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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 9 : Averagely and Normally
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The next four years passed normally for Rose Evans. There were no escaped trolls, monsters unleashed or mass murderers on the loose. In fact she lived the average teenage witches life, of shopping in Hogsmeade, discussing the hot quidditch guys and disastrous dates, especially with Sam Worthington in Madam Puddifoot’s.

But now our story commences on September 1st at King cross station, platform 9 ¾ shortly before the beginning of fifth year.

“So girls look after each other, be careful and Nymphadora please try to pick more subtle colours for your hair” stressed Andromeda Tonks during an attempt to give her daughter a strong farewell hug.

“Whatever, anyway we better get the train now, bye mum, bye dad” Tonks replied

“Thank you for letting me stay with you and thanks for bringing me to the station” Rose added as she had stayed at the Tonks household for the last two weeks of the summer holidays. However much she enjoyed being back with her Godmother, she tended to get a bit lonely and bored especially with her being at work most of the time.

“Oh that was no problem at all, we enjoyed having you to stay and you are always welcome” added Andromeda

“Girls you better get that train its five to eleven and behave Dora I don’t want anymore letters about you turning into McGonagall again” chuckled Ted Tonks

The two girls found themselves an empty compartment, in which they were shortly joined by fellow Gryffindor fifth years; Amanda White, Penelope Perks and Jasmine Hart. They discussed their summers; Jasmine had gone to Venice to visit her great aunt whereas Penelope went to Russia with her aunt, uncle and cousin to visit a Diricawl colony.

About halfway through the journey, after changing into their school robes, Amanda went to see her boyfriend Jake Harris and Rise excused herself before going to the ladies.

She was walking back when. BUMP! She walked straight into someone.

“Sorry” she mumbled in apology

“Evans?” he replied

“Weasley?” she added noticing who she had walked into

“Your looking good Evans” he declared with a playful smirk

Whilst trying not to blush she remarked “Not bad yourself Weasley”
“Well thanks I guess, oh so your quidditch captain?” he said when he saw the badge pinned on her robes

“Afraid so, were you hoping to get it? But I see you’ve been made a prefect” she joked in return.

“Dam you’ve found me out, I’ve actually been crying about it for months now” mocking a sad face

She could only laugh in return for which he the said “Oi don’t laugh or I’ll give you detention”

“Yeah whatever and I’ll kick you off the team”

“And then what would Gryffindor do without their star seeker?”

“Well Weasley they would probably find a replacement but don’t worry they will still have their amazing chaser. Who better get back to her compartment before her friends send out a search and rescue party after her”

“Okay see you around Evans”

“No doubt you will Weasley”

But neither moved for the next ten seconds but stood looking awkwardly at each other.

“Umm Weasley, your going to have to let go of my waist now for me to leave”

“Oh sorry” he uttered turning slightly red whilst releasing her, before the two parted ways and Rose headed back to her compartment.

“Merlin Rose you took your time” she was question by Tonks upon her arrival

“Yeah I sort of got held up” she answered but from the look on Jasmines face she had interrupted something important.

“So as I was saying before you came back in, I went out to see Anna Hooper you know the small blonde fifth year girl in Hufflepuff and guess who I saw? Well Charlie Weasley and he isn’t looking too bad, I mean I know he had been getting better looking in the last few years but Merlin quidditch must be doing him good, very good indeed. Well I don’t want to blag on too much but his hair was so perfect you know how he ran his hand through it and I swear he had a group of third years following him! Oh and he’s grown to, well those Weasleys are always growing but he must be nearly six foot now. Anyway I don’t want to babble on too much but Rose I’m not going to lie I am defiantly jealous with you being quidditch captain. You get to see him topless with what I sure is an amazing six pack all the time. But I saw you talking to him back their, what did you think?”

Shocked that Jasmine had finished her long speech of gossip so abruptly all she could do was “huh? Yeah I guess so?” which only gave her weird looks in return, but not from Tonks who was busy eating through her pile of chocolate frogs to notice anything

The rest of the train ride followed as normal with Jasmine and Amanda telling all the latest news, Tonks steadily working through her chocolate frogs, Rose pretending to listen and the always cheerful Penelope saying nothing at all. That was until Penelope did announce “I heard from my uncle that apparently Professor Collins has retired and the new potions master was once a death eater”

After this she returned to her usual silence, whereas everyone else in the compartment had a long talk on if it was true or not, who could it possibly be and why in the name of Merlin would Dumbledore hire a death eater as the new potions professor.

On arriving to Hogwarts the girls found themselves a carriage, Rose had been able to see the thestrals ever since her first ride in second year but to prevent awkward questions she pretended she couldn’t see them.

After the usual sorting of the new first years Dumbledore began his speech “Welcome to our new intake and welcome back to all the present students and staff. Another year of magical learning awaits us all and I am purely positive you will all strive to do your best. But alas on a sad note our dear Professor Collins had decided to retire from his post of potions master. However I am pleased to announced that his position of potions master and head of Slytherin house had been taken over by Professor Severus Snape”

As Dumbledore paused for Snape to receive his applause, Rose turned to see the new teacher who rumor said was once a death eater.

But she wasn’t prepared for who she saw rise from his seat. No, because Rose had in fact seen Severus Snape before. She had seen him seven years ago. Holding a photograph at her parents funeral.

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