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Nine Lives? by Zora Weasley
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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I don´t own anything of the story.

In the beginning my life was not very eventful. I lived in a room with lots of other animals. I and my siblings were together in a thing we couldn´t go out and which I later learned was a cage. Till one day when my live made a dramatic changed I had never seen an other place, nor had I imagined one. My mum lived there too, but she died soon after my siblings and I were born, so I never learned where she came from or heard about the world behind the other cages and the window where we could often see Big Ones pass.

Sometimes a few of the Big Ones came in and walked around and they often took some of the others with them. Most of them took owls. I hate those birds. They are so arrogant and always brag that they deliver thinks. Why would you brag about that? I`d rather lie around or play than deliver mail.

So the day my live changed started of like any other day. The Big One who always brought us food and sometimes played a little bit with us, had just given us some food and I was playing with my sister, when the door opened and four Big Ones entered.

Two of them were smaller than the other two. The smaller ones seemed to be the kittens of the bigger ones. Both of the kittens and one of the big ones had red fur on their had, one kitten long and the other two had short fur, and the other big one had brownish fur on its head, it was long and was sticking in all directions.

The food person went to them, he seemed more exited about them than he usually was about the other Big Ones.

They walked around the room and looked at the others, especially the owls and I went back chasing my sister around the cage. But suddenly they were standing in front of us. Startled by their sudden appearance I decided to run in the far corner of the cage.

But as I was sitting there I noticed that only three of them where standing in front if me. One of the smaller ones was missing.

Then I felt a hand coming from above me, stoking my head. It felt very nice so I rolled on my back and the hand continued to stroke me on my tummy. I felt so comfortable that I started to to purr a little bit.

The human kitten stopped stroking, ran around the cage to the others and started speak with the bigger ones.

“Mummy I want to have the little black one in the corner. It is so cute. Please, please, pretty please??” she squeaked.

The Big One with the brown fur looked down to her and smiled “But Rosie I thought you wanted to have an owl. So that you can write us letters from school.”

Always those stupid owls. I turned around to look at a particularly annoying owl in the next cage. She hooted a little bit at me and shot me an glance as if she was about to pick me with her big, curved beak. I was glad that we were both in a cage.

I had apparently missed a part of the peoples conversation, because suddenly another set of big hands came into the cage and piked me up. And seconds later I was looking into big blue eyes. Those big hands were not as nice as the smaller hands of the kitten, they were not as gentle and they didn`t pet me. So I made the only possible move and hit my claws in the hand. Like I had expected the mouth belonging to the hands screamed a little bit in surprise and the hand put me down in the cage again.

The Big One with the red fur now turned to the rest of them “ I don´t think that is a good idea. I don´t want Rose to have a crazy cat too. I think I had enough of that with your Crookshanks in school”

“You know that Crookshanks wasn´t crazy. I think Rose can choose whatever pet she wants. You won´t see the cat that often, she is going to be in Hogwarts most of the year.” the one with the bushy fur said and then turned to the kittens. “ I think you can have the cat. You can always borrow one of your cousins owls to write us.”

“Thanks mum” the little one giggled “and dad” she added after a second.

“Well, seems like I can´t do anything against those cat-lovers in the family” he smiled towards the the mum.

After that thinks happened really fast. I was picked up once again and someone, I don´t remember who out me in a basket, I was carried around for a while and when the basket was opened again I was in a place that I had never seen before.

I hope you liked my first chapter. It´s the first time I´m trying to write something longer than one chapter and I would love to hear any oppinions about it (good and bad). So please, please, please rewiew.

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