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Make It or Fake It by ClearlyMe
Chapter 1 : Fog
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anything you recognize; i don’t own.

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I poked one light green eye open to see if Trelawney was satisfied with my prediction of the future. When her disappointed gaze swam in to view I resisted the urge to groan. Instead I grabbed at the silver ball placed in front of me and gasped dramatically. That’s the key with
these fake prophecies; the more dramatic, the more it’s likely to be believed.

“The fog, the fog!” I exclaimed, making crap up as I went along. “There’s something in there. It’s a—it’s a-” I let out a startled yelp, and jumped out of my seat. A loud thump as heard as the crystal ball rolled to the floor, but most people were staring at me. When my eyes flew open I saw my best mate, Lysander Scamander, holding back his laughter.

“What was it, my child? What was in the fog?” Trelawney breathed, her already-wide blue eyes widening even more. I fought to keep the laugh down my throat, not wanting to ruin the moment. I had Trelawney right where I wanted her.

“A-a vampire!” a couple of the believers in the room gasped, and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “What does it mean, Professor?” I continued, milking it for all it was worth. Trelawney reached out and patted my shoulder.

“I cannot tell you at this time my child.” With that half-ass statement she turned and directed the class. “That is how you must use your inner-eye.” I nodded solemnly, my lips twitching slightly. Once she continued with the lecture I sat back down, kicking Lysander under the tiny table to shut him up.

“Good work.” He snorted. I glowered at him while little Leo Creevey handed me back my crystal ball.

“Here you go.” He breathed, and I smiled. “That was awesome.”

“Thank,” I replied, shooting Lysander a smug look and tucking a strand of light brown hair behind my ear. A snort sounded behind me, alerting me to another person’s presence.

“It was bogus.” I twisted around in my seat so I could properly glare at James Potter. I thought my performance was pretty magnificent, and didn’t need the non-believer to ruin my day.

“You’re just mad because I won’t tell you who you’re going to end up falling in love with.” I snapped, referring to one of my ‘visions’ that I had earlier that month. James’ glare intensified.

“You don’t honestly know who I’m going to fall in love with; it’s just a bunch of crap. You’re an even bigger fraud than Trelawney over there.” He said, gesturing towards my aunt with his pathetically feminine jaw.

“That’s a lie!” Leo piped up, his furious glare leveled onto the eldest Potter boy. I wanted to give him a pat on the back for trying—but failing—to intimidate the much taller boy. “McCall has the gift of the all-seeing eye, and you’re just jealous because you don’t.”

“Wow, looks like she’s conned you too.”

“I see you shutting your mouth in the near future, Potter,” I cut in, “Or I’ll shut it for you.” He opened his mouth to reply, when the shrill sound of the bell cut him off. A smirk slid onto my features at his startled expression, and I saw Leo’s eyes widen out of the corner of my eye.

“Fill out the charts!” Trelawney called after us as we migrated from the room. Lysander and I immediately fell into step with each other as we headed towards dinner. I finally let loose the laughter I had been holding in.

“Oh Merlin; I had her eating out of the palm of my hand!” I said with quiet excitement. I didn’t want to alert anyone else to the nature of our conversation.

“You had everyone eating out of the palm of your hand.” Lysander corrected, letting out his own chuckle. “Even Potter; though he’d never admit that to you.”

“Or anyone else for that matter.” I added, and Lysander nodded in agreement. By the time we made it to our spot at the Gryffindor table, my features were rearranged into a scowl. “He always has to ruin everything.” I grumbled, while piling mashed potatoes onto my plate.

“It’s the only way he can integrate with society.” Lysander replied smartly, piling mashed potatoes onto his plate as well.

Still. Why couldn’t he just be a sucker like the rest of them?” my eyes immediately slid over to Potter and his gang of losers. They were laughing obnoxiously at something Wood had said, while shoving food in their mouths. My face immediately set in to a disgusted sneer. Lysander shrugged in response to my question.

“Who knows? Maybe because he’s intelligent.” I snorted and turned my attention back to Lysander. He already had his entire plate filled with mashed potatoes, and was eating them.

“That’s a blatant lie.” I scolded, digging in to my own mashed potatoes. “It really ruins my mojo when he shoots down my carefully constructed visions. And if he doesn’t stop, Trelawney might actually start to listen! Then she’ll tell the family, and I’ll probably be disowned. Then I’ll have to live on the streets, and I won’t even be able to earn money by telling people their future because everyone will know I’m a fraud-” Lysander kicked me under the table.

“McCall; I think you’re overreacting.” he said simply, and I glowered at him.

“No I’m not.” I said, stabbing my poor mashed potatoes with a spoon. “You’re forgetting that my family is already looking for a reason to disown. If they find out that my father’s random one night stand led to me not having the ‘Inner-Eye’, I’ll be screwed!” Lysander rolled his eyes.

“Okay, let’s say your family is as uptight as you say they are-”

“They are.” I piped up.

“Couldn’t you just go and live with your mom?” he continued, as if I hadn’t spoken. My eyebrow rose.

“You’re not funny.” I deadpanned. Lysander sighed, set his fork to the side and ran a hand through his ear-length, blonde hair.

“Trelawney has believed your visions this far, even though there are plenty of non-believers out there. What’s the big deal about Potter?”

“Potter is more vocal about it!” I exclaimed, “Other non-believers just give me side little glares, or snort when I give a fabulous vision. Potter will go out of his way to make people believe that I’m a fraud.” I shot a glare at the guy in question, noticing that one of his friends—Hedgewinger? was inconspicuously flicking his wand in my direction.

I barely had a chance to duck under the table before my mashed potatoes exploded.


this has been an idea floating around in my head for quite some time, and i’ve finally taken the time to sit down and actually type a chapter. yay me? xD it was originally going to be a relative of trelawney’s actually being a seer, but i thought that’d be pretty boring to write :/ then i started thinking about a relative of trelawney’s not having the ‘all seeing eye’. and thus; this was born! now let’s see where it’s going xD review?

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