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Speak of the devil. by mexprizoner
Chapter 11 : Unexpected
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Chapter eleven: Unexpected.


The next thing I knew I was laying on a bed the smooth and cool sheets against my skin feeling unfamiliar, I attempted to open my eyes but as soon as I did the entire room began to spin in a violent swirl of light and colors.

“Don’t strain yourself” A voice urged from next to me, it seemed familiar but I could not place the person it belonged to.

“Wha-what happened?” I managed to croak out, even though my tongue felt as dry as sand paper.

“You fainted” the same voice answered as a cool cloth was pressed against my forehead, “and had quite of a nasty fall down the stairs”

“Where am I?” I asked trying once again to open my eyes, the spinning finally winding down to a minimum.

“Malfoy manor” I was answered again but this time I could see the owner of the voice, Narcissa Malfoy sat next to me, reaching out gently to swipe the cool cloth against my forehead once more.

“What am I doing here?” I asked closing my eyes again since it required too much of an effort to keep them open.

“That’s what I would like to know. You burst into my house, yell at my son and then faint on my staircase; quite a peculiar way to make a house call if I do say so myself.” I was surprised to find that her tone was light and playful something I would have never expected from her.

But her words brought rushing back to my mind my confrontation with Draco.

“Is Draco here?” I asked without thinking, I felt Narcissa tense a little before answering in the same light tone.

“He was, but I sent him away, you would have thought you were dying from the way he was running around here worrying, it was a little annoying to be honest.”

Merlin, I couldn’t stand it anymore things were getting weirder and weirder the longer I thought about it, I had to get out of that place.

“I have to get out of here” I stated, but as soon as I made to sit up Narcissa pushed me back down with a firm grip.

“You’re not going anywhere young lady, the healer said you were in no condition to be moved, so you’ll have to stay the night, by tomorrow the potions he gave you would have worked enough for you to be able to apparate or floo. Though you will have to go see your personal healer as soon as possible to make sure that you’re fine.”

“Mrs. Malfoy I appreciate your kindness, I truly do, but it wouldn’t be right for me to stay here, I can’t.” I answered, having no desire to be in the same house as Draco, much less talk to him.

Narcissa sighed as she removed the cloth from my fore head.

“Don’t worry, Draco won’t come in here, you two will discuss whatever it is that is going on between you, once you are better. I’ll make sure of that.” With that she stood up from the bed and straightening her robes she moved towards the door. “Now try and get some rest. I’ll bring you something to eat a bit later” and with that she exited the room not even giving me a chance to argue.


As soon as the feeble morning light began to show through the heavy curtain covering the windows, I got out of bed slipping out of the night gown that had been lent to me by Narcissa Malfoy and dressing as quickly as I could, I slipped quietly out of the manor leaving behind only a scribbled thank you note.

Narcissa had kept her promise; I had not seen Draco at all during the night and for that I was glad, I had made a decision as I laid in what could have possibly been Draco’s own bed, the night before. I would finally cut Draco out of my life, hard as it might be I would cut all the illusory lines that tied me to him. I would bury away all my childish fantasies and return to what I was meant to be.

Arriving at my own flat I felt weak still, but I had no time to waste; Ron would be leaving for Spain in a few hours, which meant I had no time to spare for a trip to St. Mungos it would simply have to wait until later. Taking a quick shower, I changed and using a bit of makeup I was able to cover the pastiness of my face; it would do no good to worry Ron before he left. Thinking that fainting again in front of him would not be a good idea, I managed to control my nausea long enough to keep a cup of tea and a slice of toast down.

I apparated just outside Ron’s building, for I didn’t dare apparate directly to his flat, given the circumstances it did not seem like the appropriate thing to do.

With a conscious effort I tried hard to control the shaking of my knees, while knocking on the door to his flat, regretting having apparated for it seemed I was still weak from my previous incidence at Malfoy manor, but there was no way around it, I couldn’t afford to waste the time it would have taken had I called a muggle cab and I very much doubted that I would have fared any better had I resorted to floo powder.

“Hi,” I managed as the door opened to reveal Ron already clad in a traveling cloak, his old school trunk already packed and waiting behind him.

“Hermione, Wha-what are you doing here?” He asked and it ripped at my heart to hear the evident hope in his tone.

“I came to wish you a safe trip” I answered smiling as he moved aside to allow me to pass. Closing the door behind him, he heaved a heavy sigh as he scratched inquisitively at his head.

“I don’t get it. Why are you here?” His tone turned harsher but I ignored it, I deserved it I was sure.  “You’re not going to apologize are you?” It was more a statement then a question

A small smile pulled at the corner of my mouth as I realized how well he knew me.

“Ron, I didn’t come here to fight, I just came to see you off as any best friend would,” my plan I realized was harder to put into action then I had expected, still gathering as much Gryffindor courage as I could; I forced myself to continue, “I also wanted you to know that when you come back I’ll be waiting and maybe then we can talk.”

He stared at me, the iciness leaving his eyes as he moved closer to me, “Ginny’s still pretty mad at you.”

“I expected as much.” I answered as a wave of nausea began to grow in my stomach; I did my best to control it.

“Are you going to tell me what the point of this is, or do you expect me to go off to Spain pretending that nothing happened?” He inquired when I didn’t offer any sort of explanation.

“You know, maybe it was foolish of me to come here like this, I should just go.” I mumbled my bravery leaving as I began to feel light headed, berating myself for such a stupid idea; I made for the door.

“No wait!” He exclaimed hanging on to my shoulders so as to stop me from leaving while turning me gently towards him once again, “I’m glad you came, I truly am, it’s just that it’s not like you to do something like this. I’m sorry, but you caught me off guard.” His tone was gentle and his touch warm and familiar, without really considering it I took a step closer to him, burying my face in his chest as he wrapped his arms tighter around me.

His scent; well-known and comfortable, reminding me of everything we had been through up until now, making me think that if we had survived the pain and anguish of a war we could survive this, we could survive and forget my stupid mistake. Right?

He left shortly after that and I made my way to St. Mungos hoping to catch Healer Steele, before lunch. I still didn’t feel too well and I could not afford to lose more hours of work by fainting at every bend. Reluctantly I decided to take the muggle way, seeing as apparating was still not a viable option, considering the circumstances.

I regretted it even more as I realized that the long ride, would give me way too much time to ponder on all the stupid decisions I had made so far. Hard as I tried, I was unable to push away the wave of guilt that swept over me as I remembered the willingness with which Ron had greeted my attempt to make amends, even after he offered me back the engagement ring, which I refused under the pretext that we still had a lot of things to clear up before we reached that stage once more.

I was more than a little reluctant to admit that most of my qualms sprung from the ocean of guilt that drowned my mind at the simple and terrible fact that I had slept with Draco, not only that, I had slept with him only mere hours after my fight and returning of the ring to Ron. Would he be just as forgiving if I was to tell him the truth?

I didn’t want to face the regret you would feel once you woke up and saw me lying next to you.

The words flashed suddenly across my memory, my mind turning powerlessly to analyze my previous encounter with Draco. Without the storming sea of fury saturating my system I was able to run all the things he had said through my head and consider them as objectively as I was able to.

Hard as I tried to deny it the simple and immutable truth glaring up at me with judging eyes, I realized that Draco had been right. I could pretend and build up a farce at having been used and abandoned but had he stayed he would have been surely meet with the massive guilt trip that the anger had kept at bay up until now.

I sighed as the old out of date mannequin beckoned me into the building, I felt emotionally drained and physically tired, a slight sense of nausea still lingering in my stomach. I found there were only two other patients, sitting in before me.

At least I had one thing to help me keep my hopes up, Ron’s reaction had not been at all what I expected, truth be told I had been foreseeing a lot of screams and many more tears, but maybe it was a good thing that Ron was finally willing to take a mature approach on things, may it was a sign that I was finally making the right decision.

“Ms. Granger, Healer Steele will see you now.” The secretary called pulling me from my endless musing.

“It’s been a while, has it not Ms. Granger?” Healer Steele greeted me as she ushered me to sit upon the examining table. With graying hair held in a tight bun at the nape of her neck and her no-nonsense sort of attitude healer Agatha Steele reminded me very much of professor McGonagall, which was probably one of the reasons why I trusted her so much.

“Now let us see why you’re looking so worn down shall we?” Her wand moved nimbly in front of me as she inquired for the reason that I was there.

“I’ve always said you pushed yourself too much for someone of your age, it’s not healthy.” She said after I related my collapse the day before, obviously leaving out the part about being inside Malfoy manor when it occurred.

“If I don’t have my work then I don’t have anything, I’ve told you that before and it still stands.” I answered back, the familiar half serious, half playful disagreement relaxing me slightly.

“No woman in your condition should be speaking in such a way I think.” The tone with which she said that made a shiver of apprehension run down my back.

“What do you mean by my condition?”

“Oh don’t look so frightened, it’s nothing I couldn’t trust you to handle,” she answered moving away to sit at her desk and motioning for me to follow her, “You’re pregnant, Ms. Granger”

The sound of rushing blood almost blocked out her words, almost. It couldn’t be, it was impossible, I was very careful about such things, there were no slips and there were no mistakes…no mistakes…except for one.

A/N: Okay guys so one more chapter XD Yay I'm feeling so much better about this already. Any way, thank you so much for being so understanting and I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writting it n_n leave a review and let me know what you think. Also a huge hug and thanks to my new beta Amber, thank you so much sweetie n_n

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