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Moving Along... Together by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 3 : New Potions Partners
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Chapter 3- New Potions Partners

We all headed to Potions together. Remus, Sirius, Peter and I took the back row seats. Alora sat in front of Remus, Alisha sat in front of Sirius on the left of Alora and Evans sat in front of me which was on the right of Alora. Alice went to sit with Frank. I lend over to Sirius, “your future wife is sitting in front of you.” I just got a smack in the head when Sirius saw Alisha in front of him.

I was about to compliment Evans for her gorgeousness today but by time Professor Slughorn arrived. “Don’t get too comfortable in your seats because you are going to be asked to be seated next to your new partner.” He said staring right at us. “Longbottom, Sparrow. Lupin, White. Anderson, Jones. Black, Moore” it was all great for Lily until my name got called out. “Potter and Evans” my frown turned into a widely spreaded grin.

“WHAT!” I heard her immediately gasp. “Umm Sir “ she stared at Slughorn with shocked facial expressions.

Was I really that bad?

“I chose you with Mr Potter miss Evans because I completely trust you to work with him. I know you won’t fool around Miss Evans and I hope I have made the correct decision.” He mumbled looking from me to her.

“Yes sir” she replied. I still couldn’t gather what was happening. Did I James Potter just get placed as a potions partner for Lily Evans? I got up and walked towards her desk and placed my books next to her. “Hello Evans” I greeted.

“Potter” she forcefully grinned back.

Lily POV

“WHAT” I yelled. I with Potter no way Slughorn couldn’t do that, I was his favourite. “Umm Sir”

“I chose you with Mr Potter Miss Evans because I completely trust you to work with him. I know you won’t fool around Miss Evans, I hope I have made the correct decision.” He mumbled looking from me to him.

“Yes Sir” I replied. I swear I was about to faint I was going to get a head ache or something like that.

“Don’t worry Lily, he’s not that bad.” Alisha tried to console me.

“Black is better than Potter.” I moaned.

‘At least James does work. Sirius sits there and expects his partner to do all the work.” She smiled and left me there. She was right thought, Potter would help me a bit but he is so bloody annoying.

“Hello Evans” there it was I knew I would have to hear it. I looked at him and forced a smile.

“Potter” I reached in my bag for parchment and a quill. I jotted down some notes on what professor Slughorn was writing I could see Potter fiddling with something. Half way through the lesson I saw Potter reaching in his bag for parchment and a quill. Wait why would he need parchment, he can’t be writing notes he says everything is in his head. Few minutes later there was a note on in front of my eyes.

I folded it open without Slughorn noticing and read it.


I am really bored. Slughorn is a bore to me


That twit, he was sending stupid notes in class of how bored he was. I have notes to write and have no time to waste my time on passing notes in class. I grabbed my quill and started writing.


It’s no surprise that you are already finding the lesson boring. Why don’t you go annoy someone else?


I threw the note at his head and continued to jot down notes. Less than a second it came back.


I am not a Git and there is no one else to annoy. You’re right next to me and now my newly potions partner.


I stared at the letter then looked at him, why was I even wasting my time. His head was damn too hollow to explain anything to him.


Why are you sending notes around during Potions?


I really wanted to know what goes on in his mind and how it worked; he was so lame and immature.


I told you I find passing notes entertaining and I am dead bored.

Perfect Potter

An entertainment, I was helping to entertain him. That’s it I’m going to end it.

Ugly Potter

HA that should be your real name. That’s it Potter I’m not going to sit here writing notes to you which is just a huge distraction.


I grabbed my quill and stared at the board.


Sorry to break it to you but you are sitting here writing notes. And no, I am going to end it!


I grabbed the note and read it in shock. “What!” I stared shocked at what I just did. I had 20 pairs of eyes glued on James and I. Stop it Lily! I am going to have to stop saying that. It’s Potter, only Potter.  

“Miss Evans is there something wrong that you would have need to interrupt the entire class.” Slughorn asked. The whole class was now staring and Sirius was giving us a ‘Ha let’s see you get out of this’ look.

“No Sir sorry I was just confused with that question on the board.” I quickly interpreted.

“Oh I will explain it but please don’t interrupt the class like that again.” He said

“My apologies Sir” I turned back to the note and dipped my quill in the ink.


You almost got me in trouble. Stop it!


I was getting tired of his notes now, I just wanted it to stop.


 I can’t believe that you called me James and I am going to stop it.


I grabbed it and started writing.


Can’t you ever shut up? Or is your ego huge like Black? And isn’t your name James?


I was now smiling but stopped with realization.

Lily Love

Relax for once. Tell me what do we have next?


Love? Was he Serious! I sighed and decided to ask him.

Are you Serious?

We have Charms next after Lunch and I am hungry like hell!


I held my stomach noticing how empty it was.


No that would be the guy behind us and I am also hungry I accidently slept in.


I giggled, was he really that bad? He could kind of be nice. No he was still that arrogant twit. Nothing could change James!


You are always hungry!



I am offended I am most definitely not fat and I’m not always hungry either. PS You look more gorgeous when you laugh.


I shook my head. I could feel my blood heating up and I could feel my cheeks turn into a bright crimson colour. What was happening to me? I started out at the beginning of class giving him the glares of daggers and now I am blushing!


Thank you



You’re extremely gorgeous when you blush!


Argh. Did he ever stop with the compliments?

James, enough with the compliments already.


Or, I will walk away and then bribe Slughorn in changing my potion partner and then I will go on a date with Severus.

Ha, I wanted to see him get out of this.

Or maybe I will just stop. Ok tell me, May I please escort you to Head meeting. It is straight after this, just as friends you know.

I read the sheet. It wasn’t like he asked me to Hogsmead and it is just a few blocks away.

Hey didn’t you say you’ll stop!

Yeah I did but I only said that so we could continue passing notes. Will you please walk with me?

Yeah you may escort me but the moment you act like a git I’m walking off!

Thank you so much I won’t act like a git. Wait so you find me intelligent now!

You’re pushing it!


Slughorn dismissed class. I placed all my parchment and Quills in my bag. “Are we ready then to leave?” James called out in front of me. Lor and Alisha were staring with wide eyes at me and so were the Marauders but at James Potter. “We’re going to head duties” he told his friends as he took a step next to me. I couldn’t believe I agreed on him walking with me.

Authors note: Sorry it’s short but the next chapter will come out fast so you won’t miss out! It is much longer and has a lot or drama in it. Please review. 

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Moving Along... Together : New Potions Partners


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