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Inside Your Heart by ClearAsCrystalrEyes
Chapter 1 : The Dropped Letter
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Disclaimer: I own nothing besides the plot. Everything that belongs in this story is all thanks to the very wonderful J.K. Rowling who made the Harry Potter books. 


Chapter One: The Dropped Letter


“Ronald! Harry!” I yelled outside through the tears. I couldn’t believe they had just left me.

I had been having trouble sleeping that night, like most nights, and heard voices downstairs. So naturally I got up to check it out.

When I reached the bottom step and walked towards the kitchen, where the voice were coming from, I saw Ron and Harry standing near the kitchen table, writing something down in the dark with light illuminating from their wands. When they heard me they looked up and their eyes went wide. My eyes wandered down to the piece of parchment and then to the bags on the floor that were stuffed full.

“Where do you think you two are going?” I asked, barely above a whisper.

“Hermione, er, we were-uh-” Ron started to say.

“You were leaving weren’t you? Without me. Without even telling me! You were just going to leave and leave me here; even after everything we’ve been through.” I said, my voice rising slightly.

“’Mione, it’s not like that.” Ron said, trying to walk towards me.

“It’s exactly like that Ron! Don’t you dare try to lie to me. I thought that after the war we could all just relax for once and be friends without having to worry about getting killed or about Harry never coming back to us.”

“Hermione,” Harry said, “Keep your voice down. Everyone else is still sleeping.”

I glared at Harry, “I thought we were going to stick together until the end.”

“Hermione- you have your whole life planned out, you know who you are and you know that you want to be a Healer. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

“Harry- you’re still Harry. You haven’t just changed overnight.” I told him, my voice becoming softer.

“But that’s exactly what it feels like now that I’ve defeated Voldemort.”

“So what are you going to do?” I asked, tears forming in my eyes. By this point I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop them, but I had to try. I had to. I couldn’t just let my two best friends leave me.

“I- I don’t know.”

“Oh well that’s brilliant. Wandering off in the world on your own-”

“He isn’t going alone ‘Mione.” Ron interrupted me.

“Without a proper plan- it’s suicide. There’s still deatheaters out there Harry. The ministry hasn’t caught them all.” I continued, ignoring Ron.

“Hermione, we’ll be fine. I promise you.”

“No Harry.”

“What?” both he and Ron asked surprised.

“I said no. You can’t promise that you’ll be fine.”

“I don’t break my promises.”

“Harry- that isn’t a promise that you can exactly keep, you never know what might happen. You could fall ill or anything!” I shrieked, desperate.

“Fine- go up and pack your stuff. Like you said, we’ll always stick together.”

“Blimey Harry, have you gone mad?” Ron asked.

“Oh shut up Ron.” I told him, a smile tugging on my lips knowing that our friendship would last. I told them not to move and went to go up the stairs to pack my stuff. I was only on the third step when I heard Ron and Harry quickly moving. I paused, knowing that they weren’t actually going to leave me. Who would be so silly as to sneak out on someone when they were still there? I went up two more steps when I saw them go out of the kitchen and quickly run to the door with their bags firmly in hand.

“How dare you!” I yelled at them.

Harry dropped the piece of paper on the floor and both he and Ron ran outside as I followed quickly behind them, but before I could do anything they had disappeared and I was standing outside in the cold, dark night with tears streaking my face.

“Ronald! Harry!” I yelled outside through the tears as if my yelling would make them come back. I couldn’t believe they had just left me. Especially after everything we’d all been through. We had never abandoned each other. Not once. Yet here they were leaving me here at the Burrow- and it wasn’t only me they were leaving. They were leaving all their other friends behind.

I crumpled up on the ground, hugging my knees to my chest, crying- no sobbing would be the word. I had just lost my two best friends who knew everything about me, who were always there for me. But obviously things had changed after the war. Of course it was obvious; I was just trying so hard to make everything between us go back to normal, but normal wasn’t something we were exactly used to.

After what felt like eternity I finally picked myself from off the ground and went back inside the Burrow. When I closed the door I saw the note that Harry had dropped and slowly bent down to pick it up. On the folded piece of parchment my name was written in Harry’s handwriting. I quickly unfolded it and read.

Dear Hermione,

Please don’t hate us for what we are about to do to you. Ron thought it best if we wrote you a separate note explaining ourselves a little bit more. We’re only leaving because we feel like we’ve lost meaning in who we are. Especially me- ‘Mione, you know better than anyone what I’ve tried to do to keep the world safe from Voldemort and now that he’s been destroyed I don’t know what my purpose in life is anymore. I know you’re probably thinking to yourself that I’ve always wanted to be a normal kid- to do normal stuff, but I don’t even know where to begin.

I talked to Ron and we decided it would be best to get away from everyone for awhile. I would have asked you, but you know what you want to do. You already have most of your life planned out. I know you were expecting Ron and me to be a part of it, but for right now we’re going to leave you be.

I hope you understand ‘Mione and I know that even if you don’t you’ll try to, because that’s just the kind of person you are. You want to learn to understand and I know that you’ll be fine on your own without us. It might be weird in the beginning, but know that life will go on without us.

With love,
Harry and Ron

P.s.- Hermione go and do what you love and what you know is right. We’ll miss you, buddy.

I dropped the letter to the ground and the tears started again. I ran up the steps and all the way up to Ron’s bedroom where Harry was staying with him. I figured it was just a nasty joke that they were playing. A very, very nasty joke. But when I reached their bedroom reality finally sunk in. They really had left me.

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Inside Your Heart: The Dropped Letter


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