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I'll Be Seeing You by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 26 : The Day That I Die
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Scorpius walked down the corridor slowly and entirely unsurely. He knew the plan but he still was a little nervous about the execution. How could he do this? How could he act like everything was fine? Scorpius thought back to May with a heavy heart. It was only a few months ago, but in that time so much had changed. Oh how he used to look at poor love sick teenagers around him and feel pity for them. They had no control of themselves or what they did in the name of so-called love and now look him. Rose Weasley had single handedly made him love her more than he ever thought possible. Even the thought that she was hurt in the slightest made his stomach knot up and his jaw go rigid but he had to do this. If he got involved or acted as though anything in the slightest was wrong…


His gray eyes closed forcibly as he tried to erase the unthinkable thought from his mind. It would all be over in a few hours. In a few hours she would be in his arms perfectly fine. For now he didn’t have to out their relationship or do anything that would change what they had. So with an unbelievable amount of effort he pushed himself to go to the Great Hall. Internally his whole body was screaming against this. Every nerve in his body fought to make his head lose reason. Sitting at the end of the Slythern table he ignored the people around him and put his head into his hands. His heart was hammering in his chest so violently he wondered how the people around him couldn’t hear it. After about ten minutes of sitting anxiously he gave up and gave in. Rising from his chair he went over to the Gryffindor table and asked to see Livi. She gave him a very dirty look but walked away with him anyway.


“What do you want Malfoy-?” She began fiercely but he interrupted her swiftly.

“We have a problem and I can’t just sit by and let other people handle it…I need your help.”

Her light, thin eyebrows rose in surprise. “With what?”

He hesitated and then said the one word that could completely unhinge his entire life. “Rose.”


Voices sounded outside in the hall but I didn’t notice. My eyes were heavy. No matter how much I tried to sleep or rest I couldn’t seem to let myself do it. I couldn’t help feeling if I did I wouldn’t wake up. Sliding up to a sitting position I wondered why they hadn’t found me yet. Yes Albus was out of commission but wouldn’t Hugo or Lily think to use the Marauder’s map to look for me? I’d been gone for at least 20 hours. They had to have noticed something. A dull ache was building behind my eyes and the bottom of my neck. It didn’t even faze me. In fact, I welcomed the pain because at least that meant that I was still alive. And at this point alive wasn’t something I thought I would be for long. Sure I’d like to think that John was just going to torture me and let me go but I knew better. No one would go through this much trouble just to cause me a little bit of pain. John had bigger plans. Plans that were clearly formed before he started dating me which led me to wonder what the hell my family did to him. This wasn’t the usual Weasley/Potter death threat. John must have spent years planning this….but why? I let out a sigh and tried to think but the harder I thought the worse my headache got until I could barely hold a single thought.


The door opened suddenly and three girls came in; Bethany, Zooey and Annabella. It was clear now that I looked at the girls closer that Bethany was not under any kind of spell. She was acting on her own accord and she demonstrated this forcefully as she took out her wand and directed the other two.


“Pick her up.” She ordered Zooey with a catlike sneer. “And pin her up against the wall.”

My eyes narrowed at her but I didn’t fight them. My focus was on her. “So Beth…” I started sharply knowing how much she hated the nickname. “Since your boyfriend is going to kill me. I thought I’d ask why. I know he doesn’t like me but I don’t understand what is with the theatrics.”

“Weasley,” Bethany cooed in a high-pitched baby voice. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything.”

“Why? I’m going to die anyway. Why not spoil the surprise a few minutes early?” I tried again, this time I thought she might give in.

She made a baby face at me. “How cute of you…but you see you aren’t the only one involved so I really can’t spoil the surprise for you.” Snapping back to the other two she smiled, “Guard her for a moment. Don’t let her out of your site or your grip. I will be right back.” Then she swiftly strutted out of the room and locked the door.


Adrenaline was shaking through my veins and it took only a split second for it rock through my whole body. I had to think quickly if she left me alone with them she was only going to do so for a moment. I couldn’t get out of here but I could try and get one of them to break the imperius curse. Since Zooey had broken it before I turned to her.


“Zooey…They are going to kill me you have to at least tell me what they are going to do.”

Her blank face twitched.

“Zooey come on. We’ve been best friends for years. I’ve been over your house and you’ve spent almost every summer over my house. Look at me Zooey.” I forced my face in front of her. “I’m your best friend.”


For a moment I thought it didn’t work but then she started convulsing. I was worried for a moment but before I could do anything she stopped. Zooey looked as though somebody had dropped a bucket full of eggs on her head. Her expression was a mixture of shock and disgust.


“Expelliurmus!” She whispered at Annabella.

“No!” I stopped Zooey from tying her up. “We have to keep her like this otherwise they will take you prisoner too!”

Zooey nodded in awe. “They knew I was coming out of it so they both casted it on me!”

“It doesn’t matter. Do you know what they’re planning?”

“They’re going to take you to the great hall. They’re waiting for dinner to make a big spectacle of it. They took someone else from your family too but I don’t know who.” Zooey said in a rush. “He knows that your parents know and he’s happy about it. He’s going to make them watch…”

I let out a breath of frustration. “God damn it. What can I do? Who does he have under his control?”

“I-“ Zooey began but stopped as she heard the door unlock.

“Look empty and do whatever she says.” I told her out of the corner of my mouth as I placed Annabella’s wand back in her hand and forced them to hold my arms.


This time not only did Bethany walk in but John, Lestrange, Anthony and Lily followed. My stomach dropped as I saw Anthony’s vacant expression as his wand was pointed to my cousins exposed throat.


John smirked proudly. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t have a mole to keep your cousin’s in check did you?”

I have never wanted to slit someone’s throat so much in my entire life. My body shook with anger but I kept my tone even. The terrified look on Lily’s face kept my emotions in check. “John…You don’t need her.” I attempted my voice laced with emotion.

“Yes I do. See your little boyfriend tipped off your family so it was only a matter of time before they found us. So little Lily here is my insurance. See I’m going to make your family feel as much pain as possible and if they somehow got you out of my clutches I have a back up plan.” He gave me a despicable smirk. “You remember how I like to make plans Rose. Anyway…getting ahead of myself. We must be going.”


He raised his wand and it was as if an invisible rope dragged everyone forward, everyone except Zooey and I. Thankfully neither Bethany nor John noticed Zooey’s delayed jerk forward. Thinking fast I tried to figure out some sort of plan. Having Zooey is an advantage I can’t ignore. Ahead of me and I see John smiling. The man I completely underestimated was going to get away with murdering me but not Lily. It so was so simple to me now. I was stupid and I trusted the wrong people i deserved my fate. If he kills me …then maybe he’ll catch him and put him away and he won’t come after my family anymore. But no matter what I have to get Lily out. Little Lily, who I used to read to sleep when she had nightmares. She's the baby of the family and the little sister i always wanted. The one we all coddled and protected now had a purple bruise throbbing on her temple. The thought of him laying so much as a hand on her struck a fair amount of rage corsing through my body. John had to have a back up plan that would hit the family just as hard as me but I refused to let him use Lily.


My resolve hardened and I slowed down just enough for Zooey to notice but nobody else. She moved to my side as I spoke out of the corner of my mouth. “No matter what happens. Don’t worry about me. Get Lily out.”

I saw her mouth open to refuse me but I shook my head violently to cut her off.

“She’s fourteen. She has nothing do with this. Promise me!” My voice cracked but when she looked into my eyes she saw how serious I was and nodded reluctantly


We reached the staircase leading to the great hall and I started to panic. Maybe my cousin’s didn’t notice me missing but they had to have noticed Lily. I hoped against everything they had noticed and were telling the headmaster right now. As soon as I entered the Great Hall my heart sank. Hugo and Albus were still sitting at the Gryffindor table looking as if nothing in the world was wrong but then again no one saw us yet. Five people subtly turned and raised their wands, as people started to recognize what was going on it was too late. There was a force field up and it wasn’t to protect the students. It was to keep them from interfering. All the teachers rose and threw curse after curse but nothing affected it. We were trapped.



I dragged Zooey towards me swiftly. “I’m going to provoke him. The minute there’s a free moment grab Lily and get her out of here.”


“Just do it!”


There was no time for plans or arguing my death would come sooner than later and there was no way in hell I was dragging Lily into it. I sensed John was about to make his big speech about why he was doing this and how my family was going to pay. Frankly I couldn’t give a rat’s ass why he was doing this anymore. He was beyond negotiation. Any pain they inflicted on me faded as I gave Zooey’s hand a squeeze and moved forward.


“You all are about to witness the murder of Rose Weasley and Lily Potter-“

I moved next to him and ignored how much it made my skin crawl. I had to keep close to him so he wouldn't see who wasn't. “When will you notice nobody cares?”

“I don’t get why people care about you either Rose but they do and this works to my advantage…” He moved away from me maliciously and started to explain why this was happening or rather his justifications for what he was doing.

Bethany came up behind me and jabbed her wand into the hollow of my throat. “One more word and I’ll kill you myself.”


I didn’t pay attention to her. My attention was focused on Zooey. She was edging towards Lily slowly but subtly. She needed twenty seconds to get Lily and break free of Anthony, Bethany and Annabella. Anthony and Annabella would stay put until told otherwise but Bethany wouldn’t. I had to get a wand or some how keep them both occupied for a few minutes. John was about to finish up his little sermon so the only time to act was now. Swiftly I elbowed Bethany in the face, took her wand and shot a jink at John. He moved out of the way at the last second and took out his wand. I was prepared for this. I ducked and rolled as he sent three consecutive killing curses past me. My Quidditch training had given me the reflexes and instincts to react in an instant. What it didn’t train me for was Bethany throwing me down and four wands pointing directly at my heart.


“Where is your cousin?!” John raged furiously.

I sat up, glanced backward and grinned up at him. “Guess she wasn’t planning on staying for the ceremony.”

"How did you-" He began irately.

"No one to use against me now? I guess you'll have to kill me yourself now. Or is that the problem? You don't have the balls to do it yourself?"

"I don't need to use anyone against you now." He told me simply.
"You make this whole spectacle and you can't even do it can you? You spineless coward." I laughed coldy knowing i was just pushing him farther. "You're pathetic you know that?"

“You little-“ Bethany let go of me only to slap me across my face. It stung a bit but it wasn’t my most painful injury.



Maybe it was the fact that there was five against me. Maybe it was because I knew there was no way I could fight back. Maybe it was the sight of the blood rushing out of Bethany’s broken nose but whatever it was I suddenly got a rush of confidence. I smiled at the pair of them arrogantly. I wasn’t going to brag that some one would come and save me. I wasn’t going try and talk my way out of this. I was going to aggravate them as much as possible and die knowing my death would frustrate them for years to come.


“Honey,” I said to Bethany my voice heavy with condescension. “You couldn’t hurt a child with a slap like that.” I glanced at John, “This is your second in command?” I left off a snort of laughter but it was cut of by a Cruciatius curse.


Falling to the floor, I let out uncontrollable inhuman screams of agony as my body shook with the pain of an invisible fire. I shook violently as tears spilled carelessly on my broken cheeks. I was going to die. I could feel it and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. When the curse was lifted I inhaled sharply and opened my eyes. There was a hand above my face to lift me up. It belonged to Anthony. Then my ears cracked and I became aware that the force field was down. Everything came alive in a rush and I had to force myself to use Anthony to stand. My whole body was shaking but the adrenaline cancelled it out. Adrenaline, my key ally, was the one thing that was pushing me through the pain to find one person; my ex.


He was near the edge of the great hall. He was about to leave, to get away with it. There was no way I would allow it. Sensing this Anthony tossed me a wand. I cracked a spell at John in a second. Instead of running, he twisted around with a disgusting smirk as blood oozed down his face.


“So this is what it comes down to?” He told me in a coy voice walking closer

“I guess so.”


I was quicker than him. “IMMOBULUS!”


John fell to the ground, his arms and legs snapping together as he was unable to move. I could hear the growing crowd behind me begin to applaud but I didn’t respond. My head felt like it weighed a million pounds and as I felt my ribs a warm wetness dripped onto my hands. It was blood. I fell and a pair of several arms caught me but all I saw were a lot of vividly bright lights. And then I was gone.


Authors Note:

Song in the summary is By: Christina Aguilera. Isn't that just the most difficult last name to spell? Anyway I know it's been awhile but i'm trying to write a novel that's not HP related and it's taking up a lot of my time but i promise that i will at least finish this story. I have not edited this story yet so in the reviews if you notice anything please let me know so i can look out for it when i go back through it later on this week. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! You have no idea how much i appreciate the support it really makes my life. PLEASE REVIEW!

PS: Wasn't HP 7 part 2 the best thing you've ever seen?

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