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Scarlett by LadySarahMalfoy
Chapter 4 : Manor
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A/N I am seriously warning you there is VIOLENCE in this chapter! Other than that I hope you likely! Scarlett still looks like Natalie Portman! See you at the bottom

Scarlett woke up the next day with tears running down her cheeks and the sheet covered in sweat she laid her head back down as Narcissa entered the room with her house elf trailing behind her holding a white bowl full of water with a cloth in it.

The elf put the bowl on the bedside table and left the room, Narcissa picked up the cloth and rung it out. She started to gently pat Scarlett’s forehead with the cold cloth, “You’ve been tossing and turning all night, you even started screaming. The doctor says that it’ll be gone in a while, so you don’t have to worry” Narcissa smiled sadly, and Scarlett sighed.

“Mrs. Malfoy” Scarlett started

“Please call me Narcissa” She smiled, Scarlett nodded

“Narcissa, I can’t help but wonder why you do this the muggle way?” Scarlett asked,

Narcissa laughed “I try to keep a relation to my sister Andromeda” Scarlett sat up but Narcissa gently pushed her back down

“Isn’t she the mother of another Metamorphmagus, Nyphadora Tonks, the Auror?” Narcissa nodded, “And you have another sister, Bellatrix? She’s in Azkaban” Narcissa nodded again and re-wet the cloth

“When we were young girls I looked up to Dromeda, but Bella’s influence eventually grew on me, especially after Andromeda married her muggle husband Ted. We had been taught to hate muggle people since birth. I wish that I could say sorry to my sister but I can’t now. We’ve gone separate ways” Narcissa patted Scarlett’s shoulder “I’ll go tell your Father that you’re awake” Narcissa got up and left the room.


***                     ***                     ***


Snape was pacing in the Manor’s Entrance room. Then he saw Narcissa come down the Grand Staircase. “She’s awake” she announced and Snape walked up the stairs and when he passed Narcissa he kissed her hands as thanks.


Scarlett saw the handle of the door open even though it was more than fifteen feet away. Snape stepped in the room and rushed over to Scarlett and took hold of her hand “I was so afraid for you, after you left and when Draco was carrying you out from the backstage. Don’t you ever do that again Scarlett, I couldn’t bear to lose you” Scarlett looked down and Snape squeezed her hand and smiled, he took the chair beside her bed

“Dad, could you tell me about mum again?”  Scarlett settled farther down in her huge green pillows

“Lily Evans was a bright, wonderful and kind girl and beautiful, her fiery red hair that reflected her personality” Scarlett smiled and her father continued with his story


Draco was walking through the manor grounds with Daphne Greengrass clinging on his arm and every word. “Wasn’t the ballet last night so beautiful?” Daphne asked, Draco nodded, she stopped and punted her thin lips “Draco” She whined “Why aren’t you saying anything?” Daphne pulled on his arm “I am your new girlfriend!” Draco sighed

“Yes Daphne the ballet was beautiful but at current I have more important things on my mind than you or a ballet! “

Daphne went completely quiet “This is about THAT girl, the one who was in the ballet!” She yelled and tore herself away from Draco with tears in her eyes, as any spoiled girl would do

“You know Daphne I was actually thinking about what I’m going to do this year but thank you for reminding me about Scarlett. She’s probably awake now, I should go see her”

Daphne stormed off and Draco walked back to the manor.



Scarlett sighed and put down another book. The third one today, another romance novel that Narcissa had recommended. Then Scarlett heard the door open she turned to see who it was, Draco stepped through the door. “Hey, how are you feeling?” He sat on the edge of her bed, she shrugged

“It’s really stuffy in here, do you want me to open the window?” Scarlett nodded, Draco waved his wand and three of the ten windows opened. Scarlett raised an eyebrow, “I’m allowed to use magic Scarlett, and in my parents’ home” Draco took her hand and felt her forehead, Scarlett rolled her eyes “Are going to continue to give me the silent treatment? Or will this go away the moment I say sorry for telling the truth and saving your life?”

Scarlett glared at him and turned away from him and picked up a book Romeo and Juliette. “Oh, I see my mother gave you a very selective pile of book” He chuckled and Scarlett shot him a dirty look.

“Hey, don’t be like that Scarlett” He touched her shoulder “I was just kidding” She turned back to him and sighed

 “Nightmares are horrible, I try to chase them away with these books” Scarlett explained “I have read this one over and over again. It never gets old, but I have come to realize that romance doesn’t exist for me nor anyone else, it’s just our minds playing tricks on us so that we become the laughing stock for the people around us when the person you thought you love abandons you” She closed her eyes “I had to learn that the hard way” A single tear slipped down her cheek, Draco reached forward to wipe it away but she slapped his hand

“Scarlett, I’m sorry.” He whispered “I’m sorry for leaving you alone all those months, I felt alone too, but I know for you it was worse, a thousand times worse. Please though, don’t shut me out. I feel as though I’m in a million pieces!” Draco bent his head over hers; she blinked back another tear

“I feel the same way, but it doesn’t end well between us. But somehow... I don’t seem to care” Draco brought his lips to hers, living in the moment Scarlett sat up and Draco wrapped her in his arms. Not breaking their kiss they moved their lips in synchronization

The door slammed open to reveal Daphne Greengrass, Draco and Scarlett flew apart “DRACO!” Daphne yelled “What are you doing with this- this slut!” Draco got up, holding Scarlett’s hand.

“Get out of this house Greengrass, we’re done, if we were ever together” He said coldly, Daphne turned around and ran out crying. Draco sat back down, and stroked Scarlett’s face “I’m sorry you had to see that” He looked down Scarlett lifted his chin “I don’t care, will you read to me please?” Draco took Romeo and Juliette form her hands and opened it to the first page and started to read.



Voldemort was pacing in the forest; Bellatrix was standing against a tree. “I need that girl! Bellatrix, she has everything we need! She’s a Metamorphmagus, so she can spy on people with ease and continually. She can see the future, so I can tell if I’m doing the right thing!” Voldemort came up behind his most loyal death-eater and touched her shoulder

“What is it you’d have me do my lord?” She whispered seductively

“I’d have you bring Draco, Snape and Narcissa here. I need to have a word with them all. Draco will be a death-eater when the night is finished”



Narcissa saw her sister come through the fireplace, Bellatrix walked directly to Narcissa “The Dark Lord wants you, your son and Severus” Bellatrix looked over to Snape who was sitting in a chair opposite Narcissa, they both stood. Narcissa turned to the house elf “Get Draco” The elf disappeared with a loud crack



Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?” Scarlett recited and Draco laughed lightly then the house elf appeared

“Master Malfoy, Mistress Narcissa wants you, Miss Bellatrix is here” Draco got up and turned to leave, as he walked out he stopped and turned around and kissed Scarlett’s hands “Hurry back” Scarlett whispered and Draco nodded “Always”



Draco closed the door to the library behind him and leaned against the doorframe; Bellatrix came over to him and kissed both his cheeks “How is my favourite Nephew?” Draco smiled, he loved his aunt, she had been a role model for him ever since she escaped from Azkaban, and he admired her ambitious attitude and how close she was to the Dark Lord. “The Dark Lord demands our presence” Draco put his hand on her arm “To the Forest of Dean everyone” Draco closed his eyes as he felt the sickening feeling of side-apparition


Bellatrix walked over to the Dark Lord and kneeled in front of him and kissed his hand. Voldemort walked forward, “I have a mission for you Draco, three actually. As you may know this coming year Dumbledore will be putting up extra protection on the grounds of Hogwarts. I need someone on the inside to fix something in the room of requirement so that my most trusted Death-eaters can get inside, I also need this same person to kill Dumbledore. This needs to be someone who Dumbledore would never suspect to be doing this task” Voldemort started to pace again

“I also need something else, there is a girl with extraordinary magical talents that I need. She is the key to my success, although she’s my mortal enemy’s half-sister” Draco gasped “Yes, Lily Evans had another child with someone other than James Potter” Voldemort spat the names “The girl is your age Draco. Her name is Scarlett” Draco stepped back a bit “You know her yes, Snape’s daughter. I cannot get Severus to do this because she doesn’t trust him; I know how you feel about this girl. I need you to manipulate your feelings so that she will do everything for you. So you need to finish these tasks or your use to me will have run its course” Voldemort’s eyes flashed.

“Hold out your arm” Draco pulled up his sleeve and held out his left arm to Voldemort. Draco felt the sticky and cold hand of Voldemort grab his arm and then the wand that had killed many souls point into Draco’s arm. Voldemort whispered a Latin phrase and then Draco’s arm seared with pain he crumpled to the ground as the dark mark appeared.



Scarlett woke and flew upwards. She turned her feet off the bed and pulled a dark green robe over her black nightgown and ran out of the room. She sprinted down the hall and stairs to the sitting room on the main floor. She came in the room just as the green flames died revealing Draco with an arm over Narcissa’s shoulder. She was supporting all his weight. They both fell to the floor and Scarlett rushed to Draco and held embraced him. Draco stoked her hair and looked over to Narcissa who looked down sadly. Draco held Scarlett tightly never wanting to let go.


Draco walked with Scarlett back upstairs to their rooms. Just before she turned into hers Scarlett turned to Draco. “I- I- I really don’t know what to say” She laughed, Draco didn’t look at her “Draco? What is it? You can tell me, don’t shut me out”

Scarlett put her hand on the side of his face and he looked at her to see her smiling at him. He pulled her into a crushing embrace “I don’t want to lose you Scarlett” He whispered. Scarlett kissed his cheek, and turned to her door before she could open it Draco grabbed her wrist turned her towards him, his lips crushed hers and she pulled away fast

“Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow” She opened her door, slammed it behind her and locked it. Draco slammed his hand on it and he heard a call from the inside “GO AWAY PLEASE!!” Draco kicked the wall and walked to his room

Scarlett waited ten minutes after Draco had gone then slipped out of her room and silently went down the stairs, coming to the bottom of the grand staircase she took the right hall way to the last room. When she entered the room she gasped, it was huge.

On the left there was a ceiling high library of music books, there were shelves full of instruments, all antique and in perfect condition. “Accio Clair de Lune” She whispered and the book came zooming into her hand. Scarlett smiled and set the book down on the Grand Piano in the middle of the huge room. She sat at the piano and opened the book. She placed her hands on the keys and started to play



Draco woke up to the distant sound of a piano; he walked to the music room. When he entered it and found Scarlett with her eyes closed and playing her heart out on the piano. Her face was white in the moonlight coming from the full size window beside her. Draco walked over to her as she opened her eyes but continued playing Draco put his hand on her shoulder and watched her until she finished playing. When she played the last note Draco clapped “That was beautiful! Do you have a piano back at Spinner’s End?” Scarlett nodded and looked through the piano book for a new piece

“But it isn’t as grand as this one nor do we have as much music” Draco nodded

“Scarlett I’m sorry, about how I’ve been” Scarlett turned around and looked at him

“I’ve been pretty bad too, over-reacting like that was just out of hand” Scarlett embraced Draco “I hope you forgive me” Draco put his arms around her waist

“How could I not forgive you?” Draco laughed and kissed her, trying not to think about how he had to manipulate and trick her for his own advancement


Voldemort laughed and turned to Bellatrix “Your nephew is extremely useful, you will have to teach him some tricks” Bellatrix nodded and smiled. Voldemort looked up at the moon “You will also have to restrain Scarlett when she’s brought here, I don’t trust the Malfoys or Severus to do that for me, and Greyback will just want to bite her”

Voldemort held up a frame that held a picture of Scarlett in it, Bellatrix put her chin on his shoulder

“My lord I can’t help but wonder why you have this” She pointed to the picture

“Scarlett, is the last hope to my victory and she’ll be my heir or my match” Voldemort held up his wand and the Slytherin Diamond was on a pendant.

“Have Draco give this to her” Voldemort put the diamond in Bellatrix’s hand “And what will it do my lord?” Bellatrix gripped the diamond and put it in her bag Voldemort smiled revealing his sharpened teeth

“It will allow me to infiltrate her mind without the use of Legitimacy so that I can turn her to our cause” Bellatrix laughed with Voldemort as she disappeared to Malfoy Manor


Draco was sitting in the kitchen with Scarlett curled up on the couch drinking hot chocolate when the fire place flared with green flames and Bellatrix entered. Upon seeing Scarlett, Bellatrix’s eyes flashed and Scarlett dropped the hot chocolate and jumped back off the couch. Bellatrix held up her wand and grabbed Scarlett by her hair. “Come with me Draco” Bellatrix motioned her elbow for Draco to hold, Draco stepped back away from his aunt

“The dark lord wants her turned first Aunt Bella

” Scarlett gasped “You lied to me! I trusted you! I even loved you and you were just using me!”  Bellatrix wacked Scarlett’s windpipe with her wand quieting her, Draco now realized a dark green diamond gleam at the base of Scarlett’s throat. Draco held his aunt’s elbow and they apparated again.


Voldemort was sitting on a chair in his old home waiting for Bellatrix’s return; he saw three figures come up that stairs Voldemort stood as Bellatrix pushed a girl to Voldemort’s feet, Draco slid through the door and leaned against the wall away from the Dark Lord. Bellatrix smiled triumphantly, Voldemort smiled back and gripped the girl’s chin “Scarlett, how wonderful it is to finally meet you” Scarlett sneered

“Voldemort, how disgusting it is to meet a murderer, cheat and slim bag” Voldemort glared at her

“You will need to change that attitude” He muttered to Bellatrix who smirked and held out her wand and pointed it at Scarlett

Crucio” She muttered, Scarlett screamed and twisted at a wrong angle on the ground. Bellatrix’s eyes flashed and Scarlett got back up onto her knees and lifted her head slowly

“I am not afraid of death” Bellatrix sent the curse at Scarlett again this time she screamed louder “Kill me! Go ahead! Do it! I dare you to!” She yelled Bellatrix sent the curses more frequently Scarlett switched from blood-curdling screams to yelling taunts to hysterical laughing, Voldemort slashed his hand at Bellatrix, motioning for her to stop.

Voldemort grabbed Scarlett’s chin again she laughed and stared him straight in the eyes laughing. Voldemort was taken aback by her appearance, Draco gasped. She had taken the same eye colour and frame that she had taken as the Black Swan. Voldemort shook his head and sat back down on the chair Draco was using all his strength not to go to Scarlett and embrace her to make all her demons go away

“I am not afraid! Kill me! Torture me! I could care less! Wait! I have a much better idea!” Scarlett stood up and punched the mirror, it smashed and shards of is stuck into Scarlett’s knuckles “I’ll make the job easier for you!” Scarlett picked up a sharp and large shard of the mirror. Voldemort got up and tried to stop her Draco tried to grab her arm but Scarlett laughed and drove the shard straight into her stomach with full force.


Scarlett opened her eyes to Draco’s face leaning over her, blood was pooling everywhere. Scarlett coughed and more blood came out of her mouth Draco stroked her hair “You really are crazy you know that” Scarlett laughed and coughed.

“It hurts so much” Draco tightened his grip on her and kissed her head “I’ll miss you” A tear rolled down her cheek “I hope the pain ends soon” Draco kissed her

“Don’t talk like that, you won’t die” Scarlett rolled her eyes, Draco lifted his eyebrows

“Draco, people usually die after being stabbed by a sharp mirror shard” She pointed to her weapon that she had stabbed herself with it was covered in blood “I’m not afraid of death, I’m only afraid of how you’ll fare when I’m gone. I don’t want you to mourn me. Move on, but think of me and how I was before” She paused and gestured to herself “This” Draco nodded and Scarlett smiled “You promise me you’ll do that?” Draco nodded again “Thank  you”

Scarlett’s eye’s fluttered closed and Draco kissed her one last time


A/N hehehe!!! Don’t worry this isn’t the end! I don’t make stories that short! Cliff-hanger! I hope you like please review it always makes my day! Stay tuned for chappie 4: Unbreakable                I wonder what that would be about. (SCARCASM) Also that one will have flashback from the Fifth Book when *SPOILER* Scarlett joined TOOTP...... you can guess what that is... oh yeah and credit to shakespeare for that extremely famous quote up there ~Sarah

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