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Fallin' by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 7 : Breakfast and Snogging
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Hello everyone. Thank you for sticking with me all this time, here it is, chapter seven!


Scorpius’s POV:

I still wasn’t quite used to the stares Rose and I got as we ate together. I mean seriously people?! Why was it that weird? Get over it; it’s been years since we became friends. Not that I wanted us to stay just friends. But that’s a topic for a different day. Yuuuuuuup.

Zara and Jace joined us at breakfast. Although they didn’t eat much. They just sat there snogging. That’s right, snogging. Yeah, they’d been going out for a while now. 3 years to be exact. Well this was the third year. It started second year. Everyone could tell they were in love with each other. But well, it just never happened. Then finally one day Zara was telling Rose something about Jace and how much she liked him and well, he overheard it all and brought her flowers later. Kind of surprised me coming from him. I mean come on, we were 12. Who does that? But again, this isn’t the story I was trying to tell you.

You see, I’m in love with Rose. I just knew since the beginning there was something there. I know I’m only 14 and all but I really do love her.  Something about the way she smiles, the way she laughs, the way she talks, the way I can be completely myself around her, the way I can make her laugh, everything.

This is the fourth year I’ve gone to the burrow for Winter Holidays. The fourth year my father will be joining us. The fourth year I feel like I finally have a family. The atmosphere the first year was slightly tentative, seeing as how Harry had saved my father’s life and my father really only thanked him with a letter. That day though, they sat down and talked for hours. Talked about putting the past behind them and how they were willing to start fresh, or, as fresh as they could. You could still see the love in my father’s eyes as he looked at Hermione, but, he loved her and had done his best to move on and let her be happy (not that they had ever had anything).  My father I’ve come to decide would never fully “move on” but he had “let go.” Enough with the quotations.

I was thoroughly excited for this Winter Holiday. I was planning to finally let Rose know how I felt. It seemed like the right thing to do. I just had to let her know, and if she didn’t return the feelings, well then, I’d find a way to cope. I didn’t want to lose her but I couldn’t continue this any longer. I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t.

DAMN IT! No, I am going to. And that’s final.


Rose’s POV:

“Gross guys. Seriously?” I said to Zara and Jace, who stopped snogging and looked at us sheepishly.

“Sorry hun.” Zara started, “It’s just, we won’t see each other for a while, so figured we might as well enjoy-”

“LALALALALALA” I nearly shouted, putting my fingers in my ears. Zara laughed and shook her head. She mouthed “sorry” to me and loaded her plate with food. I took my fingers out of my ears and glared at her.

“Oh Rosie, stop being so immature.” She said.

“DON’T CALL ME ROSIE!” I shouted, causing nearly half the great hall to turn around and stare at us. I brushed it off, let them stare. I don’t care. Hehe, that rhymed. Oh right, I’m supposed to be mad. “Grr.”

Yeah, that’s right, I growled at her. I like growling. It makes me smile. Hmm maybe that’s why everyone thinks I’m such a freak.

“Uhh Rose?” A voice sounded from behind me. I turned around to see none other than Albus Severus standing behind me.

“AL!” I said, jumping up to hug and nearly tackle him to the floor. “Ish my baby cousin!!” I said, in my baby voice, pinching his cheeks. Oh how I love to annoy my cousins. Hey, I have so many it keeps me on my toes.

“Ugh Rose! Get. Off. Now.”  Al managed to get out despite me squeezing him nearly to death.

“Right. Sorry. Just weird since I’m pretty much the only Weasley or Potter not in Gryffindor, I feel like I never see you guys.” I said, although, my sentence kind of ran together.

“Rose, please. You see us every day.” Al said rolling his eyes, “ANYWAYS, I just wanted to tell you that we all decided want to surprise all our parents Christmas day so we’re going to wake up super early to make breakfast. If you want to join, you’re more than welcome of course, just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“Uhh right, of course I’ll help you gu- wait a minute, how early is super early?” I asked him, scared of the answer.

“Like 4 AM?” He said giving me a sheepish look. I groaned inwardly.

“You’re lucky I love you guys.” I said and ruffled his hair, “Of course I’ll help. As will Scorp.” I added, smacking Scorpius on the back of the head and smiling widely at him. Al shook his head smiling and walked back to join the family. “I just volunteered you for hard labor, MWUAHAHA!”

He mumbled something that sounded a lot like “Only ‘cause I love you.”

“Excuse you?”

“Nothing nothing, what is said labor?” He asked lifting his eyebrow above those oh-so-beautiful blue eyes.

“Making Christmas breakfast for the ‘rents. No big deal.” I left out the fact that we were waking up super early of course. I’ll get him up, I have my ways.

Scorpius’s POV:

The train ride was boring and uneventful. Well, Rose fell asleep with her head on my lap and I couldn’t help but watch her sleep. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. Life would be so much easier if I weren’t in love with my best friend, damn it.

The burrow of course, was loud and full of activity as usual. I loved it. Okay, you have to understand things from my point of view. You may find me crazy for finding all this constant shouting and running around and arguments and tears and laughter exciting and at home, but it does. I mean, I was raised by my father, not the most talkative of folks, plus he never really had company over. He had no siblings and well, seeing as how I didn’t either, the house was always silent, eerily so. Anyways, that’s why this house was such a welcome change to me. I felt like I finally had a place. Pathetic I know.

Rose and I were in our secret hiding spot. First year, we had been so afraid at first about our parents not getting along that we decided it was a good time for her to show me around the surrounding area, meaning a nice long walk (more like a long hike). We came across a meadow and all along the edges of that meadow were huge trees.

There was one in particular that was the PERFECT climbing tree. We came across it that day and ended up climbing to the top. The tree is probably about four stories high and we were able to climb up to nearly that height. The branches were thick enough to support us not problem, and there was a tangle of branches up there that allowed for us to lay down when needed, or just sit down so that we could have our backs against the trunk and be completely hidden from view. The first few times we managed to get there without anyone following us we were in awe. As it began to snow, however, it got more and more difficult to climb. We would then resort to just hang out near the base of the trunk, talking. On our visits there second year, we decided to carve our initials into the tree. That R+S made my heart skip a beat each time I saw it. Not that there was heart around it or anything. It just meant something to me.

We were currently sitting side by side, watching the snow fall around us. This truly was one of the most magnificent views ever. It was the first snow fall of the season. I leaned down to rest my chin on Rose’s head. She snuggled close to my chest and I instinctively wrapped my arms around her. I couldn’t help but feel, well… right in this situation. I loved being with Rose. I loved being up here in our own spot. I felt like this would be the time to tell her, but I couldn’t seem to find the words. I didn’t want to screw this up. Rose’s breathing slowed, and I had a feeling she was asleep. I decided to test this theory.

“Rose.” I said, “Love?” I smirked to myself. “Rosie!” I half whispered, half shouted. Not really wanting to wake her but knowing I could get a rouse out of her if she were awake. Nothing. “Ugh Rose. I wish I was in Gryffindor, and no not because I like the house more, I just wish I had their courage. I’ve been in love with you since first year. First year Rose. I wish you could see it. I don’t know why you can’t. I love the way you smile, the way you laugh, talk, everything. You make me happy. You’re my closest friend. I don’t ever want you to get hurt. I will do everything I can to make sure you don’t. Ugh.” I laughed to myself, “ Now, if only I could tell you this while you’re awake.”

“Tell me what while I’m awake?” Rose asked in a groggy voice, rubbing her eyes and stretching. She turned to face me, placing one of her hands on the back of my head and stroking my hair. She had no idea what that kind of thing did to me. My heart beat sped up faster than I knew possible.

“Nothing love.” I told her, kissing her on the forehead, watching as she scrunched her nose. “Nothing important anyways.” I said, wishing the words didn’t come out, but too late. They already had. Damn it.

“I don’t believe you.” She said, looking into my eyes, oh how I loved her eyes.

“I’ll tell you later m’dear.” I said shaking my head, “It doesn’t matter. I mean it does, but I just can’t now.”

“Scorp.” She said, in a warning tone.

“Rose, dear, it’s nothing to worry about. I’m not going to do anything drastic, and don’t you go doing anything in order to get this out of me, I’ll find the time. I swear.”

“Urgh. Fine.” She said, turning away from me but burying her head into my chest again. “You win, this time. But only ‘cause you swear you’ll tell me later.” She said, her voice muffled in my chest.


Rose’s POV:

Damn that Scorpius. I wish he would just tell me what he wanted to tell me. I could tell it was still bothering him. I could see it in his eyes and in his face. Ugh I’d get it out of him later. Mm. I loved the way he smelled. And his abs. Damn this quidditch played. Not that it was a bad thing, I mean, I was one as well, and it gave me another chance to stare at him, not that I was ever short of those moments, but well, yeah. I’ll stop rambling about him. I can’t help it. He’s gorgeous. And all mine. Well, erm, my best friend that is. Oh hush. I’m working on making it more than that, but I don’t think he’ll go for it. He seems to see me more as his little sister. Nothing more. Curse everything.

I still hadn’t got him a Christmas present. Didn’t really know what I could get him. That was the problem, he always got me something amazing, and well, I managed to get him something stupid like a book or something. Stupid Rose, stupid stupid stupid stupid. Done. For now. It was Christmas Eve though, so I probably should’ve got him something already. Wow, was I behind this year. Crap. It’s Christmas Eve.

“Mm. Scorp.” I managed to get out. I turned to face him and my heart skipped a beat. He looked like he was in pain but the look vanished quicker than I was able to address it. “Scorp. We should head back soon. I think it’s going to start getting dark, and well, I’m sure they’ll wonder where we are, after all, it’s Christmas Eve.”

“Urgh. Fine fine. Let’s climb on down.” He said.

It took us a good 15 minutes to climb down, and me, being the klutz I was slipped on the last branch, and luckily, he was there to catch me. I nearly lost my breath, and of course, immediately started blushing.

“Erm. Thanks.” I said, looking down and starting the trudge back to the house.

“Anytime, love.” He said from behind me, running to catch up.


Scorpius’s POV:

“WE’RE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!” Rose shouted as we walked in the door. Whoops. They were all sitting down for dinner. Awkward.

“About time,” Hugo said, “We weren’t going to wait any longer, we were going to save you guys some though.” He beamed at Rose and glared at me. Hugo never got around to liking me. Guess it was that whole ‘get away from my sister, she’s not allowed to have any guy friends’ kinda thing. Yeah. Lucky me.

We joined them at the table. I sat next to my father, Rose on my other side, and Hugo next to her. We all dug in.

After getting out of the shower, I ventured down stairs only to find Rose, of course, reading. She was sitting in front of the fire and reading her book. Flipping pages every 10-15 seconds. You see, like her mother, she tore through books. I smiled to myself. I loved watching her read. Her emotions always showed clearly on her face when reading. Immediately tearing up when a sad part came, laughing out loud when there was a funny part, shaking her head or gasping when angry. I always found it highly amusing. She yawned and stretched, found a stopping point and set her book down. She turned to look out the window when I cleared my throat.

“Scorp!” She shouted. Perhaps a little too loud. It was midnight and well we got about 10 angry “SHHH’s!” from upstairs. “Oops.” She said.

“Ello Rose.” I said, smiling at her. I went to join her on the couch and she immediately curled up in my lap. I sighed. “Comfy?” I asked.

“Of course. Your lap is by far the most comfortable. I always manage to fit right in.” She said quietly, eyes closed, smiling to herself.

“You look exhausted.” I said.

She shook her head but all she managed to get out was “Mm-mm”

I chuckled and slid my arms under her to carry her upstairs to her bed. We were about halfway up when Al poked his head out from his door, smiling.

“Need something Al?” I asked, trying not to disturb Rose. She perked up hearing his name and went to shout a hello at him, but I quickly shook my head.

“Al!” She said in a whisper.

He smiled. He was the only one I had ever told about my feelings towards Rose. He pointed up and Rose and I both looked up. I gulped. Mistletoe.

Thank you all for reading!! I love you.

Give me all your thoughts, predictions, all that good stuff. Meaning, please review!! 

I know it took me like a year to update (obviously not THAT long, but still) and I apologize. I've been super busy working over 40 hours a week at work, not to mention keeping up everything at home and with friends, BUT I have a couple days off and I'm working 8 hour shifs these next few days, SO, I have time to write. Yay!! :) Then I start school, and will have at least an hour or so a day. Well, thank you for listening to my excuses and my future promises.

Again, thank you for reading, and PLEASE review, I'll beg if I have to, I honestly live off the reviews. Be brutal, be honest, tell me exactly what you liked, disliked, hated, all that. Anything you think should or shouldn't happen later on, all that. Pleas please please please please, I'll beg more later if this doesn't get me more reviews. Gahh! 

You know you want to make my day. Even if it's just "I liked it" or "That was stupid". That is all. Thank you.

Until next time,


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