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Truth in the Dark by Alysea
Chapter 2 : Secret Visitors
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 Hidden by disillusion charms, the hooded dark men watched and waited. The girl left the house, and now her mother would be alone for questioning. Waiting for the girl to be out of eyesight in the sky, they entered the house. The fire in the large hearth in the front room blazed brightly, casting dancing shadows of the Death Eaters. 

“She was supposed to be here, where’d she get off to? And why are we hiding from the girl, if she causes trouble, we could just kill her.” sneered a short death eater, rotten teeth, and coal eyes, stringy brown hair pulled back into a slick ponytail. 

“Because this is a mission of stealth Selwynn, and if someone who we are ordered not to touch, ends up dead, what are we to tell the Dark Lord?.”

“Well tell me Lucius,” spat Selwynn, “I don’t understand how you got to lead this mission, when it was you that failed Lord Voldamort in the Department of Mysteries. Or have you already forgotten?” The two eyed each other with loathing, white knuckled gripping their wands.

“Enough, we are just here to check up on our little spy, and since she isn’t here, we just have to wait until she is,” Smiling the tall gruff wizard exposed his sharp teeth, sniffing the air “She wouldn’t leave her poor innocent daughter here alone for too long knowing that she was to check in with us after she arrived, we were ordered not to touch her, as much as I would love to play with the girl,” Saliva dripped from the edges of his blood stained mouth.

“Fenrir, don’t touch anything, stealth remember.” Lucius walked into the small kitchen and poked a few things with his wand. A small crack near the fireplace caused all three death eaters to point their wands in that direction, where Sandra Danes stood arms full of food. Mrs. Danes could barely stand, shaking she dropped everything in her arms and fell into a chair.

“Where have you been? You were supposed to send the girl out so we could chat, did you decide that your life was more important than your daughters? After all she is only a half-blood, and you are only a pathetic blood traitor.” Lucius sneered at the woman quivering in fear. Mrs. Danes tried to swallow but her mouth had gone dry. 

“I..I had to turn in the portkey I used to get here, and I needed to get food to make dinner, I didn’t really notice that I was gone long. I’m sorry it wont happen again.” her eyes darted towards the werewolf as she attempted to swallow again. The short greasy death eater picked his teeth, glancing around with distain at the small house. 

There was a soft thud from outside, Lucius glanced up, out the small front room window he saw Julie land in the yard.  “Just be sure to check in with me when you get to Diagon Alley; tomorrow would be best for everybody. Meet me in Knockturn Alley, at The Nettlewyck Tavern.”

Sneering he snapped his fingers catching the others attention motioning to them that they had to leave. With three silent cracks the death eaters were gone, leaving the house empty again. Trying to regain her composure before Julie entered the house Mrs. Danes gathered up the things she dropped with her hands, and went to the kitchen.

Wiping her face of tears she waved her wand and things began to slice and cook themselves. Hands trembling Mrs. Danes clutched the counter trying to control her breathing.

“Mum, you back yet? Im starving.” Forcing a smile, Mrs. Danes stepped out of the kitchen “Yes, sorry I took so long, I had some paperwork to fill out at the Ministry. Also had to make sure our gold got transferred to a vault here so we could get your school supplies, did  your letter came while I was gone?” 

Julie eyed her mother suspiciously before talking, “Yeah, we need to go to Diagon Alley real soon. Start of term is in a couple weeks. Are you alright, you’re doing that thing when you are worried about something. Did something happen?”

“No, it was just a busy day; so do you want to get your school things tomorrow?” 

“Sure. I’m gonna go clean up for dinner.” turning slowly, disbelieving her mothers words of reassurance, she walked up stairs putting her broom back in the corner near her bed, and her sweater and scarf in the closet. 

Down stairs Mrs. Danes was still trying to recover from seeing the terrifying men in her house, she regretted now more than ever agreeing to help infiltrate the ministry, but her daughters life was important, her daughters skills in magic were to remain a secret, her heritage needed to stay a secret, even from Julie, for as long as possible.

After their silent dinner, Julie went up stairs to her room, got in her pajamas, and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Climbing into bed she put her mothers odd behavior out of her mind and fell into a dreamless sleep. 

The scent of sausage and eggs woke her, climbing out of bed and pulling on her robe she made her way down stairs. Her mother was at the table reading a copy of the Daily Prophet, as the breakfast cooked it self. Plopping down she poured herself a cup of tea and sipped it as a plate laden with eggs and toast floated over and landed in front of her.

“Try not to take too long eating, we need to leave soon, don’t want to get caught up in too much of a crowd.” Finishing her breakfast Julie got dressed for the day, tying her bronze ringlets into a thick braid, and tossing her old school cloak on over a cream cardigan. Descending the stairs to meet her mother, they were going to apparate. Grasping her mothers forearm, they disappeared in a split second, a wave of nausea washed over her and Julie had to clutch the wall to stabilize herself.

“I don’t think I will ever get used to that.” Standing up she looked down the alley, the alley was almost empty, it was mostly full of students shopping for supplies, Taking a quick trip to Gringotts to get enough gold to buy what was needed their first stop was Madam Malkin’s to get her school robes as well as some new dress robes. “Jules, why don’t you get your robes, while I go and get your books, I’ll meet you there.”

Entering the shop Julie saw two girls being fitted for dress robes, a tall girl with long silky red hair, and a shorter girl with a mass of bushy brown hair that looked as if she tried to tame it by tying it into a bun. “I’ll be with you in a moment,” piped a small woman giving her a friendly smile. Julie took a seat in one of the squishy waiting chairs, and listened in to the girl’s conversation.

“He’s just being a foolish git, give him time Hermonie.” The redhead’s reassuring words didn’t seem to help the bushy girl much.

“I hope you’re right Ginny, I think he’s still coss that I still write to Viktor, not that means anything. Viktor and I are just friends. So how are things with you and Harry? Has he bucked up the courage to ask you out yet?”

“I think I’m ready to give up on him. He has been too preoccupied with things lately, considering what happened at the end of last term. I think I’m ready to call him just a friend, he’s been like an other brother to me for years.” Julie found their conversation extremely dull, and wishing that they’d hurry up and leave so she could get her robes.

Slouching in the chair she stared out the window, watching people hurry down the street, it felt like ages until the two chatty girls were done getting their robes, paying they left the shop. Madam Malkin’s smiling face turned to Julie, “Now, deary, what can I help you with?”

Untying her cloak and laying it on the small chair Julie stepped forward. “I need some school robes for Hogwarts, and I need some dress robes.” 

“Ah, Hogwarts, you must be a transfer, I heard that The Minister had pulled staff from other office buildings, but I didn’t know they’d hire anybody with children”

Giving her a fake smile, Julie stepped up on a pedestal as Malkin tossed heavy black robes, and instantly started pinning. Minuets passed and she was done sizing her school robes. 

“Ok, while I finish up your school robes, why don’t you try on some dress robes; Margret, will you help this young lady find some dress robes?” A tall thin dark witch walked out of the back room, and over to Julie. Eyeing her for a moment she hurried into the back and came out with a long silk robe that resembled a gown more than a robe.

It was made of soft silk in a dusty purple, a plunging neck line she knew her mother would never approve of made the dress all the more appealing, soft ruffles cascaded down the skirt of the gown. Smiling the tall woman handed her the dress and showed her to a fitting room. 

Slipping into the gown it fit her almost perfectly, it hugged her soft curves, accentuating her hour glass figure, turning about in the changing room she heard a soft jingle from the shop door. Assuming it was her mother, she stepped out to show them to her, only to see a tall thin pale boy with equally pale blonde hair getting his school robes fitted. His eyebrows jutting up as his eyes fell on her. 

“Ah, you look lovely dear. Well done Margret.” Smiling widely at both Julie and her assistant. Nervously smiling back she lifted the robe off the ground as to not step on the hem she made her way to the other pedestal. The pale boy kept staring at her, Losing patience Julie snapped her head to him. “Can I help you with something?” The boy didn’t flinch, in stead a smug smile spread across his thin face. 

“I was wondering when you’d notice me, name’s Draco Malfoy, and who might you be.” His words dripped with arrogance, rolling her eyes she turned away from the Malfoy boy, “Danes.”

“Danes eh? Whats your surname?”  Ignoring the smug boy Julie stood completely still as her new dress robes got pinned and sewed.  “Alright dear, Im done with those robes, you can step down now.”

Thanking her lucky stars Julie hopped down and quickly got changed back into her clothes. Exiting the changing room as her mother entered the shop, filled her with relief, she wouldn’t have to deal with talking to blondie anymore. Her dress robe along with all her other robes were neatly packaged and placed in a bag, Paying the plump happy witch, Julie and her mother exited the shop, ignoring blondie’s inquiries about her name even more.

“Who was that boy trying to get you to tell him your name?” 

“He told me, but I don’t really remember, he was mostly staring at me. I need to get supplies for Potions, can we get those next?” Nodding  they got her supplies at the Apothecary, and getting a new pair of gloves at Quality Qudditch Supplies, Julie had all her school supplies.

“Jules, there’s something I need to take care of, business, why don’t you take your  things, and you can go look around, maybe get an ice cream, I heard that there’s a new joke shop, maybe you can check that out?” Handing Julie a stack of wraped books, Mrs. Danes walked off with out waiting for a response from her daughter, leaving her standing in the middle of a crowding street.

Turning to walk down the street she smacked straight into a thin boy, knocking them both over, almost falling on top of him. Scrambling up and dusting herself off apologizing, freezing as her eyes fell on him, taking in his features, glasses, brilliant emerald eyes, and a trace of a scar behind his messy black hair. 

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Truth in the Dark: Secret Visitors


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