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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven
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Chapter 11-Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace? Screw That!

A/N: Here it is! Erien’s point of view. Hope you enjoy it.

Song Used: All These Things That I’ve Done By The Killers

It’s getting harder to be around Al and Alli. When they’re together anyway. Being around Alli is better than the best feeling in the world. Even when she tries to deny her obvious feelings for me. Today is the day. Her day. His day. Their day. The blasted wedding day. I can hear all of the girls screaming about and running in and out of the rooms. The blokes have been banished to the rose gardens. We’re all ready, it’s just the girls that have to finish up. Then it’s up to Hogwarts for the wedding of the century.

Fuck. How can I convince her not to marry him if I can’t even see her before the dreaded ceremony? In any case, Al is pacing by the bushes nervously and the others (Kiley, Scorp, and Blaine, and James) are chatting merrily. As if they have not a care in the world. Bastards. “Boys, you have to go now. We’ll meet you down there” Alli’s mum says. She’s dressed in brand new lavender robes and her hair and makeup are perfect. Alli’s still going to be beautiful at her age.

“Alright men, you heard the Missus, let’s move” James said, rounding us all up. We all made our way to the special Portkey that will take us up to Hogsmeade where we will then make our way to Hogwarts for this disaster.

When we finally got there, Al was still as nervous as ever. It’ll be just a matter of time till everyone else gets here. All of the Potter’s and Malfoy’s friends and family are already being seated by the Black lake. The entire place was decorated in an incredibly gaudy and expensive way. Not in Alli’s way. Her’s would have been more simple. I know that now. She’s not into the expensive things I thought she was.

Sometime later, the Bridesmaids showed up. They were all in black dresses. Very classic and simple. I looked over at everyone sitting in the Bride’s section and frowned. Of course my family was invited. Shit. Dad, Mum, Matt, Nikola and their families. I was about to make a fool out of myself in front of my mother. Nice. Everyone was lined up and paired off when the music started playing. I looked down the aisle and there she was.

Absolutely glowing in a white wedding gown. Her hair was done up and a veil placed carefully in the crown of her raven hair. She was utter perfection. I tore my eyes away from her for a second to look at the arsehole lucky enough to have her. He was nervous but, otherwise gazing at her with love in his eyes. Mr. Malfoy looked pretty stoic and Mrs. Malfoy was sniffing into a lace handkerchief.

Fuck, I can’t believe I’m going to do this. I look at her and she looks as nervous as I feel. She’s not looking at me so I can’t catch her eyes, her beautiful violet eyes. Fuck. She reached Al and then placed her small hands in his. They turned to her second cousin Maxwell, who was a recently ordained Minister. Weird. He looked at her and smiled before beginning his long boring wedding thing.

I had to wait for that whole speak now or forever hold your peace crap. But, it was hard to stay focused with so much going on. I looked back at the people who had shown up. In the distance I could see some lingering Hogwarts students, rushing off to get to their next classes. Tamsin was in a little black dress with a basket of flowers, next to her was Night’s daughter Aludra in the exact dress. Her hair was blonde like Tamsin’s today.

“Do you Albus Severus Potter take Allisha Victoria Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded wife?” he asked, staring with his ice-blue eyes.

“I do” Al said, beaming. Goddamnit. Goddamnit. Goddamnit.

“And, do you Allisha Victoria Malfoy take Albus Severus Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband?” he asked her. She looked at him and smiled. But, then she looked at me out of the corner of her eye.

“I do” she said, turning back to Max.

“And if there is anyone who thinks these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace” he said, in a solemn voice. Forever hold my peace? Fuck that!

“I OBJECT!” I yelled, making everyone gasp. Al and Alli turned to me in astonishment.

“Erien what the fuck?” Al asked, crossing his arms. Oh shit. What the Hell was I thinking?

“I love Alli. I can’t let you marry her Al. I’m sorry” I said, making her gape at me. “I just can’t let you marry Al. Not when we’ve connected on a mental, emotional, and physical level” I said, making Al turn to look at her.

“Alli, what is he talking about?” Al asked, staring hard at her.

“Eh…Well…a couple months ago…we sort of…I can’t do this!” she cried, running off.

“ALLI!” We both yelled. Scorpius and Al both looked at me with such disgust that I almost flinched.

“Back off Flint” Al growled, before running after her. I ran a hand through my hair and turned to see stars. I found myself on the floor and looked up. Scorpius hit me. I can’t believe he actually hit me. He didn’t say anything. He just turned away and went over to where Rose was standing in shock. I stood and ran in the direction Al and Alli ran before, I ran into another fist.

“I can’t believe you shagged him! Did these past five years mean nothing to you?” he yelled, as she continued to cry. Her makeup was running down her face, mascara tears and she was still the most beautiful woman.

“Erien means nothing to me Al! You’re the one that I want to be with!” she cried. My heart stopped at her words and I felt the air in my chest tighten. I couldn’t breathe. I felt my entire world collapsing. It’s weird for me to say that but…it’s what was going through my mind as she tried to convince him that I was absolutely nothing and no one in her life.

“Then why the fuck did you shag him?” he asked, turning his back on her. She looked completely shattered as he walked out on her. I stood for a moment as she cried out to him. But, he didn’t turn back. I walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. I wanted to comfort her. I didn’t want her to cry or feel broken.

I exhaled a breath I’d had no idea I was holding. “Alli..I-“


He gave me cold hard stare before stroking Alli’s hair and murmuring something in her ear. She had her arms tightly around his waist and suddenly I felt as though I wanted to punch him. I wanted to be the one with my arms around her, soothing her..kissing her. “I think it’s best if you leave now, Flint,” he said, in a voice as cold as his stare. I wanted to stay but, I knew better.

Maybe I should have held my peace. Then I’d still have her in my life, to some degree. Now, I don’t even have Al and Scorpius. Do I even have Blaine? Probably not, he’s close to Alli too. I have no one now, my parents are probably too ashamed to speak to me and my bro and sis are probably just as ashamed.

I should have known better than to love a Malfoy, especially one who was taken. Now I’ve screwed not only her life but, Al’s and Tamsin’s too. I’m just the shittiest bloke alive. No wonder no one wanted me. Even Patricia looks murderous. I’d have to slip out the back way to avoid an angry mob.

Such is the life of a Flint.

A/N: Well there it is. I wasn’t too happy on the whole with it but, I decided to finish it here. No sense in dragging it out. Hopefully you liked it, if not well hopefully I’ll have better luck with the next chapter.

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