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Enemies with Benefits by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 9 : Brother-Sister Talks
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“Has anyone seen my beige plaid scarf that has red, black, and white on it?” I asked while frantically digging through my trunk.


“Where was the last place you had it?” Sydney asked as she adjusted her wool olive green hat.


Why do people ask questions like that when somebody is missing something? Obviously I don’t remember if I’m bloody searching for it.


“I have no idea,” I muttered, and threw various pieces of clothing across the room.


I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t I just wear a different scarf to Hogsmeade?


Well, Mason bought me that expensive Burberry scarf last Christmas, and for some reason he’s like a really annoying and pushy great aunt that enjoys seeing you in things that she bought as gifts for you.


I’m wearing my black peacoat and dark wash jeans, plus the Ralph Lauren scarlet V neck cashmere sweater that he got me for Christmas two years ago, the pearl earrings that he got me for my birthday last year, and black Ugg boots that he gave me when I got seven O.W.Ls.


So basically, he’s going to have a complete spazzer when he sees me. He’ll probably die from joyous overload.


I honestly don’t know how he affords such expensive things on the salary of working in a bar at Diagon Alley. I mean he has the money that my parents left to all of us, but most of his portion went to paying for Healing school.


I think he just feels bad that Tosh and I can’t stay with him during Christmas and summer vacations because his flat is too small and we have to stay with our evil aunt, uncle, and cousin.


And no lie, they are all evil. Especially Greta.


She’s my age, and ever since we moved in with them after my parents died when I was nine, she’s been a complete bitch.


It might have something to do with the fact that I accidentally turned her bunny into a rotten carrot after it bit me, but that’s beside the point.


Greta would always tell my aunt and uncle about shit that I’d do that wasn’t true in the least bit. She told them that I stole her gold locket, and then put it in my sock drawer so when they went searching through my things, I got screamed at and punished for a week.

Total bullocks.


“Did you look underneath your mattress?” Roxy asked as wrapped her own navy blue scarf around her neck.


“Right, because I came into the room, commando rolled across my bed, and hid my scarf underneath my mattress. Unless I’m a lot more fun than I think I am, then I don’t think that happened.”


“Well, I never said that you had to commando roll,” Roxy grinned and I rolled my eyes.


“Why don’t you just accio it?” Heidi pointed out reasonably without turning around from the mirror as she applied her mascara.


Damn, why didn’t I think at that? I looked at Heidi in surprise because she normally wasn’t the one to think of smart ideas.


“Accio Dessie Blazer’s Burberry scarf!” I exclaimed, waved my wand, and all of the sudden, my scarf came flying out from underneath my mattress and into my hands.


Sydney, Heidi, and I all looked at a grinning Roxanne with raised eyebrows. “Told you it was under the mattress!”


I just shook my head, and wrapped the scarf around my neck.


I discovered a long time ago that it is best not to ask when it comes to Roxanne.



“Well if it isn’t my long lost little sister!” Mason exclaimed and grinned as he slid in the empty side of the booth across from me.


My face instantly broke out into a huge smile when I saw him. He just had that sort of vibe that made you happy when you were around him.


“Well if it isn’t my long lost big brother!” I said, and reached across the table to give him a hug.


Little known fact about my brother: He gives the best hugs ever, even when you have a huge wooden thing separating you.


That’s what she said. Get it? Huge wooden thing?


Holy Merlin, I’m hilarious.


“So what’s new? How are you doing in school? How’s Tosh? What did you want to tell me about him? Is he still getting into trouble like every single day? Hey, you’re wearing the clothes I got you! How are Roxy, Heidi, and Sydney doing? Are you still fighting with Fred? TELL ME THINGS!”


Mason said all of this in less than ten seconds with an extremely eager look on his face.


Note to self: Older brother is insane. Don’t hang out with him in the near future.


“One at a time, love. My brain only works so fast.” I answered, smiling. I seriously missed him way too much.


“Alright then, I’ve been dying to know what the awful thing that Tosh did that you talked about in your letter, so let’s start off with that.”


I held out my pinkie to him, “You have to swear that you won’t tell anybody what I’m about to tell you, okay? Nobody.”


He wound his pinkie around my own, “I swear that I will not tell anybody what you’re about to tell me, and if I lie, then stick a needle in my eye.”


I never understand the concept of adding that extra part to the pinkie swear. I mean, it’s not as if anybody actually takes a needle and shoves it into the lying bastard’s face. That’s just a tad harsh.


“You better sit down for this one,” I said, making the situation ten times more dramatic because I very rarely had anything interesting that I got to tell people.


“I already am sitting down.” Mason pointed out.


Damn you, logic.


I frowned at him, “It’s a figure of speech, you git.”


“Well, it didn’t make much sense.”


“It’s not supposed to make sense.”


“Then why say it?”


“Because I felt like it. Can I just get on with it?” I growled.


“Please do,” Mason grinned.


As much of a great person that he is, he still is a big brother and enjoys annoying the shit out of his little sister.


“Tosh is going to be a daddy.” I told him, after taking a deep breath, and nervously bit my lip, waiting for what he’d think.




“You’re kidding me, right?”


I shook my head sadly, and Mason thrust his hands into his dark hair. “Who the hell did he knock up?”


“You can’t tell Landon,” Was all I needed to say for his eyes to widen.


Heidi?” He asked in shock, and I nodded.


We sat in silence for a couple of minutes while he sat there and processed it all. “Are they going to keep the baby?”


“Tosh doesn’t even know yet. She’s afraid to tell him.”


“Well, she’s going to have to tell him eventually!”


“No shit, Sherlock. I think Tosh will figure it out eventually when the little sucker pops out nine months from night they shagged with his bright green eyes and her blonde hair!”


“Damn, that’s going to be an attractive child.”


“Not the point, Mason.”


It is so true though. That kid is going to be a fucking genetic hero.


“Has Heidi seen a Healer yet or McCarthy? How many months is she?” Mason said, pulling a concerned looking face.


Oh dear, his Healerness is coming alive.


“She’s almost three months, and we’re forcing her to see McCarthy sometime this week.”


Mason stared out the window, his warm, brown eyes deep in thought. “You do realize that we are going to be short a sibling when Landon finds out, right?”


“That’s why you can’t tell Landon. I don’t want to plan a funeral anytime soon.”


He smiled slightly, and said, “Let’s change the subject. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”


That’s one of the things that Mason and I definitely have in common. We tend to push unpleasant or difficult things away to deal with later.


Some may call it procrastination in certain cases, but I like to think of it as prioritizing or simply ignoring.


Sounds much better.


“Okay then,” I started and paused before saying, “Can I ask you a hypothetical question?”


“Shoot,” He said, gesturing with his hands for me to continue.


“Let’s say that you hated someone for your entire life because this person is a complete an utter git not to mention a stupid prat. Like every time you saw this person, you just got angry. This person just annoyed the absolute shit out of you just by walking in the bloody room.” I started, and Mason opened his mouth but I silenced him with a look that clearly said ‘shut the fuck up, this is my time to talk’.


“Then one day, this person just starts snogging you as if he fucking owned the world and could snog anybody that he bloody wanted.” I scowled, starting to get irritated as I thought about Weasley and his stupid, infuriating, sexy smirk.


“And the he has the audacity to ask to be snog buddies when it’s clear that he can’t stand to be in your presence unless he’s bloody sucking your face off, but of course you agree. Why? Well, one, because you’re extremely stupid. Two, because you haven’t been snogged since your total arse of a boyfriend dumped you because you wouldn’t fuck him. And three, because the bloke you hate, despite being a total fuck up, can actually snog extremely well.” I said, breathing heavily, and looking at Mason for the first time during my rant.


I couldn’t tell what the hell was going on in his head. It looked like a cross between confused, angry, protective, and possibly slightly amused, but very, very slightly.


“So I guess what I’m asking is, is it wrong to be snogging someone that you don’t like, and that doesn’t like you in anyway other than your ability to snog?”


“I can’t decide between killing Fred or killing Adam.” Mason growled, his face darkening. “He really dumped you because you wouldn’t have sex with him?”


I nodded dismissively. “Just answer the question!” I demanded.


“You’re really asking your older brother whether or not he thinks his little sister should snog some bloke that doesn’t treat her properly and that she’s not even dating?” Mason asked, raising his eyebrows. “Are you really that stupid?”


“This is a hypothetical situation.” I pointed out weakly, and Mason shot me a look that said ‘yeah, you definitely are that stupid’.


“You do realize that snogging leads to other things, and other things lead to Tosh’s and Heidi’s situation. Even if you are only snogging right now, both your and Fred’s hormones could get the best of you one day, and…”


Barf. Hurl. Puke. Vomit. Throw up. Gag.


“You are not going to have the sex talk with me!” I exclaimed with a horrified look on my face.


“You don’t understand the repercussions that could happen!”


“I don’t understand? My best friend is pregnant with our brother’s child…I think I understand perfectly well.” I snapped, my eyes narrowing. “And don’t be such an arse! How old were you when you lost your virginity?”


My brother was suddenly very interested in his butterbeer.


“How old, Mr. Responsible?” I asked, folding my arms across my chest.


“Fifteen.” He muttered so quietly that I barely heard it.


“Exactly, so you can’t say shit. I can go shag the entire population of Hogwarts if I want to.” I said, and our waiter gave me a very creepy wink as he delivered our food.




“I was actually in a committed relationship, little miss-let-me-go-snog-my-worst-enemy!”


Pfft. Him and Megan dated for like three months. That barely even counts as a relationship.


“So you’re telling me that you haven’t shagged anyone since you and Emma broke up over a year ago?” I asked disbelievingly.


No way that he could hold out that long. My brother may be very sweet and nice with girls, but he couldn’t go a year without shagging one…I mean, he’s a bloke, come on.


“That’s beside the point,” Mason mumbled.


Everyone, meet my brother, Mason, aka the biggest hypocrite on the face of the universe.


“You’re a prat,” I said and aimed a sharp kick at him underneath the table.


“It was only once!” He said quickly, thought about it for a moment, and then added, “Okay, maybe twice…actually a few times…”


I stared at him in a mixture of annoyance and frustration. “So is this all with the same person or do you just pick up random slags at different bars all across London?”


“It’s with the same person! I’m not Tosh for Merlin’s sake!” He exclaimed indignantly.


“Who then? Do I know her?”


“You might have met her once or twice,” Mason muttered, and busied himself in drowning his fries in ketchup so he didn’t have to look me in the eyes.


“Who?” I demanded, and kicked him again.


He grimaced in pain, and mumbled barely audibly, “Molly.”


I felt my jaw drop open in surprise, which I thought was something that only happened in movies.


Molly Weasley, Mason, and Landon have all been best friends since they started Hogwarts when they were eleven.


Like for reals, they did everything together, and Molly and Mason were practically attached at the hip.


Both in Ravenclaw. Took all the same classes. On the same quidditch team. Both Chasers. Both prefects. Head boy and Head girl. Both going to Healing School.


Molly is seriously perfect too. She’s hilarious, gorgeous, friendly, smart, athletic, and just an all around nice person. I always tried to get my idiot of a brother to date her, but his dumb arse always insisted that they were just mates.


Lies! Lies! Lies! I mean, the fucker is off shagging her every other day apparently! That’s not what I call just mates…


“How many times did you shag her?”


“I dunno. The first time we were both smashed…”


“Nice. Very classy,” I snorted.


And I always thought Tosh was the pratty one out of my brothers. Then again, he did knock up my best friend so he probably does still hold that title.


Mason ignored me, and continued with his tale of how he recently became a butthole. “And then the next time, I was over at her flat, she had just gotten out of the shower, and she was just in a towel. I only have so much self-control, so you can probably guess what happened next.” He said, and I grimaced with disgust.


“And then the third time, she just randomly started snogging me and taking off my clothes…”


“I really don’t need to hear any more,” I cut him off, trying to hold back the food that I just digested. “So is she your girlfriend now?”


Mason squirmed nervously. “Not exactly.”


“Are you still shagging her?”


“This really isn’t something that I want to discuss with my baby sister…”


“Are you still shagging her?” I repeated more forcefully, and kicked him for the third time.


“Yes, okay, yes!” He replied quickly, and grabbed his leg, his eyes watering in pain.


What a little shit.


“So you’re not dating her, but you’re shagging her?” I clarified, my voice sounding extremely annoyed. “How is that any different from what I’m doing with Weasley besides the fact that I’m only snogging him?”


Mason glared at me and said, “How about the fact that I actually like Molly and she likes me back, and she’s been my best friend for years?”


I was about to respond, but he cut me off by saying, “Or maybe because I’m an adult and I can do whatever the fuck I want!”


“I’m an adult too, dumbarse. I’m seventeen.” I pointed out with a scowl on my face.


Dipshit couldn’t even remember my age.


“I know you’re seventeen, but you’re still in Hogwarts, and you’re still my baby sister. I don’t want you to get hurt with what you’re doing,” Mason said, his voice suddenly sounding unbearably sweet.


I hate when he gets sentimental on me. I’m the girl the family; shouldn’t I be the sentimental one?

“How would I get hurt?” I asked, confused. “We’re just snogging, everything else between us is completely normal. We still fight almost every single day, and he still annoys the shit out of me.”


“Are you really that naïve? One of you guys is going to end up falling for the other one.” Mason said seriously, and I had the strongest urge to laugh.


Weasley falling for me? That’s a negative. And me falling for Weasley? That’s impossible.


“Yeah right,” I scoffed. “That’ll never happen.”


“Keep thinking that, love. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.” Mason said in an obnoxiously patronizing voice, and leaned back in the booth with a slightly worried expression on his face. 


Mason definitely has the gift of leaving you feeling something completely different than what you were feeling ten minutes before engaging a conversation with him.


It’s one of the few things that I absolutely despise about him.



Heyyooo! So this chapter was originally planned to be longer and I actually have the second part of it half way finished but I wanted to get part of the chapter out to you guys now rather than having you wait another week. So yeahh.


How do you all like Mason? Was he what you expected him to be or was he different? Any favorite quotes, parts, areas, snippets? HUH? HUH? HUH? How did you like the chapter in general? Please review to let me know! Reviews are like tacos in my very hungry tummy. Dammit, now I really want a taco…AHH.


And the next chapter should be coming out very very soon because I already have it part of the way written so yay! QUICK UPDATES FTW!


Until next time, my beautiful readers.


Oh PS, it’s my papa’s birthday today so everybody mentally wish him a happy birthday…just kidding, that’s kind of creepy. Just ignore that. 

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