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Better Than Revenge by nitenel
Chapter 1 : Better Than Revenge
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When Bellatrix went to Azkaban it was better than revenge. They say going to Azkaban was worse than death. If revenge was considered killing Bellatrix then this was better than revenge.

I remember watching the trial for Rodolphus, Rabastan, the Crouch boy, and her. I hadn’t been part of the group that had jeered and heckled them. I sat there silently and watched closely.

Seeing Mrs. Crouch breaking down stirred something in my heart. It was heartbreaking to see a mother wanting her son without being able too. But then I remembered that her son was responsible for the disaster that had devastated my family. All the pity dropped like a heavy rock in my stomach.

The trial had gone fairly quickly as most of the wizarding world demanded for the deaths of the group. They were blood thirsty and rightfully so. Bellatrix dying would be too kind I believe.

The boy had cried out to his father, declaring his innocence, but he remained merciless. Mrs. Crouch begged her husband for mercy but he ignored her. I suppose now that he was lying, trying to save his own skin as Potter had revealed his escape from Azkaban and responsibility for the death of Diggory.

Bellatrix laughed derisively at the crowd. She proclaimed that the Dark Lord would return one day and she would escape and join him again. I thought she was mad. She wasn’t though.

Finally, the Wizengamot made its decision and sentenced them to a life in Azkaban, a punishment better than revenge. The Dementors came for them and took them from the hall. Bellatrix continued to laugh and Crouch cried out one last time before the door closed with a loud bang.

A silence enveloped the hall. Slowly a quiet murmur filled up the silence. Everyone was discussing the trial and the outcome. Mrs. Crouch let out one cry before fainting. Instead of helping his wife, Mr. Crouch stared at the closed door, his eyes narrowed.

I stood up, ready to go home and start over my life. My grandson would have wanted to see a familiar face as I had left him with one of my dear friends, Minerva.

I had been fortunate to have Minerva as a friend during that time. She was a good friend, then and now.

And now she was coming to destroy innocent people’s lives. Ever since she had escaped Azkaban I had been hunting her down. By now Azkaban was far too kind and she deserved to die before she killed anyone else.

It was no longer better than revenge but it was still revenge nonetheless. She must die.

I paced the hallways of Hogwarts restlessly waiting for her. I knew she would come to this battle because she was never one to stay away from a fight. I just hoped I would be there when she arrived so I could give her a piece of my mind.

And if I was not the one to kill her, I only hoped I would be there when she met her maker. It needed to be done. And soon.

A boy – no young man ran up to me. “Grandmother! They’re coming through a window down the hall! We have to hold them off as along as we can!”

“Yes, Neville,” I, Augusta Longbottom, said, raising my wand. “We will hold them off.”

And hopefully Bellatrix would be there so I could get vengeance for son and his wife. It wasn’t better than revenge anymore but it was still something.

A/N: I like this little one shot. Thanks to Levana for making this challenge!

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