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Seventh Year by zoeey
Chapter 8 : Everything's Going To Be Okay - James
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 “Neooooooo!” I zoomed around the room like a muggle airplane, holding tightly onto Summer as she held her arms and legs out and giggled as we travelled the length of the room. Trying to defuse the tense atmosphere by making Summer do anything and everything stupid or funny. Being the offspring of Pads, this really wasn’t hard; the faces she pulled reminded me so much of her father.

She was really a cutie. And she totally didn’t deserve all of this family drama Sirius and Ade have been putting her though. She needed her daddy, the one she’d only known for two months or so. She needed to know that he was going to be there forever, yeah she probably wouldn’t remember that, but he still has to be there. And she needs her mummy, the one who’s done such a good job of raising her these past months.

Sum could feel the difference in the atmosphere, I know she could. Laughing louder. Smiling wider. Being near mummy and daddy at the same time; whilst Ade squirmed uncomfortably and Sirius longed after Adriana.

They were trying, I can’t deny them that. Sirius is trying to clap his hands and paste on an amazed happy face as she squealed in excitement. Adriana was trying to grin happily, but the squirming made it look more like a grimace. They picked an awful time to get everything out in the open - to be fair they probably would have lost the guts to do it.

“Summer, do you think daddy should start handing you the presents now!” I gasped in an overly dramtic voice as I brought her down by my eyes, I could see the pleasure and happiness glowing deep inside her eyes, her soul. She was definitely going to turn out right. There’s now way that she wont.

“yes yes yes!” She squealed, I suspect some of that was fake. I think she just wanted to see her mummy and daddy smile, and honestly there was nothing wrong with that. I was proud that she already knew how to wrap her mummy and daddy and even Lily round her little finger.

Sirius grinned happily at his little girl and theatrically rolled off of the sofa and onto he floor next to us. He used the shocked face, in which Summer had completely perfected, to mask his purpose. I let go of the little one as she roll on her back with laughter. Pads started tickling her belly and blowing raspberries on her stomach; he looked like such a daddy. Whilst Adriana just sat there and stared.

“You need to get your act together. Its her fucking first birthday,” I hissed to Ade, fed up with the attitude which she was putting on. It was unfair to everyone, not just her daughter.

“I’m trying Jay,” She softly whined, tying to make me give into her boundaries. It wont work this time, I’m stronger. Okay well I’m not but still…

“Try harder,” I told her with as much malice as I could muster. And I admit, it really wasn’t enough. Ade always had this effect on me, she was like my baby sister.

Sirius rummaged around the large pile of presents, obviously looking for his first. “You wanna open daddys now!” he laughed, to anybody it would seem as, as much enthusiasm he usually pus on. But we knew him, and we knew how hard he was trying to be okay for his baby girls birthday.

“DADDY!” She laughed playfully, attempting to grab the present right out of his hand. She got the corner of the large box an held on tightly whilst trying to stay on the ground. Her playful and entrancing laugh pulled everyone fully into the room.

Making everyone forget about the differences going on between us. Making us just appreciate the time we have together. Because the girls didn’t quiet realize that that time may just be coming to an end.











Somehow we managed to pull through Summer’s first birthday in happiness, they’re were no tears of sadness only of joy. They’re were no screams only those of joy. Overall it was just a brilliant day meant for one thing, and that’s celebrating the birth of the beautiful baby whom has affected our lives so much.

Honestly she was one of the main reasons I’m sitting here with Sirius now. Summer and Lily. Lily and Summer.

Sirius an I have been called home to speak to Mum and Dad about something, I’ve got a vauge idea. But I don’t see why it wasn’t Dumbledore who spoke to us about it - assuming I’m right of course. And assuming I am, Remus, Lily and Ade at lease should be here to; this is something that is going to affect all of us.

As much as I love reclining on the big sofa - the one that I can remember testing at the muggle sofa shop - that I loved so much, I couldn’t help but feel the knots in my stomach build up and tighten as time went on. I can’t shake the feeling in my gut making me think that this visit isn’t a friendly visit to get me out of Double Transfiguration. Its serious. Even Sirius wasn’t talking. We were simply… observing.

I started to trace the scarlett calligraphy on the wall, trying to figure out what the anciet script on the wall said. For as long as I could remember, I’d always wanted to know what it says. Mum and Dad used to say - when your wise enough to know, you will know. Of course, being a Pureblood, I always thought there’d was a spell; which caused me to spend weeks at a time in the library- gaining my amazing no need to study skills! No I am older however, I know that its not a spell, its common sense. When I understand life enough, I’ll be able to understand the wall.

Sorry about that random rant about the wall; however it is a section of my Mansion that truly fascinated me, the workings of the Wall. Hmm maybe a job in the Department of Mysteries or something equally as challenging. Auror seems so… cliché.

The door slid it’s self silently along the fluffy ivory floor, slightly brushing the carpet strands towards us; making another pattern for me to mesmerise. Almost as if the whole situation was in slow motion: my mother stepped through the door gracefully and walking confidently and happily, however supporting a grave expression, my father followed and firmly. I could have sworn I heard him mutter,

“Valde Sigillum” The door securing spell.

“Hey mum, dad,” Sirius falsely smiled - he was doing an awful lot of that lately. He stood up and kissed my mum on the cheek and man-hugged my dad. I stood behind Sirius, waiting for him to be done with out parents. I followed the same routine.


“I’m guessing this isn’t a friendly visit,” I dead-panned. Draining some of the every building mountain of tension.


“Right you are son, right you are.” Dad said sitting next to me on the sofa, curling his arm around my shoulders and pulling me into a hug.


I think this was the first reason in which I truly got scared. Dad wasn’t a touchy feely type of man. And he just gave me a hug. Somethings wrong. And I’m starting to fear that this isn’t something that can be stopped within a couple of days; this is bigger than all of us. Something that we’ll all be fighting for.


“I know you’ve both heard of the Order of the Pheonix,” Mum said, her voice quivering slightly as if she didn’t even want us knowing. She probably didn’t, mum was always the protective parent in the relationship.

“We want you both,” Dad finished simply and to the point, always his style.

“Harold! This is important you cant jus throw it out they’re!” Mum exclaimed to dad more upset than angry.

“I’m in” Sirius interrupted, “Anything to protect my little girl,” He added on the end, and Dad practically swelled up with pride. To be fair though this time last year he wouldn’t have said anything like that. He’s grown up so much.

“I’m in,” I said as well, mum’s face dropped.

Obviously she was hoping that we’d both say no! She understands though, I know she does. Everything is getting worse, more complicated; more evil. The good side need more people, directly being in the Ministry isn’t even that good of an idea anymore. They’re to much corruption and bias going on they’re. The Order of the Pheonix is an organization which will help bring Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters down; this Ministry is not.

“You have to understand how dangerous this is going to be boys. This is not some playground game. These people you could be fighting against are going for the kill; not just stunning and injuring. Given the chance, they will kill you,” Dad told us, his game face plastered back on. I nodded in understanding.

“Dad, I was brought up to be on the other side of the fight. I want to rub in my families face how they chose the losing side,” Sirius said simply, he was doing this not only to protect Sum in the long run; but to prove to his parents that he’s even better without them.

“I understand son, but you cant rub it forcefully into they’re faces. Both of you must understand that this is also against the law. Yes were fighting against the Death Eaters but the Minister doesn’t see it that way,” Dad sighed, running his hand through the last of his hair. That was complete rubbish! We will be fighting against the bad guys, why is that bad?

“What the hell?” I asked, completely outraged.

“James, the Minister is kind of paranoid - which is understandable with everything getting steadily worse. He is convinced that Dumbledore wants to take him down and take over the Ministry with his private army. Hence us being his army,” Mum laughed as if she found the whole situation amusing. She probably did knowing her.

“so were going to take the ministry down?” Sirius asked, just as confused as I am.

“No! that’s just what the Minister thinks, so no-one can know what we’re a part of,” Dad chuckled before turning serious once more. I nodded my head understanding everything.


My thoughts strayed back to the beautiful red-head that I’d left in the common room, to whom I’d given the responsibly of looking after my heart. What about her? Certainly she’d hate knowing that I was out in the real world fighting whilst she was sat at home studying. She’d want to be apart of everything to do with my life. Most importantly this; this was helping her fellow Muggleborns stay alive and safe. She’d want to help.

Why wasn’t she invited to this little shindig? She must have been considered to be apart of the Order, she was the smartest witch in the school. Lily and Ade and Marlene and Tat and Josa and Remus and Frankie Longbottom should all be here. But they’re not?

“What about Lily and Adriana and all the others? Shouldn’t they be invited to join the cure?”

“They will be son, but not just yet.” Mum answered me, guiltly looking towards my father. Silently begging him to continue with the next part to the predicament.

“Remus Lupin, Frank Longbottom, Benjamin Fenwick, Lillian Evans, Adriana Bells, Marlene McKinnon, Natalie Ellis and Josaline Parks will all be recruited at the end of this year. But you boys, we need you to start soon,” even dads voice started to quiver slightly.

Catching Sirius’ eye I pulled myself up and held myself together waiting for our first mission. As brothers.

“Now its not as dangerous as some of the fights we get involved in, but…” he paused and looked back towards Sirius and I checking whether or not we were ready for this mission. We were. “We need names of all the potential Death Eaters graduating Hogwarts in the next two years. So your year and Sixth Years.” I smirked, knowing that some spying with the map and cloak was going to be put into good use. I caught Sirius’ eye and he too was wearing an identical smirk. Both of us thinking the same thing.

“We suggest you look into Slytherin’s, hanging around with Bellatrix Black. But do not rule out any of the other houses. that’s the worse thing to do.” Dad finished,


“We can do that,” we both said perfectly in sync.
















“I assume you all know the Human Revealing spell, Humano Reveolo, and I trust each and every one of you can perform it successfully,” Minnie went on about in Transfiguation, I wasn’t listening, I probably knew how to do it anyways. Today I was sitting with Sirius and we were still going over plans for later. We were going to sneak down to he dungeons, we figured that that’s the best place to start.

“Mr Potter could you please repeat what I just said, I assume you have written it on that parchment considering your quill is yet to leave it.” Ah. Hate it when I get caught.

“Of course Professor, you were just informing us on how the Human Revealing spell can transform an object into an animal,” I had no clue if this was right, however I’m sure I’d read up about it somewhere - or Lil was reading out loud, one or the other.

“Hm, pay attention Mr Potter!” She swiftly turned back to the front! Whoa, think I got that right.


“You weren’t listening where you man?” Sirius laughed slightly, in hushed tones however. Minnie scared the shit out of both of us,

“Course I wasn’t, Minnie just loves me,” I winked back at him playfully. Apparently people where jealous of Sirius and I, and not just because of our good looks!

Every other person actually needs to study to know these things!! Weird I know! Well that’s according to Remus anyway.

invello caetus,” I pointed my wand at the goblet in front of me, hoping that once again my brilliance would pay off. It grew gills on its side, and the top grew slightly pointier. Well, it was a start. Repeating the spell, I was determined to get at least baby shark on the table in front of me.

Course I managed it, did you expect me not to! Minnie for some reason wasn’t happy about it,

“ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL AN INNOCENT ANIMAL! DETENTION!” She shouted at me, you’d think I was trying to kill her child or something!




“Well done mate, you’ve just fucked up plans for tonight!” Sirius growled unhelpfully at me, did he really think I hadn’t noticed that?


“Yes Sirius, I noticed,” I told him exasperatedly


“What the fuck we going to do now?” he growled again


“I don’t fucking know! Okay, I just know I just got a detention for doing something right!” I hissed, fed up with his argument. I stalked back to my common room, I didn’t feel like Charms today.



“Tell Flitwick I’m ill,” I told Sirius before wandering away.

How had things gotten like this? I remember a time where I got such a buzz that I had gotten a detention that I purposely did things wrong just so I could hear a teacher scream that I had dentention. And now? I’m moody an broody? It doesn’t make sense at all.

Maybe its growing up? But I didn’t think growing up was losing who you are?


I threw myself down on the sofa in my private common room and just lay there staring at the ceiling; wondering when did everything get complicated and grown up? I’m head boy. I’m actually one of the students with the more influence and the most authority in the school. How did that happen? I’m James Potter, Marauder, Prank-extraordinaire. How the hell did I make head boy?


“Come on Black, lets race!” a young James shouted back at his best friend, both of the with enthusiastic loud laughed sped off down the corridor. Not stopping, nor slowing for anyone or anything in their ways. Whether it was benches or people or columns. They continued to race around the school.

Grinning and laughing like it was the best thing that they’d ever done. At a measly 11 years old, it probably was!


And with that James had run head first into his terrifying Head of House and Transfiguration teacher; Professor McGonagall. A look of outraged on her face, at first James seemed scared, and then he was proud. He had been in the school less than a day and he’d already annoyed one of the harshest teachers in the school.

“POTTTER!” She had screamed. Butterflies swam around his stomach and from then onwards, detentions were a part of his life. A part I which he didn’t want to part with.


Sighing I reminisced over my first year, which basically consisten of pranking, lessons and detentions with my best mate. I remember being so pleased with myself that I grinned the whole time Mum was shouting at me for it. I remember smirking when Minnie was going off on one at me again. I remember the cheeky smirks I sent Professor Gurney - Muggle Studies, fourth year - when I’d ‘distracted’ the class. She always fell for it; she was a push over that teacher. And she was infatuated with us Marauders, and I thought that that was illegal!


Ah well, since when have things in the country been legal?



I’m scared you know?


Scared of this war. It’s getting closer. Its getting more dangerous; just as were graduating… it’s typical. We’re always in the middle of the bloody storm, probably always will be. Now in school, nothing intresting ever happens where one of the Marauders or the Girls are involved in; I thought that it would change once we’d left, but I’m beginning to see how much that wasn’t going to happen. Actual reporters had started to come to Hogsmeade visits - not noticeably yet, but I noticed. And we’re wanted in the Order too?


It isn’t a good situation for Summer to be growing up around, its unhealthy for her; as well as her parents.


Summer. I wanted to see her. Rising from the couch I started on the mini-trek to the Hospital Wing were Madam Pomfrey looked after her whilst we were all in class. Sum soothed me almost, she made me see the importance of getting out of this place. Plus her laugh was precious.

I can’t wait till I’m a dad, I proper father not just a Godparent. To hold my little child in my arms rocking him/her whilst he/she slept - I honestly can’t imagine anything better. If we have a little boy; I want him to have dark hair like mine, with Lil’s gorgous green eyes. If we have a little girl; I want her to have beautiful ginger hair flowing down her back with Lil’s eyes too, but I want her to have my face. No matter what they look like, I will always love them. Because they’d be mine and Lil’s. forever.

“Hey Poppy?” I shouted as I entered the Hospital Wing, Poppy knew it would be one of the Marauders, we’re the only ones who actually have any bottle to call her that.

But the girls will call Minnie, Minnie?

Poppy ran out of her office quickly, upon seeing that I was alone she breathed a sigh of relief,
“Ohh, thank Merlin for that! What’s the matter Potter?” She asked, clicking her tongue impatiently obviously wanting to get back to whatever game she was playing with Summer.

“Can I see Summer?” I asked quickly, wanting to get in their with her quickly.

“Why aren’t you in class Potter?” She frowned, obviously she knew I was bunking; I did what every teenage male student would do. Feigned illness.

“My head is spinning and banging so much; I think there a migraine coming on.” I told her, putting on the best wash-out voice that I could manage.

“You need rest then Potter! Not playing with a baby!” She told me, I could tell she had broke - by now usually she would be shooing me out of the Hospital Wing, “You know where to go,” She told me as she spyed another patient making their way in.

I grinned at her nicely, and walked through her office to the Cresh - it’s what Poppy said the Muggle ones where called and she wanted to make sure Sum was used to the word before she was thrown into that world. I just think she enjoys decorating.

“UKY JAMS!” Summer shouted as she saw me enter the Cresh. I grinned at her happily,

“Hello sweetie,” I picked her up and spun her around, she had an ability to make me forget the bad things going on in my head. I just wanted to make her happy - I wanted a baby of my own.

“Where daddy?” She asked peering behind me, obviously looking for any signs that her daddy was near. He wasn’t though, he was still in class.

“Just me today sweetie!” I told her as we both sat on the floor - “What we playing,”

I listened to her sweet voice tell me about the mummy and daddy being cruel to their children; she told me that she liked being cruel to the children because they’re reactions were funny. I smirked. So much like her father.












“James?” I heard my Lily’s voice carry itself into our room. I’d taken Summer to the Gryffindor dormitorys, she was spending the night with the boys. God help Benjy in the corner, kids just don’t like him! Lying comfortably on the bed, I just stared at the ceiling. Thinking about what Sirius and I had so heartily agreed to join.


The war.


We were main tools in this war, whether were going to win or lose. That part was still a mystery to me. For certain we were on the right side; whether that was enough now. That was questionable.


But we were fighting for the best things in our lives. Our girls. Our families. Our lives.


“James?” Lil whispered as she lightly sat on the bed next to my head. Her fingers going straight for my messy hair; curling it shyly around her pinky finger, immediately calming any nerves that had risen. Tilting my head back slightly to look into her beautiful eyes; lifting it so that her legs can get underneath - allowing me to rest on her.

“You okay sweetie?” She asked, bending down to kiss the side of my forehead softly.

“I’m just… thinking,” I told her, not moving one inch. The slight movement of my hair was keeping me well relaxed fully against her thigh.

Lily was home.

And right now, home was all I needed.







“Babe you’ve got to go to your detention,” Lily softly shook me, turns out I fell asleep in her lap. I’m not complaining, I always want to be around her.

Groaning I sat up and bent my neck from side to side - ridding myself of the crick that had built up there. I turned and looked at my beautiful girlfriend, the one who I was fighting to protect. The one whom I’d never give up, not for anything.

“Morning sleepy,” She smiled and flicked the end of my nose. I smiled gently, she had seemed to regain control now.

“Sorry bout that,” I kissed her quickly, not wanting to pull myself away from the soft plumpness of her lips.

She was perfect.

“Don’t worry babe, you all better?” She asked, still running her fingers through my hair, attempting to keep my face close to hers - I wasn’t resisting. Resting my head on her forehead I smiled into her gorgeous eyes that I could never get tired off.

“I’m all better baby,”




A/N - hello! i'm sorry for the long wait and the chapter itself. But I introduced the Order, and thats going to become a lot more involved in the whole thing! please please please review!






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