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Growing a Potter by LilyPotter
Chapter 5 : Confrentations
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When Harry and Molly pull apart she goes to fuss over Teddy who’s still sleeping peacefully in the stroller and Harry sits back down. He knew she was worried so he waited for the ranting. Molly smiles at him, “I’m sorry if I seem a little … over the edge Harry I’ve just been worried about you.”

Harry shrugs, “It’s okay, things don’t really matter anymore. Sorry if I worried you but I just needed to handle things. I still am trying to handle things but I need time and space.”

Molly nods, “Does that mean you’re going to continue to ignore Arthur and me? Or even Ginny? We’ve been sending you owls but you haven’t responded and they come back.”

Harry tries not to roll his eyes, “I’m no longer living there. I have a temporary place till I can find a muggle flat to live. I can’t be a part of this world right now and I don’t feel like I can trust many people from it. I’m sorry that I missed your owls but I wouldn’t have responded to them more than likely.”

Molly looks at Ron, “Can you leave us alone to talk please? This needs to be said and done now.”

Harry stands up, “No, I’m not going to stay to be dumped on Molly. I didn’t do anything wrong and you can’t decide suddenly that you want to talk to me. Not one person stood up for me that night and I’m certainly not going to listen to anything you have to say.”

“Harry James Potter, you will sit there while I talk to you or I will put a sticking charm on you. You might be the Boy Who Lived but that is no reason to disrespect me. It is your choice right now, either sit down so we can talk peacefully or I’ll use magic to stick you to that chair.”

Harry looks at Ron who nods before sitting, “Fine but when we’re done ‘talking’ I want both of you to know I have no intention of speaking to your family again.”

Ron takes off and Molly sat in his spot, “Harry, I know your hurting we saw that on your face that night but so is Ginny. She doesn’t know who to believe and she had hoped you would prove that you loved her by trying to explain what was going on. She doesn’t know that girl you were pictured with from anyone else and …”

Harry blinks rapidly, “How was I going after her when she announced to everyone after I made a fool out of myself to prove my love that the baby isn’t mine? I love her but I can’t … after I was done with the Dursley’s and I was done with the war I swore I would never deal with this again. Once someone did something to hurt me or push me away then I’d go. I can’t let myself be hurt again, I can’t afford it.”

He put his head on the table and Molly gently touches the back of his head. “She’s just a young girl who doesn’t know how to handle everything Harry. Bill’s been the big brother she could always turn to and depend on so she trusted that he knew what he was talking about. I know you haven’t had anyone you could trust so maybe you don’t realize how important that was to her. Now not only did she lose you she’s lost her trust with him.”

Harry sighs, “I don’t know if I can trust her right now Molly. I still love her but … what she said hurt. I .. what’s going to happen the next time there are more rumors? I can’t afford to trust anyone just to be hurt again.”

Molly sighs, “I understand and Ginny and you will have to work out your differences eventually because come February you’re going to be a father. If you don’t want to be with Ginny fine, we’ll take care of her but that baby is going to need a daddy and someone to love him or her.”

Harry nods, “I plan on sending money for her needs as she is carrying my baby. She can use it for clothes or whatever and perhaps in time we can repair what happened but right now I can’t. Can you please tell her I just need some time?”

Molly nods, “Of course and … I’m sorry for being so harsh but you need to sit down and listen sometimes. We do care for you Harry, things just happened so fast and before we could understand what happened you had left.”

Harry sighs as Tonks joins them, “Where is she now? I don’t know what I’m going to say to her but I should at least talk to her.”

“She’s at home, she didn’t want to come today. She’s suffering from morning sickness and I came to get stuff to make her a potion for it. Do you want to talk to her?”

Harry shrugs, “I’m not sure right now but I have some stuff to do. Just let her know if I don’t stop by later then I’ll send along some money and a note tomorrow. If you need to tell me anything, let Tonks or Remus know they’ll how to reach me.”

Molly nods, “Okay, I should go too.”

When she was gone Tonks smiles, “Wow that’s not something I expected to see Harry. Are you okay?”

Harry chuckles, “She threatened to magically stick me to the chair if I didn’t sit down to talk to her. She listened to my feelings without giving an opinion or contradicting me. I have to eventually decide what to do about this baby though I don’t know if I can marry her yet.”

Tonks shrugs, “Take your time but supporting the baby is a good idea till you know what you want to do. Do you want to shop on your own or …”

Harry shakes his head, “No, I want to get the stuff for Teddy and then I need to send Ginny an owl with some money for things she might need. I have no idea of what to get her or what she might need.”

Tonks smiles, “Giving her money is a good idea for now.”

Harry sighs, “I just don’t know how to handle this. I just turned 18 and I’m going to be a father and … I can’t trust the mother.”

“What does your heart tell you to do?”

Harry stares at her, “What do you mean? What does my heart have to do with anything?”

Tonks sighs, “I’ve found if you go with your heart you can never go wrong. I hated Remus after what he did but … you see how he is now. He got over his initial fear and he’s a wonderful daddy to Teddy.”

“That’s not an issue Tonks. I can love this baby and be a daddy. What kind of person will I be if I can’t trust his mum though?”

Tonks sighs, “I don’t know but if you love her then let that be the deciding factor. From everything I’m hearing she’s miserable without you and she deserves to hear the truth.”

Harry nods, “Yeah but what if she won’t talk to me? She knows some good hexes and …”

Tonks smiles, “Let’s do our shopping and we can talk some more. I have to meet Remus for lunch and I’d like to finish my shopping first.” They take off to the baby shops where Tonks needed bigger clothes for Teddy who was almost 5 months but fitting into clothes 9-12 months. Harry had observed for the last week how much in love Remus and Tonks were and how happy they were with Teddy so it didn’t help his wanting that with Ginny.

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