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Remember my touch by marlita1311
Chapter 1 : Just my luck
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Chapter One - Just my luck

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“But I already told you; I don’t want to go!”

“Stop acting like a child young girl!”

Hermione Granger looked up from her breakfast to see her mother carrying a suitcase.

“She is above all your friend sweetheart and you promised you’d be there for her special day.”

“I see you already packed your things.”

“Yes I did and I want to know why you are not doing the same.”

Hermione sighed. She had a huge fight with Ron the other day and left the house, their house to seek some privacy in her parents’ house. Since Hugo’s birth her marriage had taken the downhill. She had the children and her job and her husband. The whole situation was so overwhelming-she had to leave.

“Mom I can’t leave now. I have to make up things with Ron first. I have to check on the kids.”

“I know honey… I know…”, her mom was saying now. She dropped her luggage on the floor and moved closer to Hermione to caress her.

“Marital life is never easy”.

She was trying to find words to console her daughter but the hug was all Hermione needed.

“I know what I promised to Jennifer…But…”

“There is no but, you will go. It’s been so long since you went on a trip. You need that”, her mom’s voice now was firm. “You must go and clear that genius head of yours.”

Hermione actually smiled at that little comment. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Jennifer Walton, her childhood friend was getting married. Hermione closed her eyes and remembered the day she gave birth to Rosie; Jen was the first to visit. She even beat Ginny to it. Sure they had grown apart when Hermione was admitted to Hogwarts but after the war was over their friendship blossomed once again. Jen meant such a great deal to her that she sent a letter to the Minister of Magic himself inquiring the liberty of breaking the statue of secrecy. Jennifer was in shock at first but it only took a flip of Hermione’s wand to prove her that all she confessed was true. After that, they became inseparable. She was there everytime she and Ron had a fight, she was there when Hermione took her post to the Ministry, when she got married, when Rosie was born, when..
She sent an owl to Ron explaining that she would be attending her childhood friend’s wedding in France and begun packing her things.


Merlin, she really did hate flying. Back at school quidditch was the only class she hated. She felt uncomfortable sitting on a broomstick several feet above the ground. Hermione Granger was afraid of heights.
She took a cab to the airport.
She really did hate flying. Even planes. “Don’t be silly Hermione; planes are the safest ways of transportation. Besides, it’s the fastest and fastest way to get here not to mention relaxing and comfortable…”, came Jennifer’s voice on the other line. Hermione called her to inform her of her sudden change of plans: she was going to her wedding after all. Jennifer was thrilled. She hung up and looked at the announcement board where it read: Paris Flight AF 8069 Gate 53A.
She could not remember the last time she was in an airport. It was unnecessary after all since she was a witch and could easily apparate anywhere she wanted. But for large distances portkeys were essential. Unfortunately there was a certain procedure to get permission for a legal portkey and Hermione had no time. So as a last resort she booked a last minute ticket to Paris and tried not to think of her insecurities about heights.It was time; she went to her gate and boarded on the flight AF 8069 to Paris.


Dear Ron,
I’m so sorry about the way things are left between us lately. I desperately need some time for myself. I need to sort out my priorities. By the time you will be reading this I’ll be on a plane to Paris where my childhood friend Jennifer is getting married.
I’ll be back the day after tomorrow.
Send my love to Hugo and Rose.
I love you.
Your Hermione

“Daddy! Come and see this! Hugo is standing on his legs!!!”, came Rose’s happy voice from the living room.

Ron dropped the letter he had received from his wife on top of today’s copy of the Daily Prophet. On the cover was a huge headline:

“Muggle tragedy: Airplane crashes on British lands near Godric’s Hollow.”

He hadn’t found the time to read it yet.

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