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Turning the Tables by explosion
Chapter 12 : It's Been a Really Really Messed Up Week
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Disclaimer: I'm not JKR and chapter title&summary come from the song Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. Absolutely love the song and the music video... so so catchy :)

When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Right? Wrong. That expression is complete and utter bullocks. Life didn't hand me lemons it handed me pure and utter shit, so how the hell am I going to make lemonade out of that?

I had always thought of myself as a bit on the unlucky side, considering the way my life had played out. You know: my parents divorced, my sister hates me, I went to a school where I was treated like crap, when I finally escaped said school I was forced back. But you know, I thought that was the end of it. I thought maybe, finally, life would hand me a floatie or at least a break. However, I got neither. I got a punch in the face if anything. And do you want to know why that is? It’s because of my stupid sodding class schedule.

I mean, the schedule is easy enough. I’ll be taking all of the basic classes, seeing as becoming head of Witch Weekly Magazine didn’t require me to take anything special. I was fine with that. In fact, when I had skimmed my schedule over after I had received it, I was relieved I wouldn’t be taking classes that made me want to claw my own eyes out (coughARITHMANCYcough). So, since I liked to look on the bright side of things, I figured that I probably wouldn’t have that many classes with the people at school that I hate. Surely they would all have very high aims and take healing classes or classes to become an Auror.

Only as luck would have it, the people I hated didn’t have high expectations for themselves. And now, because of that, I have to suffer every. Single. Class. With who you ask? Yup you guessed it! James. Sodding. Potter. Which also means, I have a huge chunk of classes with Freddy, and a fair amount of classes with Elise and Madison. Of course the silver lining was that I had every class with Dom, and a lot of classes with Wyatt and Chaise, but it still didn’t make up for the other awful company I had.

It makes me really question what I ever did to deserve this. Honestly, I never thought I was that bad as a person when I was younger. I mean I did happen to hate bugs and step on them in more than one occasion. But what little kid doesn’t?

So now, with only one more class left, I was hoping that maybe my luck could take a turn for the better. Potions could hardly be a bad class. I even had class with Tyson because Gryffindors and Slytherins always had potions together. This had to be an omen! I mean, it’s just one more class. One more class and then the first day of school is officially over with. I could already feel myself in the common room, changed out of my uncomfortable uniform, and lying on my bed, Milo safely tucked under my arm. All I had to do was get through this day without—

“Hey, Corinne! Wait up!”

I recognized the voice almost instantly, and instead of slowing down like he asked, I speed-walked ahead, in search of the Potions classroom. I wished I had told the boys during lunch to wait up for me, instead of insisting I remembered where the rooms were. My pride always got in the way of everything.


I wondered if I pretended long enough that I couldn’t hear him, if he’d finally get the hint. Maybe he'd understand that I didn't ever want to talk to him. However, he seemed as dense as usual and I heard the footsteps behind me quicken. I quickened my own footsteps in the hopes of out-walking the person behind me, but before I knew it I was suddenly whirling around to face none other than James Bloody Potter.

Curse you slow moving feet.

“You didn’t wait,” James accused, looking at me as though he was personally insulted. I took this moment in time to question, yet again, if he suffered serious cases of amnesia.

“Huh, imagine that,” I responded before turning around again and heading towards where I believed the Potions room to be.

“You know, you’re going the wrong way if you’re trying to get to Potions,” James stated, looking quite amused. My hurried steps slowed down as he said these words and I stopped to let out a huff. Then, with my pride as intact as it could possibly be, I headed in the direction he was pointing. As I passed him, he fell into step with me, causing me to internally shudder.

“So,” James started off, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he kept walking alongside me, the noise of our uneven footsteps filling the silence. His unruly hair was falling into his eyes, and I had a flashback to Dom’s birthday party,  with our faces so near each other. I quickly shook the thought out of my head.

“So…” I repeated not feeling that I had any reason to help him along with whatever conversation he was trying to start. He was the one to approach me, so he should be the one putting in all the effort.

“I just wanted to say sorry, you know?” James said quickly, as if the apology took him a great amount of force to say. “For you know, provoking you at the feast, and causing Freddy to jump in and such.”

This was probably the last thing I expected to hear from him. An apology, coming from the James Potter himself. I never thought I’d see the day.

“You’re apologizing,” I stated flatly, not giving away any sort of emotion.

“Uh,” James said, nervously ruffling his hair and then looking at me, “I guess I am.”

There was once a point in my life where I would have given anything to hear an apology. To just have someone own up to what they did, and realize that what they had done to me was wrong. But now, I couldn't help but feel that the apology wasn't what I wanted anymore. They were just words that, in the end, floated away into the sky, with no substance held behind them. How was I supposed to take them seriously? More so, how was I supposed to believe that he was not saying this to me just because my looks had changed?

“You guess, or you know?” I responded icily, refusing to give him the satisfaction of forgiveness. I began to calculate in my head every possibly reason James could be apologizing, and a million different reasons swirled around in my head. None of the reasons, however, were ones of comfort. Oink.


“Coco!” I heard a voice call and I turned around to see Tyson, just turning a corner that I had recently passed, Wyatt nowhere to be seen. I felt myself sigh in relief at someone being about to rescue me, and without another word to James I hurried over to Tyson, not caring for an answer.

“Thank. Fucking. God,” I huffed as soon as I got over to him, feeling instantly more relaxed than whatever tense conversation I was just having.

“No, no,” Tyson said, smirking at me and tapping the tip of my nose, “Thank Tyson. Tyson is your savior.”

“Blasphemy,” I shot back, elbowing him in the side lightly. We made our way to the Potions classroom, passing James in the process (in which I avoided all eye contact). Shockingly Tyson knew how to get to the room, despite never having gone here, which was most likely Scorpius’s doing.

When we entered, we headed to a table in the back, which was right in front of Dom and Chaise. Wyatt hated Potions with a passion, so he had opted out of the class, and was now in Arithmancy (yuck). I silently was thankful that Slytherins and Gryffindors always had Potions together, or else who knows if I would've been rescued.

“But what was that all about, fo serious?” Tyson said gesturing to James, who looked slightly put out. He sat down next to Oliver Wood II who was sitting at the table in front of us, and I felt myself tense at the fact that he was so close.

“I honestly have no idea,” I said in French back to Tyson, so that James couldn’t hear. “He just came over and apologized for the feast, which was really freaking weird. And then you came over and saved me. I feel like everyone at this school is crazy.”

Tyson laughed at my response and then said, “Or maybe just the Gryffindors.”

I stifled a giggle as the Professor entered. I didn’t remember him from the previous years so I assumed he had arrived after I left. He was a very skinny man, with rounded glasses and strawberry blonde hair, much different from Professor Slughorn, whom I remembered as the previous teacher.

“Hello!” the teacher said excitedly, clapping his hands together, “I see some new faces in the audience, and let me just say it’s lovely to see you and I hope you enjoy your year as a Hogwarts students in my potions class!”

There was a collective eye rolling throughout the class of all the Beauxbatons students, who had heard the same thing all day from every teacher. There was really no need for teachers to act like they were happy about this, honestly.

“So!” The professor said, waving his wand with a flourish and causing words to appear on the board behind him. “I’m Professor Cosgrove!”

It seemed everything he said was one big exclamation point. And, I noticed, down from the top of his head to the tips of his shoes, he almost kind of looked like one. He was just so eager and peppy, excited to have a class full of people wanting to listen to him teach. I wondered if in the back of his mind he secretly hated us all.

“I am so happy that my fifth year of teaching is with such a diverse crowd of students! I really hope to inspire you, and, in turn, be inspired as well! Potions is a class of many uses, and I really hope you all enjoy the class as much as I enjoy teaching it,” Professor Cosgrove exclaimed, his cheeks unnaturally red and cheery, with his arms raised in the air excitedly.

“Ten sickles says he’s faking it,” Tyson whispered to me as Professor Cosgrove began another ramble on how he first started potions. I looked at Tyson, and rolled my eyes at his antics. Betting on a teacher in the first five minutes of class, seriously?

Although I had to deep down, agree with Tyson. I had never seen anyone so excited about something in my life. This teacher couldn’t possibly be this happy teaching a bunch of students how to brew a potion… could he?

However, another thought flitted through my mind that scared me even more. What if Professor Cosgrove actually was this happy to teach, and truly loved his job as much as he seemed? What if he wasn’t putting on an act, and loved what he did?

I watched the teacher as he excitedly began to write notes on the board about the potion he expected us to make. He dotted the eyes with extra vigor and kept a huge smile on his face as he talked.

I realized maybe I should put faith in him. Maybe he, just like most of the world, had good intentions and wasn’t just out to get me.

I looked over at James, whose eyes were half closed, his head nodding back a little as he fell asleep in the middle of class. Was it possible he actually meant his apology? Unlikely. But there was still a possibility, like so much else out there, that he had. Just like the possibility Professor Cosgrove was being genuine.

“Deal,” I said to Tyson, leaning back in my seat as Professor Cosgrove, beaming from ear to ear, turned around to face the class once again.


“You’ve become the Unwilling Gryffindor you know,” Scorpius said to me as I sat across from him in my usual spot during dinner.

I had somehow managed to get through the first week of school and with that I had come up with a new sort of regular schedule. During mealtimes instead of sitting with Dom as I had become accustomed to at Beauxbatons, I would instead sit at the Slytherin table with Tyson, Wyatt, Scorpius and occasionally Al. Dom chose to sit at the Gryffindor table with Chaise during mealtimes, so I hadn’t really seen as much of her as I’m used to. I still sat by her in almost all of my classes (except for Potions) and we still hung out in the common room and dorm room all the time, but it felt weird to not be spending my usual amount of time with her.

And as for Fred Weasley and James Potter? I had luckily had no more encounters with either of them. James had kept his distance ever since our little chat, and Fred hadn’t talked or even acknowledged me since I punched him in the face. Which was fine by me. Really.

I still wasn’t sure what to think of James’s apology. I obviously wasn’t going to forgive him, no matter how fleeting a moment I thought he might’ve been sincere. He did too much, made me hate myself for too long, for one simple ‘I’m sorry’ to ever span across the years of teasing I had to endure.

“You make it sound like I care,” I said, responding to Scorpius with a shrug and starting to put food onto my plate. Along with my new habits, Scorpius and I had somehow forged a friendship. He always sat with Tyson at meals, so I always sat with him, and by association we started to talk, and we got along well (mostly because he was very similar to Tyson). Thus, it was comforting to know that not everyone at Hogwarts hated me, and I was still able to make friends.

“Hey, I was just letting you know,” Scorpius responded to me, holding his hands up. “No need to be snappy.”

“I’m not being snappy,” I responded with a sigh.

“Mhm…” Scorpius said looking skeptical. “Then what exactly are you being?”

I thought about it for a second before grinning and responding. “An unwilling Gryffindor, obviously.”

“Oi you guys stop flirting!” Tyson said sitting down next to me as he arrived at the dinner table, putting one of his arms around my shoulder and then ruffling my hair. This made me glare at him, and in turn ruffle his hair back, which of course made him angry because as Tyson says, “Hair this good takes work.”

“Hands off the merchandise,” Tyson said, when he noticed I was about to go ruffle his hair again.

“Someone’s in a bad mood,” I said picking up my fork and scooping up some food, before putting a bit in my mouth.

It was then that I noticed Elise, walking into the Great Hall with Madison, and I felt myself become a bit uneasy.

Elise and Madison had become, over the course of this week, the best of friends. Elise had altogether ditched her Beauxbatons friends, since none of them were in the same house as her, and now her life was centered around Madison. They were always together laughing and giggling, like long lost friends reuniting after years of being apart. I had also seen them on more than one occasion, sneaking glances at me whenever they were in deep discussions, making it obvious they were talking about me. It was never a comforting feeling, and I always would feel my face grow hot at the intense scrutiny, but I had yet to say anything about it.

“So,” Scorpius said looking at Tyson expectantly, “You’re trying out for the Quidditch team right?”

I gave the same annoyed sigh I always did whenever the two of them started to talk about sports. I found sports insanely boring and whenever people discussed them I always found my eyes glazing over in disinterest. It was all quaffles and strategy and points, which was way too much for me to concentrate on and even more too much for me to find interesting. But honestly, can you blame me?

“Course I am,” Tyson said cheerily, “When are tryouts again?”

“Saturday, seven in the morning. You better be there because I know we could really use you on the team,” Al said in a very commanding voice, making his presence known, and sitting down in the spot next to Scorpius. He was the captain of the Slytherin team, so I knew as long as Tyson didn’t completely fuck up his tryouts (which would be impossible since he was the best beater in the world) he’d make the team for sure.

“I’ll be there, no doubt,” Tyson said taking a bite out of the bread that was sitting on his plate and chewing thoughtfully. “I’m pretty sure Chaise is trying out for the Gryffindor team, so it’ll be fun to compete against him for once.”

“Well let’s hope he’s not. I’m trying to beat my brother this year,” Al said looking very take charge. I was used to his personality after a week, but it still sometimes struck me how different he seemed from his brother. I mean Al was very serious, studious, and he always thought through things before acting on them. James however was a completely different story. He was rash, stupid, mean, and couldn’t give a crap about his grades, although he did manage to become head of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I often wondered how they were related.

“He is trying out for the Gryffindor team. Dom’s been complaining about it to me because he’s been blowing her off to practice and such,” I chimed in with a roll of my eyes.

“Oh poor Dom only getting to spend twenty three hours a day with him. Such a shame,” Tyson said sarcastically. Al and Scorpius laughed at this, while I remained loyal to Dom and didn’t show any emotion on my face, even though I totally agreed.

“Come on, they’re just testing out their relationship and shit,” I reasoned, albeit not very convincingly.

“Yeah but I’ve barely seen either of them. They’re like trapped in their own little happy bubble of relationshippyness and it’s completely annoying,” Tyson said, expressing my exact thoughts.

While I was insanely happy that Dom and Chaise had gotten together, I hadn’t expected the friendship dynamics to change as much as it had. Dom and Chaise rarely ever spent time apart from each other, which I did find a bit annoying. And if I did hang out with Dom without Chaise, all she talked about was him, which made me feel as if I was in the relationship which them.

“Ty, it won’t be like this forever, it’s just the new love part of the relationship where they spend every moment together. Soon it’ll be like usual,” I said confidently.

“Let’s hope,” Tyson said looking across the room as Chaise and Dom were sitting next to each other, smiling and holding hands, looking sickeningly sweet. “I don’t know if I can put up with this for much longer.”

“Oh let them be happy,” I said waving my hand in a 'let it be' type of gesture. I then decided the subject needed changing so I pointed at Scorpius and then said to Tyson, “He tells me they’re calling me the Unwilling Gryffindor. Lovely right?”

“Are you trying to say it’s a surprise?” Tyson said to me with a disbelieving look.

“He’s right,” Al stated seriously, “Everyone seems to notice your vendetta with the Gryffindors. It’s a bit funny actually.”

This was true. Since I refused on principle to associate myself with any of the Gryffindors except Louis, Chaise, Wyatt, and Dom, and since I sat at the Slytherin table for every mealtime, the whole school had seemed to realize that I hated all the Gryffindors. I didn’t think it would be as quite a shock as it had turned into, but I assumed everyone at this school must be drinking stupid water.

How could I ever befriend people who had hurt me so badly?

Along with the fact that the school realized I hated the Gryffindors, they also gossiped a lot about the fact that the only people I seemed to hang out with were guys. I recalled a couple of girls talking about how I must’ve slipped them potions to make them hang out with me, and I had also heard some others say I was probably a complete slag and sleeping with all of them. It was good to know the rumor mill had not changed at all since I left.

“Well I’m glad my horrendous life amuses you,” I said to Al a hint of annoyance in my voice.

“Come on Corinne, don’t be snappy,” Tyson said to chastise me.

“I told you, you were being snappy!” Scorpius said indignantly, acting as though Tyson’s remark had just proved his rightness in the world.

“Why must you guys be so annoying?” I asked

“Because we’re awesome,” Tyson said, and Scorpius nodded his head eagerly in agreement. Al seemed to not really be paying attention anymore, as he was inspecting all of the food on his plate instead, but it didn’t matter.

“Sure you are,” I said to Tyson, my voice showing a great amount of doubt. “Sure you are.”


“So wait, that’s it?” I heard a familiarly girly voice ask, as I walked up the steps to the Seventh Year Girl’s dorm.

“Yeah,” another voice I recognized said. “Hard to believe right?”

“Hilarious more like,” Elise said in response, “This is one valuable piece of paper.”

“Yes, but the more valuable thing is what we’re going to do with it,” Madison responded.

I took this as my cue to open the door of our dorm room, and saw Madison and Elise sitting on Madison’s bed, huddled over a piece of paper I couldn't quite see. Upon seeing me, however, Madison’s face turned from a sly smile to an annoyed look, while Elise quickly took the paper and sat on it.

“Hey Corinne!” Elise said her mouth spreading into her famously fake smile. “You’re looking gorgeous as always.”

I suddenly felt like I was under intense scrutiny, and my skin began to heat up as I wondered if there was something wrong with how I looked. Was my skirt tucked into my underwear? Was there something in my teeth? Did my hair look like a nest?

I subtly glanced into the mirror that was hanging on the door of the bathroom, and saw that none of the above seemed to be going on, and felt myself sigh a bit in relief.

“Thanks…” I said slowly to Elise, still not sure what exactly she was playing at. Her mouth stayed stretched into her smile, and I edged over to my trunk so that I could change out of my uniform.

“No problem,” Elise said in response, still sitting on whatever it was she and Madison had been looking at.

I was curious, of course, as to what exactly they were looking at. But, I figured that knowing the two of them, I most likely didn’t want to know. I did note though that Roxy seemed to not be in sight, and I wondered if she was slowly being pushed out of the picture. Roxy and Madison were way better friends from what I remembered in my earlier years. I barely saw them together as much ever since Elise came into the picture. I felt myself somehow feeling sorry for Roxy, because it had to be hard to have to share a best friend.

I quickly went into the bathroom and changed into a pair of my comfiest cut off denim shorts and a hot pink v-neck shirt, not in the mood to dress up any more than that. However, in the back of my mind I heard Frannie’s voice saying my outfit was way too plain, so I put a stack of bracelets on my arm, and layered a couple necklaces as well. I felt as though she would approve.

I opened the door back to the dorm room and saw that Madison and Elise were yet again gossiping very heavily, and immediately stopped when I entered the room. I was starting to become super paranoid by this, so instead of staying in the room and hanging out with Milo, I decided to go down to the common room to see if I could find Dom or Chaise or Wyatt. Anything had to be better than being here.

I walked back down the girl’s staircase and when I entered the common room I saw Wyatt sitting on the couch writing what looked to be a very long, and very hard essay.

“That looks fun,” I said plopping down on the couch next to him and looking over what he was writing. From what I read it looked like an Arithmancy paper. I thanked Merlin that I didn’t have to take that class. It was probably the hardest and worst class in the world.

“Oh yeah, heaps,” Wyatt said sarcastically. “I’m really starting to regret wanting to become an archaeologist.”

Wyatt wanted to work in the magical archaeologist branch of things once he graduated. He found history “exciting and neverending” which I never understood. But, to each his own.

“I’m regretting you wanting to be one too,” I said putting a frown on my face. “You know you’ll have to live in Egypt or something for a job like that. You realize how far away that’ll be from me?”

“Coco, don’t worry, I’d never move that far away without making frequent visits,” Wyatt said comfortingly. “I mean that is what apparation is for, isn’t it?”

I sighed. “I guess, but it’s really the principle of you living so far away. It makes everything seem so much more grown up and annoying and shit.”

“So eloquently put,” Wyatt said rolling his eyes, “But I know what you mean.”

He then turned back to his essay, and I stared off into space thinking about all the scariness of the world that I’ll have to face once I graduate from school. I mean sure I already had it pretty scary here, but I’d actually have to live on my own, and support myself. I could barely take care of myself as is, and my father did not expect me to live with him any longer than necessary. In fact, I didn’t want to live with my father any longer than necessary. And it’s not like I could drop in on my mum or anything. I was going to only be able to rely on myself once I graduated.  Graduating just seemed like this big looming force, that I really didn’t want to think about but it would come, and I’d have to deal with it one way or another.

“Corinne,” a voice said, their hand waving in front of my face and interrupting my thoughts, I looked up to see Roxy standing over me a confused look on her face. I blinked out of my reverie, although I suddenly was just as confused as her at the fact that she had approached me.

“Hmm?” I asked, as Wyatt looked on curiously.

“I was wondering if you knew where Madison was?” Roxy asked me, twirling the ring she was wearing on her index finger around nervously. “We were supposed to meet in the library to work on Charms homework but I can’t seem to find her anywhere…”

“Um…. I think she’s up in our room with Elise,” I responded, feeling a bit bad for having to break the news to her that Madison was obviously ditching her. Roxy seemed to wrinkle her nose at the mention of Elise, but she didn’t say anything else.

“Oh… well maybe I got the times confused,” Roxy stated, biting her bottom lip and looking uncomfortable once again.

“Yeah,” I said, agreeing with Roxy if only to maybe lessen the embarrassment she seemed to be feeling. She nodded her head at me absentmindedly before walking away and up the girls’ staircase. I was, once again, very grateful that I had escaped the girls dormitory, because I didn’t want to see whatever confrontation was about to occur.

“She seems nice,” Wyatt stated noncommittally, as I looked away from where she disappeared and back to his essay.

“I guess,” I said not really showing any emotion. “I mean she’s not really my friend or anything though.”

“Well then it’s got to be hard for her,” Wyatt said, looking away from his essay and then up at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused. How could anything possibly be hard for Roxy? She was beautiful, and popular, and part of the most famous wizarding family in the world.

“Well, she obviously doesn’t have very many friends,” he said to me. “I mean why else would she be friends with someone who doesn’t appreciate her at all?”

I considered what Wyatt said and suddenly all my thoughts about her seemed to shift. I mean besides me, Madison had been the only other Gryffindor girl that Roxy could’ve possibly become friends with when I attended the school. And I had been so closed off and not willing to be friends with anyone for fear of it drawing attention to myself, that Madison had really been the only option.

So maybe Roxy had really had no choice, it was either Madison or no one. So even though Madison was mean and bitchy and really knew how to tear you apart from the inside out, she was all Roxy really had.

I looked at Wyatt, who had gone back to his essay writing, and was suddenly so overcome with the feeling that he was so much smarter than anyone I had ever met. “You know too much for your own damn good,” I said as he continued to write his words down carefully, as if his whole life depended on this essay.

Wyatt laughed but did not say anything, and continued to work on his paper, silently agreeing with what I had said.


A/N: Alright my amazingly lovely readers, here is chapter twelve! I'm sorry for the long wait, I've been really second guessing this chapter, and I'm still not sure if I like it even though I'm posting it. I really hope you guys don't hate it though, so let me know by reviewing or something if I totally messed up the whole story!

So now that that's out of the way, onto my little ramble of questions: What do you think of Roxy? What do you think of the Dom/Chaise relationship? What is up with James apologizing? What were Madison and Elise talking about?

I really hope you guys like the chapter, next chapter is almost done and I like it much better than this one so please stick around!

Thank you all again for being your usual amazing selves. You guys inspire and keep me going with my writing, honestly <3




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