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Order and Chaos by JustBrilliant
Chapter 6 : Six - Fight..?
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I decided to edit the title - and only the title - of this chapter while we wait for the last two chapters of WoS to validate... before I spree to chapter ten of this ;)

I never imagine Lauren wearing a hat like that, but I really like this image.. :)





I didn't see this coming.. You have my word.

"Yeah, that's right, run! RUN YOU COWARDLY DOG!"

Repeat: I did NOT see this coming. Otherwise I wouldn't have found myself in the middle of this mess.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

That was James Potter, yelling at his attacker. Yes, I mean attacker. Lauren was chucking random items at him.. Including (but by no means limited to): ink bottles, notebooks, textbooks, owl treats, daily planners, (thankfully non-hazardous) potions ingredients, and chocolate frogs.

I had no idea of what else was buried in the depths of my bookbag, but I'm positive that there were other things hidden in there that she was finding to throw at him.

"Quit running you arse!"

In case you're wondering, I was having a rather pleasant talk with Lauren on the grounds - yes, she practically did drag me out there into the snow - when we saw James.

It all went downhill from there, as I'm sure you can bloody well imagine.

"Lauren! You're being bloody mental!"

Unfortunately, that time it was me that was yelling at her; Lauren was chasing James and I was chasing Lauren, and we were starting to run in the direction of the Quidditch Pitch to my dismay. I figured that we'd be lucky if there weren't, at the very least, other students nearby.

At least I wasn't the one throwing the contents of my bookbag at James, or the one throwing hexes over my shoulder at Lauren.

James has pretty bad aim over his shoulder, by the way. Regardless, I was sure that what he was trying to do wouldn't go unnoticed if a professor appeared.


That was Rose Weasley, who seemed to have just exited the Quidditch Pitch. She was being followed by Albus and Lily Potter, but not closely considering they both trailed behind me as fast as they could. Rose, however, had managed to jump in line in front of Lauren, whom she was desperately trying to hold back.

Rose managed to slow Lauren down enough for me to catch up with them. I was already way too late to save a majority of my bookbag's contents (as they were now scattered all over the grounds), but I still tried to wrench it out of Lauren's hands; I was quite infuriated with her at this point and I didn't give a rat's ass if I had to wrestle her and Rose, whom was still trying to restrain Lauren, to the ground to get it.

"Geroff of me!" Lauren managed to yell, struggling against us.

In the end, my bookbag ended up on the ground and Albus dared to come forward and retrieve it on my behalf; Rose also ended up on the ground, nursing a sprained wrist; and I was left standing there, restraining Lauren the best I could. All the while she was still cursing at me, swearing up and down that she'd hex me silly if I didn't release her at once.

When I looked around, expecting to see Albus and Lily nearby, I realized that they had rushed to James' aid; as he was in the middle of a rather intense brawl with Scorpius Malfoy.

Wait - what the hell?

I released Lauren, who dropped to her knees when I did, and rushed forward to get a better look at what was going on. Rose seemed to notice what was happening too and was running slightly ahead of me, forgetting her wrist for the moment.

James was putting up a good effort, but Malfoy was somehow overpowering him and I found myself thankful that I had never tried to physically fight Malfoy myself. All while Malfoy was - I have to say - kicking his arse, James was yelling at Albus and Lily to stay out of it. Albus wasn't listening of course, and was trying very hard to aim punches at Malfoy. Lily, however, wasn't trying to get in the middle of their brawl and was, instead, yelling at her brothers to quit.

Rose joined Lily's yelling, looking rather venemous, "Quit it you morons!"

I didn't join the fist-fight, but, believe me, I would have if Rose hadn't jumped into the middle of it and started pulling Malfoy off of James before I had the chance.

You heard me right, Rose started to pull Malfoy off of her cousin. It shocked me so much that I just stood there, farther away from them than Lily was, watching what was happening. Albus had apparently gone into a state of shock too, for he stepped away from the fight as well.

I guess it might not have been that big of a shock if Malfoy wasn't the one being more vicious with his blows, if Rose wasn't begging him to stop and calling him by his first name, and if she wasn't basically on top of him so that it became nearly impossible for James to hit him without hitting her too.

Did I mention that she was on top of him?

Literally, on top of him!


None of us saw Professor Longbottom approaching.

"That is quite enough!" he said loudly.

Everyone froze. Lily and Albus were at my side, James was standing opposite of us, and Rose and Scopius had just risen to their feet. Professor Longbottom looked quite shocked himself.

"Potter, Weasley, Malfoy," the professor pointed to James, Rose and Scorpius as he spoke, looking almost livid, "I am taking twenty-five points from each of you, all of you will receive detentions and I am writing to your parents as soon as I return to my office. There is absolutely no excuse for this behavior."

When none of us seemed to move, Professor Longbottom turned on us all and said, "I want all of you to return to your common rooms for the night.. Now."

Rose, James, Lily and Malfoy all walked towards the castle quite quickly, hoping that Professor Longbottom wouldn't hand out anymore punishments. Albus, however, hung back to hand me my bookbag.

"Professor Longbottom," Albus started, "Luke's belongings ended up scattered all around the grounds in the commotion, is it okay if I helped him find them?"

He seemed to study Albus for a few moments before breathing a sigh, "That's fine, Albus. Just try to be in before dark," then he looked at me and asked, "How did your things get scattered?"

I very nearly told him the truth - that Lauren had taken my bookbag from me and had been chasing James around the grounds with it, throwing my belongings everywhere - but I realized that I might get in trouble as well if I admitted it. So I quickly fabricated the most convincing lie I could think of, "I was hanging around the lake when I heard yelling over here, so I ran over to see what was going on. I guess that when I did some of my things fell out."

When I said the most convincing lie I could think of, I didn't mean that it was a brilliant lie by any stretch of the imagination..

Professor Longbottom didn't seem to doubt me too much, but I suppose that was because - other than my helping Lauren prank Slytherin's - he didn't have much reason to suspect me of lying. So he quickly nodded and turned on his heel, heading back to the castle.

"So do you mind telling me how this started?" Albus asked once the professor was out of ear-shot.

As I turned to start back toward the lake I answered with, "Well Lauren and I were - oh shit - Lauren!"

Basically, as I said 'Lauren and I' it occured to me that I hadn't seen Lauren since I left her on the ground to run and watch James and Scorpius beat the shit out of each other. That and when I turned around, I saw her rising to her feet in the same place where I had left her.

Albus noticed her, too, and we both ran over to her. She seemed to have just recovered from.. well I'm not entirely sure what because she wasn't crying, but she certainly looked quite upset.

Before I could ask if she was okay, she said, "Oh don't worry about me, I'm fine now," she avoided looking me in the eyes as much as possible, only glancing up every few seconds from the ground to see if I was angry, "I'm really, really sorry I stole your bookbag."

Honestly, I was beyond pissed off that she had thought it okay to chuck my belongings at James Potter, but she did look truly sorry. In fact, I can't remember if I had ever seen her look more sorry before. It took some effort to keep from sounding as angry as I felt, but I managed to say, "Just.. help Albus and I find my things before it gets dark," without sounding like I wanted to rip someone's head off.

In case you're confused, I'll just explain real quick that despite how angry I was with her, I still wanted to be certain that she was okay. It's not like I suddenly and completely stopped caring about Lauren's feelings just because I was upset. She and I have been friends since we were about five years old, it'd take a bit more than that to make me stop caring.

"Alright," Lauren nodded, and the three of us began searching for my belongings in silence.

Lauren was probably afraid to say too much because I was angry; I was probably afraid to say anything because I knew I'd sound angry; I guess Albus was just afraid to say too much in general. Needless to say, we found almost all of my belongings before the sun went down and we had to head to the castle. Lucky for me, the only things that were left missing were easily replaceable, and Lauren offered to replace them for me. I merely nodded at her in reply, as I was still too afraid to say anything even as she left to go to her common room, leaving Albus and I alone on the staircase.

"Bloody hell," Albus breathed beside me after we reached the top of the first staircase, "That was bloody mental."

"What was, exactly?"

"All of it," he said, neither of us were making eye contact as we climbed the second staircase, "You're not too mad at her, are you?"

I shook my head, "I'll have to sleep on it," I muttered, "Besides, I'm also wondering what the hell Rose was doing."

Albus seemed to cough beside me, "Bloody hell, I forgot all about that for a moment there," as he spoke he seemed to sound rather irritated and confused at the same time, "She was practically laying on top of Malfoy."

I noticed that he looked tense, I wasn't sure what it was that gave me that idea, there was just something about him that had changed without my noticing.

I shook my head after a few moments, right as we reached the floor the Ravenclaw common room was on. Before I left Albus to continue climbing the stairs I quickly said: "Later."

Walking through the corridors alone wasn't doing me a lot of good; it gave me more time to think over everything that had just happened in the past hour before I would finally get to bed. And, the more I thought about it, the more confused I became and, the more confused I became, the more frustrated I became over it all. By the time I did manage to get into bed, I was almost too frustrated to fall asleep.

Girls are bloody mental.




I had a free period the next morning and decided to go up to the owlery to read the letter that Aleigha had dropped in my lap at breakfast. I know I've mentioned it before, but it was freezing outside; it seemed as though a new layer of frost had covered the grounds overnight. I was afraid to go up the stairs of the owlery, thinking that the steps would be slick, but someone had apparently already cleared them earlier that morning so it was more than manageable.

Stepping into the owlery, I realized that I was alone besides the school owls. I almost wished I would have read the letter from my parents in the Great Hall and sent a quick reply with Aleigha instead of letting her fly off again. That way I could have avoided the cold and a search for my tawny owl, who hooted happily at the sight of me; she knew that I'd give her another treat before I sent her off again.

Standing in front of Aleigha, who kept hooting at me merrily, I unfolded the letter and read:



Your sister, father and I are leaving for America in the next two days to visit your great aunt. We're going to stay with her over the holidays. We decided that we would let you stay at Hogwarts or with a friend this year. I'm really sorry about leaving you out of all of this, but I figured that seeing your aunt wouldn't be too enjoyable for you - you know how she feels about magic.

Please send us your owl with your plans as soon as possible.

Love you,

As I was reading the last four sentences I heard someone coming up the steps behind me.

"Fancy seeing you here, Luke."

I turned to see Rose walking toward me from the doorway, there was a rather large grin on her face as she approached. Remembering the events from the night before, I realized that she probably had too much on her mind to be upset with me anymore.

I managed to smile back, although I was afraid my facial muscles were partly frozen, "Ello Rose."

Her eyes shifted to the letter in my hands, "Your parents wrote you? Is it about your broom?"

She was asking this because I had expressed a desire for a new broom earlier in the year, but I hadn't told her much about it since then. I was surprised that she remembered, "Erm, no. I'm afraid I have to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays."

Rose raised a brow, "Why?"

I offered her the letter and she took it, scanning it over with her eyes. While she read I thought over the contents of the letter.

I didn't know why my parents decided to go all the way to America just to visit my twitchy great aunt. My twitchy great aunt, mind you, that has spent years trying to convince my father to leave my mother; saying things like, "We don't need that nonsense in our family. Don't look at me like that, you know that her kind are saying worse about you."

Needless to say, my parents still haven't told her that I am a wizard... and it's been six years.

However, I do think that my mother has known since I was a toddler, but that's beside the point.

Have I mentioned that I don't like my great aunt?

Yeah, well, I don't.

Anyway, Rose looked up at me when she was finished reading, "You could stay with me, you know."

I looked at her curiously, but before I could say anything she added, "Here, I'll ask my parents," and she began to rummage through her bookbag before pulling out a quill and some parchment.

I didn't say anything as she wrote the quick letter to her parents. It was because the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would much rather spend the holidays with Rose and her family than alone at Hogwarts. I did think it would be better if I went home with Albus or Lorcan and Lysander, but I didn't want to express this because I was a bit afraid of offending her. That and I had only recently become friends with the guys, I wasn't sure if it would be polite for me to ask them.

"There," Rose said as she folded up the letter and placed it into an envelope. Tying it to the leg of one of the school owls, which took off right after she did, she turned back to me, "I'm quite certain it will be okay with them if you stay, we do have an extra room that's rarely used, after all."

I put a hand to the back of my neck for a moment, "Erm, thanks Rose."

"You're welcome," Rose said, smiling at me still.

Before I could say anything else, Aleigha hooted at me again. Realizing what she wanted, I reached into my bag and pulled out a treat for her - which she took with her beak.

I turned back to Rose and started to leave the owlery with her, "You seem to be in a good mood."

She seemed to shrug, "James and Scorpius are covered in bruises, of course I'm happy."

I raised a brow, "Why are you happy about that?"

She answered without looking at me, "Because they both had it coming, obviously."

"Erm, okay."

"You ready for the Quidditch match this afternoon?" She asked suddenly, "I bet Rick will give Alexis a run for her money."

I laughed, "That he will."

Rose smiled, shaking her head. After a moment she spoke again, "I know this is odd to ask, but are you planning on sitting with your House?"

"Er - yeah. I had plans to sit with my House during the match," as I said it, I was hoping that she wouldn't press me for more information.

"Oh," her face fell a little, "Is there anyone in particular you were going to be sitting by?"

Thinking quickly, I lied, "Lorcan and Lysander."

Her face lit up again, "You nub! The three of you can just sit by Al and I."

I frowned and Rose seemed to look a little confused, "I don't know about that," I said slowly.

She raised an eyebrow, "Why not?"

I realized then that I had to tell her the truth, "Well.. I had made plans to sit by Sarah."

Rose's face fell and it took her a few moments to respond, "Oh, I see."

Next moment she quickened her pace so that she left me trailing behind her toward the castle. Nearly running to catch up I shouted, "Rose!"

She ignored me and pressed on, now walking through the bridge to the courtyard. Again, I yelled, "Rose! Wait!"

Of course, she ignored me a second time and kept walking through the courtyard and into the castle. I slowed down after following her into the entrance hall, I knew that there would be no point in trying to follow her. Even if I did catch up to her she wouldn't talk to me.

I frowned and started up the marble stairs, frustrated because I thought she was over her problem with Sarah.




A/N: Soooo I really enjoyed writing this chapter :) I've already written the next three chapters so after I finish up my other fic those should be coming out one after the other.. Until I start my OTHER fic that I have planned, anyway... ;)
Don't worry if you're a little confused. Rose will - at some point - explain her problem with Sarah.. And Lauren will quit sulking and whatnot about James.
Ahhh I love Neville, I just HAD to include him at some point <3
And yes, Luke is staying with Rose and Hugo over the holidays.. I haven't written much of that yet, but it should be interesting.. and confusing haha.
And I did consider having him stay with Lorcan and Lysander, simply so I could include Luna - because I love Luna... and I also considered him staying with Al, but I thought him staying with Rose would be more interesting.. Not to say him staying with Al wouldn't be interesting or anything.. haha

Anyway, read/review I love hearing from my readers! :)


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