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Of Darkness and Light. by shakaan
Chapter 6 : Chapter Five-Any Explainations Forthcoming?
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Chapter Five-any explanations forthcoming?


Hermione glared at the two dark haired older men, her eyes flashing in anger, the honey brown almost completely irradiated by the garnet glaze. She clenched her small fists digging sharp nails deeply into her palms. Hissing in anger, she turned her back on them and stooped to lift George’s unconscious form before depositing him without ceremony on the battered leather couch. Still ignoring the two men grinning sardonically across at her she slipped to her knees in front of an ashen Fred. Reaching a shaking hand, she gently took his larger one and squeezed it softly. In response, he raised haunted eyes to hers and froze. Hermione stopped herself from flinching with no outward sign of the pain he had just caused her. Patting the hand under hers she rose quickly and glided out of the door, to the kitchen before Fred had even realised his response.

He raised startled eyes to the two dark haired men who were now glaring at him in obvious anger. Realisation hit him hard and he groaned, dropping his head into his hands momentarily. Steeling himself he raised his head and looked his ex-potions professor in the eye. He pulled himself to his feet without braking eye contact, unshaken by the raw power the man was radiating. He reached a hand to take the pulse of his still unconscious twin, satisfied with what he found he turned his full attention to the still glowering men in front of him.

“Oh get a grip,” he growled, “I’m not exactly having an easy day. First I find out after all the crap I’ve put up with from people, I find Hermione still alive, not human, but then again from what she said she has never been. The my mental brother decides to crash the party, fuigtively speaking. Then I see him,” Fred points a shaking hand at Sirius, “I see him apparently murder Hermione in front of me which is great because he is dead, then I loose control of my magic which hasn’t happened since I was about twelve." Fred hisses in frustration, fisting both hands in his shaggy hair “then Hermione wakes up which don’t get me wrong is brilliant because I can not do that again, and both of you are dead well not dead but you now what I mean and…” A stinging slap brought him up sharp, cutting off his rambling and bringing him back to the present.

“Quite done Weasly?” drawled Severus, as he pointed a long finger at the seat Fred had just vacated, “Sit.” Watching the Weasly boy sink slowly into the armchair, he felt an almost unrecognisable twinge of emotion before folding his long frame into the chair opposite. “Now I want you to listen carefully to what I’m going to say because I will not be repeating myself. Time has not mellowed me in the slightest, it has not changed how protective the dog is. It has changed how we view Hermione. If you hurt her again I will personally string you from the rafters and unlike that useless lump,” he indicated Ron with his head dark hair swirling slightly, “I can follow through with my promises.” Severus looked at Fred carefully, “now I respected your brains at Hogwarts, so I am assuming that even in shock you can follow what I am going to say.” he paused and Fred nodded slowly, “right then. I am assuming from your rant earlier that you have not vented since the war I am also assuming you care greatly for out girl.” Severus stopped as a whimper came from the corner of the sitting room, he arched an elegant eyebrow at Padfoot who was still leaning against the door frame.

Sirius sighed, “time to remove the trash then” he hauled the broken boy up by his least injured arm repressing a sneer as Ron let out a yelp, shaking his head he winked at Severus, causing the other man to blush slightly and shake his head.

Waiting until Sirius had left the room and the colour faded from his cheeks before he turned back to face Fred. The younger man was looking calmer and had been joined on the chair by his still confused but at least awake now twin, and they were both looking expectantly at Severus. He smiled weekly at them and they merely blinked back at him, their identical gaze never leaving his. Wishing he had a wall handy to bang his head against Severus decided where to start. “Right well, as you have probably gathered by now Sirius, Hermione and I are not dead. With Hermione it was touch and go for a long time and due to her past experience with your younger brother and the news Harry Potter was in the psychiatric ward in St.Mungo’s she really didn’t want to come back into this world. Sirius was in the veil for several months after Voldemort’s demise but something twisted in him while he was away and that’s his story to tell. By rights, I should have dies as that freaking snake not only managed to sever an artery but was poisonous also. It was Mr. Potter himself who saved me. Hermione’s disappearance had warped something in the poor boy, after everything he’s been through I think that was the final straw for him.” Recognising their looks of shock he rolled his eyes and held up his hands palms facing them, “ I know I know. I hated him he hated me, blah blah blah. Did you know your brother told him to let me die,” Severus raised an eyebrow at their angry looks, “ok you two are so explaining that later. “


Severus leaned back into the chair, steepled his fingers and rested his chin on them. The twins looked at each other and smiled slightly. Fred shocked Severus, George and himself by grabbing the older man into a bear hug, “I must admit I’m glad Harry saved you Professor, wasn’t right without y’all.” he sat back down in his chair and patted his brother’s hand, “ Now please for the love of all we hold dear what are you all?”


Laughter burst from the doorway and Fred’s cheeks flushed a delicate pink, highlighting his scar. Before he could react Hermione had launched herself at the twins and was hugging them both tightly, sobbing into Fred’s neck one hand wrapped in his shoulder length hair. Sirius perched himself on the arm of Severus' chair and leant back against the taller man, they looked at each other and grinned. Fred gently stroked Hermione’s hair and she released her deathgrip on George and curled against Fred’s chest her free hand resting lightly against his arm. George slid onto the floor next to his twin’s feet his head resting on his jean clad knees and looked up at his ex-professor and the ex-marauder. He sighed. “okay, my head is pounding, I think I may be finally loosing it so please can someone tell me what the big secret is.”

Severus sighed and looked at Sirius in a question. He minutely shook his head indicating it was Hermione’s story to tell. Hermione stiffened in Fred’s arms and tried to pull away from him. He tightened his arms slightly around her, refusing to let go when she obviously needed some support. He leant his forehead against hers and gazed into red glazed honey eyes. Her long lashes cast shadows against her creamy cheeks, and her full bottom lip was caught between her sharp white teeth. Fred found himself leaning in before the oddness of that struck him. “holy fuck” he breathed, his hot breath on her neck causing her to giggle despite her fear of the situation. She pulled her lips back revealing her now sharp teeth and whispered in his ear “you sure you want to know?” Fred nodded his pupils dilated, and his teeth worrying his lip mimicking Hermione unconsciously. She looked deep in his eyes and seemed to make up her mind, nodding she smiled and rang fingers threw her already mused hair.

“Right then.” she turned her eyes on the two older men who had somehow ended up in the same chair, with Sirius curled against Severus and both of them asleep. She smiled at the pair knowing how little rest they got around her. She wriggled slightly on Fred’s lap and brushed her fingers over George’s shoulder. Band aid she decided, “I’m Dragon Kin” she announced to the startled twins.


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