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Chaos on the way to Christmas by MileyMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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A/N: I do not own anybody you recognize. That honor belongs to JK Rowling alone. I simply thought the plot would be entertaining. Please Read and Review!

Ginny Weasley Potter genuinely didn't understand why it was that the entire Weasley family – and when she said entire she really did mean everybody – thought it was a good idea to spend the majority of the days surrounding Christmas hanging out at the Burrow. Yes, it brought back memories of when she was a teenager, younger, thinner at this point too, but it was also ten times more chaotic. Rubbing her hand on her particularly swollen belly Ginny sighed. Everywhere you looked there were adults and children alike. Enormous piles of cookies sat scattered on various tables along with all the beverages that one could imagine. And to think... in three days time the house would be even more full.

In three days time it wouldn't just be her brothers, their wives and children. No. Because in three days time it was Christmas eve. And that meant that the entirety of what had once been the Order of the Phoenix would descend as well. To the modified Burrow, with a far bigger eating area of course, for a Christmas dinner. And then the whole family, including Teddy Lupin – her and Harry's godson – and his grandmother who had opted for the wise move of not staying at the Burrow for the duration, would be back to share the family dinner. Only most of them weren't going to leave in the first place.

Eying James, her eldest son, as he stared in fascination at Teddy as the older boy said something to him, Ginny shook her head. James Sirius was only three while Albus Severus was two, of course both boys would be fascinated with the almost ten year old Teddy who seemed to like to change the color of his hair as fast as possible these days. At least Teddy was a good boy, so Ginny didn't worry about the influence he was having on her sons.

That thought had barely flitted through her mind before Ginny glanced at her watch, yelping at the time and pulling a face when Angelina and Charlie both looked her way from the debate they were having about the use of magical creature products in potions.

“Don't worry about me. Just forgot I had to get my last column before Christmas into the Daily Prophet before the end of the day.” She murmured, smiling as her brother nodded and went back to the debate he'd been having. Glancing over at the boys again, noting that Albus was not with James and Teddy Ginny frowned slightly. She could have sworn that they had all been together but perhaps that was just the pregnancy hormones. She was due early in January after all.

Thoughts drifting to the other children in the house and where they could be Ginny followed the sound of high pitched giggles, coming from the kitchen area. No adult she knew giggled that loudly, so it had to be one or more of the children.

More from the amount of laughter she was certain.

Entering the kitchen, where Mum had placed an enchanted oven to keep the room warm during the long, cold winters days Ginny smiled at the four children clustered round it. Fred, Angelina and George's oldest, was three – just like James – and was clearly the ring leader of the group that were made up of Roxanne, Rose and Albus.

“What are you lot finding so funny?” Ginny asked conversationally, manoeuvring her large self into a seat at the table and watching as first Albus and then Rose glanced at each other, looks plastered on their faces.

It was Roxanne that spoke up.

“We's can't teww you!” The two year old announced, staring at her aunt with a serious look on her face. “It's a secwet!”

Nodding seriously at that fact Ginny smiled slightly before making her own face as serious as her niece's. “A secret? Well Albus can tell you that I'm really good at keeping secrets. I love jokes too.” Because if it was funny it was probably a joke.

Fred cackled and Albus looked at him, less likely to argue with his older cousin than with Roxanne.

“We's laughing cause the fire's bwight!” Fred announced, in his older boy authoritative way, causing Ginny's eyes to snap towards the oven and note that there was something burning harder than the enchantment would deem necessary.

“All of you. Get away from that now. Come here!” She stated, giving the instructions in the most clear voice she could, even though she wanted to shake. “Come on. I can't get to the oven with you in the way!” And that was the plan of action. A very pregnant Ginny was planning on bending over to look into the oven. She just really didn't want to tread on little hands or she would never hear the end of it.

The children scampered towards her and Ginny nodded. “Good. Now stay here please.” The four nodded, Albus sticking his thumb in his mouth as he watched her out of wide eyes. Obviously waiting to see what happened.

Reaching for her wand, silently praying to Merlin that this was not the time her unborn baby chose to mess with her magic, Ginny stood slowly, moving towards the oven, wondering what it was that she was going to find as she peered in. The gasp that took place equaled the yelp from earlier as she quickly pulled the oven door open, shooting a jet of water into the thing to extinguish the fire.

“Please please tell me that is not my notebook?” She muttered, levitating the smoldering thing out and onto the floor. This was not going to be good if Ginny found out who it was that had put her precious notebook into the oven to help make the fire 'brighter'. Turning to stare at Fred, a glare on her face, Ginny had to force herself to remember that he was only three. Even though he had been the one to point it out... this was going to be interesting. “Fred Weasley. Tell me why it is that my notebook ended up in the fire? Both James and Albus know how important this is to me... so why was it that it ended up there?” The pregnant woman felt like she was going to throw something and instead folded her arms, looking at the children and not realizing that her voice had attracted a small crowd from the next room. Charlie stepped forward, placing hands on her shoulders.

“Gin. Calm down yeah? You don't know that it was them and I really don't think that three two year olds and a three year old are going to open an oven they've been told not to and stick your notebook in. Was there something important in that?”

“Yes there was something important in it! My column was in it! Finished and ready to be turned in!” Ginny practically howled, shrugging her brother's hands off of her shoulders, eyes finding a sniggering Teddy in the back as Charlie shrugged.

“I just think you're barking up the wrong tree Gin. I don't think that these kids did it.” Charlie stated firmly, glancing at his nieces and nephews as Ginny nodded.

“I think you're right Charlie. Ted Lupin. Come here now.” The sniggers stopped as Ginny raised an eyebrow, watching the ten year old move towards her. “Tell me what happened here.” There was no question that the boy paled this time before shaking his head.

“The fire was going out. I needed to put something in it and the notebook looked like it was old and finished. I'm very sorry Aunt Ginny.” He actually looked it as Ginny watched him, pursing her lips in a way that reminded her of her mother dealing with her older brothers when she was little. Merlin! She was turning into her mother!

“Teddy. The fire was magical and enchanted. It didn't need paper added to it. You will go up to your room and will be lucky if you get that Weird Sister's t-shirt you wanted for Christmas at this rate.” Teddy opened his mouth as if to argue and Ginny's glare grew. “Don't argue. Both your grandmother and Harry will hear about this when they get back. And I can assure you that they will not be sympathetic with you fiddling with fire and destroying my work. Go now.” She didn't even bother to stay watching him as she turned to the group she'd gotten annoyed with minutes earlier.

“I'm sorry guys. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time I think...” That and the hormones really were getting to her as she glanced at Charlie. “Could you take them all back in there? I need a moment.”

Her brother laughed slightly before nodding and shepherding the gang into the lounge while Ginny sank into a chair, eyes fixed on the destroyed notebook. She really didn't know what she was going to do now... only that she had a deadline. Something had to be done quickly as Ginny sighed and pulled out her wand, conjuring a semi-decent notebook in front of her. At the very least she could try and undo the damage done by writing another column. Even though she was certain it would never be as good as the one that still sat smoldering slightly on the floor. That was just life she supposed. Life and the chaos of the Burrow.

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Chaos on the way to Christmas: Chapter One


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