. I've finally gotten my Beta, Spencer, to
go over it as it contained a lot of mistakes. Therefore, I'm reposting it.
Hopefully, this version will be more readable and the development is less
weird. For those who've followed it when it first came out i "New
Arrival", you would know that I haven't posted the last few chapters yet.
It's true that I still haven't got around to write them, but I will. I won't
be able to do that any time soon as I am extremely busy these days. But
there's plenty already written chapters to keep my readers occupied. Thank
you, Spencer, for your patience in correcting all the mistakes. And thank you,
my reader, for opening this window.

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