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The Forbidden Box by flozoeoreo
Chapter 1 : The Box
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Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.

A/N: This story takes place on Christmas Eve. James is eight, Rose and Albus are seven, and Lily and Hugo are five. Ron, Hermione, Rose, and Hugo are staying at the Potters' house for Christmas.



“I’m bo-ored,” Rose whined, dragging out the word “bored” into two syllables. She dragged her feet into the Potters’ kitchen and slumped at the kitchen table.




Ginny and Hermione exchanged small smiles.



“Can’t wait for tomorrow?” Hermione asked as she mixed the cookie dough. Ginny opened the oven, releasing a delicious brownie smell, and stuck a toothpick in the brownie pan. She pulled it out and inspected it.



“Brownies are done,” she announced, pulling on oven mitts.



“Christmas Eve is the longest day of the year,” Rose moped, dropping her head onto her arms.




Ginny grinned. “How can you be bored? You love the week leading up to Christmas. You come to stay at our house!”



“Rose!” James called excitedly. He burst into the kitchen, sliding across the floor in his socks and nearly crashing into Ginny, who was holding the brownie pan. “Whoa! Sorry, Mum,” he said abashedly. Then he turned to Rose. “Rosie, we thought up the most brilliant game!” He pulled her to her feet and dragged her out of the room, ignoring her protests. “It’ll help pass the time until bedtime,” he promised. Rose perked up.



Everyone—James, Albus, Lily, Rose, and Hugo—was gathered in the playroom, waiting impatiently for James to spill his latest idea.



“Let’s be spies,” he told them, hazel eyes sparkling mischievously. “I’m the head agent, Albus and Rose are field agents, and…” he glanced at Lily and Hugo, and Rose could see he didn’t want to send the five-year-olds on a mission—it went without saying they’d be spying on the parents, and Lily and Hugo were likely to make a fatal blunder.




“They can be the analysts,” she suggested. Lily and Hugo nodded excitedly. They didn’t know what an analyst did (really, nobody in the room did), but it sounded important.



“Right,” James said, getting down to business. He picked up the magical walkie-talkies and handed one to each of his agents. “Remember to keep the volume down,” he warned them all. “Okay, here’s the first mission. I want to see what Dad keeps in the box under Mum and Dad’s bed.”



“Daddy said that’s off limits,” Lily said importantly.



James glanced at his little sister. “Lily, if you tattle on us, I won’t let you play,” he threatened.



Lily, who very much wanted to play with the ‘big kids,’ nodded solemnly.



“Okay. Mission objective: get to the box without being seen. As the head agent, I’ll be the one getting the box”—he ignored Al’s and Rose’s indignant protests—“Rose will distract the grown-ups, and Albus will keep watch.”



“What will we do?” asked Hugo. “What do anysills do?”




“Analysts,” Rose corrected. “You guys stay here, in the headquarters, and…"

She glanced at James. He thought quickly and directed, “Make a sign for the door that says ‘headquarters’ on it.”


“They can’t spell ‘headquarters,’” Albus whispered.



“Oh, yeah. Make a sign that says ‘HQ’ and decorate it. Then hang it on the door,” James instructed.




Lily and Hugo nodded.



“Everyone clear?” James asked. “Okay, then. We need code names. I want to be Agent Prongs.”



“I’m Agent Red,” Rose announced.



“I’m…Agent Moony,” Albus decided.



“That doesn’t make any sense. I’m Agent Prongs because my name is James, like Grandpa James. Rose is Agent Red because of her hair,” James argued.





"And because roses are red," Rose put in.




Albus scowled. “I can’t think of anything!”



“Fine. You can be Agent Moony,” said James with an air of annoyance.



“I wanna be Agent Flower,” said Lily.



“I’m Agent..." Hugo thought hard for a moment.



“You don't need a name. You don't have a walkie-talkie," James said. Hugo's and Lily's faces fell, but they nodded. "Great. Commence Mission: Infiltrate Dad’s Room,” James commanded. Everyone split up. James ducked under the tablecloth of the table in the hall, waiting for the all-clear signal; Albus sprawled on his bed, pretending to read a comic, while keeping an eye on the hall for any approaching parents; Rose burst outside to look for Ron and Harry; and Lily dragged her box of markers down to the playroom.



Rose glanced around outside. She couldn’t hear her uncle’s and dad’s voices anywhere.



Albus could see the hallway was all clear. “Come in, Agent Prongs.”



James voice crackled through the walkie-talkie. Rose stopped and listened. “Agent Moony.”



“All clear,” Albus whispered.



“Confirm: all clear?”



“I just said that, Ja—Agent Prongs,” Al hissed.



“Roger that.”




Rose caught sight of her mum heading up the stairs. “No! Not all clear! Mum’s heading your way!” she yelped into the walkie-talkie. “Abort! Abort! Agent Prongs, do you read me?”



“Copy that. Thanks, Agent Red.” Then came the muffled sounds of him diving back under the tablecloth. “Commence mission: distract her!”



“Right. Got it.” Rose darted up the stairs, hiding her walkie-talkie in her back pocket and thinking fast. “Mum, will you…uh…get down the package of cookies at the top of the pantry? We want them to snack on.”



“Oh, sure, sweetheart.” Hermione didn't usually approve of sugary snacks, but she made exceptions at Christmastime. She turned around and head back downstairs. She stood on a stool, grabbed the cookies and handed them to Rose. “Hmm…I forget…What was it I was getting from upstairs?” She shrugged. “Oh well. I’ll go find your aunt.”



Rose breathed a sigh of relief and once her mother was out of earshot hissed into the walkie-talkie. “All clear! Repeat: all clear!”



“Mission: Infiltrate Dad’s room, recommenced,” James whispered. Then he snuck down the hall, sticking to the walls. Cautiously he poked his head into his parent’s room, found it empty, and darted in. He stuck his head under the bed and rooted around, ignoring the crackles issuing from his walkie-talkie until he registered their urgency.



“James! Abort, abort! Do you read me?” Rose’s voice was frantic. “Your dad is heading your way! Abort!”



James didn’t stop to think, just grabbed his walkie-talkie and launched himself under the bed. He turned his walkie-talkie off and waited for his dad.



Harry came in and rooted around in a drawer, humming to himself. After a moment, he left. James switched his walkie-talkie back on. “Agent Moony, do you read me? Waiting for the all clear signal.”



“All clear, all clear, where are you?”



“Under the bed.” James spotted the box, grabbed, and whispered, “I’ve got it! Mission completed! Return to HQ!"




There was a sound of scuffling and running footsteps as Rose, Albus, and James raced to the playroom.



“Open it, open it already,” Rose begged. “I can’t wait to see what’s in it!”



James ripped the top off and dumped the contents of the box onto the floor. All the children gathered around (Lily and Hugo abandoned their elaborate, half-finished sign) and gasped appreciatively.



James picked up a large piece of silvery fabric. “It’s a cloak,” he pronounced. He flung it over his shoulders.



Rose gasped sharply, pointing at James wordlessly. Al just stared. Lily cocked her head. Hugo blinked.



“What?” James looked down and jumped backward. “My body! It’s gone!”



“It’s the cloak, genius,” said Rose, rolling her eyes. “Put the hood on.”



He did, and disappeared.




“Whoa,” Al gasped. “Blimey, James, you’re invisible!”



“What’s this?” Rose picked up an old piece of parchment. It was blank, no matter which way she turned it. She shook it, as though something would magically appear. Funnily enough, it did. Scrawled writing appeared.



Moony asks Miss Weasley to kindly refrain from shaking the parchment.



Wormtail agrees, saying it is most rude of her.

Padfoot detects the presence of a troublemaker in the room--Here Rose looked up at James, grinning-- and is wondering if Miss Weasley would like the map to be revealed.



Prongs says that if she wishes to do so, she must tap the parchment with a wand and say “I solemnly swear I am up to no good."






Rose looked up at her cousins and brother, eyes gleaming. “We need a wand.”



James grinned. “Guys, I think we found our next mission.”


A/N: Hi, guys! So this is a fun little bit of Fluff. It was a lot of fun to write :) This will be the first in a series. The next one-shot will take place on the same day. When I put the next up, I'll be sure to put in the summary that it is second in the 'Spies' series, but I think it'll be pretty self-explanatory. I hope you liked it! Please leave a review! (And I'd really appreciate favorite quotes...)







And a shout-out to NextGenna14 for being my first ever reviewer!




As of July 28, 2011: I apologize for the spacing issues, guys! Also, this was formerly called "Mission One: Infiltrate Dad's Room" until I was informed this was very close to a story already posted. My sincerest apologies to hpgrl!

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The Forbidden Box: The Box


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