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Disappearing is easy; itís reappearing thatís hard. by Lil Kit Z
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Hermione woke up the next morning refreshed and in a fairly good mood. It was 6: 30 in the morning and the smell of wood filled the air. She got out of her bed and walked into the grand bathroom. She never really did see it last night and she remembered why. She quickly took off her clothes and went inside the steam shower. It was a large shower with four faucets and numerous soaps, shampoos and conditioners. She decided to try something new instead of the usual strawberry scent that she usually would have. She took out a shampoo that sounded interesting, Olive Oil. It smelled great and wasn’t too soapy and the conditioner wasn’t too oily. (A/N: I have this shampoo and conditioner. Trust me it’s great and I love it!!)

Her shower was quick, but it felt great for her. It was a good way to start out the morning. She put the white cotton towel over her body, and went to the sink to brush her teeth. The clock from outside her room said 6: 45. . She used product in her hair to keep it tame and scrunched it with gel. She wanted to make herself presentable, and she kept on questioning herself why though. Why was it that she had to get so into it? She ignored the thought and put on her liquid eyeliner, mascara, blush, eye shadow and clear lip-gloss. She looked gorgeous. All she had to do now was put on her Lucky You perfume and school uniform.

Walking into her closet, she was happy to see everything already on hangers and in drawers. She knew house elves had done it and she was thankful. She quit doing the SPEW organization; it was a given fact that they didn’t want to be set free when they stopped cleaning the Gryffindor common room. Her robes were crisp on the folds. It was they way she like to see her clothes all of the time. Her shirt was tighter than she though it would be. It was her older shirt, not the new one she wore yesterday. But she liked the way it looked though. It showed off her figure. Her skirt was a little long so she quickly fixed it with a spell. She didn’t want to look small on top and huge on bottom.

‘Much better’ she said aloud. The outfit that she would wear for the rest of the school year was complete. She walked out of her closet and put all of her school supplies in her bag. She had 10 minutes left before breakfast was served.
Looking around her room for something to do, she finally noticed that the room was basically all white. It was something that she could not deal with all year.
She changed the color of the carpet to a deep red and left all of the wood stained. The color of the walls was something that she had to decide on. She didn’t want them red or else her room would look like a giant cherry. The bedspread was kept white as well. She turned her room into a coloring book. Something for her to do when she had nothing else to do.

Subaru interrupted her thoughts about her room.

“ Ms. Hermione, the young man from yesterday is here.”

Surprised, Hermione stood up and flattened out her shirt and skirt. She picked up her bag and looked in her mirror for another glance of approval.

Draco was standing outside her room dressed up in the same uniform. He turned around and when he saw her, he smiled. Once again this gave Hermione butterflies. Naturally she smiled back and felt her cheeks blush. With out saying a word to her, he held out his arm and she accepted it. She swore though that she saw him checking her out just before he offered her his arm.

“You look nice today,” said Draco.

Hermione was taken aback. She wasn’t expecting him to be complementing her.

“ Thank you,” looking down toward the ground, “ and you looking handsome as well.”

She new that they weren’t on a date but it was the proper thing for a lady to do and it was polite.

“ Did you have a nice sleep?” asked Draco. She could tell he felt awkward and was trying not to screw up.

“ Yes. And did you?” she hated it when her lady like fashion would come in.

“ I did surprisingly. No nightmares or anything.”

“ You get night mares?”

“ Sometimes. Mainly about my father, but I don’t get them very often. “

“ That’s good. I get some sometimes.” This is weird thought Hermione.


“Ok, your very friendly….explain.”


Draco look embarrassed, “ Well…. I was thinking about this ‘friend’ proposition. And…well...I thought I’d try it.”


“What a surprise” no sarcasm, she really was surprised.

They reached the great hall and the doors opened.

“ Ready?” asked Draco.

“ Yes.” Was all that she could say?

The scent of eggs and bacon filled both of their noses. Hermione’s stomach grumbled, she hadn’t eaten dinner last night and it was eager to get something in her.

The chatting in the hall died down when they saw the
two, arm in arm. Hermione forgot all about their entwined arms. For the second time, Ginny was with her mouth open and speechless. All Hermione did was smile. Draco on the other hand let his reputation start talking.

“ What are you all looking at? Have you never seen a gentleman escorting a lady? “

Everyone just looked back at their plates and the chatter started to fill the hall. Hermione knew what they were talking about. Her and Draco. She didn’t mind it though. She just ignored them. The two went to their separate directions to their tables. She sat near some 3rd years that she didn’t know and started to fill her plate. She looked over at the Slytherin table and caught Draco looking at her.

They kept contact for about 5 minutes until their timetables were being passed out. She got hers was an unusually happy that she had Double Potions first… with the Slytherins. She looked up at Draco. He to had just gotten his and smiled as well.

Hermione took a few more bites of her eggs and grabbed a piece of toast before getting up. Draco took the hint and got up as well. It was good thing she did to. Harry and Ron, being ‘fashionably’ late, entered the hall. But as usual they looked like crap. She stopped in front of them and before they could say something, Draco took her arm in his and led her out of the hallway. “ So I’m taking a good guess that you want to get to Snape's early?”

“ What makes you say that?” Hermione said. She was starting to realize that she was about to start flirting with him. Flirting was always fun for her though, she liked it, and she didn’t see any harm to just flirt with him. They were just ‘friends’ after all.

“Your urgency to get out of the hall of course right when you got your schedule.”

“ Oh, I see. And you followed why?” raising her eyebrow.

“ As I said to everyone, I’m a gentlemen and a pretty girl shouldn’t be walking with an empty arm.”

Once again, Hermione blushed. She felt so comfortable with him, but it was still very strange. She promised herself that she shouldn’t move to fast. It’s been two days at Hogwarts.





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Disappearing is easy; itís reappearing thatís hard.: Chapter 7


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