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Lord Voldemort's Niece by just_wondering
Chapter 2 : The Sorting Hat
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Scorpius, who was holding Catheline by the hand, was making his way through the students to find a free compartment. That wasn’t really a hard job as most stepped back around them. A big part were warned from their parents to avoid the girl whose last name was Black.

When they finally managed to find a free spot, Scorpius and Catheline slipped into the compartment and closed the door. Then they settled next to the window, one against the other, and gazed without saying a word.

- So.. – the young Malfoy came forward. – In which house do you wanna go? I will proudly be in Slytherin like my father. – he leaned back, his position and his face reminded of Draco when he was still a first-year.

She smiled, but it was definitely not sincerely, more like ironically:

- I will be there too. There’s no way I’m not.

- You don’t seem glad to be here. – he noticed.

- Scorpius, half of the people here, and more, are not pureblood. How could I communicate with them? – there was contempt in her voice.

- I understand. But we will find friends, worthy enough for us. Trust me. – he noded satisfied.

In that very moment someone opened the door and they turned around.

- Here are some more first-years. – a boy told his companions.- You must know that you have no business with the older ones. – he pointed them with one finger, thinking that he was scary. The show didn’t bothered the girl though.

- Sorry, what’s your name?

The stranger strained back and proudly answered:

- James. James Potter.

Scorpius faced his girlfriend, whose eyes screwed up with contempt. His father also thought that the Potters were extremely vexing but this boy was older than him and you could tell that he was a bit frightened. Unlike Kate. She thought she could even sense the muggle lineage of his grandmother.

In the next moment James’es sleeve went up in flames and he started putting out the fire with his other arm. He wouldn’t have managed to blow it out though if Catheline didn’t enable that.

- Hey! – he looked at her angrily but kept silent when he saw her stone-like-face and shut the door after he ran out.

Scorpius smiled and broke the silence:

- Good job.

- Traitor. – she said stucked-up.


James Potter left wrathful and spoke to his friends:

- Who’s that? This is the first time I see her and she dares kidding with me. Does she have any idea who I am?? – he was angry and scared but managed to hide the second.

- It looks as if that’s Catheline Black. – the second boy came forward.

James turned around startled:

- Is this her? – he had sensed that. He had read about her in the newspaper. He had even heard a conversation between his parents about her. She was mighty and he was wrong trying to joke with her. He understood that now. He had got that as soon as he looked into her blue eyes.


Albus and Rose were sitting alone in the compartment and were talking about the school, about magic with excitement, when James opened the door.

- Oh, James. – Albus has not hoped that he will see his brother this soon. He loved to be with his friends in school and Al thought he would be with them now.

- Albus, Rose, listen. Don’t mess with Black, got it?

- Why, what’s happened?

- Just don’t. You hear me?

They nodded and he left.

- I wonder what has happened. – Rose said.


Like all first years, these also sailed in boats to the gorgeous castle of Hogwarts. The fortress who was hiden for the eyes of the muggles was now shining and urging them to reach it faster. With the opening of the doors everyone felt at home and, just like home, they were invited to join for dinner. But before that Headmaster McGonagall welcomed them and  said a few words. After that she invited the newarrivals and the ceremony began.

The famous Sorting Hat which would define their House. There were only a few kids before Harry’s son.

- Albus Severus Potter. – shouted Professor McGonagall and the young Potter came forward.

- Oh. Potter. – the Hat talked which startled Albus a bit but he quickly came to his senses. – I still remember when I sorted your father. Yes, I had doubts about him. But, when it comes to you, I think I have not. GRIFFINDOR! – it shouted and Albus stood up. Happy and satisfied he ran over to his brother who applauded him along with the others.

As they were going in alphabetical order they had to wait a lot till it was Rose’s turn. Before her were lots of kids, some of which were familiar with Albus but other’s totally unknown. Finally Professor McGonagall reached a name, everyone were waiting to hear for.

- Catheline Black.

All of a sudden it was quiet as the girl proudly walked forward and sat down. The Sorting Hat was placed on her head and she was waiting, holding her breath. She knew how important it was for her parents to be in Slytherin.

- Do you see her? – a boy asked and pointed at Katie with contempt.

- Is this her? – the other wondered and looked at her with disgust.

- Yeah. Gross. – he wrinkled.

Catheline heard lots of similar comments but raised her head nevertheless.

- Hmm.. – the head muttered, variation in its voice. – I see a battle in your heart, young girl.

- Slytherin? – she whispered silently as if to suggest the correct answer.

- SLYTHERIN! – the Sorting Hat shouted and Catheline jumped proudly and ran to her table. Everyone greeted her of the heart but she felt looks from other tables that weren’t so welcoming. Nevertheless she was happy to be in this House. Her parents would be glad too.

Later it was Rose Weasley’s turn.

- GRIFFINDOR! – Ron’s daughter calmed down when she heard that word. She smiled to herself.

Even before touching Scorpius’es head, the Hat shouted “Slytherin” and the boy joined his friend at the table.

- Do you know anyone? – she asked silently. In the clamour the boy barely heard her.

- Yes, a lot. But relax, most of these guys here are pureblood.

- I don’t wanna make a mistake and mess with someone who’s not at my level, Malfoy. – she folded her arms.

- Relax. These are Crabbe and Goyle. – the boy pointed at two boys a little bit further with his head. – Their parents learnt with my father. They are pure.

She raised an eyebrow:

- They don’t seem very clever to me.

- They are not. Isn’t that the best?

She turned around and faced his sly smile. Then she aggreed, nodding. Malfoy was not a fool.

- Why did the Hat doubt with me, what do you think? It shouted “Slytherin” with you without even touching you! – the girl asked insulted.

- I don’t know. What did it say to you anyway?

- That there was some sort of a fight in my heart. What kind of fight could there be? I am desandent of Salazar Slytherin, for Godness sake! – Catheline was filled with indignation.

- I don’t know, Kate. But you’re here, that’s important now.


- Stupid brat. – muttered James when Catheline Black was sorted into Slytherin.

- You were very scared in the train today. – Albus stated, inciting his brother to speak.

- Scared? Me- scared? You are wrong, Al. Just the little brat knows some tricks. – he tried to sneak away but Albus continued:

- What did she do to you?

- She set my sleeve on fire. But I know some spells too, so I got away. – he looked at his younger brother and nodded: But don’t mess with her, okay? You have not been teached yet and we can’t afford to be defeated by Slytherin. If she messes with you, call me. I’ll teach her.

Albus knew that there was stuff that his brother hasn’t told exactly as they are and some, that he has just thought. As a whole, this was more of a tall-story than it was true.

But before he could lose in his thoughts he heard the Hat shouting “GRIFFINDOR” and greeted the new-arrival.


Just a few days later and it was clear who’s who. Rose and Albus had many fans from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and mostly Griffindor. They were set on a pedestal according to their parents’ merits. Everyone looked at them as if they were friends, thought Rose and Albus didn’t know most names.

On the other hand, all slytherins admired Catheline and Scorpius. They believed that the girl was Voldemort’s heiress and listened to her every word. Catheline enjoyed this attentions and managed to twist them all round her little finger. But behind the fictitious veneration there were lots of rebels. Her look was the only thing stopping them from facing her though she was only 11 years old.

The thing that Katie couldn’t achieve, and her uncle mastered- that was the skill to use and manipulate people.

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