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Black Sheep by leannemariesnape
Chapter 1 : Innocence.
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September the first, 2017 was the day that my life changed forever. I still remember as if it was yesterday. I woke up before everyone in the house. Even my father, who these days, had trouble sleeping, and was always up before everyone. I spent the time it took for everyone to wake up re-packing my trunk. I had packed it the night before, of course, but now I was checking that I really did have everything I needed. I was so excited that morning that I refused to wear normal clothes, instead insisting on wearing my brand new uniform. My father smiled with pride, and my mother cried seeing me in my robes. I felt so proud at that moment. Hugo looked at me with jealousy. “Don’t worry,” I assured him, “you’ll be where I am in no time.”

We got to the station and we met the Potters who had a very nervous looking Albus with them. Despite how he looked, he was equally as excited as me. We found ourselves discussing houses. I had been doing research on the houses over the past weeks, and secretly wanted to be a Ravenclaw. But, of course, when Albus said he hoped to be a Gryffindor, like the rest of the family, I nodded in agreement. I was sure I wouldn’t be put anywhere else.

I remember, as we said goodbye to our parents, my father noticed the son of someone he had disliked in school. I had heard about Mr. Malfoy from my father, and he didn’t seem to be a very nice person. I don’t remember his exact words, but upon seeing this man's son, my father asked me not to “get too friendly” with him. I nodded. I had no intentions to do so… I would be a Gryffindor like everyone else, and Malfoy would be a Slytherin like the rest of his family. We would probably hate each other, like our families did. I was more interested in the fact that Teddy and Victoire were just caught together, kissing.

High on the potential for a wedding between Teddy and Victoire, I got on the train. I agreed to wait and find a compartment with Albus. As I was waiting, people were filing past and filling the vacant compartments whilst Albus was speaking to his own father about something. Multiple relatives walked past me, giving me an encouraging smile for my first day. I smiled back at them, with an increasing amount of butterflies in my stomach. The reality of where I was going was starting to seem real. When Albus finally boarded the train, all of the carriages were full.

“My Dad said we can ask the Sorting Hat not to be in a house!” Albus said excitedly as he met me. “So I’m not going to be a Slytherin!” I made a noise as though I was interested. As though Albus Potter would be in anything other than Gryffindor! In reality, I wasn’t listening at all- I was too busy looking for a compartment. I eventually found one. It was empty except for a small blonde boy, who was looking out of the window quietly.

I went to enter, but Albus grabbed my wrist. “That’s Malfoy! Let’s find somewhere else,” he said. I could see the panic in his eyes. He didn’t even want to be in the same room with anyone his father wouldn’t approve of. I sighed.

“What your Dad doesn’t know wont hurt him,” I said pulling my arm out of his grasp. I pushed the door open and the blondes head immediately turned to me. His eyes narrowed.

“Er…Mind if we join you?” I said. He shook his head and turned back to the window. I sat down in the seat opposite him. “I’m-” I said

“Weasley. I know who you are.”

“I’m Rose. And this is Albus.” I said, gesturing towards Albus.

“I’m Scorpius,” he said quietly.

“So, what house are you planning to go to?” I asked conversationally. He looked at me scathingly. Albus stood up.

“Come on, Rose. We’re obviously not welcome.”

“Don’t be stupid,” I snapped. Running away from problems was never my style.

“Well, I’m going to find some decent first years to speak to. You can come if you want,” he said, slamming the compartment door behind him.

“Sorry about that” I said to Scorpius. He gave a faint smile.

“I’m used to it. People hate me for being a Malfoy. They don’t even know me.” I smiled somewhat against my will.

“People love me for being a Weasley and they don’t even know me.”

From that moment, we did not stop talking until we got into Hogwarts. I found that we supported the same Quidditch team, the Warmley Wanderers. We found that we both were looking forward to Transfiguration lessons the most, and we both secretly wanted to be Ravenclaws. The conversation was flowing, and as time passed, I could see Scorpius becoming more open towards me. As I stepped off of the train on the other side, I was feeling even more excited than I had that morning.

Hagrid clearly thought it odd that I was with Scorpius of all people when he escorted us to Hogwarts. He kept turning his head to check I was okay when we were in the boat together. Finally, the castle of Hogwarts came into view after years of wishing I could be there. It was no less than perfect. Exactly how I had imagined it.

As we entered the Great Hall, I noticed the ceiling. I pointed it out to Scorpius. My mother had told me about the enchantments, and I told Scorpius what I knew. As I saw the ragged Sorting Hat come into view, I suddenly felt a sense of impending loneliness. I had a feeling that it would be the last time I spoke to Scorpius. He would become a Slytherin, and I would become a Gryffindor. That would be it. We would be doomed to rivalry from that day.

I watched as Albus became Gryffindor within a second of the hat being placed on his head, and I saw the rest of the Weasley-Potter clan cheer him accordingly. And then, I watched Scorpius. The room went quiet, and I could hear people whispering. In a heart beat, the hat proclaimed “SLYTHERIN!”.

After what seemed like an age it was my turn. My entire body was shaking. I was about to join Gryffindor… I wouldn’t speak to Scorpius again…Suddenly I remembered what Albus said. “You can ask the sorting hat not to be put in a house!”. I took a deep breath. Did I have to think it, or did I have to say it? I decided to think it. I thought as hard as I could…Not Gryffindor…

“Well… this is interesting… Not Gryffindor- well I wouldn’t have put you there anyway. You have a desire to prove yourself. Yes, you‘re undoubtedly a…” I wasn’t sure whether he was saying it only to me, or whether the entire school could hear. But the pause of the sorting hat had made people whisper, emitting a loud buzz throughout the hall.

“SLYTHERIN!” The hat said suddenly. James looked as though he was about to clap, until he realised what the hat said. A bewildered teacher pulled the hat off of my head as though it had gone wrong. The entire hall was deafeningly silent. I stood up, and looked over at the teachers… Even their faces were surprised. I hesitantly walked over to the Slytherin table, next to Scorpius, who had made room for me on the bench. The Slytherin Table clapped for a fleeting second but the applause stopped as another student stepped forwards to be sorted. I realised what I had done. My father would kill me.


The Slytherins all made me feel completely welcome. Conversation with them flowed easily.Luckily, in the evening, I found that the other four people in my dorm were nice girls, who weren't particularlly interested in having a Weasley in their midst.

However, I found that night, my sleep was poor. I was terrified of what my family would say… But in the morning, when I saw Scorpius and saw that we had Transfiguration as our first lesson, I began to think that being with Scorpius was going to be fun, and I knew that I would be in this house for the rest of my time in school, meaning I had to make the most of it.

All of the first year Slytherins found their seats in the Transfiguration lesson in plenty of time. I sat next to Scorpius, and we were surrounded by other Slytherins. They really didn't seem like the bad people they were supposed to be. They were just passionate about their house. “Who are we with for this lesson?” I asked to no one in particular. Joyce, a dorm-mate turned from the table in front of me. “Gryffindor, I think…” she said.

I felt my stomach lurch. I remembered that I had promised Albus that if we were in any lessons together, I would sit next to him. But surely, he wouldn’t expect that now?

The Gryffindor first years walked into the lesson, and in the middle of them was Albus. He was talking to the new people he had met. He looked over at me, smiled sadly and sat down with his other friends, and the lesson began. It was exactly what I was looking forward to. I was by no means perfect, but by the end of the lesson, I knew the spell that I could use to turn a matchstick into a pin. Scorpius seemed equally as excited.

That evening, I knew I would have to send a message to my parents. I didn’t know what to write, and I was sure that Albus would have told them what had happened already. For this reason, I wrote a small note.

Mum and Dad,
I love Hogwarts! It’s brilliant. I’m in Slytherin. It really isn’t that bad. Scorpius isn’t that bad either. Hope you are well,
Rose x

I sent the letter immediately, and as I watched the owl fly into the distance, I wondered whether I would even recieve a reply to my letter.

A few days passed, and a reply came on the Friday.

We're proud of you and as long as you’re happy, we don’t care which house you're in. Make us proud!
Love, Mum x

That was it. I wondered what Dad really thought. I could just see him sulking around the house, probably refusing to speak to anyone. It made me kind of angry. It was as though he didn’t care about my happiness, only what effect it would have on him and his reputation. It irritated me all day, so much so, that I forgot my potions book. I let Scorpius go on to the lesson without me, and I went back to the common room to fetch it. As I was making my way back, someone caught hold of my wrist. I turned to them, ready to scold them for doing so, seeing as I was in such a poor mood. But, luckily, it was only Albus. “I’m late already, Al. Don’t make me later.” I said, pulling my hand out of his grasp. He looked hurt.

“I only wanted to see if you wanted to visit Hagrid with me tonight.” He said.

I was about to agree, when I remembered I was going to watch the Slytherin Quidditch team training. “Sorry, Al but I promised Scorpius and Joyce I’d go and watch the Quidditch team train…”

He gave a sad smile. “Never mind. There’ll always be other times.” He turned away, rejoining his friends.

I felt so guilty- as though I was abandoning him. “Al? I really am sorry.”

He looked over his shoulder and shrugged. “There will be other times” he said, walking away. I was starting to regret asking the Sorting Hat to not put me in Gryffindor.

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