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Stuck Like Glue by mindifislytherintom
Chapter 1 : What the hell Granger? / Let me go Malfoy!
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A/N : This is a story inspired by an old nickelodeon show from the 90’s called hey dude. My fave episode was when these two teenagers who don’t like each other end up, handcuffed together, and hilarity ensues… So I decided to write a lil story based on that with a magical twist. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer…Not my characters, just my plot, blah, blah, blah, and all that rot… ;)

                                                            Stuck Like Glue

                    (Not to be confused with the song, this is not a songfic)


    “So here’s how it works, you get next to a girl you like, and you drop it between you, and bam! You two are stuck holding hands until you can apply the antidote. Which you conveniently leave somewhere far away, so you have to hold hands until you get it. Pretty good eh?” Fred said with a grin.

   “Wicked! I wouldn’t mind trying that on Pavarti. She’s been a bit frosty lately,” Seamus said with a wink.

    “What are you guys doing?” Hermione asked coming up behind Fred and George. The twins winced.

   “Why, hello Hermione! You are looking lovely this afternoon,” George said turning to face her. She scowled.


    “Are you testing that rubbish in the corridors again? Honestly you two!” she said disapprovingly.


   “Sorry mum, you gonna spank us?” Fred teased. Hermione frowned.

    “Someone is going to get hurt. I told you if you want to test them in the common room or in your own room that’s your business, but you can’t do it in the hallways. You know how students are!” she scolded.


   “No professor, we don’t know. Tell us again how students are,” George joked.


   “Oh stop it! Now really, I don’t want to be the bad guy, but I have to do my duty as a prefect, so please don’t make me ask again! Please?” Fred held up his hands.


   “Only since you asked so nicely Hermione,” Fred winked at her, and George opened up the trunk to stow the things they had been showing off. Hermione smiled.


   “You two are the best,” she said in a sing-song voice, and turned around to go to class.

 “Out of the way Weasley!” grunted Goyle, slamming into Fred’s shoulder, and making him drop the balloon he was holding, and it hit the floor with a dreadful splatting sound. Some of it splashed onto Hermione.

     Hermione shrieked as her arm was almost wrenched from its socket. She was pulled backwards, and her left hand magically clasped into Draco’s right one. She gasped in shock, and tried to tug it away, but it was stuck. It was as if superglue was holding them together.


   “What the hell Granger?” he roared, and tried to tug his hand loose, but it wouldn’t budge.

   “Let me go Malfoy!” she cried.

    “I’m not holding you! What is this stuff?” he glared at Fred and George.

    “It’s one of our new ideas, called Stuck On You. It sticks your hand to the hand of someone you fancy until you apply the antidote,” Fred replied, and Draco’s eyes went wide.


   “Someone you fancy? Well it doesn’t work very well does it?” he drove the point home by lifting his, and Hermione’s bound hands. She rolled her eyes.

   “Just get out the antidote! I have to get to class!” she demanded, and Fred looked at George, and then back at her sheepishly.

     “We, uh, we don’t have an antidote yet. We’ll have to make one,” Hermione and Draco glanced at each other, and then back at the twins.

    “What!” they both cried.

   “Oh no! This is not happening! Do you see what I told you about having that rubbish out in the corridors?” Hermione snarled.


    “It wouldn’t have happened if troll-boy over there hadn’t slammed into me!” Fred retorted.

    “Shut up ginger!” Goyle grunted.

    “Think of that all by yourself, did you?” Fred snapped back.

    “Enough, the lot of you! We need that antidote, so come on. We are going to professor Snape, and we will tell him what happened. He can help you two make an antidote, I hope,” she dragged Draco behind her.


   “Slow down Granger! You’re about to pull my bloody arm off!” he complained, as she barreled her way down the hallway.

  “Move!” she yelled at three first years who were in the way. They scurried to get away from her, and almost plowed into Draco in the process.


   “You are completely mental Granger! Do you know that? Slow the bloody hell down!” he roared. She stopped, and whipped around to face him.


   “How long do you want to be stuck like this? Huh? I don’t know about you, but I don’t fancy being stuck to you all day!” she turned to walked on, and he followed at her pace so she didn’t drag him.

   “Apparently you fancy me though,” he observed, and she turned around again, and froze.

    “Now who’s mental? Where would you get an idea like that?” he shrugged.

    “They said that’s what sticks you together. If you fancy the person it sticks you together, or weren’t you listening back there?” Hermione growled.


     “I heard fine, and like you said it must not work properly, because I still loathe you, now come on before I cut myself on purpose, and bleed on you,” his eyes flared in shock at her words, and he was silent then as she pulled him along, and he quickened his steps to keep up.


   The whole group of them ganged into Snape’s office, and he stood up indignantly, because by this time everyone was talking at once. He swept around the front of his desk, and glared at them.

    “What in the name of Merlin is going on?” he asked.

   “Well sir, Fred and George had their inventions out in the hallway, and I was telling them to put them away. They were in the process of doing that when Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy came down the hall, and Goyle accidently bumped into Fred making him drop this…I don’t know balloon thing, and the concoction inside it splashed up on me, and Malfoy, and now we’re stuck together. Please sir, they have no antidote for this yet, will you help them make one?” Hermione said quickly. Draco stared at her in disbelief. He wondered why she didn’t tattle on Goyle for purposefully walking into Weasel-Dum.

    “Do you have the…balloon thing, so that I may examine it?” he asked tiredly.

     “Here sir,” Fred handed it to him, and he looked it over.

    “What was in this concoction of yours?” Snape asked.

    “Blood root, squid ink, doxy venom, eucalyptus sap ground twitfling sting, and pheromones from an ashwinder,” George quoted. Snape looked impressed.


   “What were you trying to make?” he asked.


    “We wanted to make a potion that causes you to be stuck to the person you like until you can apply the antidote,” Snape sneered a little.


   “So, you two like each other then?” they both cried…


   “No!”    he smiled then, and shook his head.

  “What you have created is potion that draws two members of the opposite sex together. You could drop that potion on Umbridge, and Dumbledore, and they’d stick. The pheromones act as an attractant. You will need to brew the potion first, there isn’t enough here to work with,” he held the tattered remains of the balloon.

   “But sir it takes two days to brew!” Fred replied.

    “Two days! But sir we can’t be stuck together for two days!” they both cried, and then glared at each other.


   “Well isn’t that precious? You two are already thinking alike. It will certainly be at least two days, maybe longer, depending on how long it takes me to help these two dunderheads to figure out the antidote, and then brew it,” he replied in an amused tone.


     “But sir, how are we to sleep? Or eat? Or, you know go to the bathroom, or bathe?” he smiled widely, and almost laughed.

 “Go speak to the headmaster regarding your, personal problems. I will have enough to do instructing these two in making the potion,” he nodded them towards the door.

    So they walked, well Hermione walked, or rather, stormed to the headmaster’s quarters, and Draco was once again half dragged there. He got fed up, and took hold of her hand, and yanked hard, and pulled her off balance. She fell, and dragged him down with her. Both of their school bags fell to the floor with a thump.

    “Get off of me you sodding…” she didn’t get to finish that statement because he slapped his hand over her mouth and prevented her from talking.

   “I asked you to slow down and quit trying to tear my bloody arm off! Now if you don’t stop I’m going to stun you and carry you there!” he let go of her mouth, and she snarled.

    “I’d like to see you try to carry me with those toothpicks you call arms!” he got up quickly and hauled her to her feet so hard it brought tears to her eyes.

    “How does it feel mudblood? Let rip your arm off and see how you like it!” she gritted her teeth, and sniffed back the tears that threatened to fall.

   “At least then I could be away from you, you arrogant son of a muggle!” he looked at her hard, leaned to pick up their school bags, and then he took the lead pulling her along.

   “Stupid mudblood!” he snarled.

    “Who has the tainted blood between us really? At least I’m not the product of centuries of inbreeding!” she fired back, and he pulled on her hard, and she pulled back, and he turned around and tugged her against him his fury building, and her chest was rising and falling rapidly with indignation.

    “Watch your bloody mouth!” he said in a deadly voice.

    “Watch it for me, very carefully…screw you!” she said in just as deadly a voice.

    They stood there for a few moments, neither speaking nor looking away. His eyes ice, and hers fire, and both were piercing the other with glares, that had they been daggers, would have blinded them. Finally at last the broke the stare-off, and turned to walk towards the headmaster’s office.

    They got there in one piece, and Hermione again related the story, but this time was honest about Goyle slamming into Fred on purpose. The headmaster sat and listened with his fingers templed on the desk in front of him, and his eyes twinkling with mirth. When she was done he nodded and said.

    “Well, this is a pickle isn’t it? I expect you are wondering how you will sleep, and bathe, and all of that?” they both nodded. “I would say the Room of Requirement would be the best place for you to do those things. It would most likely come up with something far more clever than I could.” Draco looked at him in disbelief.

    “We are really going to stay there together?” Draco asked.

    “Well Draco, desperate times, and all of that. I trust that you, being who you are will treat Miss Granger as a lady, and be very much the gentleman around her,” Hermione rolled her eyes.


   “What about our classes, and studying, and all of that?” Dumbledore shrugged.

   “Many hands make light work Miss Granger. Do it together, and help each other. You are our two top students, I have no doubt that given the chance you could be a formidable team. Now, let us go see about the room, so you may get to class.

 A/N : There is the first chapter. This is the first one I’ve started that has more than one chapter. I’d love to hear what you all think. Hugz to all!!!

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