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What Means Most by Owlpost68
Chapter 6 : Sentimental thoughts
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or anything you recognize from Harry Potter. I'm quite content owning my own ideas :)

Authors' Note: Hi my lovely readers! I want to say thank you to all the people who have reviewed so far. Oh my gosh they make me so happy :) They are all really wonderful, and I love them all! Well, this next chapter is going to be a little different, there are multiple different POV's, but hopefully it won't seem too choppy. Please enjoy :)

Ron’s POV

“Ron, are you sure you have everything for tomorrow?” Hermione’s asked this about 50 times already, but I don’t mind I’m used to it by now.

“Hermione, how many times have I told you? Kreacher helped me pack. There's nothing that elf would have left out. I watched the whole thing. I've never seen anything like it. Plus, we need to go down for dinner.”

She smiles and laughs. “He's really come around hasn't he? I think finally succeeding Regulus's wishes has really helped. I still can't believe how well he's taken to Sirius James. I think ever since Kreacher told him how much he looked like his dad, and Sirius James told him how much he liked his necklace, they've been pretty much inseparable.”

We sat down on one of the beds in Ginny's room where Hermione was sleeping for the night. Not my idea by the way…

What is my idea was insisting we go to Australia as soon as we can. We have just gotten here, and Hermione still thinks it's too soon, being just after the memorial service, and the first Sunday Weasley dinner was in ten minutes. She needs to find her family though. If I’ve missed mine after all of this, she has to be missing hers more, not knowing if they’re even alive.

But presently, this has to be the most confusing dinner I'll ever be at. Everyone and their Grandmother is here. Literally, Neville and his Grandmother are here, Hagrid, Lee Jordon, Oliver, pretty much the whole Quidditch team, Luna, everyone. Kreacher is doing all the cooking at the chagrin of Mum. Harry insisted it was alright and Kreacher doesn't mind. She really needs some rest anyway after all she's been through.

Noticing Hemione seems to be in a daze I do the most mature thing I can think of,

“Hermioneeee, dinner?” and I wave a hand in front of her face.

“Oh, sorry, I was just thinking.”

“What else is new?” I ask, sticking my tongue out at her. “Speaking of which, I'm hungry, we should go down now. Kingsley's coming at some point tonight, and going to tell us what time the long distance Portkey gets here. It was really good of him to arrange that.”

“Yeah, I love you, but I have no idea what you'd be like on a plane. Let alone for nearly a whole day.”

I know I give her a confused look, but what the bloody hell is an air plane? I hope she’s not going to try and explain I’m too hungry right now. I instantly stop looking so confused when she leans up to kiss me. One of the best things about her kisses is that it wipes everything I’m thinking out of my head. All I get to think about then is how much I love her. Not that I’ll ever repeat that out loud.

“Oh, I didn't realize you were this kind of hungry, we could always skip dinner you know,” I said, smiling against her lips. I tilt my head to kiss her deeper... Knock, knock, knock....

Bloody hell.

“Is it safe for me to come in without getting emotionally scarred? I am under age you know; it could affect me for life.”

“Shove off Ginny!” I yell. That makes my lovely girlfriend smile giggle. Whenever she does that makes me wish I can make her do that more. But right now I have more pressing issues to deal with, like an annoying sister.

“Alright, I'll just go and snog Harry, and then we'll just eat all the food you love. I don't mind.” She runs out of the room and down the stairs.

“OI!” I give Hermione a peck on the cheek and run out of the room after her. I love my sister and everything, but how did she get to be so annoying? I guess we really are related.

Hermione’s POV

Those two... I giggle to myself and head downstairs after them.


I pause at the bottom of the stairs. She seemed to realize what she said, and turned to Mr. Weasley, and put her head on his chest and cried.

“Shhhh, it's ok Molly,” he told her, his voice too cracking as he talked. I couldn't help but watch the Mr. Weasley and how much he clearly loves his wife. He looks up, and gives me a weak smile. Somehow telling me it's ok to stay. “Listen Molly, listen, Fred wouldn't want us to exclude him out of conversations just because he's not here would he? He'd probably say something like he's still able to wreak havoc even when he's gone or something.” He hugged Mrs. Weasley tighter and I see tears come down his face as he talked to her. “It's important to keep his memory alive even if he... he isn't.” This time they both started swaying together in muffled emotion.

I finally was able to move my feet and head into the garden with the rest of the crowd, although now I'm slightly stunned at the love Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had. I knew they loved each other, but now... It's much more pronounced.

Sirius James sees me immediately and stops chasing the gnomes, which he's never seen before, and comes running towards me instead.

“Tag! You're it!!” And he runs off as fast as he can for a 3 year old. Merlin, he sure loves that game.

This kid can somehow make me giggle no matter what the situation. He truly is his father's son, and everyone loves him for it. Before I can take one step after him I see Cora come out of nowhere.

“Oh no you don't little man, it's time for dinner.”

“Can I sit next to 'Minnie and Ron?”

“Sure you can,” Ron says before I can answer, and then he whispers in a stage voice, “We're sitting across from Bill, I'll show you how to throw food at him without him noticing.” Sirius Jame's eyes widen with interest.

“Rooonnnn,” Cora says menacingly.

“Don't worry Cora, I'll keep an eye on these two,” I said playfully crossing my arms in mock sternness.

“Alright Hermione, I trust you. I'll be with Aunty 'Dromeda if you need me 'kay?” She gives Sirius James a kiss, ruffles his hair, and hands him to me before leaving.

Sirius James eagerly wraps his small arms around my neck, making himself very comfortable. Could this still be the same little boy who was so nervous with me just a week ago? I can tell, looking at Ron, he's thinking the same thing as we sit down.

Ron sits on my right, Sirius James on my lap, and George sits down on my left. Strange, I thought for sure Harry and Ginny were coming over here to sit, but instead they're across the table next to Bill.

Sirius James spots his God parents and waves, making them smile.

Everyone seems settled at the table now; Sirius James now has food on his plate, but is only picking at it. “Sirius James, I know you love Kreacher's cooking, now what's wrong?”

“Nothin',” He picks at it some more.

Ron lifts him onto his lap, “Come on, out with it buddy,”

“I don't want you and 'Minnie to leave and go to Aus...Austra—lini.”

I have to hide my snort of laughter. So does Ron.

“We're gonna miss you too, but we have to find my parents.”

Normally, talking about this gets me rather teary, but having to explain it to Sirius James gives a different spin to how I feel about it.

“Yeah,” Ron started, “Imagine it like a game of Hide and seek with your mum, only you had to find her in a much bigger place, and she has a really good hiding spot.”

I smile at Ron's metaphor, “It always takes longer to find someone if they have a good hiding spot right?”

He nods.

“Well, it might take a while to find my parents because they have a really good one.”

“Ooohhh, but when you come back I'm gonna meet them right?”

“You bet hun. Now you better start eating before you're food gets cold.”

“Are you kidding 'Mione? I'll eat it first before it gets cold,” Said Ron.

“No you won't!!” Sirius James exclaims, and he starts shoveling down his food.

Lee Jordon POV

Going back outside from the Loo the first thing I see is this little boy shoveling food in his mouth like it was his last meal. George is sitting right next to him looking a cross between impressed, and reminiscent. I know he and Fred ate that exact same way at school that’s for sure. I can’t let George get too depressed though, I’ll try emphasizing the impressed feeling he showed. Not to mention it will get my mind off losing one of my best friends… It feels so strange Fred isn't here...

I walk over to stand behind George, and the little disposal here. “Look what we have here George? This little guy could probably beat you in an eating contest if his mouth were a little bigger”

George nods, not saying anything. I roll my eyes. He could at least try conversation… But maybe that’s not his defense mechanism like mine… Not that anyone knows that.

The little boy looks up at me with big eyes and a mouth full of Shepherds’ Pie, “Mumphy??”

“Sure kid, you just watch me and George over here and you could get better than us.”

He gulps and gives me a huge grin like he loves that idea more than anything in the world. I grin back in spite of myself.

“Don’t encourage him! I’m already trying to stop Ron from teaching him how to fling food at everyone as it is. If I get in trouble with his mother because of you guys you’ll regret it later.”

“Alright Hermione, even though it's tradition that every Sunday, during the summer, we try to eat as much as Mrs. Weasley's food as we possible can... We won’t. Not while you’re looking anyway” and I wink at the little boy.

I look over at George and see the tiniest of smirks. My work is done.

Bill’s POV

I lift my head up from my food and look across the table. The last thing I expect to see is my brother gives the smallest smile I’ve ever seen. But even that is absolutely amazing.

I love my brother, and I hate to see him going through so much pain, even when I’m still going through a lot myself. It’s just so abnormal though, that George is so quiet, that I have to make sure he’s as good as he can be. As an older brother, it’s my job.

“Bill, are you alright? I’ve never seen zat look on your face before” Fleur whispers.

“Oh, me? I’m fine. I was just worried about George.”

“I worry about you too. You ‘ave to take care of yourself too; you’ve been working endlessly all week. Rest, eat.”

I squeeze her hand in reassurance. “I’m fine. Really, I’ll take my time to grieve when I know no one else needs my help for anything, I promise. After a couple months go by we’ll finally go on our honeymoon and relax.”

“Ze ‘oneymoon I would love, but zat’s ze last zing on my mind. You just lost a brozzer. Je t’adore. I want to make sure you’re alright.”


All of a sudden I had pudding all over my face. Fleur must have some on her too, ‘cause she screamed. It was slightly muffled though so I’m pretty sure there’s some in my ear. I grab my wand and with a quick flick it was gone. I love mum teaching me those cleaning spells before I left the house.

“Sirius James!”


I see both flinch.

“I thought you said they wouldn’t catch us!” The little boy shouted at Ron with a very disgruntled look on his face.

“Sorry mate, it’s been a while I guess.”

“Alright young man, it’s time for your bath, and bed. How did you get so dirty anyway?”

“I guess the gnomes aren’t very clean,” said Sirius James.

That gets a snort out of George, and another stunned look from me.

“Good night Ron and Minnie, see you when you get back!” And the little boy hugs them both tight.

 I have to say, that out of all the bad things that’s happened, Cora and Sirius James take us all out of ourselves sometimes. Life really keeps going even when we’ve lost so much.

Like I was saying, dinner keeps going; hardly anyone notices that little disruption. It’s such a big family if we keep stopping every time something like that happens, dinner would never end.

“You know, I zink it will take me a while to get used to all zat can ‘appen during a meal ‘ere,” Fleur says, still slightly flustered.

I chuckle, “I’m sure it will, especially since you didn’t go to Hogwarts. You’d be very used to it if you had.”

“Oui, Bauxbatons would ‘ave never allowed zat kind of be’avior in ze dining ‘all.”

“You know, that reminds me. No one in the family was ever able to get me like that except-“

“Fred,” said George from across the table.

“Yeah,” I can’t help but give a sad smile to him.

“First year of Hogwarts, our first welcome dinner, and Fred walloped your dear husband here with pudding. Our first prank was to throw food at the Head boy and girl without anyone noticing, or at least get away with it. He had Bill, and I had the Head girl, no idea what her name is… But it worked.”

“Only because I was a gracious Head boy and didn’t turn you two in,” I give him a smirk. I can’t let people think they were so good I didn’t spot them could I?

“Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s all the anecdotes I have for tonight Fleur, but I’m sure you’ll get more in the future,”

I can see the difference again; he’s going back into his shell; so to speak.

“Well I loved it George, I’ll ‘old you to that you know,” she said, with a sad smile of her own.

Her sad smiles (not to mention any smile) are beautiful, but this one always reminds me of sunbeams poking out from the clouds… Ahem, um, I never think this way, and will definitely never tell anyone I have; but it’s true. I think everyone thinks different when they love someone.

Hermione’s POV

“Ron, you promised,”

“Actually, you promised Cora, I promised Sirius James,” he says, giving me that infuriating smirk I love.

“Hey, at least it was you and not me, since I’m his Godfather, I can’t teach him skills like that. I’ll leave that to you Ron, you can get in trouble.”

“Harry, where does that leave me? Now I have to try and control two kids, one of which is really 18 but acts like he’s 8,” I’m getting kind of disgruntled now, am I the only one being responsible right now?

“Hey, at least I won’t have to be the one to probably need to explain where babies come from or any other kind of manly advice you’ll have to give him as a teenager” says Ron triumphantly. Harry now has a look of mortification. I giggle.

“Yes, but at least we’ll have the pleasure of teaching him how to play Quidditch, he’s going to love it, I can tell,” Ginny says.

Ron now looks slightly put out. It doesn’t last long though because dessert is now being brought out by Kreacher.

“I never thought I would say this,” Ron says, taking a mouthful of some kind of pie, “Buh, I wuv ‘at ewf.”

“Ugh, Ron, swallow. I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”

He gulped, “I said, I love that elf.”


I’m pretty sure we all have whiplash now because the whole table turn their heads to see that Kingsley Shacklebolt has just apparated at the gate of the Burrow.

“There he is,” Ron says, standing up. “I was wondering when he’d come and tell us when we’re going to leave.”

I feel a sudden weight in the pit of my stomach. As much as I love my parents, and want to see them again, I don’t love the idea that maybe my charm could be too strong. I don’t want to come back broken hearted.

Ron must sense my nervousness because he put his hands on either side of my face and looks at me lovingly, “Hey, don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright, you’re an amazing witch so whatever spell you used, you’ll be able to undo just as easy. I love you Hermione, I wouldn’t say any of this if I didn’t believe it.”

I smile at him, and nod.

“The Portkey is all set for five minutes from now. Are you ready to go? Have everything?” I turn my head to see Kingsley looking at us expectantly.

“Five minutes?!”


Authors' Note: Uh oh, are they gonna make it? Thoughts? I'd love to hear them, takes about a minute to review, and I'll be sure to leaving a grateful enthusiastic

response in return. I love feedback, it lets me know I'm on the right track :
) Until we meet again!

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