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The Wizarding Tale by precious92
Chapter 12 : Unplanned Plans
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Chapter 12
Unplanned Plans

 The Elixir to Induce Euphoria is a sunshine-yellow potion that induces...

 It can be very difficult to concentrate in a class, if you hadn’t had a good night sleep. No one knows this better than Scorpius, who was trying very hard to concentrate on the day’s reading (the instructions were already on the board, as the students entered the class) but failing to keep his eyes open.
 ... A sense of irrational happiness...
 He wished he felt even a slightest bit of happiness; but his days were filled with tensions and frustrations. And now he has to come up with a plan to save his best friend before she does something stupid.

 ... Upon the drinker...

 He could drink the potion and become happy again...


 ...Excessive singing and nose-tweaking are possible side-effects...

 Now that he thought about it, his nose has been acting funny for a while. Did he drink Euphoria by mistake?


 Scorpius slid from the table, as he was jerked awake.

 “Wuh...” said Scorpius, groggily. He looked around to see if Professor Thorne spotted him, but was glad to find that he left the class. He then scowled at the person sitting beside him for waking him, and realized that Potter has taken seat.

 “Blimey! What are yew doin' 'ere?”asked Scorpius, still a bit groggy.

 Albus raised his eyebrows and said, “It seems as if your partner is missing. I am here to fill the position as your partner.”

 “What is your ulterior motive, Potter?”

 “To fry you in this cauldron,” replied Albus, sarcastically.

 This time Scorpius raised his eyebrows. Albus sighed and said, “I am here to talk about the little deal we made about Rose.”

 “Ah,” said Scorpius, after realizing what he was talking about. “I knew you didn’t come here to chitchat.”

 Albus frowned at him and said, “If you remember, the deal was that I back out and not interfere, and you make sure nothing happens to her. You did not keep your part of the deal.”

 “Yeah, well. I tried to keep her safe by telling her everything, you know, so that she can protect herself. I mean, if you haven’t noticed, Potter, your cousin gets attacked more than Peeves attacks O’Sullivan.”

 “I did notice, but-”

 “Thank you, Scorpius, for using such an analogy to describe me,” said a very familiar voice.

 And without thinking, Scorpius said, “You are welcome, Rose...”

 Both Albus and Scorpius froze, and then turned around. What they saw was slightly scary and traumatic.

 Rose whose willowy red curls would sway around beautifully, were now dancing frantically as if they were on fire. Her eyes, which were warm and brown with a hint of sparkle, were now dark and murky with anger and a look of betrayal. In short, Rose Weasley was very angry.

 “Er, Rose. Listen, we were just trying to keep you safe,” started Albus.

 “Are you implying that I cannot protect myself?!” barked Rose.

 “Well it isn’t that but...”

 “If you well remember, cousin, I happen to have the highest grades in class!”

 Scorpius, sensing that he should help, said, “What your cousin is saying that, well... Let’s be honest Rose you do seem to get hurt a lot more seriously, than other students would.”

 “AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT?” yelled Rose.

 The whole class turned around and stared at Rose. Sensing their stares, Rose realized that she just made a spectacle of herself; so she calmed herself and sat down on the bench behind the boys.

 She then, leaned forward and hissed, “I am not angry because you think I need protection!”

 Both Scorpius and Albus looked shocked.

 “Okay, yeah, you are right. I am angry because you think that. But I am mostly angry because you decided to make this... deal, without even consulting me!”

 “Because consulting you would be stupid,” muttered Scorpius.

 “What?!” whispered Rose, sharply.

 Then, Albus interjected, “He said that we were so caught up on protecting you that we forgot to consult you.” Scorpius nodded vigorously in agreement.

 “Oh,” said Rose, smiling sweetly. “Okay and I thought something else.” She got up and, before leaving, said, “You can continue your discussion. I’ll just go away and let real men like you decide what to do about me.”

 Both Albus and Scorpius stared at Rose as she took a seat on the very first bench.

 “She’s angry,” murmured Scorpius.

 “Ahan,” agreed Albus.





 “Al!” whispered Hestia.

 Albus looked up, to see a pissed off Hestia. Or maybe it was the potion fumes that were making him hallucinate.

 “What did you do to get Rose mad?” snapped Hestia.

 Albus pointed at Scorpius, who was viewing the conversation from the peripheral. Scorpius exclaimed his denial.

 “Settle down,” ordered Professor Thorne, as he entered the classroom.

 He surveyed the class and said, “I see two students missing.”

 “Please, sir,” said Albus, raising his hand. “Tristan’s in the hospital wing, because of the injury he got in the match, last week.”

 “Sheherazade got a nasty allergic reaction,” said Scorpius.

 “Poor her. The Slytherin losing streak must be getting to her,” snickered Roxanne. The rest of the Gryffindors laughed, while the Slytherins scowled.

 “Silence!” commanded Thorne.

 Thorne gave a long stare at Scorpius. It seemed as if Thorne was looking right through Scorpius. If he did think Scorpius was lying, he didn’t question him further.

 “Now, let’s start our lesson. I hope you have at least read enough to tell me what elixir we will me making today...”





 As the rest of the students exited the classroom, Scorpius hastily stuffed his books and quill. He was meaning to catch up with Rose, who was already on the verge of leaving. He gave a small nod to Potter and ran after her, but in vain; she got lost among the sea of students, as they poured out of the classroom.  Scorpius, disappointed, headed for the Great Hall for lunch.

 “Oi!Malfoy,” barked the recognizable voice of Kronus Nott.

 Scorpius saw Nott heading towards him along with his gang members, all of whom were a part of The Mágisses .

 “What?” asked Scorpius, rudely.

 They cornered him in the corridor and Nott inched closer.

 Nott was a large bloke, who had a bad temper but was smart enough to be intimidating; but that couldn’t be said for the rest of his gangs, which included Ruby Flint, Atlas Pucey, Robin Bulstrode, Salmon Bole, Daedalus  Higgs, and Scorpius’ cousins Adrianne Greengrass and Luke Castellan; Flint was too tall, ugly and stupid for her own good; Pucey and Bole were tiny lads, who were bullied by Nott into joining; Scorpius has never seen a more stupid person in the world other than Daedalus Higgs, a plump pompous bloke who was so stupid that he couldn’t even pronounce his own name and resorted to calling himself only by Higgs; Robin Bulstrode was referred to as the ‘grunting giant’ because he was easily the largest and most quiet person in the world, and most of his conversations consist of growls and grunts. Luke was a nasty arsehat; Adrianne was the only sane and good person from the lot, yet he had a suspicion that she joined the group because her half-brother bullied into it.

 Scorpius, compared to the lot, felt somewhat weak and overpowered; but he was determined to stand his ground. His hand, slowly travelled to his pocket as he made to grab his wand.

 “I have noticed that you are spending a lot of time with that Potter kid,” hissed Nott.

 Scorpius narrowed his eyes and said, “So?”

 Nott’s thin lips twitched into an ugly sneer.

  “So, hanging out with those lots can get you into trouble, even if you are a Malfoy.”

 Scorpius wasn’t the type of person to be dictated by a bunch of pathetic bullies. He inched towards Nott and hissed, “I will hang out with whoever I want and whenever I want. No one can stop me, not even a bunch of gits like you.”

 Nott made to grab Scorpius by the shirt, but Scorpius pulled out his wand and pointed at the lot. The gang took a step back.

 “You won’t attack us, Malfoy. There are too many of us,” said Nott, confidently. The rest pointed their wands at Malfoy, except for Adrianne. She stepped forward and put a hand on Nott’s shoulder.

 “Kronus, stop,” she said gently, but seriously. “Let him be. If you try to attack him, you’ll be in trouble. Remember, he is a  Prefect.”

 The word ‘Prefect’ seemed to register in everyone as all of them glanced around and lowered their wands. Scorpius gave a silent thank you to his cousin.

 Luke, then, came forward and sneered, “Maybe the only way to scare Scorpy is to remind him that, if Loreli finds out she will be very angry. I reckon it can be hard to be her pet, cousin.”

 Scorpius was about to grab Luke and punch him in the face, when someone said, “Is there something wrong here?”

 The gang parted to reveal Albus Potter, and he wasn’t alone. He seemed to have collected all the other sixth year Prefects (except for Rose); there were Keely Smith and Ryan Goldstein from Hufflepuff; Lysander Scamander and Sushmita Navare were from Ravenclaw.

 “Adrianne, we aren’t causing trouble. Are we?” asked Goldstein, raising his eyebrows. “We don’t want to see your badge removed. Already, it is becoming tough to have a pair of good Slytherin Prefects.”

 Adrianne looked at Goldstein coldly and said, “It isn’t up to you to decide that. Come on, Kronus, let’s go!” With that she walked away without a second glance. Bulstrode and Bole made to follow.

 Luke edged closer to Scorpius and whispered, “I would be treading carefully and guarding myself while I’m asleep, if I were you.”

 Scorpius moved away from him and snapped, “Yeah, well, that’s the difference between you and me, Luke.”

 Luke gave a nasty laugh and followed his half-sister. Nott glared at him and walked away, signalling the rest to follow.

 Scorpius straightened his shirt, glared at Potter, and said, “Just because you stopped them from doing anything, doesn’t mean I’m grateful.”

 “Why were they cornering you like that? What did they want?” asked Potter.

 “It’s none of your business, is it Potter? Just because I sat beside you in Potions, or have little chats with you, doesn’t mean we’re friends Potter.” Scorpius started to walk away.

 “Malfoy, wait!” commanded Potter.

 “What?” he snapped.

 “I reckon you forgot that there was supposed to be a meeting for the Prefects in the chamber,” said Potter, pointing at the direction where Adrianne disappeared. “We’re supposed to be given duties for during the Beltane Ball.” With that he walked on, and the rest of the Prefects followed.

 Scorpius came to the sudden realization that, Potter probably didn’t intend on helping and had just been on the way to the meeting, along with the other Prefects. Feeling stupid, he followed them.





 “Okay, so Prefects! You’ve all gotten your duties. So please, we want this year’s Ball to be a success,” said Lucy Weasley, her Headgirl badge gleaming in pride.

 “Also, I want you all to be present half an hour before the Ball. You are dismissed,” said Headboy Alfonzo Zabini.

 The Prefects bustled out of the chamber.

 “Al! Wait,” said Tristan, as he saw his mate leaving in the opposite direction.

 Albus turned around and noticed Tristan waiting at the door.

 “Blimey! When did you come back?”

 “Just now, Madam Yaakov refused to let me go. But I wasn’t gonna stay for a minor head injury.” Tristan showed Albus the patchwork done by Madam Yaakov on his head. “She wasn’t pleased, but she let me go, as long as I visit her for a check-up everyday this week.”

 Albus chuckled.

 “By the way, you haven’t seen Lily, have you?” asked Tristan.

 “She’s probably with Hugo and Trisha Thomas. Why do you need her?” asked a puzzled Albus.

 “Gotta get updates about Quidditch practices,” replied Tristan, as he sprinted away to find Lily.

 Albus was more confused than ever. “Why does he need Lily? He could’ve asked the Roxanne herself, as she is the captain. Or even me. Why Lily...”





 “I need you to make me look... s-sexy,” said Rose, with bravado.

 Both Roxanne and Hestia stared at Rose as if she had grown twenty extra horns, or even worse pimples.

 “Who are you and what have you done to my cousin?” asked Roxanne, looking suspicious.

 “Is this some kind of joke? ‘Cause it is not at all funny,” said Hestia.

 They were at the common room, trying to finish their increasing amount of homework (or at least Roxanne and Hestia were). Rose, who possessed a blank look when she asked the question, was now looking defeated as she slumped into an armchair.

 “Please, could you lot try to at least help me?” asked an annoyed Rose.

 “We were just kidding, Rose. Now tell us why you want us to make you look ‘sexy’,” said Hestia, trying not to laugh.

 “Because I’m sick of being predictable and a blasted know-it-all. I’ve never had a boyfriend; I’ve never even snogged a boy, forget about going on a date.”

 “You are going at it the wrong way, Rose,” said Roxanne, gently. “You don’t want a bloke to look at you like that, do you?”

 “What do you mean? Don’t boys like good-looking, s-sexy girls? Isn’t that why, no boy in his right mind had ever asked me out?” asked Rose.

 “Well, let’s not jump to conclusions shall we. Rose? We aren’t completely sure that no boy has ever fancied you,” said Hestia, sharing a knowing glance with Roxanne.

 Rose looked puzzled.

 “If you really want a date, or even a boyfriend, we should start by investigating to see if any bloke at Hogwarts fancies you. But before we do that, tell us the real reason you’ve suddenly had an interest in having a boyfriend,” said Hestia, knowingly.

 Rose sighed, and then said, “I’m sick of people thinking that they can control me. I overheard Scorpius and Albus talking about a pact they made (without even telling me) about protecting me or something. I mean, I am not a child! I don’t need to be handled as if I don’t have a say in it!”

 Both Hestia and Roxanne stared at her in shock and silence.

 “So, how do we do it?”asked Rose, finally.

 “How do we do what?” asked Hestia and Roxanne, still a bit shocked at Rose’s outburst.

 “How do we find out if any bloke at Hogwarts fancies me?” said her, exasperatedly.

 “Oh, don’t worry about it. Leave that to us,” smirked Hestia.





 “Vi, come on I was joking about that! Obviously, you are more important than a stupid game of Quiditch!” lied Victor.

 “Vicky, please I have better things to do than argue with you,” snapped Violet.

 “Okay, then let’s not argue,” sighed Victor, and tugged Violet by the arm so that she fell on his lap. He stirred her luscious blonde hair away from her face and cupped her face. He was about to kiss her, when Violet pushed Victor away from her and stood up.

 “Boys! That is all you lot can think about! Quidditch and snogging!” With Violet walked away, leaving him alone.

 She stomped up the stairs of the girls dormitories, her head still filled with Victor’s tactlessness. As she opened the door of her dorm, she heard hushed whispers of Hestia and Roxanne. When she stepped inside, the pair moved away from each other, but with identically visible guilty expressions.

 “What were you guys talking about?” asked she, casually.

 “Nothing,” said Hestia and Roxanne.

 “Oh,” was all she could muster, as her brain began to work a plan. She went over to her trunk and took a magenta cashmere sweater.

 “Just wanted to take the sweater, it’s chilly outside. I’m meeting Victor for a little nightly stroll,” lied Violet, and showed them the sweater. Then, she walked out of the dorm, leaving the door ajar. She stood at the top of the stairs and made little footstep noise, then tiptoed back to eavesdrop on their conversation.

 “That was close,” she heard Roxanne whisper.

 “So what do you think?” asked Hestia.

 “Well the letter doesn’t say who sent it, but whoever it is must be quite intelligent,” replied Roxanne.


 “Because of this gorgeous flower he enchanted onto the letter. I hope he is handsome as well,” sighed Roxanne.

 “Maybe we can ask around,” suggested Hestia.

 “You know Rose would be mad, if try to interfere,” warned Roxanne.

 “But, this wasn’t the first letter from the admirer! She now sees her admirer in every guy she passes. The letters have such romantic quotes. Look at the first one: To the world you may be one person, but to me you may be the world. ... oh, and the last one says: Love is a moment that lasts forever, and the day you accept my love will be eternal... and now he actually wrote a poem!” exclaimed Hestia. Then, she cleared her throat and read the poem:

 I was Untouchable
 My emotions roped in place
 Never feeling more than I wished to
 I was Untouchable
 But this disease,
 This curse,
 Crept into my body
 Silently seeping into my skin
 Wiggling into my veins
 Overtaking my organs
 I was Untouchable
 Until I realized that I loved you
 Now all I want is for your touch...

 Then, Roxanne gave a dreamy sighed and said, “You are right...”

 But Violet heard enough, and she couldn’t wait to tell Keely, Sushmita and Trina. So, she sprinted down the stairs and out of the common...





 They heard the quickening of footsteps, as Violet left.

 Roxanne looked at Hestia and said, “Operation Figure out Who Fancies Rose: Success!”

 And both girls let out mirth of laughter.





A/N; Hello, Readers. Just to give u a little idea about the timings, we are at the end of March. The first 4 segments happen in one day. The next few occur a week or so later. I just introduced the Beltane Ball; which will happen around the beginning of May/end of April. Hint: That would be an interesting chapter, plot wise and everything else.

Please don't forget to review, cause I like to know whether you are liking it so far!! =D

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