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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 10 : Coming Clean
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The phrase 'the anticipation is killing me' was absolutely nothing compared to the way Molly Weasley felt sitting on the edge of her seat (literally!).

Her nerves were live wires; knowing that her son had done something 'really bad' that even had George, the jokester of the family, worried and upset, but not knowing what it was made her feel like she would literally explode.

What could he have possibly done?

What if he'd hurt someone? He'd always had a temper.

She tossed the idea out of her head, not willing to believe that her son, Ronald Bilius Weasley would be capable of something like that.

All the ideas of what was coming were far, far from what the bomb her youngest son was about to drop.

All of her ideas were a million miles from the news he was about to share.

Ginny looked from her nearly fainting mother to George who was looking at Ron with a look that said spit-it-out-already and finally, to her youngest brother, Ron whose sweat gleamed on his neck and whose hands were visibly clammy and finally back to her mother.

Ginny had always been an outspoken, outgoing girl (except for a few childhood moments when she was around her now-boyfriend Harry Potter) and she could understand why he couldn't just spit it out already.

Ron seemed to have lost his nerve, and personally, she really wanted to know what her wonderful brother who was best friends with Harry Potter and helped destroy horcruxes like some hero of action movie, did that was so awful. It must have been really horrible, and that means horrible of EPIC proportions. Really what could/would he have done?

None of her ideas (which did happen to be different than Mrs. Weasley's) would be correct either.

Finally after what felt like hours of anticipation but was, in reality only around thirty seconds, Ginny decided that if she didn't speak up, they'd be in muggle nursing homes by the time he finally got the nerve to them what he'd done.

If it was even worth telling.

"Ron, just spit it out already! It can't be that bad!" She half-screamed, unable to control herself anymore.

All the attention in the room turned to her.

The ball was now in her court (as muggle say.)

Ron glared at Ginny, but quickly his anger was washed away with more shame and nerves, "you'd be surprised."

And then he stopped talking.


The anticipation was probably literally killing Mrs. Weasley who sat so still she probably had not taken a single breath since he'd said he'd done something 'bad'.

"Oh, come on you didn't do something that bad? Stop acting like such a drama queen!" Ginny said, rolling her brown eyes.

"Fine. If you call accidentally getting a girl you no longer care about pregnant and breaking your girlfriend and friend for ten year's heart, then you're right. It's not that bad!" he screamed, before realizing what he'd just done. What he'd just said.

He'd just told Mrs. Weasley what he'd done.

A lot happened after that moment, Ginny stopped talking the moment after the last word came out of his mouth. Her eyes widened in shock so big they looked like saucers and her delicate mouth dropped open she took a step backward, fumbling.

She'd never imagined those words coming out of her brother's mouth.


Under any circumstance.

Everything seemed to freeze.

By revealing his secret he seemed to have stopped time.

He drew in the courage to look over to his mother, whose face mimicked Ginny's perfectly, except her face was changing colors. Some did not look normal.

He had never seen his mother, Molly Weasley, angry like this.

He gulped.

She hadn't started talking yet and he was scared for the time that she began.

Once she began, he doubted she'd ever stop.

The fear of his mother's reaction was still bubbling inside him.

He was already terrified and the worst was yet to come since she was angry she could not even speak.

George looked to each person in the room, waiting for more.

Finally Ron (surprising, huh?) spoke up, "Mum...please, before you get angr-" he was cut off by the glare that she gave him.

Ginny's glares were nothing, nothing, compared to Molly Weasley glares.

Her glares could probably scare least at this moment.

"Bef...before I get angry?" she said quietly, shaking with fury, much like the way Ron had at the ministry when Lavender had first told him the scandalous secret.

Ron gulped.


He looked around, silently begging for help.
He did not know what to do.

", Ronald Weasley!" She screamed, looking up from the floor she had been scowling at moments before to give Ron a glare that literally looked like fire was in her eyes.

She was completely furious.

The anger and fury behind her word's were so powerful he wondered if ,before Harry defeated him, she had taken lessons from Voldemort.

He was scared to say anything; honestly he was scared to breath.

The tension in that room could be cut with a knife.

They all stood there in awkward silence.

Mrs. Weasley was shaking, glaring at the floor.

Hundreds of emotions swelled up inside her.






Hatred. (true, it's not real, Voldemort style hatred, but she felt like it)

More disappointment.

And even more anger.

Those were just a few.

Nearly every emotion (other than cheesy things like happiness) swelled up inside her like a balloon.

How could he do this?

To himself?

To whoever the girl was?

To Hermione?

To his entire family; this would affect everyone.

Even Harry.

Every single person involved on both sides (his and the girl's) would be affected by the mistake they had made.

Ginny stood there in complete, stunned silence.

Her mouth finally found the ability to close again and her eyes looked slightly less saucer-like.

Her brother Ron, not George?!, had done this?

Had done something this stupid, and reckless, and just plain idiotic?

The shock was unbelievable.

She had possibly expected this from George but Ron?

She never expected it from Ron. She had thought Ron and Hermione's relationship was airtight, like nothing could break it. She never thought he'd cheat on her and ever since they got engaged, Hermione refused to spend the night with Ron until after the wedding, Ginny and Hermione had talked about their pre-wedding plans since they had been sister-like for years and literally were about to be sister's within the year, and so she did not, ever see a baby coming into the picture any time soon, since Ron and Hermione's wedding was very far away. They hadn't planned on getting married for around a year and so she thought that the next baby of the family (since George was apparently too busy to get married or even have a steady girlfriend and Bill and Fleur were way to busy with Victoire to even thing about having a second child yet) that her and Harry would probably be the next to make that little announcement, although she prayed that if and when they did make that announcement that it would go a little better than it was going for Ron.

Suddenly, not just shock, but another emotion washed over her: anger.

He had cheated on Hermione.

Her best friend (next to Harry).

He had completely broken her heart, and she didn't have to see Hermione's face to know that.

Hermione had completely enveloped all the trust and faith her body could hold into Ron and he had done this to her.

She was disgusted that he was her brother.

She was completely ashamed of him, in ways she'd never been before.

This was worse than all those times she'd embarrassed her in front/with one her ex boyfriends *cough cough* Dean *cough cough*.

This was a million times worse.

George just sat there, not sure whether he should leave or not.

Mrs. Weasley was angrier than he had ever seen her in his twenty three years of life.

He'd stay in the room just in case Ron needed a witness later on.

After several moments of awkward silence Mrs. Weasley's face turned back down the color of a rather light red and did something that surprised all the people in the room: she started crying.

Hurriedly, she got to her feet and began to leave, "I'm going to go contact your father, Ronald. We'll discuss this later." she said, going into the kitchen.

She stopped in the doorway and turned around, facing the three of them.

He could see the tear tracks on her face.

It pained his heart, seeing his mother cry like that.

He'd never meant to make her cry.


Her eyes still looked lit with fire as she glared at him, "You best hope he's in a good mood, Ronald Weasley!" she screamed, in her howler-voice that made him think back to his second year at Hogwarts.

She turned and left, wiping her face as she did so.

When she was leaving, at first he had thought that there was going to be no argument, but those last couple sentences proved him wrong.

This was going to be worse than he had anticipated it being.

Ron put his head in his hands for a few moments before moving them to shake his hair around.

Ginny glared at him.

"What's your problem!" He screamed.

"How could you do that to Hermione?" she yelled, disgust echoing in her voice.

He rolled his eyes, "Like you didn't know." he scoffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, come on. You and I both know you already knew. Harry told you! Stop playing innocent!"

"No! He DIDN'T!"

Ron scoffed and gave her a look that said do-I-look-stupid.

Ginny was furious that he didn't believe her.

This was a stupid thing to argue about, but neither of them seemed to care.

"He didn't! I mean... I knew something was up...something about you...but he wouldn't tell me what it was! He said to 'ash Ron! Okay, jerk?!"

She stomped out of the room...she needed to get away from Ron.

She'd come back later for the argument that would possibly be the beginning of World War Three (as Muggles would say), but for now, she needed to get away.

She wished Harry was here.

She knew he'd be able to distract her from the insanity that was life in the Weasley house hold.

Ginny flopped down on her four poster bed and just lied there, trying to take in the events of that afternoon.
Life had changed so drastically in a matter of minutes.

Thinking about how much Ron's life was about to change made her realize how much her life already had.

Being in this room brought back memories of when she first got this bed and all the different 'phases' her walls (which were now currently covered in Holyhead Harpies posters) had been in.

When she had first moved into this room she was ten, she got this bedroom when Ron first went to Hogwarts.

Now, ten years later, she was mere weeks away from spending her last night in her bed in the Weasley household...mere weeks away from no longer even being a Weasley.

She looked down at the engagement ring on her finger.

Engraved on the back were the words: You own my heart. Forever.

The words comforted her whenever she was scared.

Eight weeks.

Two months.

Two life changing words.

Suddenly she was interrupted from her thinking by the sound of her father's old, blue, Ford Anglia pulling in the driveway.

Even though he was a wizard, Mr. Weasley was eternally, immensely interested in Muggle 'contraptions' and used every one he could get his hands on.

To him Muggles were the most fascinating beings on the planet.

She was sure he was going to like Muggles a lot better than his own son in mere minutes; if he didn't already know.

Mr. Weasley didn't get really mad easy (probably where George gets it) but he considers certain things 'disgracing' and this would probably be one of them.

Ginny looked out the window to see Mrs. Weasley talking to him (yelling, looked more like it).

She was sure she knew what her mum was talking about even though she couldn't hear her, and she was not talking about the fact that the needed to de-gnome the garden again.

Her dad had his back turned to her, so she couldn't see his face, although she desperately wanted to.

Finally they started coming to the house and she knew she'd told him: he was angry.

Really angry.

Quietly, Ginny walked in to the family room where Ron and George sat in complete and utter awkward silence.

She sat back down on the edge of a recliner and joined in the awkward silence that the brothers shared.

The sounds of her father's shoes coming closer in the hallway to the family room where they were got louder and louder as he got closer and closer.

Ron's nerves from earlier were nothing compared to what they were now, at this moment.

Nobody breathed in the tense moments that followed; everything was still.

Finally Mr. and Mrs. Weasley walked in to the room.

Ron's eyes met his dad's and then he quickly dropped his gaze.

Mrs. Weasley still looked just as furious as she had earlier, if not more so.

Mr. Weasley finally broke the tense silence, "Ronald. You're mother says you have something to tell me."

Ron looked up.

He knew she'd already told him.

He already knew.

He knew that his dad just wanted to hear it from him, not his wife.

"Well," he began, taking a deep breath, "I'm pretty sure she," he gestured to his mum, "already told you but here goes,"

His dad raised his eyebrows.

"I hooked up with a girl a few weeks ago. She's pregnant...and it's my baby." He said, gulping.

A tiny, miniscule ounce of relief washed over him as he said the last word, the worst was over, right?

Arthur Weasley took a deep breath and put his hand to the back of his neck.

"Not Hermione." He said, fury swarming in his eyes.

Ron shook his head.

All of his brothers always took great pride in respecting women, not hurting them.

Ron just broke those unspoken rules.


This was the part Ron had been dreading.

"Lavender." he grumbled.

Every one in the room (aside from himself and George) gasped.

" mean that curly haired blonde bimbo?" Ginny asked, in utter disbelief.

Ron glared at her, but then nodded, "yeah."

Ginny just burst put laughing, "So let me get this straight you left Hermione for some giggly, uper-stalker that last I knew you didn't even like? Wow, I never really realized I guess how blatantly oblivious you are."

George stifled a laugh, it was kind of funny.

Lavender was completely opposite of Hermione...he couldn't have probably taken any more steps down.

Arthur Weasley turned to his daughter and elder of his two sons in the room, "I think it'd be best if you two escorted yourselves, and your mouths, into the hall. I need to talk to your brother, Ronald...alone."

He glared at his son and he immediately felt ten inches tall.

He wished they would stay...what if he ended up still needing a witness.

Ginny's mouth dropped open. "But, Dad!"

"Go." he said pointing towards the door.

She rolled her eyes and left....she'd been really looking forward to the fight.

"You too." Arthur said to George who was still firmly planted on the sofa.

He didn't argue.


George and Ginny held their ears up to the door and immediately found that they could not hear a bloody thing when they say mouths moving, and now in whispering ways, and so sound.

"Dang." George cried.

Ginny looked at him, "Thought you didn't care?" She said mockingly.

"That's called putting on a show, which I apparently pulled off...who wouldn't want to see this?"

Ginny shrugged, before continuing to the kitchen ,"Where are you going?" George called after her.

"Get something to eat then owl Harry, I guess."

Then it was just George staring at the three people left in the room.


"....this is NOT a joke, Ronald!" Arthur screamed, glaring at his son.

"I never said it was!"

"Well, you're acting like it is!"


"You're treating it like it's no big deal! Inc case you didn't know, it is a big deal!"

"I know I..."

He didn't get to finish that sentence.

"Did you even stop to think about what's going to happen a few months from now? Yeah, right now she's pregnant but that doesn't last forever! Pretty soon you're going to have a BABY to take care of! You two are completely responsible for another human beings life! Did you even stop to think about how this would affect your child?! Do either of you honestly think you are mature and responsible enough to raise a child on your own?!" Arthur Weasley had never been this angry in his entire life.

But, he was completely furious.

Ron ignored all the questions by just scowling at the floor.

His father was right.

Lavender was not even on speaking terms (as she had told his at St. Mungo's) with her parents ever since they found out she was pregnant and she lived with a roommate while he lived in a tiny, one bedroom flat that was absolutely miniscule.

Where were the going to keep a child?

This was a lot of consider.

"Do you even have a plan?!" Mr. Weasley continued.

Ron shook his head, "Not yet."

"Not yet!" Mrs. Weasley screamed, "How far along is she then?"

"12 weeks."

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley looked at each other, astonished, "and you waited that long to tell us!" they yelled in unison.

Ron shrugged.

"Ronald! That's already 3 months! You've got around six months until there will be a baby here! Arthur and I are not going to raise this baby, if that's what you were counting on!"

"I wasn't counting on that!," total lie, "besides I'm more than responsible enough to take care of a child!"

"Responsible?!" Arthur scoffed.

"You honestly think you're responsible?"

"I am!" Ron thundered back, completely taken a back by the fact that they doubted he was responsible enough to do this on his own.

"You are far from responsible, Ronald Weasley!" Mrs. Weasley yelled, once again using her 'howler voice' as he calls it.

"I am responsible! I helped defeat horcruxes to destroy Voldemort!"

"This has absolutely nothing to do with that, Ronald! You aren't responsible for what you did with Lavender! If you were responsible there would not be a child to take care of! It was your choice with what you did with Lavender and although I think it's wrong, the point isn't that you did it, but that you didn't take precautions! Did you even think about what could, and now did, happen since you didn't use precautions and you weren't responsible?"

" the moment we were kind of preoccupied," Ron said smirking.

Mrs. Weasley sighed, "Ugh, Ronald!," she said slouching down in a chair, "We really do not care for the details. Even ones you think are tiny." she shuddered. She did not care to know what all happened and how it did with Lavender Brown, that was between them and them alone.

"Well, IF, you were truly mature and responsible then you wouldn't have let yourself get so caught up in the moment and you would think to protect yourself and each other!" Mr. Weasley boomed.

Ron's cheeks flamed; his father was right, not that he would ever tell him that.

"After she has the...child, where is it going to live? From what I've heard Lavender's home is party central complete with firewhiskey and people hooking up and or yelling and fighting practically nightly and your flat is barely big enough for you." Mrs. Weasley sighed, her head in her hands.

Yet another thing he had not yet thought about.

He just shrugged.

"Dang it, Ron!" Mr. Weasley screamed, jumping to his feet and knocking over the wooden chair he had since started sitting in. ,"You have to start making some decisions! You made your bed now you have to lie in it! You were stupid enough to get into this mess with that awful girl, now please stop being so bloody irresponsible and man up!"

Ron jumped to his feet," What do you mean by that? 'Man UP?'"

"I think you know bloody well what that means, Ronald! If you didn't want to be with her you should never have gotten with her in the beginning!"

"I'd been drin-"

"I don't care how bloody much you'd been drinking that night, Ronald Weasley! You still made your decision! If you didn't want to be with her you should not have gotten with her in the first place. As a parent, and you are about to be one very soon, it is your responsible to yourself, your family and as a man to take responsibility for your actions and provide for your family and provide a stable house and life for your child!"

The were standing inches away from each other.

Ron's hand kept twitching towards his wand ever since his father had basically said he was not a man.

"Don't you dare pull your wand out at me, Ronald Weasley!" Mr. Weasley yelled, noticing Ron's hand twitch to the bulge in his pocket.

Ron glared at him.

Ms. Weasley was sitting there in silence now, quietly crying into a handkerchief.

Her fury was gone, for now, and the reality of her son's future was setting in.

She knew what Arthur was getting at and Ron was starting to get it too.

"Wait..." Ron yelled, looking his father straight in the eyes, "You don't want me to marry her?!"

This was a curveball he had not seen coming.

His father didn't answer, but Ron would tell by the look on his face that the answer was 'yes'.

His mouth dropped open, "You honestly expect me to marry her?!"

Mr. Weasley nodded.

Ron looked between his parents, "Mum! You can't say you agree with him?!"

"Don't yell at your mother like that!" Mr. Weasley yelled, almost grabbing his own wand.

Mrs. Weasley just nodded.

"I can't believe this," Ron said, storming out, through the door his brother and sister and exited earlier.

He heard his father call after him, "Man up, Ronald! You chose this, no one made you hook up with that girl! You..." His voice got quieter the farther away he got him.

"Hey, how'd it go?" George asked, looking away from the letter he had either received or was writing.

Ron glared at him, "This is your fault!"

George looked thoroughly confused, "Mine?" he stuttered.

"You just had to drag me here didn't you?!" He screamed inches away form George adn acting loike he was about to hex him or something.

"I didn't tell you to be irrespon-"

"DON'T! I already got the irresponsible speech!"

"Well, I didn't tell you to hook up with a girl you don't like and not even think to use protection like some ignorant fifteen year old!"

Ron was shocked that George was the one to yell that, "Whatever! I'm through with this crap!"

Ron stormed a few feet off to a place in the middle of the yard where Ginny was practicing her Quidditch skills.

"How'd it go?"

"Bye, Gin. See you at the wedding." He spat before walking off.

She tried to call after him; to get some sort of explanation.


But he was gone.


Ginny looked at George, both equally confused.
George shrugged, "He made his bed, now he doesn't want to lie in it."

Ron was through with that family.

Especially his father.

Half the stuff he said was true but he couldn't stand to think that his father would treat him like something on the bottom of your shoe.

He was done.

He' go live his own life; his own way, and they'd never have to hear from him again.

It seemed like that was what they wanted anyway.

A/N: DUN-DUN-DUN! It's finally here!! What did you think? Did you like that it was long? I hope It lived up to your eager expectations!(: Hope you enjoyed and as a special treat here's a PREVIEW of the next chapter! Any ideas on these rules? I'd REALLY love it if you would share your ideas about them and your opinions of this chapter(:Hope you enjoyed, I guarantee this story is about to start getting really exciting!
Promise!!! XOXO
Here's the preview....Enjoy:

"You can't be serious!"

"Those are the rules, Granger." Malfoy said, smirking.

"No, I'd never stoop to that!" Hermione cried.

Were those genuinely the rules? Those were insane.

"Take them the way they are," he stroked the side of her face with his fingers ,"Or I tell everyone the truth. And don't be surprised if my version is edited to make it more interesting...for me"

She reluctantly jerked away from his touch, "You're despicable."

He smirked, "I take it you're in?"

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