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Twisted by SourCherry
Chapter 2 : It's My Life
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Disclaimer: I am not Bon Jovi or JK Rowling so there fore I do not own anything you recognise.


A/N: So I got nine reviews of my first chapter in two days (which I am super buzzed about) so here's Chapter Two! You don't really get much of the indavidual personalities through here but it's a nice filler chapter that shows you how the sweethearts, as they will later be named, met. One last thing, I promised I'd tell you who was in the banner so... In order of apperance from left to right we have Panda (Selena Gomez) Brook (Miley Cyrus) Nelly (Demi Lovato) then Scorpius (Alex Pettyfer) Fred (Taylor Lautner) followed by Dom (Brittany Snow) and Roxie (Vanessa Hudgens) Rose (Emma Stone) and finally with Al (Logan Lerman) and Candi (Taylor Swift) There you have it! Anyway, have fun reading this chapter!


It’s my life,
It’s now or never,
I ain’t gonna live forever
-It’s my life, Bon Jovi


It took the three weeks we had left of term and one we had in the summer holidays to convince my parents. They’re stubborn but as soon as my mum saw me limping off the train (Madam Rosemary said that a few more weeks rest would fix it) she broke down. Started crying about her little baby and all of this. It still took her and my dad another week to agree to letting me go. I had never been more thankful of Albus Potter. If he hadn’t made me break my leg, I would still be facing another year at that hell hole.


I was heading off to Aunt Callie’s that afternoon, three weeks into the summer holidays, so I could get settled in. Most of my stuff, such as clothes and other belongings, had been sent ahead and I was left with a small messenger bag with all my last minute stuff in. I would be lying to say I wasn’t excited. Jack had been happy and supportive the whole way through, determined to get me there and away from dreadful England once and for all. My mother had been emotional, sad her ‘little baby’ was growing up and moving on. My dad had been rather passive through all of this, quietly thinking it was a good idea. It was Emily that had the problem. Remember I mentioned her? She was my perfect little sister with the smooth blonde hair and gorgeous smile. I loved Emily but I didn’’t like her too much.


The problem with Emily was her constant need to be the centre of the universe, of every one’s universes. She was horrible too, a right little bitch. Emily was a queen bee in the making and I hated her for it. She was exactly the type of girl who would make bitchy little side comments about someone’s hair or clothing or whatever they found to pick at. It drove me mad. Of course, everyone else saw her as perfect.


Her problem this time was that she wasn’t getting all the attention from the family. She was due to start Hogwarts in the upcoming year so, in her mind, that meant she deserved every second of all of our time. We were supposed to fawn over little Em finally growing up and moving away, out into the big wide world. It didn’t work out that way. For once, I was getting more attention than she was, or that Jack was getting. She was jealous too, Em. She had asked mum if she could go live with Aunt Callie too and go to school in Florida but mum had kindly put her down, saying she would do just fine at Hogwarts and that this new school in this new country was for me alone.


With a smile and one last hug from my family members, a few goodbyes thrown in as I stepped into the flames, I threw down the floo powder, called Aunt Callie’s address and was off. The floo trip was much too long for my liking but it was the only way to travel. I finally arrived at Aunt Callie’s place she shared with George and stumbled, dusting the soot off my baggy jeans and t-shirt.


“Aunt Callie?” I called, brushing off more soot. “I’m here.” I peered around, wondering where she was, when suddenly I was attacked by a flying mob of blonde hair with a person under it. My Aunt wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight and I did the same to her, breathing in the smell of brownies and washing up powder she carried with her. “I missed you.” I mumbled into her shoulder as I buried my face in it.


“Not as much as I’ve missed you, my baby girl. I’m so glad you’re here! To stay!” I grinned back at her happily. She grinned back before pulling me back into another tight hug. “OK, so I know you don’t always care about how others see you but I want to try something. If you really don’t like it, I’ll change it back to how you are now.” She bit her lip and gazed down at me with wide blue eyes like my own. I’ve always looked more like my Aunt than mum, the only difference being that she was gorgeous.


“What do you want to do?” I asked, curious.


“I want to make you jaw dropping, heart stopping, head spinning, thought consuming, incredibly, amazingly gorgeous.” I laughed at my Aunt but my giggles died out as I though more about her latest idea. My Aunt could do anything. A big of a challenge like this was still probably in her reach. I looked her square in the eyes and nodded.


“Let’s do this.” Her happy, determined grin was answer enough.




“Up, up, up!” Aunt Callie sung as she flung open my new curtains and the warm Florida fun shone in. “We have a busy day ahead of us!” I groaned and heard the clunking of hangers as they were thrown down on the end of my bed. “Get a shower, put this stuff on and come down stairs. There’s a new shampoo and conditioner in the shower I want you to use. We’re going into the local wizard town today and we’re going to get you a haircut and I’m going to take you to my friend and get your eyes sorted so you don’t have to wear those glasses, we’re going to get you loads of makeup and someone to tell you how to use it really well then we’re going to buy you lots of new clothes in the muggle town too and after that we’ll hang out by the pool and get you a sexy tan.” Aunt Callie finished, walking out the door and shutting it with a bang.


I groaned and sat up, pushing my glasses up my nose. I looked around my room, smiling happily. I loved it here. Aunt Callie, she was loaded. Like properly rolling in money loaded. She could feel her swimming pool (which was huge) with $50 bills and still have money left over. Because of her loaded-ness, I now had a huge room with a big en-suit and everything I could ever want. My room was a slightly off set white, artistically splattered with every colour of the rainbow. My flooring was white wood with different coloured gauze curtains that hung from the ceiling to floor around the room. My bed was set in a slight platform so it was practically on the floor, in a cool way. The other side of the room was a wall made completely of windows, one of the secretly a door so I could get out onto the balcony. Against the glass wall, there was a cool desk with a state of the art muggle computer on it and a shelf above it. There was a bookcase beside the desk and a swivel chair in front of it. Over by one wall there was a long, plush sofa and on the opposite wall six doors, all painted the colours of the rainbow.


The first door, red, led to my fridge and microwave. The second, orange, led to a storage cupboard. The third, yellow, led to my (huge) bathroom. The forth, green, led to my walk in wardrobe, currently without much clothing in. The fifth, blue, led to more food. The last, dark purple, led to the hallway. It was all kind of amazing.


Rolling (literally) out of bed, I stood up and pushed past all the curtains and stumbled through the yellow door. My bathroom was very, very big. The walls were dark purple and the floor white. The sinks were set into a hanging counter with a huge mirror over the top and a load of counter space, a few plugs too with water protection charms. The toilet in a little side door and there was a cupboard filled with soft, white towels. The shower was a shower head hanging from the ceiling above a sunken platform. There was a bath in the corner with Jacuzzi jets, a load of different bath stuff of a shelf above it.


I smiled and stripped myself of clothing, putting it in a clothing basket. I stepped into the shower and turned it on, the water starting to beat down on my back. I reached for the new shampoo, reading a foreign label I didn’t understand but that was obviously muggle. With a shrug, I poured it on my hand and started working the mango and passion fruit scented peachy coloured shampoo into my blonde hair. I rinsed it out and applied the matching conditioner, stepping out the water to rub the mango soap onto my rather toned limbs. I didn’t mind my body. I had reasonable sized breasts and was skinny, even if I had no hips. My legs were long and all of me was toned due to the training I did, running and general fitness.


Stepping back under the water, I increased the pressure and down the temperature, the cold water beating the conditioner from my blonde hair. Once it was all finished, I climbed from the shower, turning it off, and wrapped my body in a fluffy white towel. Wiping away the condensation from the mirror, I took my wand and cast a hot air charm over my hair and body. (Their legal out of school magic age was a lot younger in America). To my surprise, when my hair dried, it didn’t dry in its normal, frizzy tight ringlets but instead in loose, curly waves. With no frizz! I gaped at my reflection in shock.


Next to the mirror was a list of animated spells with a post it note stuck on it, Aunt Callie’s handwriting well known. ‘Cast the first six spells in order, trust me.’ Her curly scrawl said. I smiled and leaned in to read the spells, my glasses hanging on my nose. The first was a hot air charm, which I had already done. The second was a de-frizzing charm, which I cast and watched my already smooth hair turn as silky as molten gold. The third turned my skin a richer colour. The forth was a deodorant charm that would stop me sweating unattractively in the heat. The fifth, and last, stripped a hair from unwanted places. The transformation was sudden and you could tell that I looked a lot better in the few minutes it took to cast the spells. My hair was smooth and silky. My skin was temporarily tanned. My body was hairless in all the right places and moisturised.


With a grin to rival the Cheshire cats, I left my bathroom and stepped into my walk in wardrobe, taking under wear from a draw. Slipping them on, I went to investigate what clothes Aunt Callie had left out for me. There was a quite tight blue vest top and some denim shorts. A floaty white, and thin, cardigan was on top with some white flip flops on the floor. I dressed and left my room, the clock telling me it was now 8:45 in the morning. I almost got lost on my way to the kitchen but instead I just followed the smells of pancakes and crispy bacon and the sound of Aunt Callie singing loudly to an old muggle song.


I knocked as I entered the room, still grinning happily. Aunt Callie looked up from her space at the frying plan, beautiful face splitting into a happy grin when she saw me.


“They worked! God, I love those spells.” With a smile and a little dance, she grabbed my hand and twirled me round, Grinning and singing as she went. “Sit yourself down on the stool, pancake time.” She shoved a plate with two thick pancakes and 5 pieces of very crispy bacon in front of me, handing me cutlery and an iced mocha frappe from starbucks. I lived off those things when I was here.


As I ate, I watched Aunt Callie. She was happy, I realised. I think it was George who made her so cheerful all the time. She practically pulsed with energy, bouncing around the kitchen like it was a trampoline. The radio was turned up high and the French doors flung open. I could see the ocean through the floor to ceiling windows. Aunt Callie’s house was huge and incredibly modern. Windows covered most of the walls with light, open spaces and the house was made of blocks of rooms on top of each other. There was a huge pool out back with a party area around it that overlooked the Mediterranean sea. She had her own little bit of private beach but she let others walk through as much as they wanted, as long as they didn’t litter or anything.


“Come on!” Aunt Callie urged, eager to get going. I grinned and finished slurping my mocha frappe as she grabbed her shoulder bag and my arm. With a turn, we were off and I felt like I was being squeezed through a tunnel. It’s not an overly nice feeling but I didn’t mind much. I stumbled when we landed, catching myself before I fell over. “I’ve called in a bit of help for today.” I glanced at her wearily and she sent me an encouraging smile. “Regan and Pandora, along with Dora’s two best friends, are coming.”


I grinned happily. Pandora was coming! Pandora is Aunt Callie’s best friend’s (Regan’s) daughter and she was practically my cousin, I saw her that often. She was a love child in the post war years. You know, the decade where everyone decided they needed to have loads of kids to make up for the ones they lost? Yeah, those years. Her mum was young, the same age as Aunt Callie, who was only 34, and single. Pandora was still amazing though. She had dark hair and a really curvy body. She was gorgeous but not in any way bitchy about it. She was one of the nicest, funniest people I knew. Even though I wasn’t anywhere near her social standard, she loved me anyway. Besides, you could be blind and stupid and you would still realise she was one of the most popular people in her school, which I will be joining her at soon.


We arrived at a little cupcake shop and Aunt Callie bundled me in. I got one glance at the red walls before I was enveloped in a double hug, dark hair clouding my vision. I laughed and wrapped my arms around the Ebbon family.


“Candice!” Regan cried, pulling back. She grinned at me and I grinned back at her. “I’ve missed my little niece.”


“Mum,” Pandora said with a laugh, pulling back too but grabbing my hand in her own. “You know she’s not actually related to you right?” Regan just laughed and turned to hug Aunt Callie and start their catch up session.


“Dora.” I said happily, squeezing her hand. “It’s been way too long. You’re looking awesome by the way.” I grinned at my closest friend, happy beyond belief to see her again.


“Candi, it’s been too long. Like, way, way, too long.” She grinned at me and hugged me again. I felt warmth rise in my chest at the use of the nickname only she used for me. It catches on when I spend a few weeks with her and her family so every one calls me it for a while but then I have to go home again and back to the awful full name Candice. “But, it’s ok because I hear your staying this time! Forever!” She grinned at me and jumped up and down happily. Pandora may sound like a bit of an airhead right now but she’s actually one of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s amazing. Just as she opened her mouth to say something else, there was a loud pop.


Pandora’s head whipped round to look out the storefront widows and onto the street. Her face broke out in a grin and I sighed inside. I knew that she was probably going to ignore me from now on and hang out with her friends instead, who had just arrived. There was another pop and I heard the shout of “bye dad” and the jingle of the bell as the door opened.


“Panda!” A girl shouted and Dora laughed, letting go of my hand as she was ambushed by two equally pretty girls, one with dark hair and the other with lighter brown. It was obvious strait off that these were the golden girls of Ravenswick. Ravenswick being the name of my new school. Ravenswick was on an unregistered Keys island all on its own so no one knew where it was and it couldn’t been seen or approached by an unregistered muggle. It was all rather clever.


The three best friends started gashing and talking at a hundred miles and hour, only the way best friends can do. Suddenly Dora broke off and smiled.


“Guys, come meet my cousin.” She grinned and held her hand out to me, beckoning me forward. I smiled and stepped forward to join Dora’s side. “This is my friend from England I told you about, Candi. She’s moving to Ravenswick in the new year.” The two new girls grinned at me, the darker haired one tucking a strand of silky hair behind her ear.


“Hi, it’s Candice actually but Candi’s much , much preferred.” I said with a smile.


“Hey, I’m Nelly Taylor, official best friend of Pandora.” She grinned, stepping forward to hug me.


“I’m Brooklyn Ash, official best friend of both of these idiots. The one with the darker hair said, hugging me too. “But you can call me Brook.” I smiled at the two girls and they smiled back. “Today’s going to be so fun. I’ve done make over’s before but I don’t think there’s been one as easy to do as yours is going to be.” She winked at me and I rolled my eyes, smiling.


“Please, this is going to be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. Trust me.” I sighed. They were taking on a huge task and I admired them for that.




“So they’re basically like, permanent contact lenses?” I asked dubiously and the lady nooded.


“You won’t feel them and they won’t be knocked out or anything. It’ll just feel like normall and you won’t have to wear glasses. All that’ll change is that you’ll have to come back every year to get the prescription updated. OK? IT’s going to take a few minutes or so to cast all the charms.” The black haired lady smiled at me and I nodded. “Open your eyes as wide as you can.” I obeyed her orders and resisted the urge to blink as she dropped the contacts into my eyes. They were a slightly brighter blue than my own eyes colour and I didn’t know what they would look like yet.


“Take a look, hunny.” Regan said, rubbing my shoulders. I sat up and blinked. It was shocking. I could see my geeky glasses sitting on the table in front of me but I could still see! Everything! I grinned happily, looking in the mirror. My eyes were a bright, sparkling blue, alive with happiness. I blinked a few times and grinned at Nelly, Brook and Dora in the mirror. They were smiling too, pride on their faces.


“Wow! I love them! Is that really me?” I whispered happily. Nelly and Book laughed whilst Dora rolled her eyes.


“Of course it is, Candi.” Nelly said. “Now come on, we gotta go!” I laughed as I was pulled from my chair, thanking the sales lady over my shoulder. My Aunt paid her and followed after, Regan in tow. I was pulled out the shop and down one of the brick covered streets, weaving in and out of the people there and laughing as Nelly pulled me along by my hand.


“Where are we going?” I shouted, laughing.


“Makeup place. There’s an expert waiting for you there.” Brook told me, beaming. I had become, as you could probably tell, fast friends. They had included me straight away, accepting me like they’d known me for years already. I grinned as we stumbled through the door of the makeup place. This was the second step to improving my look, getting rid of the glasses being the first. We had all brought cupcakes and drinks and gotten to know each other first so it was now about 10:45 in the morning, even though we’d left the house at 9:00.


There were huge blown up pictures of various makeup hung on the walls around theroom and glass counters and many mirrors lined the back wall, counters of makeup filling the rest of the room. A cashier and receptionist looked at me snootily down her nose, wrinkling it up in a way that suggested she was better than our little group. I watched as my friends- wow, that felt good to say- got all defensive and stared back at her in the same way. I just smiled and rolled my eyes.


“We’re here for the 11:00 o’clock appointment. Full revamp.” Regan said snootily, adding in a hair flick for good measure. I stifled a giggle and tucked some blonde hair behind my ear. The receptionist nodded with a sneer and picked up her phone. It rung for five or so seconds before someone picked up on the other end.


“You’re eleven o’clock is here.” She said in a nasal voice before putting the phone down. We waited about ten, tense seconds before a door at the back of the room opened and a flamboyant 20 something year old guy stepped out. He smiled at me and took my hand, leading me off to one of the stools at the back of the room. He sat me down and looked at me, strait in the face. He hadn’t said anything so far and I started to fidget, the silence unbearable.


“OK, darling, here’s what were going to do. We’re going to cast a few difficult spells that will get rid of this little spot problem you have but you must promise me that you will eat healthily and drink lots of water and spend a lot of time in the sun ‘cause it does wonders for your skin. Than after that I’m going to find you the best foundation I have and then some day lipstick and some special occasion lipstick. We’re going to get you amazing liquid eyeliner and pencil and the best mascara I can find. I’m also going to make you a colour pallet of eye shadows and a few other bits and bobs. Ok sweet heart?”


He nodded and smiled at me, taking his wand from his military style boots. He tapped the end on my forehead, then nose, then chin and cheeks, muttering a few spells under his breath. He then preformed some more spells and I watched as his wand waved in my face. He was just about to spin me round when Aunt Callie interrupted.


“No! I don’t want her to see her reflection until we get home at the end of the day.” Aunt Callie grinned at me and I pouted. I was bad at waiting, like, really bad. The beautician in front of me smiled and waved his wand, catching the bottles out of the air as they flew at him. He put them down on the desk behind me. He frowned and scrutinised my face quickly before grabbing thefirst bottle. He squirted some on the back of his hand and, using a new brush from a draw, put a tiny bit on my face. He frowned quickly though and wiped the brush and his hand clean. He continued the same way through the different bottle until he came to the sixth, at which point he sent away the other bottles and summoned a new one of the agreed one, putting it on the edge of the makeup table.


He continued this way until I had all the things he mentioned before, along with a few others like perfume and nail varnish kits. Aunt Callie paid again and we were off, my friends and family blocking my view so I couldn’t see my reflection at all. I laughed at their stupidity but, honestly, I found it cute. I loved how as we were walking down the street all the boys (and guys- Aunt Callie’s still hot and Regan too) looked our way. It let me pretend that for once in my life they were looking at me, whilst in reality they were staring at my oh so hot companions.


“Prepare to have your hair sex-ified.” Pandora said with a saucy shake of her lips and a laugh. I laughed with her and Brooklyn, Nelly chuckling beside me, her arm wrapped through mine as we walked into another shop. I didn’t even want to think how long this step was going to take.




“Totally a yes!” Brook gushed, nodding vigorously.


“Really? I’m not sure.” Nelly pulled a face.


“I agree with Brook on this one, it’s a yes. It looks really good!” Regan commented, popping some popcorn in her mouth. Yes, popcorn. My friends were sitting on some plush sofa’s in the latest clothing store (what was this- the seventh?) eating popcorn as I went through the torture that was trying on the endless streams of clothing they passed me. I already had thirty odd bags of shrunk clothing yet they still felt the need to enforce more on me. “Put it in the yes pile!” Regan commented and I nodded with a roll of my eyes, stepping back in the changing room. With a small smile of relief, I noticed I only had twenty odd pieces of clothing left.


I would love for you to go through the extra half hour of torture I went through but I don’t wish to relive it so I’ll just give you a quick rundown. One two and three were no’s but four, five, six, seven and eight were yes’s. Nine and ten took a lot of arguing but eventually went in the yes pile. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and even fifth teen were yeses and 16, 17, 18 and 19 were no’s with twenty, the final piece of clothing, was a yes. We’d done shoes already and I swear I had more than there were minutes in the day. I was only fifth teen for crying out loud!


“So, guys, do you want to stay round? George is at school sorting some stuff out for the new year and I think you guys can be good on your own if me and Regan go out.” Aunt Callie smiled at me and I smiled back, stuffing my old clothes in a bag before they were shrunk. I now wore a completely new outfit consisting of a plain white top tucked into a dark blue skirt with white polka dots. My shoes were denim pumps with dark blue feather earrings. I still hadn’t been allowed to see myself in the mirror yet and, let me tell you, it was killing me.


“Of course!” Nelly and Brook chimed together, Panda nodding vigorously. I grinned and clapped my hands together excitedly. It would be awesome for the guys to stay round! Aunt Callie smiled and grabbed both my hand and Nelly’s whilst Regan held onto her daughter and Brooklyn. I felt the squeezing feeling before my feet landed on the living room rug. I stumbled a bit and, as I was catching myself, everything went dark. I yelled in indignation, my hands automatically reaching up to grab the ones that covered my blue eyes.


“Oh, hush up Candi! We have to be ready for the big revelation!” Dora said, guiding me to a halt somewhere else in the room. I sighed and waited impatiently, excitement building inside me. She started to count down from 10, joined by the rest of the group as she got closer to the bottom. I bounced on the balls of my feet, biting my lip in anticipation. Then Pandora removed her hand and... wow.


I didn’t think they could do it. I thought it was impossible. All I could think was “they know some great stylists.” My eyes sparkled with happiness, the blue of the Caribbean sea, framed with long lashes that had hidden behind geeky glasses before now. My eyebrows were neat and perfectly plucked, not to mention the shock I felt when I realised they were no longer surrounded by spots and that, in fact, most of them had gone, the others to disappear after some time in the sun. My hair made me blink at least five times before I believed it was real. This time yesterday it had been shoulder length, frizzy and the colour of straw but as I looked in the mirror now, it hung in loose curls to the bottom of my shoulder blades, the golden blonde strands smooth and shiny. To say I was shocked was the biggest understatement.


I turned and wrapped my arms around the first person I saw, which just so happened to be Aunt Callie. I squeezed her tightly as she laughed and then released her, turning to the next person and continuing that way until I’d hugged all my friends and family. Somehow, I had a feeling I was going to like Ravenswick.

A/N: Ok so it's a bit sappy and I want you all to understand that whilst Candi isn't perfect yet, she's alot prettier that she used to be. Anyway, I forgot to mention this above but I'm doing a similar thing as I did last chapter but this time I'm raising it to 15 reviews or more. Do you accept the challenge?

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