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Shades of Love by Dancer49
Chapter 6 : White forgotten
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 “Rose; Rose; Rose; Weasley” Someone shouted my last name in my ear. I scowled and opened on eye, Scorpius and Zane stood over my bed I was laying in the hospital room. I looked around very confused I thought I was just in the great hall preparing myself for a Scorpius Lucas fight.

“Well good Morning carrot top” Zane grinned at me,

“Why am I here?”

“OH MERLIN’S BEARD SHE HAS AMNEISHA CALL A NURSE GET A DOCOTOR DON’T TELL HER FATHER” Zane yelled dramatically dropping onto the bed on top of my stomach; pretending to have fainted. I scowled at him.

“You’ve been sleeping since I brought you here” Scorpius said

“How long ago was that?”

“Two nights ago” Scorpius said.

“So you weren’t just about to fight Lucas in the great hall?”

“No Rosie I would love to for what he did to you but I know that’s not what you want” I nodded my head. He was right how much I wanted Lucas to pay for what he did I didn’t want to have someone else fight my battles for me that’s not how a Weasley, Granger acts.

“Wait Zane what are you doing here”

“I have to protect the baby of the family “

“But Hugo is younger than me”

“If you say so Carrot top Look I’ll leave you two love birds alone I got to go meat up with Cassandra for a muggle studies project anyways I’ll catch you guys later.”

“Mr. Malfoy I’m going to have to ask you to leave as well” The nurse’s assistant demanded as she entered the room with a try of potions.

“Goodnight Red” He said and leaned into me and kiss me on my check slowly moving away and glancing into my eyes I saw his heart in those glassy sky blue eyes and within his heart was love and I leaned forward far enough to touch my nose to his he rubbed his nose against mine playfully.

“Malfoy comma Scorpius leave this instant”

“Did you just say comma”

“Leave before I give you detention in the Forrest”

“That’s reserved as a first year punishment”

“Move” He threw a quick grin at me and exited the room.

“Now miss Weasley in the future I would like you to bring in friends that will obey commands given to them by staff” I giggled and she rolled her eyes at me

“first potion’s first, this one should help the bones” she handed me the first then the second then the third finally handing me a blue smoking potion. I had never seen one like that before I had broken bones before because of qudditch but have never taken a potion like that.

“What’s this one for”

“To help you sleep dearie” I looked at her confused but she had already begun to gather her things together. I drank the potion and she took the glass and hurried on her way back to her little office with the head nurse.

The last thing I remember was the ceiling and how someone needs to dust because many spider webs scattered across the tiling.

My eyes peeled open and I lay in the infirmary the bright light shining in thru the large glass windows momentarily blinded me.

“Mrs. Weasley let me check your leg” I looked at the women confused I had never seen this  women before with her big curly hair and her olive colored skin practically flawless with a beautiful tree branch twined up her wrist and flowers growing out of the edges with petals gracefully falling back down towards the palm of her hand.

“Looks like your well enough to go” Her voice with and exotic accent I didn’t notice before floated through the air fluttering into my ears. “ I suggest you wait for your friend to help you along I don’t want you to strain yourself for a few hours.” She handed me a paper that allowed me to leave I took it and did as I was told and waited for whoever was coming for me.

The door cracked open only moments later and his dark robes fluttered in and his blue eyes instantly landed on my the ice color would make anyone become chilled but the warmth I saw in them as he stepped closer to me made me feel  the exact opposite I felt warm and tingly all over as his eyes looked know where but mine and he stepped closer the soft golden blond hair swing into his eyes back out again then back in finally resting half way in and halfway out of his eyes.

“Hey Rose”

“You know me” He smiled and kneeled down in front of me he placed a hand on my knee.

“How could I not Red” He rubbed his thumb along my knee cap and glanced over at my things packed and ready to go.” Are they letting you go “

“Yea I guess so” His smiled grew and he jumped to his feet and grabbed my things tossing the bag of my books over his shoulder and holding a hand out to me I took it and I leaned on him as he wrapped his arm around my waist to help support me and lead me out of the infirmary.

“Rosie you scared me you know that”

“I’m sorry” I was stunned what had I done.

“You don’t think this is your fault do you”

“what is ?” the more we talked the more confused I got

“This what happened Lucas?”

“Who’s Lucas”He stopped walking and gripped my hands looking me int eh eyes.

“Rosie you can’t do this you can’t pretend like he didn’t do this to you we have to get him for this.”

“Get him for what”

“Rosie stop please I know your hurt and I know you scared but we can’t ever let him touch you or any other women ever again Lucas needs to be taken care of”

“But, why do you care”

“Rosie why the bloody hell do you think you honestly haven’t realized it yet”


“Bloody hell Rosie I bloody love you” He said pulling me in for a tight hug he kissed the top of my head in my hair line and then he pulled away and leaned in to kiss my lips I flinched away.

“No stop” I shouted. He looked at me hurt and confused.


“Wait stop I don’t even know your name”


“Who are you….”

“Scorpius Malfoy” my eyes snapped open I can’t get close to this boy daddy told me not to

“I’ve gotta…”

“Wait no what’s wrong” Oh know he told me he loved me but I’ve never even met him how does he know me, but he loves me.

“My Dad he... he told me I shouldn’t hang around slythrins no offense but especially you he just doesn’t want me to end up in the wrong crowd I hope you understand it’s my first year so I just can’t get involved”

“Rose wait what were friends were in our 7th year I used to date you”

“Your funny maybe we should hang out but not right now the years just started”

“Ok rose I’ll play along but do me a favor just let me kiss you” I slapped my hand over my mouth and giggled.

“Uhm well I have a  secret” He raised and eye brow and stepped closer taking my hand away from my mouth and holding it in his.

“What is it I promise I’ll keep it”

“I’ve never had my first kiss” He grinned

“Will you let me be your first kiss Rose Weasley” I looked him in his beautiful blue eyes and nodded my head. He leaned in gently and place his lips just as gently on mine pulling me in by the small of my back by just the lightest touch.

“Rose” a girls shrill voice shrieked down the hall. Scorpius pulled his lips away from mine and I turned to see who was calling me. A very pretty girl who’s wavy curls flowed behind her as she rushed towards us her eyes full of intense anger. Witch I hoped and prayed it wasn’t at me maybe this was her boyfriend oh no I had kissed someone else’s boyfriend. Of course this was his girlfriend handsome guys like him always date the amazingly pretty girl. Guys always go for the blondes never the red brown haired girl I looked like a dirty carrot compared to her golden sunshine hair.  She walked right past me and slammed the palms of her hands into his shoulders. Yep this was her boyfriend.  

“What the hell is your problem she has a boyfriend my brother you damn ass, why can’t you get over yourself why can’t you just bloody get over this  fucking relationship you used her you wanted her for sex you got what you wanted stop trying to hurt her.”

“Chelsea I never wanted her for that” He shouted back at her. Chelsea of course that’s her name she seemed like a Chelsea. “ I never even dreamed she give me the chance let alone let me sleep with her”

“Exactly sleep with her you don’t even care for her” His eyes turned from warmth at those words to ice cold hatred.

“I don’t care for her…” He said in a slow angry voice “Yes Chelsea I don’t care for her but I stood by her bed side when she was in the infirmary. Because I don’t die every time I see her with Lucas, I don’t wish ever night that she was laying with me watching her fall asleep I don’t want to hold her in my arms every time she’s gets angry our upset and help her with the pain. I don’t want to rip your brother’s head off for what he did to her of course Chelsea I don’t care one bloody bit about her. I bloody love her”

“What.. Scorpius… what do you mean what my bother did to her I thought she was just sick that’s why she was in there”

“Your brother… Chelsea it’s not my place to tell you it’s Rose’s she’s your best friend and he’s your brother”

“Scorpius what did my brother do”

“Ask Rose she’s right there” The girl named Chelsea turned to me now she looked concerned instead of upset.

“Rosie what happened…. What did Lucas do”

“Lucas who”


“Are you guys dating”

“Rosie what are you talking about”

“How do you know me”

“Rosie we’ve been friends since we were little”

“I don’t remember you”

“Rosie” I began to examine my robs trying to hide the blush of embarrassment how could I not know these people they seemed to know me. That’s when I noticed and odd pin on my robs I examined it more closely and noticed that It was a heads pin.

“How do I have this I’m only a first year”

“You’re a Seventh year head girl your dating my brother Lucas and me and Tracy are your best friends”

“Who’s Tracy?”

“We need to take her back in their” Chelsea said gesturing towards the infirmary. She took me by my hand and lead me back into the hospital wing. The Spanish women did some test and some interesting wand movements later. She came back to tell use the results.

“The wrong potion was given to rose by the other assistant nurse she gave her a potion that caused her to lose parts of her memory in other words Mrs. Weasley has amnesia” I suddenly understood how I didn’t know these people how I didn’t remember my first kiss how I was suddenly a 7th year. Because of some idiotic nurse.

Scorpius look furious as he lead me out of the infirmary.

“how is there no spell it was their damn mistake how can they  not fix her how does she have to bloody wait for her memories to come back”

“Magic can’t fix everything Scorpius”

“Shut up Chelsea I don’t need to hear it ok I bloody well know if magic fixed everything then me and rose would never have broken up”

“Maybe if you hadn’t used…”

“I never bloody used her get that through you thick head”She scowled at him

“the best thing is to wait Rose will get them back with time” Scorpius scowled and mumbled under his breath.

“So I have Amnesia” I asked

“Yes Rosie”

“Amnesia” the word sounded funny on my lips when I knew I was talking about myself. “ Amnesia”




guess who's back sorry it's been so dreadfully long it's been a horrid year for me but i'm back and ready for action don't worry guys you ownt have to ever wait another year for a chapter i swear please all of you who have come back to read my story yet again you guys are the reason began to type again i check recently and saw that i had constant reviews from when i stopped to only last week and im so sorry that i stopped but trust me the suporrt you guys gave and the asking me to keep going is why i'm back and why i'm going to stay



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