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Just One of the Boys by MusicOfTheNight
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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Disclaimer: J.K.R. owns Harry Potter, I only wish I do...

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I hate hospitals. I despise them so much. They smell like death, and pain, and suffering. Oh Merlin, I hate the smell. When I first entered the hospital wing I puked. The smell of death was everywhere. Though I am proud to say I have only puked two other times after that, and once was because of the nasty potions I had to shove down my throat. The other was when a kid, who got on the wrong end a stinging hex and his whole calf was bleeding came in.

            See, normally I am good with this type of stuff. Blood or injuries do not scare me at all, unless I am in a hospital. When I enter one, I sort of just lose it. I mean, in a hospital everything scares me.

            I also hate how everyone treats you in the hospital. They look so sorry to see you there. It is really annoying. I can feel the pity radiating out from them. It is not a good feeling. That is why I love when Frank comes to see me. No pity from him at all. He just laughs at my stupidity and we talk, like normal. I feel happy when I talk to Frank. Well as happy as I could feel while stuck in this miserable place.

            Merlin I hate hospitals.


            Though I do feel really bad; James carried me all the way here and then I puked on him. Poor guy… James saved us, and brought me straight here when he found out what happened. He also apologized profusely. James felt really bad, but I told him it was not his fault.

            Lily does not know that we planned this... well not this, but trapping her, to make her fall in love with James. I actually think it might have worked. Lily has not yelled at him since he saved us. I think she is very grateful toward him, and maybe the things Sirius said about him helped.


Sirius and Lily’s injuries were minor so they only had to stay for a day, but I have to stay for at least 3 more days!

I have no idea how I am going to survive in this hospital for another 3 days. Also I am going to get so far behind in homework!! How am I supposed to make it all up?? Lily brings me work (thank goodness for Lily!) but I can not practice any spells.

            I do not have a wand. Mine is broken, and I refuse to get another one. I mean I guess I have to…but I do not want to. I love my wand so how am I supposed to replace it?  I guess I will have to get a new wand eventually.

            I stare at the shards of my wand on my bedside table. I sigh and then promise to myself I will order a new one as soon as I get out of the hospital.

            I wonder what ordering a new wand entails. I mean, I have to try out wands to see which one is best for me, so do I have to go to the wandmaker? (Who is the wandmaker in England by the way?)


            As I mulled over how to get a new wand, Lily entered the hospital wing, accompanied by Sirius- who has been visiting a lot too. I think he feels it is his fault I got injured.

            “Hey Nate.” Sirius said.

            “Hi!” I said brightly.

            “Hi,” Lily said, dumping a pile of papers in my bed-side table while Sirius sat on the bed next to mine. “So I brought you my Transfiguration notes. Today, in class we learned Conjuration, which is basically making things appear from thin air.  It’s quite difficult; I haven’t been able to conjure a dove yet!” She said clearly frustrated.

            “Ehh, it’s not that hard Evans.” Sirius said grinning.

           “Easy for you to say. You were able conjure a dove on your third attempt.” Lily said, clearly jealous of Sirius.

            “James got it on his first try, so if you are going to be angry with anyone, be angry with him.” Sirius said.

            “Really?” Lily said, impressed. Sirius winked at me and I smiled. Yes! It seems like our plan worked!

            Lily suddenly stood up, “I need to go finish my homework.” She said, “Sorry Nathaniel, I’ll see you later.”

            “Oh, umm thanks for the notes! Bye” I said, wondering why Lily suddenly decided to leave.  Lily smiled at me then made her way out of the hospital wing.

            “Oh, she’s probably going to study that spell all night long.” Sirius said staring at the door from which she just left.

            “Lily really needs to learn that she does not need to be best in everything.” I said also looking at the door from which she just left.

            Sirius turned to stare at me and said teasingly, “You have no right to say that Mr. I can’t get anything lower than an “O” or I’m a failure to all humanity.”

            “Hey! The only reason I can not get anything lower than an “O” is because I am smart enough to get that grade. Therefore if I do not get an “O” that just means I did not put my full effort into getting that grade.” I said repeating what my father told me.

            Sirius scoffed, “I don’t put my full effort into class work and I do just fine.”


            I did not really have a response to that. I try my hardest to get my grades, and then I get to listen to Sirius who does not try at all and still is better than me.  No wonder Lily feels the need to beat James- he is just the same way.


            “Anyways Lily just likes being the best at what she does.” Sirius said, so I do not have to give a response.

            “How come you know so much about Lily anyways?” I asked a bit curious to why Sirius knows so much about her when they are not even friends.

            “I’m James’ best friend. I listen to him go on and on about Lily and he knows a lot more about her than she thinks he does.” Well isn’t that creepy?


“And no, that’s not creepy.” Sirius added, wearing a straight face.


            “I was not going to say it was.” I said stifling a giggle. (Boys do not giggle do they?)

            Sirius stared at me disbelievingly.

            “I was just going to think it in my head.” I added. Sirius let out a laugh- though it did not really sound like a laugh but more like a bark.  I smiled too and I felt little butterflies in my stomach.


No! Bad stomach, no butterflies! It must be because I am hungry or something. Nothing at all to do with Sirius… or the fact that I have just fallen in love with his laugh.

            I mean, it is like a bark! I love dogs! Except I was never allowed to have one…

            I want a dog…

            Suddenly Sirius stopped laughing. I looked up to see him looking at the door. Amy had just entered the hospital wing, with Jared. (Frank and Alice are probably snogging in some corner.)

            Sirius stood up quickly. “I think I should leave now…James wants the…well he needs my help, and I promised I would help him. So yeah I’m going to go help him.” Sirius said loudly. He started walking toward the exit, paused for about 30 seconds and then kept walking. Weird…

            Amy and Jared sat where Sirius just was. It is a little annoying how Sirius just left like that. Just because Amy came in…


            “Hey!” Amy said choosing not to mention the scene that just occurred.

            “Hi.” I said.

            “Hi!” Jared said

            “So, anyways, we figured you would be super bored sitting in the hospital wing all day, so we’ve come to impose our lovely company onto you.” Amy said.

            “Also, there is Hogsmeade visit coming up, and you’re coming with us.” Jared said.

            “Frank and Alice will probably meet up with us later but they want to spend some time alone with each other.” Amy added.

            “They’ll probably have a great time in Madam Puddifoots.” Jared said laughing.

            “Oh merlin, I can’t believe Alice likes that place.” Amy said clearly disappointed in her best friend.

            “What’s more disturbing is that Frank doesn’t even mind going there.” Jared said not laughing anymore.

            “That’s really disturbing.” Amy said shuddering.

            “What is Madam Puddifoots?” I asked confused.

            “It’s the most horrifying and evil place in the world!” Jared said dramatically, waving his arms around for effect.

            “A very girly tea shop.” Amy said clarifying what Jared just said. “For really sappy couples.”

            “Yeah, don’t ever go in there, no matter how much you like the girl.” Jared said.

            “Hogsmeade sounds like fun.” I said smiling. I know I would never go into Madam Puddifoots, especially with a girl. 

            “Oh it is! There is the sweet shop- Honeydukes, and the Joke shop- Zonkos, and the Three Broomsticks is the best place to get butterbeer. Also there is the Shrieking Shack. It’s the most haunted house in Britain. Sometimes at night you can hear screams of terror.”  Amy said rambling on and on about Hogsmeade. It really did sound like a lot of fun.


            “So when is the visit?” I asked. I have to make sure I get my homework done early that weekend.

            “This weekend.” Jared said nonchalantly. This weekend! That sucks!

            “Oh! I guess I should not go then.” I said, this weekend is too soon!

            “What?” Amy asked.

            “Well, I get out of the hospital on Friday, so I should spend the weekend catching up on my work and talking to the teachers and stuff.” I said, “I mean I want to go but I can not get behind in work.”


            “I knew you were going to be like this!” Amy said angrily. “You always put homework first! You need to relax, especially after what happened to you!”

            “I am relaxing right now!” I said hotly.

            “So right when we leave you are not going to read through everything Lily gave you?”

            “So what if I am? I still will be super behind in class.”

            “You have already finished all the homework that has been assigned and read through the theory of all the spells we are learning this week. Am I wrong?” Amy asked looking at me.

            “No but-” I started to say.

            “Also you have Friday and Sunday to talk to teachers, and you will have all your work done by Friday night anyways.”

            “How do you-”

            “And I know I’ve only known you for like 2 months but I know you can be a little obsessive over homework.”

            “Obsessive?” I asked angrily. “I am not-”

            “And I know that even though you should be resting in the hospital, you are going to work until you catch up with the class! So what better way to rest than to have a fun day in Hogsmeade?”

            “I know where-”

            “There! It’s decided! You are coming to Hogsmeade with Jared and me on Saturday! Meet in the Great Hall at 9-o-clock. Actually make it 8, because you’ll probably be up by 6 anyways.”

            “Amy, I-”

            “So I’m going to leave you now so you can read through Lily’s notes and finish your homework!” Amy said walking out of the hospital wing. “Bye!” She called.


I stared after Amy, utterly bemused.


            “And then there were two.” Jared said quietly. Then he started bursting in laughter. “Oh you got to love Amy!” He said in between laughing. He suddenly stopped laughing, “I mean love her as a friend. Because we are really good friends. You know, just friends.”

            Merlin! Jared’s definitely in love with Amy. Even though I am dense, I am not that dense.

            “Anyways…” Jared said standing up, “I should probably go too. Amy might kill me if I don’t let you finish your homework. By the way, make sure you come on Saturday. I rather not be left alone with an angry Amy.”

            “Alright man. I am sure I would not survive if I did not show up.” I said, knowing I had no choice but to go to Hogsmeade. (Also I am quite proud of that sentence. I used the word man, which sounded manly!)

            “Right you are!” Jared said happily, leaving the hospital wing.


            Wait, if Jared likes Amy why is he happy that I am coming to Hogsmeade too? Shouldn’t he not want me to interrupt their day? Maybe I was reading too much into his just friends speech. But it did sound like Jared likes her…


            I do not really know if Jared likes Amy but I should not really worry about that. I should got tackle my homework before Amy kills me.  


            I grabbed the Transfiguration notes from the top of the pile and started reading Hoff’s 3 properties of conjuring.   


I smiled knowing that I am I going to do everything Amy said I would.



            One more day. One more day and then I get out of this hell hole. After tomorrow, I will never come back here again. (I promise myself that I will not get injured again, and that way I’ll never have to come back here again.)


            Though I did finish all my homework, and now I am waiting for Lily to drop off some more. Yes, I am looking forward to getting more homework-it gives me something to do.  Not only is this place torture, it’s boring too. It is boring torture! I mean, really what type of torture is boring? 


            I heard the hospital wing door open and turned excepting to Lily. But Lily was not at the door. It was Sirius instead. My heart skipped a beat as he entered the hospital wing. He is looking really hot today…

            Wait! Why did my heart skip a beat, and why did I just think Sirius looked hot? (I mean he always looks hot but why did I acknowledge it?) It must be because I have not had contact with any human, besides the crazy nurse, in 14 hours. Yup, that’s it. I am just so glad to see a fellow human being.


            “Hey Nate.” Sirius said plopping down on the bed next to me.

            “Hey,” I said sitting up in my bed. Yup! I can move now! I could probably leave right now, but crazy nurse lady (I keep forgetting her name) wants to make sure I am perfectly ok before leaving.

            Sirius apparently noticed I can move because he said “You seem to be doing better.”

            “Yeah, I can move and stuff!” I said happily.

            “Cool! So here.” Sirius said, handing me piles of notes and homework. “Lily could not come because she has a slug club meeting to go to.”

            “Slug club?” I asked

            “Slughorn named the people who are invited to his parties the Slug Club. And he was very disappointed that you were unable to make it, and that you must make sure not to get injured again.”

            “Really?” I asked laughing. “I wonder why he is Lily’s favorite teacher.” I personally did not really care much for Professor Slughorn. He is a little rude and presumptuous, but he teaches decently. 


           "I don't know, I don't like him." Sirius said

"Why?" I asked

"No reason really." Sirius said shrugging it off. 

            “Anyways,” Sirius said getting up, “I have to go, so goodbye!” 

"Bye!" I yelled after him.


Right then crazy nurse came out of her office. “I heard yelling! Were you yelling? There will be no yelling in my hospital wing. Everyday I take care of ungrateful little kids like you and then you all yell in my hospital, disturbing the peace…”


            I swear crazy nurse is mental. I wonder how old you have to be before they force you into retirement. Crazy nurse seems a bit too old, and mental, to still be a nurse. But then again Professor Dumbledore is probably 100 and I think he is a good headmaster.


            Oh, she finally left. And now I am bored again… At least I have some homework to do.


            As I was finishing up my Runes translations Amy marched into the hospital wing.


            “Hey.” I said putting aside my Runes translation.

            “Ok, so Alice thinks I was a bit too hard on you the other day. I mean I probably shouldn’t have yelled and stuff. And I know that you just want to do well in school and stuff but you do need to relax.”

            “Thanks Amy. And do not worry, I am glad you are forcing me to go to Hogsmeade…it sounds like a lot of fun.”

            “Oh it is! It is going to be awesome! But I shouldn’t distract you from the mountain of homework you have.” Amy said looking at the piles of work on my side table.

            “I already finished everything in the bigger pile,” I said, looking at my side table too. “So I do…”


            I stare at the side table in wonder. Between the two piles of work, the finished one noticeably higher, were the shards of my wand…except they are not shards anymore.


            I reached over to grab my wand, but I was a little afraid. What if it was not fixed?

            “Did you get a new wand?” Amy asked noticing what I was staring at.

            “No,” I breathed, “I did not.” And I grasped my hands around my wand. Warmth filled my body and I could tell my wand was just as happy and I was to be reunited.

            Sparks fell out of the tip of the wand, and I knew it was working perfectly.


I examined my wand-it was the same exact wand that I brought 6 years ago.

            “I can not believe it, it was shattered. I never thought it would work again.” I said to Amy.

            “It must have taken a really powerful wizard to fix your wand. I wonder who mended it.” Amy said.

            I nodded but I really did not care who fixed my wand, right now I was just glad I had it with me. 

Again, sorry for the late update! I keep doing that, though this time i have a good excuse! I was on vacation for two weeks and just got back...

Anyways, this chapter has a lot of Nate interacting with people. I wanted to show more of his friends personalities. Next chapter is hogsmead!!


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