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To Lily, With Love by loveismagic
Chapter 5 : A note
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Chapter 5: A note

To Lily,
Last night was magical.
Last night…what was last night?
I love you.
Can we talk about last night?

Severus scribbled out all previous lines on his parchment. Pausing for another moment, he finally wrote:

To Lily,
I had an amazing night. I hope you did, too. Meet me in the same place tonight at 8?
With Love,

Severus reread the note again and sighed, thinking that was probably as good as it could get. He tore off the parts that he’d crossed out, and folded the remaining piece of parchment. He then looked across the classroom at Lily and muttered an incantation, pointing his wand at the parchment. It floated gently across the room and landed on her desk.

Lily noticed the parchment instantly. She hastily grabbed it and opened it beneath the desk. She gave no response other than reading the note and tucking it into her bag.

That evening, Severus sat on the bench by the statue, waiting for Lily’s arrival. It was already 8:15 and she was nowhere in sight.

‘She’s not coming,’ he thought with disappointment. But he stayed where he was anyway, not willing to believe it.

Severus stared at the ground, unmoving, until 8:30 arrived. He looked at his watch, sighed, and stood up. As he began to walk back towards the castle, he ran straight into Lily.

Lily looked frazzled, again. “Hi,” she said simply.

“Hi,” replied Severus. “I thought you weren’t coming.”

“I almost didn’t.”


Lily continued, “I’ve been debating whether or not to come down here all day. I mean, I wanted to, but I don’t know… I wasn’t sure if I was ready to risk it all and mess everything up. If it was worth it.”

“But you’re here now,” said Severus.

Lily sighed and said, “Yes, Sev. I’m here.”

“What about Potter?” he asked, cutting right to the chase.

“I don’t know Sev. I mean, I have feelings for you, but…I have feelings for him too. I know it’s selfish, but I can’t leave either of you. I can’t choose.”

Severus thought about this for a moment, hating that she was asking him to share. But, he knew that he couldn’t let her go. He replied, “I’ll win you over. You’ll see. We’re meant to be together.”

Lily laughed, “Whatever you say, Severus. But we have to keep this a secret, okay? At least until I know what I want, for sure.”

“You know you’re asking a lot of me, right?” asked Severus. “I have to share the girl I love, with an arrogant git at that, and I can’t tell anyone about us. That’s tough, Lils.”

“I know,” she said, “If you want out, let me know. But this is how it has to be, at least for now.” she batted her eyelashes at him.

Sev rolled his eyes and placed his arm around her waist. He felt lucky to have her, even if she wasn’t entirely his. “Only for you,” he said, “And only because you will be mine in the end.”

The next day, Severus spent his free period in the library. As he searched for a book on magical herbs, Severus spotted Lily browsing in a row at the end of the stacks. As she entered the row and disappeared from sight, a mischievous idea entered Severus’ head.

Placing his book on the table in front of him, Severus casually stood up and walked into the stacks. When he neared the back, he entered the row in front of Lily’s. He walked down it, peeping behind the books until he saw her on the other side. From his side of the stack, he pushed a book though onto her side of the stack so that it fell in front of her.

Lily gasped and looked up, seeing him in through the bookshelf. “Sev!” she whispered. “You scared the daylights out of me!”

Severus rounded the end of the stack, checked that no one was around, and said, “Well then, let’s see if I can make you feel better.”

He stepped toward her and planted a kiss on her forehead. He then kissed her slowly on each of her cheeks, her chin, and her nose. Then he leaned and and softly kissed her on the mouth. She returned his gentle kiss, which developed into a more prolonged and passionate one.

Lily placed a hand on his arm to steady herself. “Wow, Sev,” she said, dazed, “That was unexpected.”

Severus wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his mouth to her neck, kissing it gently.

“Sev, stop. Someone could see,” argued Lily weakly.

“But there are so many unexpected things I’d like to do to you,” said Severus, his eyes gleaming with playfulness.

Lily pried him off of her and said breathlessly, “You’re crazy.” She began to walk away, but turned around to kiss him full on the mouth before she left.

Severus was left standing in the bookshelves, grinning with bliss.

In class that day, Severus was surprised by a note from Lily.

Our session today in the library was very rude of you…Now I haven’t been able to focus on anything that’s been going on for this entire class… :) Meet me in the Charms room tonight at 7.

That night, Severus got to the charms room early. When Lily walked in and locked the door behind her, she gasped at the sight before her. Severus had set up a blanket on the floor with a few lit candles floating in the air around it.

“Severus,” she said, “This is so romantic,” as she walked over and sat down next to him on the blanket.

“That’s what I was going for,” he said, leaning in to kiss her softly on the lips. Then he said, “Even better, I brought you something.” He reached into the basket and pulled out two éclairs.

Lily smiled. “My favorite! Severus, you shouldn’t have.”

“It was nothing,” he said.

“No really, you shouldn’t have. Have you seen my waist lately? I definitely don’t need the extra calories,” she joked.

Severus laughed. “Oh be quiet. You and I both know that your figure is perfect.”

Lily blushed a little at this comment and Severus said, “Did I just make Lily Evans blush? Impossible!”

Lily’s laughter rang out through the room. “Oh, just give me my éclair,” she said.

Later that night, Lily sat in his lap as they talked together with Severus’ arms wrapped around her.

“Sev, can I ask you something?” she said.

“Yes, I will kiss you again,” he said, and he leaned in for a kiss that lasted several moments.

Lily smiled, “Thanks for that, Sev, but I want to ask you something serious.”

“Okay,” he replied.

“Why do you hang out with those terrible friends of yours? Like Avery and Mulciber?"

Severus thought for a moment before replying. “Because, they accept me. You know I’ve never been much good at making friends. And not many people accepted me here. Potter’s constant ragging on me didn’t help either. But they’ve always been okay with me and included me.”

“But you don’t need them, Sev, you’re better than them!”

“I’m not sure that I am Lily. And besides, who else is there to hang out with? We Slytherins are kind of ostracized, you know.”

“That’s not true,” replied Lily, “I’m hanging out with you now, aren’t I? I’ve always been friends with you!”

“Yes, but we knew each other before Hogwarts. And you’re a girl. Add that to the fact that you’ve never cared what people think, and I’d say it’s different for you.”

“Good point,” said Lily, “But I’ll always be here for you, you know that Sev, right?” she asked, looking up at him.

Severus' gazed into her green eyes, smiled, and said, “I hope so,” holding her tighter.


Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay! I know this chapter was a bit fluffy and doesn't end on a cliffhanger but hopefully you enjoyed it!! The next chapter is a little spicier and will give some insight onto Lily's relationship with James so stay tuned :)

Also, I love hearing your comments so Please leave a review!! xx

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