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What Makes Me smile by joy9494
Chapter 5 : Monsters in the Dark
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    “See you tomorrow Mr. Howard.”

    “You be careful now Coraline, there are all types of weirdoes out there you don’t want to meet.”

    I waved Mr. Howard off. We kept conversation to a minimum, but it was pretty obvious we shared the same knowledge, we were both, to a degree on the wrong side of the tracks.  He let various “meetings” take place at his establishment, as long as he got his cut anyway, and, it was obvious I was no longer a rich suburban girl. That was why I hadn’t felt the need to hide my first name, Mr. Howard didn’t ask questions.

    I gave him a grin over my shoulder. “Right Mr. Howard, have a nice night now.”

    It was dark.

    I couldn't see my own hand, and yet, here I was, walking away from all light, all life, down in to a shadowed prison, my home. Well, it had at least  felt like home these past months. I had brought my own life, my own spark. There was a new life force... things weren’t quite as bad. I had a future, it wasn't visible, but it was there, and it gave me great comfort to know that.
    I wandered deeper in to the dark, now having to feel the side of the buildings to find my way, back, and then a tiny flame flickered and I furrowed my brows.
    What was that?

    No one ever came here it was just... me. Me and Scruffy and Derrick, a content little family in the dark depths of the underworld. I stumbled in the blackness, hitting the street and acquiring what was sure to be a large bruise on my knee.

    "Wait, what was that?" A man's voice echoed through the alleyway and a shiver convulsed through me, so we weren't alone. Seconds later and the flame was back.

    “I don't know probably just a rat.”
    I was at the warehouse now and the voices were clearly outside of my humble home. They sounded as if they were rifling through something.
    "You find anything?" came one of the voices.
    "No, just some clothes, a picture, and some weird stick."
    Now things began to align, and I realized the men's purpose.
    "No money, no dope?

    I could see the men now as I crept closer, two dark silhouettes, and I was filled with a deep fiery fury as they emptied out my meager belongings.
    I burst forth in blind rage, springing myself on to the nearest man. He was taken by surprise and toppled to the ground as I pounded him fist after fist. I could feel hot blood oozing from his head with satisfaction.

    How dare they, I had only those things, they were the remanence of my old life, of who I used to be.

    But then I was being lifted. It was the other man, he turned me around positioning me between the wall and himself. He held up the tiny flame so that we could size each other up. He was in his thirties maybe, dirty, and as he gazed upon me his lips curled up to reveal grimy teeth.

    "Well, maybe this wasn't a waste after all." The man grumbled, and then before I knew what was happening he was unbuttoning my pants. I fought violently once I realized what was happening, but it was no use he was strong, and I was just a little stick of a girl. He put a hand up to cover my screams, and I bit down, hard, until I drew blood.

    "Bitch!" He brought his hand back in horror and then brought something down upon my head., something hard, unforgiving.

    I slumped down. Things were growing dark, darker than before, and I was suddenly tired, very, very tired. From the distance I heard a ferocious bark.


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