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Caring by ekroman
Chapter 1 : Caring
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything, but the plot.




Somewhere above him, the stairs creaked

He didn’t care

He knew it was one of his siblings looking for him

He didn’t care

This had been going on for weeks now. He would lock the door into the room where he slept and not come out before the rest of his family had gone to sleep. Then he would sneak down to the living room, and just sit there, staring at the wall until dawn. Once or twice a family member would come down; claiming they needed a glass of water, but he knew they only did it to look after him. He knew they took turns to babysit him through the night

He didn’t care

He did a quick count on his fingers, and decided that it would be one of the youngest. He was not sure who, because he had to start recounting everything. Few number split as well with 6 as they do with 7. He didn’t even like the number 6. It was ugly! Even! If just it had been 5. He liked uneven numbers. They didn’t seem to bring as much sorrow into the world as even numbers did. He knew he was being stupid, and while he had once more lost his train of thoughts, the family’s youngest had reached the bottom stair.

He didn’t care

He heard a sad sigh behind him. “Are you sitting here again?” a voice asked. He didn’t know how anyone could move that fast from the staircase to the sofa.

He didn’t care

He wanted to answer the question. He really did. But something seemed to stop him. Was he really sitting there again? Or was it only half of him? He couldn’t really determine. The only thing he knew was that no matter what happened, he was all alone. He had through recent events learned how hard it was to complete your own sentences. He had always thought his family was loony, when they lost it in the middle of a sentence. He didn’t know that he someday would experience just the same. His brothers had tried completing his sentences for him the first week, but it hadn’t work, so he had asked them to stop, told them it wasn’t the same. They told him that they weren’t trying to replace anyone. That they just wanted to help

He didn’t care

He felt a soft hand on his face and felt something light weight down the other end of the sofa, but he didn’t react. He just closed his eyes, hoping to fall asleep. Maybe if he was lucky he would die in his sleep. Then he could join his other half in Heaven. Or Hell.

He didn’t care

But he didn’t fall asleep. Maybe he was the only one to know, because soon the soft hand left his face and the weight was lifted of the sofa. After another moment he found it safe to open his eyes again. He was positive that he had been left alone.

How very wrong he was


He was staring into the bright, tear glistening, chocolate brown orbs of his youngest sibling. In the past he would have done anything for those eyes to shine with joy and happiness, but now everything felt hopeless. Empty. The voice from before spoke again. This time it had a strained sound to it. As if the person was trying not to cry. “Please say something. I already lost one big brother, and I can’t bear losing another. And that is what’s happening! I’m losing you, and it’s killing me on the inside” the brown eyes pleaded with him. “Please don’t leave me too” the petite figure in front of him choked out, before collapsing in his lap, sobbing loudly. And suddenly he realized

He cared

Sure nothing would bring his lost brother back, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t be with him. He knew that as long as he was alive, his family would help him remember him. He might not be able to make new memories with his other half, but that was no reason to stop enjoying the old ones. But most important of all, he needed to be the best big brother the sobbing figure he now had his arms around could ever have! He would not be lost, because George Weasley cared!

What do you think? Personally I think this is my best story so far, but I would really like to hear what you think as well :) Even a short review will make be very happy, so please review. E-Galleons to all who reviews ^^ 


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