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Ade's magical awakening. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 1 : who am I????
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A/N. This is a short story prequel to Son of Potter vs. Son of Bellatrix to try and explain abit about the magical awakening of Ade Lacumba. Please read and do a review at the end.


Ade was your average child born of average parents in an average village. Little did he realise that one day he would be called upon to save two worlds and bring them closer together, uniting them as one. He was born to a prophecy which stated,

Now, Ade never considered himself to be anything special. He knew of the prophecy from the first time he could really understand the meaning of words, but never put any real meaning to it. All he wanted was to be a normal kid and have fun with his friends.

He grew into a tall (he took after his father in the height department) lanky youth, already standing at 5’ 2” with short wiry Black hair and dark brown eyes.

Ade (full name Adegoke, but Ade for short) Lacumba was the first son of Adejola (father) and Adekunbi (mother), and he had one younger brother called Adekola and a younger sister called Ademidun. Ade belonged to the Yoruba Tribe who was from the Kwara State in the South Western region of Nigeria

One day, not long after he had reached the age of ten, something happened that amazed his young mind. He was out wandering just beyond the boundary of his village (he was always an independent young man) walking passed a jutting out piece of rock. When all of a sudden two lions suddenly appeared from what seemed like nowhere, one in front and one behind him. Ade stopped and stared at one and then the other lion as they slowly approached, looking around he found that he’d somehow managed to back himself into a dead end ravine with no visible way of escaping. He was trembling inside with what seemed like fear, and was wondering how he was going to get himself out of this awkward situation. The fear that he was feeling was borderline between panic and total hysteria. 
Both the lions seemed to sense the mounting fear and were snarling louder and licking their lips (it was plain to see that they were planning to have Ade for their evening meal).

Ade may have been scared but for some reason he didn't really show any outward signs of fear, though he was thinking to himself, 'I wish there was some way to make these lions understand that I do not mean any harm to them and also that I love and respect all animals and also that I don’t want to be eaten.

Just after Ade had been thinking those thoughts the lions suddenly stopped their snarling and after looking at each other, slowly started to approach Ade. And to his amazement both of them suddenly started to rub themselves against his legs and were making what sounded like purring noises (just like any domesticated cat) that seemed to rumble from deep down their throats. Ade decided to take a chance and slowly and very carefully bent down and started to stroke their necks. Ade was rewarded with the two of them giving his face a quick lick. At one point he could have sworn that he had heard a voice say 'were sorry little one, we didn't know who you were, please forgive us'.

By now the day was starting to settle on the horizon and Ade knew that he had to get back. So turning back to the lions he said 'sorry my friends, but I must go back to my village before it gets too dark'. And again he heard a voice say, 'we will escort you safely to the village boundary'.

So Ade walked along (with one lion on either side of him) along the same path that he'd come along earlier and soon reached the outskirts of his families village. He paused and bent down beside his two new friends and put his arms around their necks burying his face into their silky, velvety necks and whispered 'thank you for not eating me' and again he heard a voice say.

'We could never eat or harm you in any way, you have been chosen by the being that created all living things and if any harm were to befall thee there would be dire straits. Now go little one, and if at anytime you need help just simply call the names Kumba and Siska and one (or both) of us will come to you. We are your appointed protectors from now on'. And with that both lions turned and bounded back into the wilderness and darkness leaving a very puzzled young man wondering 'WHO AM I?' and 'WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?'
I hope you enjoyed the opener for my short story. Please show how much you loved it by leaving a review. Many thanks.




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