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To Lily, With Love by loveismagic
Chapter 6 : A surprise
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Chapter 5: A surprise

The next day Lily woke to a pillow smashing her in the face. “What the?!” she yelled out, as she squinted her eyes open.

“Lily. Breakfast started five minutes ago. Time to get up!” said her friend Alice.

“What?!” cried Lily, checking the time for herself. She groaned as she stood on her feet, blood rushing quickly into her head.  Exhaustion hit her over the head like a brick.  She and Severus had stayed up talking, kissing, and cuddling late into the night. She hadn’t made it back to her dorm until 3am and then had stayed up thinking about her current love life dilemma.

“I’m going down to eat. You’d better hurry up if you want to get to class on time!” said Alice before she left and shut the door behind her.

Lily headed toward the bathroom, and looked into the mirror. Large dark bags had formed under her eyes.  She didn’t have the energy to straighten her hair with wand heat, so she instead put it into a messy ponytail.  She then rushed to get dressed and ran out the door, knowing she must look as bad as she felt.

Reaching the Gryffindor table, she took a seat next to James and piled a heaping of scrambled eggs onto her plate.

“Hey, Sweetie,” said James.  “I was worried you weren’t coming.”

He looked at her closely, “Are you sick?” he asked.

Lily shot him a dirty look, resenting his comment, “No. I’m just tired,” she answered.

“Oh yeah.  I waited for you to come back to the common room last night, but I gave up around midnight,” said James. “Where were you?”

A faint blush spread to Lily’s cheeks as guilt began to creep up inside of her. “Studying,” she lied, “I ended up staying in the library way after hours.”

‘I can’t believe I just lied to my boyfriend,’ she thought.

“Well, want to relax tonight, just you and me?” asked James.

“Sure, that sounds great,” she replied honestly. “When and where?”

James grinned, “8:30. But the ‘where’ is a surprise,” he said as his eyes twinkled.

Lily grinned back at him, “Can’t wait,” she said, and they leaned in for a small kiss.

As she reached for her glass of orange juice, she felt a pair of eyes upon her. She looked up to see Severus staring at her, his eyebrows raised in a painful, yet proud expression. She chanced him a small smile and went back to her breakfast.

When the bell rang, signaling the end of breakfast and the start of classes, Lily headed out into the hall with James and they parted ways with a kiss on Lily’s cheek from James.  Severus sidled up next to her.

 “Hi, Lily,” he said cheerfully.

“Hey, Severus,” she responded, smiling and giving him a strong hug.

“Lily are you-“ Severus began, but Lily cut him off.

“Am I sick? No, I know I look it, but I’m just tired, Sev.”

Severus looked at her incredulously. “Not what I was going to ask. He put an arm on her shoulder, leaned in and whispered, “You always look beautiful to me.”

Lily blushed and fought the urge to kiss him as he slowly pulled away.

“What I was going to ask was whether or not you wanted to spend time with me tonight? I have the new Weird Sisters album, we could listen to it.”

“Yes-I mean, no, Sorry Sev, but…I can’t.”

“Oh,” said Severus, understanding immediately.

“It’s not that I don’t want to,” explained Lily as she tugged on his arm.

“Plans with P-with, him?” Snape asked, avoiding her eyesight.

“Yes,” said Lily in a small voice.


“You understand, don’t you? I mean, he is my…well, you know.”

Severus’ heart pulled, but he stayed strong. “I get it. We’ll get together later. I’ve got to get to class…I would tell you to have a good night, but I kind of hope you don’t,” he said honestly, looking at her to gauge her reaction.

Lily rolled her eyes, but pulled him into a hug that lasted several moments. “See you later, Sev.”


That night after dinner, Lily took a short nap before heading into the common room at 8:30. She was dressed in jeans, a ruffled tank top, and a cardigan. James was already there, sitting on the couch waiting for her. As she walked over to him, she noticed how handsome he was.

She placed her hands over his eyes and said, “Guess who!”

He surprised her by pulling her by her wrists and maneuvering her into his lap in one quick motion. He kissed her on the lips and laughed. “I’d know those hands anywhere.”

She laughed too. “So…where are we going?” she asked, poking him playfully.

He smiled and, standing up, interlocked his fingers with hers. “You shall soon find out.”

They walked through the halls, talking and working their way up many staircases until finally he led her to a trap door.  They climbed the ladder and walked out onto the stone balcony, as cold fresh air hit them.

“The astronomy tower!” she said with glee. “How very romantic of you James!”  A cold breeze blew again, “But I think it might be a bit cold for this, I’m not exactly dressed for arctic temperatures.”

“Have you no faith in me?” joked James. He took a large jar out of one of the backpack he had on his shoulders, pointed his wand at it, and conjured bluebell flames inside of it. He then set a shielding charm around them. The result was a warm, wind-free bubble containing them on the top of the tower.

Out of his pack he also produced a fluffy blanket, which he placed on the floor.  He then lay down on top of it, and gestured for Lily to do the same. She lay on the blanket, with her head placed in between his arm and his shoulder, completely comfortable. His hand stroked her arm, sending pleasant shivers up and down it.

“Wow,” she said taking in the beauty above them, “A date staring up at the stars? I never would have pegged you for the romantic type, James Potter.”

“Yeah, well, don’t tell anyone, or I’ll be teased mercilessly. Especially by Remus,” he said.

“Why don’t you ever show this side of you? I mean, you’re always so joking and outgoing. Why not show your sweet side too?” asked Lily.

James paused, “It’s easier to just be the funny guy. Guys don’t appreciate sweet guys as much as girls do. I can be sweet with you all you want though,” he answered, leaning to kiss her on the forehead.

“Well maybe if you had showed your sweet side before, you could have gotten me to go out with you sooner.”

James shot up unexpectedly, forcing both him and her into a sitting position. “Lily. You can’t be serious.”

Lily looked at him, confused, “What do you mean?”

“I tried being sweet to you!”

Lily crossed her arms, “So that time that you put the ends of my hair on fire in year two, that was being sweet? Or when you put frogs in my book bag in year four? And dare I mention the food fight…”

“What about that time that I sent you chocolates every day for a month in year three? Or that time I filled your dormitory with lilies and begged you to go out with me in year five?” countered James. “I tried every method I could think of Lily. When I tried being sweet, it didn’t work.  So I tried pulling pranks on your, hoping to get your attention. But then you wouldn’t speak to me at all, so I had to be sweet again. It was a vicious cycle Lily.”

Lily stared at him, her mouth slightly open and her mind whirling. “Really?” she asked slowly. “I always thought…all those sweet things, I thought they were just another way of teasing me. I never thought that they were actually sincere.”

James ran a hand through his hair in exasperation, making it stick up more than it usually did. “Lily, you had to have known how long I’ve cared about you,” he said seriously, looking into her eyes.

“I mean, people told me you did. But I never really believed them, I thought they just weren’t experiencing what I was, so their view was warped.”

James took her hands in his own. “From the first day I met you, Lily, I’ve been entranced.”

Her shocked eyes met his, “But, why?” she asked stupidly.

He smiled. “The first time I saw you, you were so stubborn. But so smart. You never even gave me the time of day. You’ve always known what you want, and you’ll stop at nothing to get it. You’re so honest and brazen and you have always motivated me.  Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you.  Every joke I made in classes, I made in the hopes that you would laugh at it.  I’ve built up my reputation in the hope sthat you would notice me, finally, acknowledge me…You move me, Lily.”

 She looked into his eyes and saw honesty shining through them.  She could think of no proper response but to kiss him passionately for the remainder of the evening.

Lily awoke the next morning when confronted by a blinding light. She squinted her eyes open to find that she was still on the roof of the astronomy tower, her head on a sleeping James’ chest.  Her muscles were a bit sore from sleeping on the stone floor, but she was warm and comfortable nonetheless.  As she felt James’ rhythmic breathing below her, she thought about what she had found out the previous night.

James had always cared for her. He had been vying for her affections since year one, it seemed. And she had had no idea. Just like she had had no idea about Severus’ love for her either. She sighed. Was she an idiot or just blind to boys crushes? she wondered.

She felt James stirring beneath her. “Hi,” she said as he opened his eyes.

 Upon seeing her, he smiled. “Hey Lils,” he said, stroking her back with his arm.

She leaned in to kiss him for a few moments.

“I hate to say this, but I feel like we both have morning breath,” said James coyly.

Lily laughed and sprayed both of their mouths with a freshening charm, and then cuddled up to him.

“I like waking up with you,” said James seriously as his hands traced circles on her back.

“Me too,” said Lily quietly.  “Although, I think I’d prefer it if we hadn’t slept on such an uncomfortable surface.”

James chuckled. “True. And if we didn’t have to go all the way down to the Great Hall to eat.”

Lily rolled her eyes and poked him. “Do you ever think about anything other than food?”

“,” responded James with a glint in his eye. He kissed her, stood up, and then offered his hand to pull her up to him.  Putting his arm about her waist, they headed to the Great Hall.


Again, not a cliffhanger, but I had to show you what a date with James looks like in comparison to a date with Severus! Next week, expect some DRAMA!!

Thanks for reading and please leave a review, it would mean the world to me! xx

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To Lily, With Love: A surprise


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