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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 33 : In the Shadow of Your Heart
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A/N: Sorry this took so long. Life caught up with me, but since I’ve gotten some reviews recently I decided to make the time for a quick update. :)

Rose woke up naked and sore the next morning—Draco’s arm draped over her waist. Closing her eyes and resisting the urge to cry she peeled his toned arm off her and sat up, placing her feet on the floor.
She stood slowly, resisting the nausea she felt at Draco laying in bed with his chest peeking out from under the sheets. She scurried into the shower when he stirred, wanting to avoid him for as long as possible.

“What’s wrong love?” he asked as soon as she emerged from the bathroom ready to go to breakfast.

“Nothing. Why would anything be wrong Draco?” she asked with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“Come on Rose. I know you better than that. Please talk to me,” he pleaded, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind while she played with her hair in the mirror.

“I just, it’s an adjustment that’s all,” Rose lied. “I always thought I would lose my virginity on my wedding night.”

“Well we are engaged. That counts for something right?”

“We aren’t engaged Draco. We’re betrothed. You never asked me for my hand in marriage. You bought me,” Rose said—immediately regretting the bitter words. She was supposed to be getting on his good side, not ruining it by being upset.

“Is that what this is about?” he asked spinning her around to face him. He placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head up to look at him. “I love you Rosevine. What difference does it make how this all started? We love each other now. We want to be together.”

“I know. But what do we tell our kids someday? ‘Oh it’s okay sweetie, mommy didn’t love daddy at first, but she learned to with time?’ That just hardly seems like the story you want to tell your kids,” Rose sighed.

“Rose, our kids will be pureblood. They’ll have arranged marriages too,” Draco said ignoring the look of scorn that crossed Rose’s features.

“You would do that to your own daughter? Marry her off for money?” Rose asked in shock.

“Its tradition Rosevine,” Draco sighed in an annoyed tone.

“Well it’s a stupid tradition!” Rose yelled. “I never wanted this life,” she mumbled, placing her head in her hands. She strode to the couch and plopped down into it.

“I know you didn’t, but it’s what you’re going to get,” Draco muttered angrily. Rose couldn’t fight the look of shock that crossed her features at the sound of his voice. That tone was something she had grown accustomed to not hearing lately. Rose forced herself to look slightly scared.

“So what? You got what you wanted out of romancing me and now the claws come back out?” she asked quietly.

Draco sighed before taking a seat next to Rose. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you. It’s just second nature for me. But I’m trying—really trying to be gentle with you,” he responded. “It’s just hard. I want you to be mine--more than anything. I want you to be my wife and the mother of my children, and you still doubt me. You still doubt our relationship,” he added.

“I don’t doubt our relationship!” Rose yelled.

“Then what is it you doubt, because obviously there is something.”

“I-I don’t want to be a death eater Draco. That is one thing even you cannot make me want,” Rose answered.

“So you won’t be. Not all wives of death eaters get the mark. You don’t have to be involved love,” he said cupping her cheek.

“Are you sure?” Rose asked.

“Yes. Most of the men in Voldemort’s ranks actually think it’s more appropriate for the wife to stay out of our affairs.”

“But, if I’m not a death eater, how will I know what’s going on with you?” Rose asked. There it was. Draco looked stunned. “I worry about you. I’m not blind. I know you’re a follower, and I know you probably have some mission. I just, I want to know what is going on with you. I don’t want any secrets between us. Just honesty.”

“I don’t know Rose. I’m not supposed to talk about my death eater business,” Draco mumbled softly.

“No one has to know. Just you and me,” Rose pleaded. “Knowing what you’re up to, it will just give me peace of mind. I would never use it against you. I love you Draco.”

Draco hesitated only a moment before replying, “Alright Rosevine. I’ll tell you everything.”

A/N: Reviews? I will love you forever and ever. :)

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