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Change of Heart by 19 whitehorse
Chapter 3 : Match made in Heaven
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A/N Chapter 3 finally! Please review… well read first then review :P




Caitlynn’s P.O.V


Have you ever seen the picture of the Simpson where his head is X-rayed and his brain is so tiny you can hardly see it?


Yeah well I bet my brain looks like that right now.


I mean, what in the world was I thinking?


Apart from the fact that I obviously wasn’t.


Bringing Draco as my date? Sure he is hot, though not really my type. Well actually kind of my type…haughty looking and tall, and…


But that’s beside the point.


He brings WAAYYY too much baggage.

As if his arrogance isn’t too much too deal. Honestly.


Now I ask him very politely who the bitchy little girl standing in front of me was and he goes: “I just said ‘What are you doing here Pansy Parkinson?’” emphasizing her name and rolling his eyes at me.


I AM NOT A COMPLETE IDIOT! Yes I got that her name was Pansy (bizarre name if you ask me but no one asked, unfortunately). My point was who is she? So I calmly ask the question again. And Draco says,


“She is someone I know.”


Nooo really? I would have never guessed.


“I used to date her. She is my ex.”


I love the way he adds “she is my ex”. No duh Sherlock; I mean if you used to date her.


“We were actually engaged. Arranged marriage and all.”


What the fuck? Do people really have arranged marriage anymore?


“It was called off.”


Yeah I figured when he said MY EX. Gee, he really takes me for an idiot doesn’t he?


I look at her and it’s one of those awkward, I-have-no-idea-who-you-are-but-we- both-dated-the-same-guy-so-I-automatically-hate-you moments.


Not that I dated Draco (technically) but she is evil-looking, no wonder I hate her. It might be because she is glaring at me as if she wants to throttle me though. That usually makes you look evil.


Pansy sneered and looked down at me, probably trying to look superior.


But because I am taller than her it didn’t really work.


Instead she looked more like a cross-eyed pug.


That was mean of me, I admit. Maybe she isn’t so bad. I mean the glare is explainable… I would be pissed too if the guy I was engaged to runs off with another woman. She could even have a sense of humour!


“Hi,” I said raising my hand “Well I never knew Draco had an ex. We can share if you want… I’m totally into threesomes.”


She stares at me as if I had just told her I had killed her grandma.


Soooo no humour I guess.




I laughed shakily but because they were both staring at me like I was crazy, my laughter became forced and it sounded like I was choking near the end.




Someone please get me out this situation.




Pretty please, with cherry on top.


Nothing moves. My mum used to tell me that as long as you say “please” you can get anything you want.


Because I like pointing out the obvious (it gives me a sense of satisfaction) let me just say that she lied.




I whirl around to the sound of the voice and a little boy rams into my leg causing me to trip and fall head first in a pile of melted ice cream.


Strawberry! Great!


I think I broke my front tooth.


Next time I beg for something I’ll try to be more specific.


But for future reference let me say that if I ever ask to get out of a situation, what I want is a distraction, you know like a phone call or something, NOT some five year running into my leg, giving me bruises and a face covered with sticky, gooey ice cream. Don’t get me wrong I love ice cream, just not when it’s up my nose.


Though I appreciate the effort.


“I’m s s sorry,” the little boy blubbered then burst into tears.


I hate it when little kids do that. Why the hell is he crying? I’m the one with the broken tooth for God’s sake.


“It’s okay, don’t worry about it,” I reassured him then smiled.


He looked at me in horror at my smile then ran away.


How rude.


I hear Draco laugh at me from behind.


“What?!” I snapped.


He snickered and whispered to Pansy who giggled (sounded more like a high pitched screech actually).


I don’t know why they ever broke up… they are like the match made in heaven.


Finally, finally my friends had finished their ride, and came walking towards us. My allies, my comrades! Thank God… my friends are finally here.


Addy glances at me,


“You look like Frankenstein,” she says laughing.


So much for friends. A little sympathy would have been nice.


“Gee, Thanks,” I replied sarcastically, standing up and wiping my face with my sleeve.


“Come here,” Addy says and I grudgingly do as she says. She inspects my face critically and after about five minutes announces that I have a broken tooth. Wow. Everyone please, a round of applause for my friend and her amazing deduction skills.


“What am I going to do?” I sigh.


“Go to the dentist, if you want to repair your face that is.”


My face!? That was a little harsh. And may I add that my friend likes pointing out the obvious more than I do.


“Great,” I mutter, when I notice that everyone is staring at Draco and Pansy, who is clinging to his arm as if her life depended on it.


Damn, forgot about them.


Now, how do you tell your friends that your boyfriend is actually not your boyfriend and that the ugly thing stuck on his arm is his ex-fiancée (is that a word?)?


Um, I wonder…


“Ummmmm,” I hum rubbing my chin in deep thought.


“Hummmmmmm,” I continue to wonder a frown etching upon my forehead when I hear Draco snicker,


“Is she constipated?”


I glare murderously at Draco who is still laughing at me and I stomp to him, grab his hair and drag him towards the opposite street, away from my friends. Draco winces and yells at me, letting loose a stream of swear words. Furious, I let go of his hair and face him as he rubs his skull.


“How dare you embarrass me in front of all my friends, how dare you break my tooth, how dare you tell me what to do, how dare you…”


He interrupts me by saying that he didn’t break my tooth. Too enraged to listen to his rationality (it’s my time of month) I huff at him and tell him that actually it is his fault that my face is ruined forever (a little exaggerated but whatever). He shakes his head and tells me that nooo, it is my parents fault.


“LOOK AT MY TOOTH!” I shriek at him when he blinks and innocently says,


“What about it?”


“It’s BROKEN, you blind bimbo.”


“Actually it isn’t.”


Is he blind? It would explain a lot, like his monster of a girlfriend and his clothes.


“Of course it’s broken! How else do you explain that it is HALF IT’S NORMAL SIZE!” I continue yelling.


He just raises his eyebrows and sighs.


“Don’t sigh at me as if I’m completely hopeless!” I shout at him.


“You can read my mind! How did you know that was exactly what I was thinking?” he asks, impressed.




“Look in the mirror,” he orders. “Your tooth is not broken.”


I’m starting to doubt myself. But even Addy said that my tooth was broken. Suspiciously I glare at him and Draco smiles back innocently. As I rummage in my purse I hear him whisper “Reparo, Ferula phallus”.


What a weirdo.


Ignoring him, I open the small mirror from my eye shadow container and look at my perfectly normal teeth.


What the…


“See, I told you so.”


“But that’s impossible… I am sure my tooth was broken, I felt it!” I exclaimed.


“Maybe you simply bruised it. I need to g…”


He stopped talking as I narrowed my eyes at him.


“What have you done to me?” I whisper threateningly.


He simply stared coldly back at me.


“I swear if you…”


Suddenly Draco shoves me against the wall, making me gasp mid-sentence.


“Look woman, I don’t know what your problem is but stop involving me in all your little schemes and leave me the hell alone,” he says scarily, his face inches from mine and his arms keeping me caged in.


I am not going to be intimidated by him. There is no way he can scare me.


Okay, so maybe he can scare me a little.


But that’s only because he is preventing me from moving away.


And he is bigger than me.


I stare at him, expressionless.


He sneers at me and that is when I did something completely irrational and unbelievably stupid.


I took his face in my hands and kissed him firmly on his lips.




A/N This chapter actually took me forever and I have about three different versions of it so I am not exactly satisfied with it. But anyway tell me what you think and I would love to hear any favourite quotes or characters or anything really :)


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Change of Heart: Match made in Heaven


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