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Losing Your Way. by MyMyMiss
Chapter 1 : Day 368.
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Day 368
The Generation.

Two cloaked figures walked quickly along the darkened†pavement and the backstreets of England. Their actions were swift as they moved with haste, keeping a distance from the street lights and sticking close to the shadows. Their faces were hidden from view as they†quickened their pace against the howling wind and rain; their pursuers were closing in fast around them.

As far as the rain and wind went; the night was however,†still.

Clearing the fence of a back alley into the courtyard of the local Burnberry Butcher, they quickened their pace as they ran down the side path and back out onto the street of a normally bustling muggle town.

The cars that thundered along the road with their loud muggle music and the loud obnoxious rap that generally echoed from the over head night club was ceased. Silence greeted the two wizard as they maneuvered their way into the street, pushing past overturned trash cans and broken glass from small business' whose windows were smashed in and bared the dark mark above its residence. They started sprinting down a nearby alleyway, not looking twice at the car that was burning furiously as they passed by.

To say these two shadowy figures were in the midst of hell would be an understatement.

The sound of footsteps travelled to their ears as their footfalls mixed with the sound of their followers. The slim, narrow alleyway echoed with†each step they took almost as if it was laughing at their feeble attempts of escaping their chasers.

The second of the two men suddenly grabbed the first by the arm, causing him to yelp in surprise, and dragged them both down behind an over-flowing dumpster. The smell of garbage and dead bodies was gut-wrenching, yet neither said a word or dared to breathe even the slightest breath for fear of being captured.

The thunderous sound of running feet frightened the two men. They had were out numbered. Both had been walking through the deserted grounds of West Copperfield for the duration of the day. They had been stealthy and had gone unnoticed as they searched for the survivors and buried bodies of those who where no longer among the living.

It was an ill site to look upon. Making their stomachs crawl with every non-moving body they passed. Most of the dead that were found had been women and children. Most had been tortured, others had been killed instantly when bravery over took them and they refused a direct order. Muggles had always been the bravest of races. Wizards where cleverer, but bravery often became their weakness.

Although their efforts where kind at heart, they had been seen. For over eight hours the two hooded figures had been running from their enemies. It was not always a struggle to escape them, as they were very rarely seen in packs of more than four. Yet the first man had his suspicions and believed that for the last few days they had been watched. Always from afar, and followed everywhere they went.

The second man had assumed it was the last remaining death eaters, but the other man, the more wiser of the two, could see differently. He knew these were no death eaters and Voldemort himself had been imprisoned for almost a year, so these were definitely chasers. A few chasers, these men could handle, but fifteen chasers was beyond their capabilities on their own.

The sound of racing footsteps drew closer to the dumpster as the two men gripped their wands tightly. The first signaled for the second to be as quiet as possible as the footsteps came to a standstill on the other side of the rubbish heap.

"You let them escape!" An elderly sounding man roared above the sound of the halting miniature army.

"They couldn't have gone far, Wolloby." A women answered gasping as she caught her breath.

A frustrated cry sounded at the same time a fist banged down against the lid of the dumpster. The two men crouched behind it grew worried as a few of the more ruthless chasers began throwing aside garbage bags and piles of rubbish, searching for the two they had been pursuing.

"Spread out!" The leader of the group, who they now knew was named Wolloby, screamed. "I want that Zabini and Malfoy alive and in my hands by dawn!"

Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini crouched lower to the ground as a few of the chasers ran passed the dumpster and down the side alley back out onto the street they had just followed them down. Holding their breath, they waited patiently as the last remaining chasers left the alley and spread out in search of the two men turning blue behind a dirty, smelly, old dumpster.

Blaise stood up slowly. Sneaking a glance up and down the Alley, Blaise signaled for Draco to stand with him as he carefully stepped out into the Empty Alley, treading lightly as to not bump anything or make any sudden movements that would alert the Chasers back to them.

"That was close" Draco mumbled, dusting off his robes and throwing his hood back off his head.

Blaise nodded in agreement. "I'll say." He said, letting his hood fall back as well. "But we can't linger they'll be back so-"

Blaise stopped his sentence short as he turned around to leave again but found that his path was blocked. Around twenty blue cloaked figures stood tall with their wands raised against Blaise's throat.

Blaise swallowed as he felt Draco's back press against his own. They were surrounded.†They could see at once that these were not the†chasers, as Chasers wore tattered clothing and had rotted teeth, with gruff voices and shaggy hair, Chasers were sly and kept their distance, never appraoching the light unless need be.†No these blue hooded figures were of†another group altogether.

Both pair of eyes darted everywhere, looking for an escape route, but every path seemed barricaded by the army. After months of surviving on their own, they were finally going to be done for.

"Wands down."

The voice that ordered the command seemed to hit each and every person amongst the circle, as they immediately obeyed the order. The crowd parted slightly as the voice who had spoken walked forward toward them.

"We have been looking for you, Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy." The voice of a young male said calmly.

"Who are you?" Blaise asked nervously.

The young man, now circling Blaise and Draco on the inside of the circle, snorted to himself. "Do you not know?" He questioned. "We are an organization, known as the Generation." He said calmly still circling them.

"The Generation?" Draco muttered to himself, reeling over the name as if he had heard it somewhere before.

"I have never heard of such a thing!" Blaise yelled, gripping his wand at his side. "Show yourselfs!"†He Demanded.

The young man, clearly more bold than any in his group,†nodded and†pulled off his hood, flashing them a dazzling smile and raising an eyebrow at their ignorance.

Both boys felt their insides go numb.

"Seamus Finnigan?" Draco asked as he pushed passed Blaise roughly and grasped his old friend by the hand. Seamus smiled and nodded, his eyes turning to a vibrant shade of blue. "It has been too long. Far too long."

Seamus grinned and brought his old friend in for a hug. Both gripped each other tightly as Blaise stood bewildered. He had spotted a†pair of piercing green eyes that would hypnotize any living creature to do her bidding. She was uniquely beautiful and gifted to say the least.

"I'm afraid she wonít remember you." Seamus said, standing next to Blaise and watched as he stared at the figure that was half hidden behind her cloak. "She barely has any recollection of me." He added in nothing more than a whisper.

Draco gazed questionably at the girl the two men were staring at. Could it be? He thought, after all this time youíre still alive?

"Take your hood off my dear, they will not hurt you." Seamus said. The girl nodded politely and removed the offending item, letting her soft brown curls cascade down her back. Blaise blinked as he turned to Seamus in disbelief.

"Hermione Granger?"

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