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Truth in the Dark by Alysea
Chapter 1 : New Beginnings
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 There were many things in her life that annoyed her, but moving to rainy cold England was on the top of her list. It didn’t make any sense to her, considering all the trouble that seemed to be going on over there with You-Know-Who. 

The ministry office in Europe needed help, Sandra Danes, was transferred, and Julie would be attending Hogwarts, she’d be leaving the sunny warm shores of western Australia. Chucking a large book into her trunk and staring around her room Julie let out a long sigh. She was going to miss things here, but there wasn’t an option to stay. 

Either way that didn’t change the fact that Julie deeply wished to stay to finish out her schooling. Julie had spent the better part of the week dawdling trying to make the move as difficult for her mother as it was for her. 

Picking up a scarf and folding it, she felt was it was time for another break and headed down stairs where her mother was swishing her wand about packing things by magic. Plopping herself on the bottom step she stared at the floor. 

“Yes Jules? Need something?” Chin in her hand she made eye contact. “No, just taking a break. Packing is tiresome. What part of the UK are we moving to anyways?”

“There’s a house in the country that we got. I’m told the neighbors are really nice, you’ll like it there.” Leaning against the stairwell wall Julie let out another long sigh, glancing at her mother. 

Ignoring Julie’s sound of annoyed protest, “Hurry up and get it done with, we are leaving  soon, the Ministery has got us a port key to use. Now get back to packing, I mean it!”

“Fine.” Groaning she stomped back up the stairs to her room and flopping down on the bed. 

After staring at the ceiling for a few minuets she pulled her wand out of her pocket, half glancing at her door she swished it around and made everything fold it self, and all her posters to roll themselves. “There, that cut my work load in half.” Pocketing her wand, she picked up each stack of clothing, and placed it in her trunk. 

Along with her posters, and her broom stick being placed gently on top. Her bedding had been packed days ago, so all that was left to do with her room was packing the furniture, and not being in the mood to be yelled at again Julie sat on her bed looking through her old photo album.

Most of her friends and their family had gone into hiding just before summer started, just after the reports of Voldamort’s return, not wanting to risk anything by waiting. Gentle chirping at her feet drew her attention, smiling she reached down and scooped up her ebony white chinchilla, “Hello Lyse, how did you get out of your cage? I know, I don’t want to move either.” 


“Jules, you about finished up there?”
“Yes, mum.” Suddenly Julie plopped on the floor as her bed disappeared beneath her. “Owe, you could have warned me that you were going to that.” Standing, she tucked her photo album in her rucksack.

Swinging her it over her shoulder, and lugging her trunk down stairs with Lyse in her cage under her other arm; an old broken teapot was being handed over by a ministry official. 


“Now you know Mrs. Danes, you have to turn that over to be destroyed when you arrive at your new location.” The stern faced wizard posed his words as more of statement than a question, his distrusting eyes flickering around their empty house. Making a gruff sound he sauntered off and disapparated. 

“What a pleasant man, I think I might miss him.” casting a sarcastic smile at Julie. 
“Mum, how am I to hold onto the portkey, my trunk and Lyse all at once?”

An annoyed look graced Mrs. Danes’ face for a moment then she tapped the trunk and Leeann’s cage making them disappear like the rest of their belongings. A few moments later the tea pot started to glow, port keys always made Julie sick, so before the uncomfortable pull behind her bellybutton occurred, she took a deep breath and tightly closed her eyes. 

After what seemed like seconds Julie found herself landing roughly against the unforgiving ground. “Bugger, does it always hurt this much?” Standing Julie took in her surroundings, she was in an expansive field near a mountain side, small green hills cascaded around a modest two-story stone house speckled with green mossy grass and vines, a small abrupt cliff behind the house gave a great view of the ocean, the beauty of it all was rather breath taking.

“Come along Jules, we have some unpacking to do.” 
“Where exactly are we, are we in Scotland?” The brisk wind  whipping curly Bronze tresses across her porcelain face. Half limping she made her way to the house, entering the house the scent of rain and moss filled her senses. 

“Bloody hell its cold in here. Can we have a fire?” Snapping her fingers Mrs. Danes immediately started a fire in the hearth warming the house with in minuets. Everything from their old house had found its own place in the house. 

“Is it never warm in this country? It’s the middle of July and I could swear that I saw frost on the grass outside.” Julie huddled up next to the fire, trying to warm herself. “Well I’m going to go find my room, hopefully its not freezing in there as well.” 

Julie found her things piled in the last room at the end of the corridor, there was a small fireplace in each room with a small fire blazing. Tipping over her trunk, she began to set up her new room.

Placing all her books on the shelf,  Lyse’s cage on the dresser, and her broom next to her bed. Pulling on a thick sweater Julie made her way down stairs. The once small fire in the front fireplace was now roaring, almost making this new strange place feel like home.


Mrs. Danes was sitting on the couch, taking a nap a book in her lap. A screech drew Julie’s attention, glancing towards the kitchen she saw a tawny owl standing on the dark cherry dinning table, a letter in it’s beak, walking over she took the letter.

Julie Danes
Second Story Room
Mudale, Scotland, United Kingdom


Dear Ms. Danes,
We are pleased to accept you here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We received your O.W.L scores and here the classes you are available to take.

Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic
Muggle Studies

Please send an owl in response for what Classes you would like to take no. I look forward to meeting you at start of term on September 1st. Also if you are unfamiliar with the school might I suggest that you pick up a copy of Hogwarts, A History, you can find that book along with all your school supplies in Diagon Alley.

Professor Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

 Jogging back up stairs to grab a Quill and parchment. She scratched her response.

Professor McGonagall, 
I thank you for your owl, here are the classes I would love to take

Acient Runes

Defense Against the Dark Arts

I look forward to the new experience that I am sure Hogwarts will give me.
Julie Danes

Julie went back down stairs and gave the owl her letter and it instantly flew off. Sighing, Julie walked over to her mother and poked her with her wand. Snorting awake Mrs. Danes glanced hazily at her daughter. “I’m hungry, what are we gonna do for food?”

“I’ll deal with that, you just go and have fun, but don’t fly too far off, I don’t want you t get lost out here.” With that she disapparated. Julie, reminding herself that she still had a couple of things to deal with, marched back up stairs to her room. 

Sifting through a box Julie pulled out a poster of her favorite Quidditch team, Thundelarra Thunderers. Banners from her old school, and the quilt her friends made her before she left. It was made of scraps of her, and her friend’s old school robes; along with a large patch with the school’s name on it, Lady Magella’s School of Sorcery, with a large Dragon in the middle; materials of deep silky teal, and pale yellow.

Julie always loved her school, the teachers were amazing, she excelled in all her classes with little to no studying. Her old school specialized in wandless magic for 6th year students. 

Once you were in your sixth year you had the option, if your grades were good enough, to take courses in doing magic with out your wand in your hand. Julie, knowing she was moving and wouldn’t be there to take the course took it upon herself to study this during the summer and managed to become fairly proficient.

Lost in thought, Julie stared out her small window, noticing a small black spec approaching in the distance, as it grew she saw that it was an owl heading straight for her window, rushing to open it before it crashed.

The owl swooped in landing on her bed with a letter addressed to her, it was her book list from Hogwarts, along with her train ticket. Placing the envelope on her dresser and petting the owl before it took off. 

Julie grabbed a scarf wrapping it around her neck and shoving her hands into a pair of gloves, she grabbed her broom deciding that sitting around in an empty house was enough to drive her mad, and to go for a fly around the property. 

Outside Julie mounted her broom, and kicked off the chilled wind nipped at her face tossing her hair around her face. For Julie flying was the greatest release a person could have. Her joy of flying filled her senses, unaware that below in her house, dark figures lurked, searching every room.

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