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The Life And Lies Of Bellatrix Lestrange by Ginny Potter Gal
Chapter 1 : The Noble House Of Black
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Bellatrix Black! Get down here this instant!”


            Bella lingered coming down the steps in the House of Black. Her dear mum was yelling at her to come down for her weekly muggle lesson. For as long as she could remember, she sat down with her mother, her sister Andromeda, and her younger sister Narcissa when she was old enough for their muggle lesson. If you could call it a “lesson”. What it really was, was her mum ranting on about muggles, muggle-bornes (stealers of magic), blood-traitors (traitors of magic), and filth.


            “Bella! You are ten minutes late!” shouted her mother as she finally entered the sitting room. Bella quietly accepted her seat on the sofa.


“Now, let us begin.” Said her mum. “Muggles are worthless, no magical abilities at all…” Bella sank into a trance, she had heard this one hundred times already. Not that she didn’t value her mother’s teachings; she just didn’t like listening to her mother.


Instead of thinking about muggles, she thought about her sisters. Bella liked her sisters and they always did everything together. Andromeda, the oldest, was ten. Bella was three years younger at seven. Narcissa was five. Andromeda had long, light brown, wavy hair that was, in Bella’s opinion, the most beautiful hair. Narcissa was straight and blonde with pale skin. All of Bella’s family said that her dark curly hair and her dark flashing eyes were beautiful, but she liked Andromeda’s face better.


            “…Muggles are ignorant of the wizards’ power …” Her mother droned on, interrupting Bella’s thoughts.


            Bella now thought about her mother. She was sometimes ignorant of her. Cissy and Andi seemed to get better gifts than her and once her mother went as far as forgetting to wrap her presents for Christmas.


            “All right girls, the lessons over.” Called her mother, interrupting Bella’s thoughts again. “Wash up then Sobie can bring in some tea. Where is that house elf when you need it?!”


            As Bella went upstairs to wash her hands with Cissy and Andi she thought how glad she would be in four years time when she would be to go to Hogwarts and leave the Noble House of Black.




Four weeks later Bella, Cissy, Andi, and their mum arrived at Kings Cross Station. Andi was pushing her Hogwarts trunk ahead of her with a beautiful grey horned owl she got for her eleventh birthday. They pushed through the station, Bella and Cissy gasping slightly because they had not gotten used to the feel of apparation, buffeted by the crowd and the smoke of the waiting trains. Their mother had a look of disgust on her face with being in this close contact with muggles. She looked as if she wanted to hex them all.


            When they finally reached the barrier between platform nine and platform ten, Andi whispered excitedly “This is it!” to her sisters. All three of them screwed up their eyes, clenched on to the luggage trolley, and ran headlong into a seemingly blank wall.


            When they emerged on the other side to platform 9 3/4 a strange and wonderful sight met their eyes. A scarlet train emblazed with the words ‘HOGWARTS EXPRESS’ loomed over them. Bella tuned in circles, taking in the view. She saw her mother pop out of the wall behind them.


            “I thought I told you to wait for me!” scolded their mum. But Bella did not care that she was in trouble yet again. Around her was the most amazing sight she had ever seen. Children of all ages, yelling back and forth to each other, calling greetings checking out their friend’s new pet, robes, and haircut. Most of them were already wearing their school uniforms. Toads croaked and hopped about while brightly colored cats meowed in their owners’ arms and owls ruffled their feathers at all the commotion.


            Bella helped her sister heave the heavy trunk into a train compartment. Cissy just stood staring, with her fist in her mouth.

“I’ll miss you so much!” Andi said to her sisters, enveloping them in a warm hug.           

Bella looked up at her with tears in her eyes. “We’ll miss you to” she whispered. She watched as Andi hugged their mother, then hopped on the train and waved good bye out the window. As her sister slowly glided out of view Bella thought that she would have given all the gold in her family to be with her sister right now.

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