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Warmth by ickleFirstie
Chapter 1 : one of one.
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Ron Weasley let out a long, exaggerated sigh and buried his hands in his pockets as he gazed out at the horizon before him. The world seemed a lot calmer these days. The burden of knowing Lord Voldemort was out lurking somewhere in the world was gone, and it felt so good. A smile spread across his lips as the smell of an all too familiar perfume wafted in the air. Hermione’s small, baby soft hand slid into Ron’s calloused one.

“Aren’t you cold?” she asked, running her thumb along the back of Ron’s hand.

“Not really, I’ll come back in soon, you go back to bed.” Ron turned to his girlfriend, placed a gentle kiss against her forehead and beckoned for her to return to her sweet slumber.

Hermione pulled the light pink sweater she wore over her flowered night gown tighter over her frail body, protecting herself from the light May evening wind chill. With a light nod, she began to retreat back to Bill and Fleur’s small cottage.

Ron took a moment to admire Hermione’s beauty as she turned to give him a parting smile. The moonlight radiating from the night sky complimented her succulent ivory skin in a way that could not be described by mere words. The light breeze swept a few strands of her milk chocolate hair free from the tight bun she often wore to go to sleep. A curled strand of hair entangled itself in her delicate eyelashes, accentuating the beauty in her soft almond eyes.

“You look beautiful,” Ron called out to her with a light laugh in his voice.

Hermione felt her heart flutter and she couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear as she swelled with happiness. She decided to leave their small moment of pure love exactly where it was, and walked back inside the cottage to return to her warm bed. With a wide smile on his face, Ron turned back to the night sky, and began to gaze in wonder at the thousands of stars that had come out from their morning slumber. The world was so beautiful, and now that the wizarding world was safe from the rage of Lord Voldemort, Ron could finally stop and admire it all, the beauty of nature, the beauty of life, and the beauty of those around him, especially his love, Hermione Granger.

Ron took one final glance up at the sky, and then began his journey back down the small stone pathway back to Bill and Fleur’s cottage. Through the dim light that was lit in the kitchen, Ron could see his brother Bill, placing sweet gentle kisses along his wife, Fleur’s, neck. Ron grimaced at his brother’s public display of affection, and made a silent vow to himself that he and Hermione would leave the cottage as soon as possible. Ron didn’t think he could take another day of having to watch Bill and Fleur’s not-so-discreet snogging sessions in the kitchen after dinner.

Ron stepped into the pleasantly warm cottage, wiped off his shoes on the cliché welcome mat and threw his coat onto the worn out leather couch, where Harry and Ginny sat, cuddling quite comfortably together, mumbling sweet nothings in each other’s ears. The small ocean side cottage was full of romance and cuddling couples tonight. Ron paid no heed to the romance around him as he ran up the creaky cottage stairs, rushing to see his own love. Ron carefully tiptoed into the room he and Hermione shared, hoping to not disturb her peaceful slumber. He laid himself down next to Hermione, who was fast asleep once again, and very gently, wrapped his arm around her waist. Hermione shivered as a light draft invaded the warmth of their room. Half asleep, half awake, Hermione nestled herself into a comfortable position against Ron’s warm chest. She smiled contently at the warming sensation he gave her from her cheeks down to her toes. Ron provided Hermione with a special kind of warmth that no amount of wood burning fires could ever provide her with, the warmth of true, young love.

“You really did look beautiful tonight,” Ron whispered into Hermione’s ear, placing a gentle kiss against the nape of her neck.

“Go to sleep Ronald,” Hermione replied playfully, turning to face Ron, and giving him a light, goodnight kiss on the lips, a kiss that tasted of the honey lip balm Hermione applied every morning.

Ron smiled against Hermione’s sweet, honey lips. In that moment, he was sure of two things; that everything would be fine from now on, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with sweet, intelligent Hermione Jean Granger, the girl whose kisses tasted like honey.

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