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Salt Rocks by javct
Chapter 10 : Lunch
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Hermione spent the next few days pouring herself into books; trying to find out what, Magus Ignis, Dominus, Lamia, Insigne and Veneficus meant, but it was no avail.

"This is hopeless." Hermione growled to herself, drinking her fourth coffee that day. She had avoided Dorian like the plague since she had found him in his room talking to Ciara.

Draco, however, was determined to never leave Hermione's side, it reminded her of her fourth year when Viktor Krum followed her silently, lingering behind bookcases in the school library and staring intently at her when she ate her meals in the great hall.
Slamming the empty cup of coffee back on the desk she picked up another book and began scanning the pages. Behind her, Hermione could hear the scuffing of shoes on the varnished wood, it made her eyebrows twitch.

"God Draco leave me alone!" Hermione snapped and spun around, expecting to see Draco but it wasn't.

"Oh." Standing in front of Hermione stood Lucius Malfoy.


"Draco isn't here at the moment." Hermione said. She hadn't seen Lucuis Malfoy since the battle of Hogwarts and he didn't look a day older.


"I'm not looking for Draco," Lucius said quickly, taking a slight step towards Hermione, "I was looking for you actually," he added in a strong voice.


"How can I help you Mr. Malfoy?" Hermione asked, standing up from her chair, banishing the creases away from her top.


"Call me Lucuis. Are you busy?" Lucuis asked, peering behind Hermione, seeing the large pile of books that lay on the desk.


"No, not at all. I was just finishing up." Hermione lied, smiling graciously. Lucius nodded and pursed his lips together.


"Would you like to grab some lunch with me?" Lucius asked. Hermione was taken aback, she was being asked out to lunch by a Malfoy. On the list of things that Hermione would have thought she was going to do in life, having lunch with Lucius Malfoy was not one of them.


"O-Okay." Hermione stuttered. Lucius smiled and held his arm out.


"Come on, just side apparate along with me," Lucius said. Hermione took a deep breath, she detested side-apparating and avoided it at all costs, but she saw no way out of it, so banishing her fear she clutched Lucuis's arm and with a loud pop! There was no evidence that the two ever stood in the library.
Little did any of them know that someone was watching them from behind a bookcase. Someone who shouldn't have been watching.


"Finally." The shadow hissed before walking out of the library.




"So Mr.- Lucius, how have you been?" Hermione asked over the rim of her coffee cup. Lucius had apparated to diagon alley and walked over to a small coffee shop where, Hermione realized, Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour used to be. 'It closed down after the war.' Lucius had explained, settling down on a comfortable chair where he could watch the world fly by.


"I'm doing well. We, well, I have just sold the manor," Lucius said. Hermione almost spat into her coffee. That manor had been in the Malfoy family for generations.


"You sold it?" Hermione repeated. Lucius gave a small smirk and nodded.


"After what happened in that house, with the massacre and, with you, we couldn't bare to live in that house anymore and now that Draco has moved out as well, it seems smaller and Narcissa is in St. Mungo's at the moment." Lucius explained. Hermione pursed her lips together and nodded slowly, taking another sip of her steaming hot coffee.

"So, what are you going to do then?" Hermione asked.


"We just bought a small cottage near Wales, it's not much but it's better than the manor." Lucius said.


"Sir, if you don't mind me asking, but aren't you supposed to be in azkaban?" Lucuis chucked under his breath, his hand wrapped tightly around his wand.


"Yes, I was. It was a life sentence and they were happy to carry that sentence out but with the help of Draco and Harry Potter I was allowed out early on probation." Lucuis explained. Hermione nodded her head slowly.


"Look Hermione, Draco didn't want me to come and see you but I think you have a right to know." Lucius said, raising his voice so his could be heard over everyone.


"Know what?" Hermione asked, worried about the answer.


"Draco likes you." Lucius said bluntly, "And not some schoolboy crush that changes like the changing wind but he really likes you. He has since his 6th year," Hermione spat her coffee back into her cup, her eyes wide and her face had gone bright pink. Lucius didn't look phased at all, he just smiled.


"And w-why are you telling me?" Hermione asked, trying, and failing, to regain her composure.


"Because I think you deserve to know. He kept trying to be mean to you, kept trying to treat you like he didn't care, but Hermione he does and I know my son, he'll be too afraid to tell you himself," Lucius stood to his feet, dusting the crumbs off his robes.


"I've got to run now Hermione," Hermione nodded slowly as Lucius left the table.


'Draco Malfoy likes me. I don't like him, do I?' Hermione thought, standing to her feet. Her legs felt like they were made out of jelly. Trying to clear her head, Hermione began to walk through Diagon Alley, feeling nostalgic.
She reached Knockturn Alley and spun around on her heels, refusing to go back down there. Then something clicked in her mind, almost like a distance memory was resurfacing.


"Oh my god." She said, stopping in the middle of the street. She knew how to work out what those words meant. She knew who could help her. She knew where she had to go.





A/N: Okay, I completely understand if you hate me for this chapter. I hate this chapter but it was all I could write with writers block. So if you don't like this chapter I completely understand.

Anyway, I'm writing a new story called 'Just Imagine' it's a George W/Luna story and partly Draco/Hermione. So here's a short preview and tell me if you like it :)


Luna stared around at the battlefield. Rubble, debree, blood and bodies were covering the courtyard. Everyone had lost someone in the battle, even the Weasley’s had. Fred Weasley, one of the inseparable twins had been killed by a Death Eater in the first hour of the battle, even from outside Luna could hear the Weasley’s sobs.

Luna had grown accustomed to death, she was 4 when she had first lost someone she had loved. Yet, she had never seen death so… upfront in her life. Over the past 12 hours people, innocent people, had died before Luna's eyes. She knew that their final screams would be forever etched into her mind

"Luna? What are you doing out here?" Luna heard the familiar voice of George Weasley. Smiling she replied smoothly, "I just needed some fresh air. The wrackspurts were getting to my head." George shook his head, unable to produce even the slightest smile.

"How are you coping George? Luna asked, sitting down on the half destroyed steps. George followed and slumped down onto the stairs, his head resting in his hands.

"George, there is nothing you could have done." Luna said, using the same line that her father had given to her when her mother had died when she was 8.

"You know," George sniffed, "People always told me that they couldn't tell the difference between Fred and I. They said that there was no difference, but there was a difference."

"What was that?" Luna asked sympathetically.

"The difference was that Fred - Fred had a freckle on his right hand and - and a scar on his ankle, which I gave him-." Luna knew George wanted to say more, but he couldn't. That was the thing about grieving, Luna thought to herself, You want to say so many things about that person. You truly believe, that if you talk about them for long enough then they'll come back to you, but they don't.



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