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Being A Fan by Woodrow Rynne
Chapter 2 : A Flaw In The Plan
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Chapter2 : A Flaw In The Plan

gorgeousness by Ulil (lilscratchy@TDA)


I was left staring along the length of the corridor, even though James had long since vanished. I couldn't deny that I felt a little disappointed, though. It had been a week since we had been back at Hogwarts for our sixth year. Shouldn't James have gotten a girlfriend by now?

Or more specifically— shouldn't James have gotten together with me by now? 

Maybe he was waiting for the perfect moment to kiss me. Like when it would start raining. Or a Hogsmeade trip. Or the end of a Quidditch match.

Sighhh...James Potter was so cute.

And definitely mine this time.

"James is so cute," Fiona sighed happily, "and definitely mine."

Er...that was freaky.

Oh, no, he wasn't, Fiona. I wanted to laugh at Fiona for being so stupid and severely delusional.

Even though nobody could argue that she was drop dead gorgeous, with her meticulously styled silky black hair and bright blue eyes; it was also true that she had gotten and then lost her chance with James. James Potter never dated the same girl twice.

So I didn't even bother laughing at her (in my mind, of course). Everyone knew it was going to be me this time. Because Addison was more interested in Fred Weasley and I was the vice president of our group. 

Plus, I was prettier than the rest of them, anyway.

"Oh, James," Fiona sighed again, still lost in her dream land.

Addison scoffed openly. I had forgotten what she had done momentarily. The sight of James had made everything else fly out of my brain.

But now she was doing it again.

This caught Fiona's attention. Her eyes narrowed dangerously. Her hair seemed to become brighter with anger, something I hadn't thought was possible, considering the number of conditioners she used to make her hair shine.

Uh. Oh.

I tried to think frantically about what to do.

Go against Fiona and tell her to stop?

Uh, never.

Telepathically try to tell er...shout at Addison to run away?

If only I had paid attention when we were being taught about Legilimency.

What would Fiona do? Curse her with her wand?

Or worse, demote her or throw Addison out of our club? 

Nooo...I couldn't let that happen!

Addison was my fashion advisor! Fiona never shared the secrets of her beauty (as if I needed that- Hah!), but Addison and I always discussed every fashion detail— from the colour of our lipsticks to the length of our heels.

We were even matching today!

See? Both of our nail paints were red (to complement the Hufflepuff yellow in our ties).

Oh, where was the rest of the group when you needed them?

I thought all these thoughts in a span of two seconds; the time it took Fiona to take a step forward and Addison to glare resolutely back.

My wish was granted, however. A fourth year girl who had just joined our group appeared mysteriously out of nowhere beside us. Appearing out of nowhere was our speciality. It came out quite handy when you were observing (or in those Haters' words- spying) on cute boys. We even offered lessons on this special ability in our club! If you are interested to join— kindly contact Fiona Vanderwall or Jaycee Davies at any time. They can generally be found anywhere near James Potter or Room number fifty four, our official place to run the 'We Love You, James Potter! Fan-Club'.

The fourth year looked up at me, asking me how she'd done the 'appear-out-of-thin-air' thing with her eyes.

I nodded approvingly— nudging her forward towards Fiona— not only because she was learning quite quickly, but also because she had just saved me from the terrible fate of having no fashion partner. I could've always made done with that Brown girl, but she was way too calm and dull for my liking.

"Um..." the fourth year started hesitantly. Couldn't blame her, really. Fiona was kind of frightening. "F-Fiona?"

Fiona gaze snapped to her, away from Addison, thus breaking their glaring contest.

"What!" she snapped, flinging her sleek back hair off her shoulder.

"We have just received some new information," the girl said, while I tried to inch stealthily towards Addison to step on her foot. "Um...there's been a change of plan."

"What?" shrieked Fiona. "Who has changed the plan without my permission?"

The girl took a step back. "Er...actually, Iris Brown just came to know that James Potter's favourite colour is lilac, not dark blue..." she trailed off seeing Fiona's eyes widen.

There were two seconds of stunned silence while my heart beat furiously and my palms started sweating. I had never been comfortable with concealing things.

Actually, James favourite colour was neither of the two. It was a dark red, the same as Rose Weasley's hair— who also happened to be his favourite cousin.

But they didn't know that. And I wasn't going to tell them. James was mine.

"WHAT?" Fiona screamed, assaulting our eardrums, "NO IT ISN'T! IT'S DARK BLUE!"

It took nearly ten minutes to calm Fiona down, the same time it took us to reach room no.54. Room 54 was actually an unused classroom with various additions from our side like couches, tables and various posters. We had officially approved it with Professor Vane, who was very empathetic to our cause.

She also liked to discuss the latest fashion trends with us in her free time.

Yes, Professor Vane was brilliant.

By the time we reached the door of the room, Addison had been completely forgotten by Fiona. Not by me, though.

I grabbed the sleeve of her uniform as she made to follow Fiona and the girl inside.

"What," I hissed to her. "Are you doing?"

"Going inside?" she replied slowly.

"Why did you say that to Fiona for?" I questioned her clearly. "Do you want to be thrown out of the club?" I asked rhetorically.

She jerked her shoulder away, ripping my hand from her sleeve.

"I don't even care anymore," she replied determinedly, following the girl inside.

I think I stood there alone for a full minute in utter shock.

She didn't even care anymore? But about what? About the club? About being a fan-girl? Or about boys?

Silence did not answer those mind boggling questions, so I followed her inside.

The usual warm air greeted me. Fiona and Iris seemed to be in the middle of an intense discussion while the rest of us watched them.

"...but how can you be so sure?" Fiona demanded.

"Okay. How did you know his favourite colour was dark blue?" Iris asked calmly.

See what I was talking about? Iris was always calm and patient. Now even when Fiona was in her element, Iris didn't argue or bicker like Addison would have. That would have been entertaining to watch. She was no fun.

"Everyone knows that. I asked Ivy who asked Amilia, who talked to that Weasley—,"

"Exactly," Iris interrupted. "And I talked to James."

"Y-you talked to James?" Fiona asked in disbelief. "And he told you?"

"Yes, I simply asked him what his favourite colour was and he told me," she replied nonchalantly examining her fingernails.

"He talked to you?" Fiona asked coldly, envy ill-hidden in her voice.

"Yes," she said innocently. "He was pretty flirty with me too. I think he likes me!" she added happily, knowing full well that Fiona and most of us were smouldering inside.

I wasn't. I grinned evilly. Only if they knew how much I knew about James. Compared to that, they knew nothing.

"Well," Fiona turned to us, where we were lounging comfortably, observing the drama. "This changes things," she said in a controlled voice. "James birthday is in a month, and all our preparations have gone to dust."

The rest of us looked suitably horrified. "We'll have to make this a lilac coloured theme party then. Jaycee," she said sharply to me and I looked up. "Who were in charge of the decoration?"

"Um... it was Addison and me." I said.

"Okay then," said Fiona turning back to talk to Iris, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Which guy likes lilac?" I heard Addison mutter.

"All right, girls," said Fiona happily, standing up after a few minutes and I sensed her usual speech coming. "Last year, we weren't able to throw a surprise for James because of some...problems." here she looked meaningfully at me and I squirmed. "But this year, let's make sure that we throw the best party of all time!"

We clapped, like we had been instructed to, whenever Fiona spoke.

"Now, the In-charge for decorations," began Fiona, reading from a long list. I made to stand up. "Is Iris Brown, our new vice-president. The treasurer..."

But I was not listening. I simply stood there, my mouth agape, wondering if I had heard right. Slowly, the words registered in my mind.

Fiona had demoted me?

Fiona had made Iris the vice-president? But...I thought...we were friends! I had never gone against her! For three whole years, I had supported her! She'd never have been here if hadn't been for me!

She couldn't do this to me!

She has realised that you are the best candidate for James' girlfriend this year, a voice spoke in my head. Fiona doesn't like competition.


She had been my icon. Not anymore.

I couldn't believe she had done this. I just stood there staring at her in disbelief, while the rest of them stared at me. In pity? In shock? I didn't know.

"Fiona," a voice growled from beside me. My gaze landed on Addison. Fiona finally paused, looking up from the list that no one was listening to.

"Is there a problem, Addison?" she asked sweetly. However, her gaze flickered briefly to me and the corner of her mouth turned up in a smirk. Anger rose like lava inside me.

"Would you mind telling us what gave you the right to demote both Jaycee and me?" Addison questioned, with an attempt at imitating Fiona's sweetness, but the effect was ruined when she spoke through gritted teeth.

"I think that all such decisions rest with me," she replied with a simpering smile.

Nobody spoke a word. Then, Fiona gasped. "Oooh, I think I didn't read the complete notice!" she exclaimed innocently. "My bad...oh, here we are," she said, taking out a paper from the stack in her hand with a flourish. "'I, Fiona Vanderwall, hereby announce Iris Brown as the new vice-president. At the same time, I'd like to ban Addison Sinclair from our club forever.' Hm... I knew I was missing something." She looked at our stunned faces and smiled kindly at me. "I don't have anything against you Jaycee, of course. You'll always be a part of our group! I just don't think it's the right job for you, you know?"

She smiled in a friendly way, but I could see from her eyes that she was simply challenging me to protest against her decision. I didn't. I just stood there like stone, unresponsive.

Of course, Addison had different plans. She let out a harsh laugh that made me cringe.

"Look, look at her!" she cried, laughing manically and pointing a finger at Fiona, whose smile hadn't faded. "'I'm Fiona Vanderwall and I'll ban Addison from my group! Just because she told me the truth and I don't like looking stupid!'" she said in a high pitched imitation of Fiona's voice, waving her arms around. "Does it look like I care about your stupid group?" she snarled, but she obviously did, considering her blazing eyes and livid tone.

There was a collective intake of breath around the room.

"She called our group stupid," I heard a voice say from behind me in shock.

"No, I don't!" Addison screamed. "I care more about Liam Davies than this dumb club!"

There was another gasp from the group. Even I was shocked. I knew Addison was only speaking in anger and was probably lying, but according to Code eight, boys like Liam were never to be mentioned inside this room. They weren't worthy of our notice.

My brother, despite being James' best friend, had never been popular among girls. He had unfortunately, gotten the shorter end of the stick when it came to genes. Though he was tall and lean, he suffered from a case of acne, and his face was always splattered with a few pimples. His eyes were slightly squint and his nerd glasses and average light brown hair did no wonders to his appearance either.

And, as you know, appearance matters. A lot.
In the end, my brother's unattractive appearance and his immense liking for books cancelled out his pros of being James' best buddy.

"What's wrong?" Addison scoffed to the rest of us. "Cat got your tongue?" she turned to Fiona. "Dearest Fiona," she said nastily, "you aren't kicking me out; I'm leaving your rubbish group."

She turned around dramatically, taking a couple of sure steps, but then turned around back to me. "C'mon Jaycee, let's go," she said firmly, grabbing my wrist and trying to make me move from my frozen position.

But I didn't. I couldn't. The implications of everything had hit me. I was no-longer the Vice-president, meaning my popularity will drop dramatically. I was merely a fan-girl. Just like every other girl in this room. Would James still want to be with me after this? Would he care or would he not?

I looked from Addison, who had narrowed her eyes, to Fiona, who had raised her eyebrows, waiting for me to choose a side with folded arms. 

"Jaycee," Addison said slowly. "Whose side are you on? Mine or Fiona- the bitch's?"

I gulped. Whose side was I on? Fiona? No way in hell. Not after what she'd done to me today. But she was at the top of the social ladder...

Or Addison? My fashion partner with whom I had shared many a happy hours? Who had just declared that our club was rubbish?

I wish I could toss a knut.

I steeled myself.

Then I did what any clever person would have done.

"I'm on the Fan-Club's side," I stated, looking at my feet.

There was a second of silence. Then somebody sighed, "Aw...we love you too, Jaycee!" I looked up to see the rest of the group beaming at me.

I didn't look at Fiona. I didn't look at Addison either.

But I could still hear Addison bark, "Whatever," and storm out of the room. And I could still hear Fiona's, "Good riddance," spoken in that snooty voice that I had once revered.

Erm...I still revered snooty voices, just not Fiona's anymore.

But I focused on the rest of the girls who were happily gushing at me.

Then why did I feel so guilty? I don't like feeling guilty. Feeling guilty is for those people who are afraid to do what they want. And I was not one of them.

Maybe you wanted to join Addison, the voice in my head spoke again.

I decided that I hated that voice.

I slowly extricated myself from the crowd.

I think it was about time I went to find my best friend. 

A/N: You have no idea how much this chapter tortured my soul. Talking about -wince- lipsticks, -shudder- makeup and -flinch- the rest of that was really difficult.
'Appearances matter. A lot.' This literally killed me...


Okay, I'm done with the dramatic over-acting. :P

No, seriously, it was fun to write! If anybody has read my other fic, you'll realise how different the two OCs are.

What did you think? Am I doing this fan-girly stuff right? Don't hesitate to tell me! :)

Feb 29 Edit: Added CI.

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Being A Fan: A Flaw In The Plan


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