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Mrs Malfoy, Being Found Again by little_welsh_lily
Chapter 9 : Chapter Eight
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Chapter Eight

18 April 2018

Hermione snuggled closer to Draco, not quite ready to get out of bed yet.


"Hermione," Draco warned, "Behave yourself you know Scarlett and Cadence will be up soon."


"But it’s so comfortable in here with you," Hermione replied.


"I know, but we’ve got work today and it takes you twice as long to get anywhere these days," Draco said smirking and kissing her gently.


"Fine, but you need to go and make breakfast then," Hermione said easing herself out of bed and waddling into the bathroom for a shower.


"Scarlett! Cadence!" Draco yelled, as he walked downstairs to begin breakfast.



"Gin are you going to work today?" Harry asked, running his hand down her side.


"Yes, but don’t need to leave yet," she replied kissing him.


"God I’ve missed this Gin," Harry moaned.


Ginny sat up confused, "We have sex more often than most married couples Harry I don’t understand."


"Yes, but you’ve got your fire back Gin," Harry replied. "I love your fieriness, it diminished bit by bit after Hermione cheated and left us."


Ginny got out of bed and began dressing, "Hermione didn’t cheat on Ron, and it was the other way around. That is why I don’t like being around him, Hermione is my best friend and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say such things about her." She had finished dressing by then and apparated in the Malfoy’s living room.


"Hermione, Draco?" Ginny called out, Draco walked in and motioned her towards kitchen, so she followed.


"Harry knows," she replied sitting down.



16 August 1999


"You’re resigning?" Harry asked Hermione incredulously, "I know you and Ron have split up ‘Mione but that’s no reason to leave your job, your good at it."


"I just can’t cope with being around him anymore Harry and I don’t want you to have to choose sides so I’m doing it for you," she explained. "It’ll be easier for all of us this way." She walked out leaving Harry alone for a few moments before Ron burst in.


"Where’s Hermione gone?" he asked as he took a seat in front of Harry’s desk.


"She resigned, said she needed a fresh start," Harry explained.


"Bitch," Ron complained.


"I don’t understand why you would want to see her after what she did," Harry replied.


"I love her," Ron said.



18 April 2018


"What do you mean Harry knows?" Hermione asked slowly, setting Cadence down at the table.


"She means I worked it out ‘Mione," Harry replied walked into the kitchen. "Sorry to intrude but I followed Ginny after her outburst at me this morning."


"What did you say Gin?" Hermione asked looking between the couple.


"I’m sorry ‘Mione but he was going on about you cheating on Ron and I got angry," Ginny replied.


"It’s okay Gin, I knew he would work it out eventually," Hermione said.


"Why Hermione? Why have you been hiding from us for the past twenty years?" Harry asked, stepping closer to her. "Did he really cheat on you ‘Mione or was that a lie as well?" he added scornfully.


"That’s not fair Harry, just because I let Ron lie to you about why we broke up, but it doesn’t mean I’m lying to you know," Hermione replied.


"I’m sorry if you think I’m being harsh Hermione, but you’re married to Malfoy of all people!" Harry exclaimed, "Of all the people you could have picked to married you picked him!"


"Draco is ten times the man Ron ever was Harry and he was the one who helped me after what happened with Ron. If it wasn’t for him I would probably be dead by now," Hermione explained.


"That’s true, she was a right state when she started working for me," Draco added putting his arm around Hermione and comforting her.


"So you took advantage of her when she was at her most vulnerable?" Harry asked, his protectiveness of Hermione taking over from his anger towards her.


"Definitely not Potter, Hermione wasn’t very trusting after what your best friend did to her. I was there to help her, listen to her and be there when she needed me," Draco replied amazingly calmly. "I only crossed the line once when I was drunk, but really it was the best thing I ever did."


"Even though we were both worried sick about it all weekend after," Hermione added smiling.


"And he’s never hurt you?" Harry asked, still not letting go.


"No Harry, never," Hermione replied before walking into her office.


"I need to go to work," Harry said. "I’ll see you at home Gin," he kissed her and disapparated.


"Alright mate, what did you want?" Ron asked walking into Harry’s office and closing the door. He went to take a seat but Harry punched him, knocking him back quite a bit. "What the hell Harry! Have you lost your mind?"


"I can’t believe you are such a prat, nearly twenty years you’ve been lying to us Ron twenty years and you didn’t think to say oh by the way I’m the jackass who cheated, not Hermione as I led you to believe!" Harry yelled and smirked as Ron paled, "You see I spent the morning talking to Hermione before coming to work and she told me everything."


"She’s lying to you Harry, she wants to tear us apart!" Ron exclaimed.


"Don’t feed me that bull any more Ron, how could you lie to me? You were meant to be my best friend," Harry asked.


"With Hermione gone I could start over, wouldn’t you take that chance if it was offered you after you made a mistake," Ron explained.


"You’re a pig, now get out of my office and stay away from Ginny," Harry said. "She was devastated when Hermione left us and that is all your fault, I made sure she was nice before but since I now know the truth you can forget it."



AN: I know it’s really short and I know it’s been months since I last updated *hides from angry readers* but the next chapter is longer, so long I think it will need to be cut into two. And since it’s already written I’m hoping to have them up as quickly as the queue will allow it.

Please leave a review in that little lonely box down there as it will help me writing the next chapters which are currently whizzing around my head but are yet to be put into any coherent sentences!
Thank you
Love Lily ;D

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